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Cartsdom vs CartBudy: Comparison Of Two Vape Cartridge Holsters

Cartsdom vs Cartbudy

Cartsdom Roulette and CartBudy are two of the most popular cartridge holsters out there. We’ve reviewed both Cartsdom Roulette and CartBudy here before, but now we compare them both.

Below is our video comparison of Cartsdom Roulette vs. CartBudy. Then keep reading on for the in-depth analysis.

Both do the same job at the end of the day, one smoother and pricer

The main difference between these two cartridge holders is build quality. The Cartsdom Roulette is clearly a high quality build. With that comes smoother operation all around. However, the CartBudy really does do the same job and is cheaper.

The price is higher on the Cartsdom, but you get a better build and feel. It just comes down to whether $40 for a Cartsdom is worth it to you when a CartBudy in plastic is about $22. Most of us here at DabConnection would take the Cartsdom over the CartBudy since they get a lot of use.

Cartsdom Roulette is the high-end cartridge carrier

cartsdom roulette
The Cartsdom Roulette

Cartsdom Roulette is a cartridge holder that uses high-end materials and feels solid and a little bit stronger. It is smoother and feels nicer than CartBudy. Besides that, the actual functionality is very similar to each other. There are also some finishing touches on the Cartsdom Roulette that are better than the plastic CartBudy.

CartBudy is the cheaper build quality and cost

The original CartBudy

Similar to Cartsdom Roulette, CartBudy holds up to 7 different vape cartridges, 6 on top and 1 on the bottom. Unlike its competitor, this one uses plastic material. Overall it is still a good product and does the same job on making sure that you get the most out of your vape cartridges, it just runs a little rougher.

Conclusion: It’s up to you whether the Cartsdom is worth the extra over the CartBudy

cartsdom vs cartbudy

The only thing that would make you decide which one to get is your budget and frequency of use. If you want something that feels solid and uses high-end materials, then go with Cartsdom Roulette. However, if you want something affordable and does the same job, then get the CartBudy. If you hardly ever swap carts, CartBudy might be the way to go.

Comments or experiences with either Cartsdom Roulette or Cartbudy? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below or our forum.

Wind Vape Cartridge: Extreme High and Decent Flavor

Wind Vape Review

Wind Vape cartridges, by Sunderstorm, have a pure THC distillate. Sunderstorm extracts the oil in these vapes from clean cannabis that is grown free of pesticides. Wind vape cartridges are manufactured and distributed by Sunderstorm, a company native to Los Angeles.

They are available throughout Northern and Southern California and they are known for their purity and potency. This Wind vape review revealed a high-quality cartridge that really packs on the strength.


  • Amazing oil quality
  • Big thick clouds
  • Fast-acting
  • Works with any 510 thread


  • Might be too intense for some users

Recommendations: Not much to change here, the cartridge is great.

Update: 11/27/2019 – Added new packaging from Wind Vape by Sunderstorm

Disclosure: Dominique the writer of this review works at Sunderstorm, but in order fulfillment.

Licensing Information:

Wind Vape cart
Nice clear and golden oil

Wind Vape cartridges are fantastic overall

Sunderstorm manufactures and distributes their own products so they take particular care in what they do. Their Wind vape carts are on exception. The carts are built sturdy and have a pure distillate that smokes smooth and hits hard. For this Wind vape cart review, I tested out the Jack Herer strain, which is an intense sativa.

Cartridge design is nothing unique but it is great quality overall

Sunderstorm doesn’t skimp on quality with their Wind vape cartridges. With a mouthpiece and base made of metal, the carts are quite sturdy and feel very substantial when held. Wind vape cartridges have a thick glass tank, which I prefer over plastic, to ensure no plastic permeates their pure oil.

Wind Vape carts have a nice long mouthpiece that has great airflow

The mouthpiece on this cart is quite large. It isn’t too much larger than other carts, but it has a large tube that really helps with airflow. The airflow is quite open and without any resistance so I can take huge hits and make thick clouds. At times, however, it can be so smooth it’s a bit hard to tell if I got any vape.

The oil quality is the star of the show in this cartridge

Sunderstorm takes care to provide the purest solvent-free distillates to put into their Wind vape cartridge. They start with strict pesticide-free cannabis cultivation and extract the oils using C02. They triple distill their oil and purge it completely to achieve unmatched purity before putting the golden fluid into a cartridge.

Wind Vape cartridges have spectacular potency and high

I warn you that these distillates smoke very smooth and they hit very hard. Testing at 90% THC, this batch of Jack Herer really packs a punch. However, what really makes it so intense is the fact that the distillate has CBD present. The high potency of THC mixed with CBD gives Wind vape cartridges a hallucinogenic effect that is very intense and I love it. The only other cartridge I have experienced this with is Roam’s entourage effect.

The Wind Vape cartridge by Sunderstorm
The Wind Vape by Sunderstrom is really strong.
Updated Packaging
We got here the updated packaging for this specific strain.

This cart has a very mild flavor but it is naturally derived

Though perhaps not considered full-spectrum, Wind vape cartridges do have a number of terpenes present. The terpenes add a fruity and slightly musty flavor that is in no way overly potent. Wind vape cartridges have are smooth and zesty without leaving a bitter aftertaste. For a similar experience but a more robust flavor, Raw Garden is a great choice.

The terpenes in Wind vape cartridge distillates really add to the overall effect of the high

Terpenes do more than give this oil flavor. The overall high of this cart is amazing and the terpenes make it a great experience. If it weren’t for the terpenes and CBD the high would have been a lot less intense and complex. The purity and cleanliness of this distillate really give a clear high, but terpenes make it well-rounded.

Relevant data
Good Info on the stickers

The distillates are the purest I have seen on the market

Most cartridge companies don’t take the time to make their distillates 100% solvent and filler-free like Wind vape carts are. According to the COA this batch of distillate tested negative for nearly everything and it makes the effects feel very clean and intense. This is great because I don’t get any sort of headache when vaping Wind carts.

Efficiency on the Wind vape cartridge was industry standard

This cart didn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to efficiency. Like most cartridges of the same design, I could not completely empty the tank. The tank still has a little bit off oil left, but the wick doesn’t suck it up and so it remains. Although I’m just being greedy because I want to finish the oil all up.

The Potency gives you a great bang for your buck

I only take one big puff of my Wind vape cartridge to be sent spiraling into an intense high. The cartridge is a standard 1/2 gram in size but because I really don’t have to use much to feel the effects it lasts a good while. The high itself peaks quickly and lasts, quite intensely, for about 4 hours. This will probably extend my Wind vape cart to last about 3 or 4 weeks which is great.

This pen is totally worth it and I am going to be purchasing it again

Wind vape cartridges are an absolute value. They average at $35 per cart and although that price is pretty average, the distillate is not. For that price, the distillate’s smooth and tasty vape caught me off guard. Not to mention that more steeply-priced vape pens come nowhere near the intensity of Wind vape cartridges.

Sunderstorm wind vape cartridge
Very smooth and clean

Concluding my review of Wind vape cartridges…

Updated Wind Vape cartridge Jack Herrer - Sativa
New packaging for the Jack Herrer- Sativa.

The distillate within Wind carts is really a testament to what a clean and pure distillate is capable of. These cartridges have the purest and cleanest feeling highs I have ever felt and they take effect almost immediately. Overall it’s an experience that is well worth the cheap price and can entertain even the heaviest smokers. I wouldn’t recommend vaping it on an empty stomach.

You can find more information about Wind on the Sunderstorm website. You can find out about their availability here.

Have you tried Wind before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!

RAD Vape Cartridge Review: Weak and Bad Hardware

rad vape review
The RAD vape cartridge appears to use THC distillate but it might be CO2 Oil. Overall this turned out to be the most disappointing vape cartridge I purchased in the past year. It tastes really good, but even at almost 85% THC, I feel almost no effects from this cartridge. On top of that, when I open the cartridge, originally its already leaking out from the bottom due to the poor quality of the hardware it uses.
  • Great taste


  • Very week effects
  • Hardware leaks

Recommendations: There’s something off with this formula that results in almost no effect. Also, change the hardware to something good like the CCELL or SPRK Cartridge.

See our video review of RAD vape Cartridge below. Keep reading on for a more in-depth review.

The RAD vape cartridge is disappointing

RAD vape
Fresh RAD cartridge out of the box
I did not like anything about this vape cartridge except for the taste. The taste is really awesome. The strain we tried here is the Hawaiian Punch and it really does have a great Hawaiian Punch taste to it. However, there’s absolutely no strength which is odd considering the THC percentage is fairly high.
We’ll go more into the details on the RAD vape cartridge below, but I can say that it’s not something I would recommend in it’s current state.

RAD vape cartridges have poor build quality, leaked out of the box

RAD vape cartridge
Leak coming out of the RAD cartridge.

When I first opened the RAD cartridge and looked at the rubber piece at the bottom, you can see that the oil already dripped in. I pulled it off and the oil is already leaking out of the bottom airflow holes from the cartridge. This is not normal, and not something you normally see. I noticed that RAD is using some type of cartridge that is not that common and it appears to be of cheaper quality. It actually looks like the type of thing that you would see on exotic carts.

Definitely, they should use better quality here. However, I did take this oil and put it in an old Caliva cartridge which is actually a CCELL. Even then, changing the hardware did not save it.

RAD vape cartridges lack strength

RAD cartridge
It does taste like Hawaiian Punch.
I’m not the only one to claim this, but I checked out other reviews online and other people were saying that the RAD Vape has no strength. Not sure what’s missing here. Maybe it doesn’t have that much THC as they say or maybe there’s something that is not properly blended with the terpenes, myrcene or other items in the cartridge.
Overall, there’s really just no strength here. I ended up giving half of this cartridge away after doing a test on in a CCELL as mentioned above and realizing that this oil doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it will do something someone who is a very light user, but this cartridge will take you back to 4 years ago when THC vape cartridges were extremely weak.

Taste is the one thing that the RAD vape cartridge has going for

RAD cartridge
It does taste like Hawaiian Punch.
The taste is really good. The strain reviewed here is Hawaiian Punch and it actually tastes like Hawaiian Punch. Some people don’t like these types of flavored cartridges, but I don’t mind them.
There has to be an artificial flavoring as it doesn’t taste natural. I would prefer a straight, nice distillate taste like Aces extracts, but this still tastes better than the trim run oil that you find on brands like Select Elite. Since Select is so much stronger, I would still take Select Elite over this.

Efficiency is not so good because it already leaked right out of the box

RAD cartridge
RAD vape carts use low quality hardware.


When I took off the rubber piece on the bottom of the cartridge, it was already leaking. I lost oil without even using the product and overall efficiency cannot be scored higher because of that.
On top of that, the hardware is not really good and it’s not delivering every hit. There’s more efficient hardware out there. I would say that this is probably more efficient than the pods out there that seem to pull oil on the sides. That has happened to all of them including the G Pen Gio, CCELL Dart, Uno, and the Yocan Trio.

RAD vape is standard cost, sub par performance

RAD cartridge
Here’s what the RAD vape cart looked like before opening it.

A full gram RAD vape cartridge is $60 at Pure Life in Placerville, CA. That’s the standard price that they have for all one gram cartridges. I would much rather grab a Select Elite at the same place for the same price.

I would rather pay $42 for a half gram Aces Extracts disposable vape pen over the RAD cart. I will get more effects from that half gram than the RAD full gram, simply because it is so much stronger per hit. I can hit the RAD vape 30 times in a row and it would not be as strong as hitting the Aces Extracts vape 5 times.

Concluding our RAD Vape Cartridge review…

RAD cartridge

The RAD vape turned out to be a big disappointment. It looks cool and the THC percentage is high but it uses poor quality hardware that leaks and there’s something off about the formula. We hope they can re-formulate this at some point and make this a good cartridge.

A lot of these companies are just a couple of steps away from going from a low-quality product to a high-quality product. At this point, I cannot recommend RAD vapes but if I see a hardware change in the future I will give it another try and update this review.

Have you tried the RAD Vape Cartridge before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!

Cartnite Is A Fake Vape Cartridge Brand

Cartnite is a fake brand

We’ve seen these going around for awhile. At first glance, the cartoon art style might lead to thinking that they’re an offshoot of Bart Carts or South Carts. But they’re actually a new fake “brand” on the black market, meant to be a riff on the popular video game Fortnite.

Cartnite carts are a widely spread fake brand

This time it’s targeting a video game popular with a teen and young adult audience, so then we’ve seen a little activism among the fan base. YouTubers such as Auxlan and OutofOrder posted expository videos over the summer, which confirms sightings on the street as far back as May of 2019.

Cartnite fake brand oil cartridges
The flavors could all be the same oil. Cartnite is just a packaging type.

They’re on WeedMaps, which is really becoming a slum for suspect products and unlicensed dispensaries. We were told they would clean up their act a month ago.

Varieties depicted include “Cookies,” “Gelato,” “Sour Diesel,” “Purple Punch,” “Gorilla Glue,” “Mimosa,” “Banana OG,” and “Lemon Cello.” Of course, since these are all sold empty on the black market and filled by whim of whatever the dealer has on hand, they could be any liquid at all.

Cartnite example

Personally, the Present Author would be embarrassed to smoke anything out of such sad packaging, even if they made the oil right in front of me. They’ve become a tired old joke on Reddit already.

Cartnite fake brand

An extreme warning post about Cartnite
May or may not result in death, we cannot confirm that.

This is going a bit too far – it depends on what the cart is filled with. Still, we can’t disagree with the overall intentions.

more Cartnite examples
The hardware for Cartnite has not been tested for heavy metals.

“Cartnite” obviously violates trademark

Epic games, the company which makes Fortnite, is a software and gaming company rounding its third decade in business, employing a head count of 1K+ worldwide. Among their other claims to fame is the Unreal game engine. Obviously, they wouldn’t allow a THC cartridge company to use this franchise tie-in.

Come to that, to this date, not one, single legitimate cannabis product has used any promotional tie-in with any character, cartoon, TV show, movie, book, or any other media. The closest we’ve seen is real-life celebrities promoting their own brands, such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong, as we mentioned before.

Black market cartridge brands are a gamble with your life

As always, we point out that these cartridges are bought empty online from offshore distributors and filled by home re-sellers using “whatever and who knows.” And while it’s possible that they were filled by somebody who was conscientious in preparing the oil and ensuring quality, you have no way of knowing without a lab test.

Given that making your own cartridges is a labor-intensive, painstaking process and even legitimate distributors get it wrong sometimes, the more likely scenario is the bootleg cartridges being filled by somebody cutting corners. Which can have deadly consequences, due to potential contaminants including vitamin E acetate, MCT oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, heavy metals including lead, lipids, or pesticides.

At the least, it could just be bunk oil for the classic rip-off.


Anybody have stories about Cartnite to share?

Or any Fortnite players want to share their epic castle builds in Creative mode? We’ll take those too. In the comments or in the forums.


Runtz Is A Fake Vape Cartridge Brand

runtz carts

In researching fake vape cart brands and counterfeit knock-offs of real cart brands, we often find ourselves visiting some very weird corners of cannabis culture. But the Runtz story, without a doubt, is one of the most confusing rabbit holes we’ve ever dived into. We could fill a documentary just with a Runtz case study.

Let’s get right to the first point:

Runtz vape carts are from a 100% fake brand

There is no controlling or regulating company we can find. Not a dispensary. Not even one of those lifestyle brands selling Tshirts. The entire brand is conjured out of thin air. The packaging is for sale anywhere and everywhere:

Runtz packaging and empty carts

Runtz packaging

Runtz packaging

Runtz packaging

Runtz packaging

Notice that the Runtz cart packaging often crosses over with other fake or ripped-off brands. We’ve seen mutations of “Chronic” and “Gruntz,” but more than that, Runtz packages tend to pop up in the same page with other fake / rip-off brands we’ve covered before: Jungle Carts, Dank, and Cookies. Anything goes, it seems.

The “Gruntz” “brand” seems to be taking off as a spin-off now:

Gruntz, the fake brand sequel to Runtz

Gruntz, the fake brand sequel to Runtz

Gruntz, the fake brand sequel to Runtz

There’s also lots of flower bag packaging and even canisters with the Runtz brand:

Runtz mylar flower bag packaging

Runtz brand mylar flower bag packaging

Runtz cans

Runtz brand tins

What is White Runtz strain?

To this date, we have no confirmation of any strain called “white Runtz,” “pink Runtz,” or any other color or variety of Runtz. Runtz itself is alleged to be a strain, but even that seems to be poorly sourced. For “white Runtz,” there is literally one paragraph on WeedMaps and a couple reviews which are themselves ALSO showing this fake black market packaging. If you go to any source and they show you a picture of packaging like anything you see here, it’s bogus!

Is Runtz a real strain?

Again, we can find no source of any cultivator, nursery, or distributor who actually has a strain called “Runtz.” There’s this circle of websites on the Internet who all claim it’s real, but every last one of them links to each other. Honestly, to anybody reading this: if you are a cannabis cultivator or work anywhere in the production side of the cannabis industry and can verify that there is an actual, physical strain of cannabis named “Runtz,” please leave us a comment here. At the very least, we can guarantee you a nice long published interview. We feel like we’re chasing Bigfoot here.

Brand Analysis: Runtz is just packaging

The official name “Runts” is a fruit candy brand owned by Nestlé. Note the ‘s’ in the spelling. The Willy Wonka brands of candy were also licensed by Nestlé, directly from British author Roald Dahl, of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame. Here is an example product from the real life candy company:

Wonka candy bar packaging

In the Runtz packaging, you can see the elements of the Wonka design with the whimsical font and the hat made famous by the late Gene Wilder’s character. Indeed, the Wonka candy line also runs brands like Nerds. Are there Nerds carts too?

Nerds fake vape cart packaging

Nerds fake vape cart packaging

You bet your sweet bippy! In fact there’s a whole Wonka cart thing out there too:

Wonka oil fake vape cart packaging

Wonka fake vape cart

Still going with the same hat. Seriously, guys, what did Gene Wilder do to you?

Obviously, there is no way that a commercial company could get away with this without Nestlé suing them into next century.

The fake calling out the fake!

We found a page calling out a fake Runtz brand. They claim to speak for the “real” Runtz brand. It even says “we know the owner and creator of the Runtz brand.” They link to an Instagram page for “@runntz,” purported to be the authentic source of Runtz brand packaging. This is what we found:

@runntz Instagram page fake brand

Didn’t we just mention Cookies? And there’s “Chilly Wonka” now. Leave Gene Wilder alone!

At this point, this is one of the mother lodes of fake cannabis branding. It’s like one of those conspiracy theories that ties all the other conspiracy theories together.

But wait, there’s a YouTube link and an Instagram image that shows “Yung LB and the RVNTS GVNG.” It also has the “Joke’s Up” logo even though the nutter we mentioned earlier savaged “Joke’s Up” for being the fake and then linked to this page as the real McCoy. Where does the YouTube link go? Well…

Runtz is a rapper now?

It links to a channel called “Runtz Media” with a whole three videos up. Two of them are “official” music videos for Runtz-themed hip-hop songs and one guest vocal for something unrelated. One of the Runtz songs is titled “Runtz Yo Life Up.” While this flyer clearly proclaims that you can buy tickets “@RuntzLoudandUncut,” there is no such account at any social media platform anywhere, writing at this time only two weeks until the proposed event date on that flyer.

We’re getting suspicious of this whole hip-hop artist’s career. So we searched around and found a hashtag #RuntzYoLifeUp, like the song title, but going to an entirely separate social media account:


We’re back to Danks again. The rabbit hole never ends, folks. At this point, it would take David Lynch to make sense of the narrative.


“Runtz” was originally alleged to be a cannabis strain

Runtz is the alleged name of a hybrid bred from “Gelato” and “Zkittlez.” Fake vape cart packaging tends to latch onto these names and slap them onto every cart and label, even if it makes no sense. There’s even just a #runtz hashtag on Twitter, popping up on the kinds of posts that spin the hashtags for every random fake vape cart brand.

So that tells us something about what’s going on. What is happening is a counterfeit “brand” comes out, then other counterfeiters copy that, and it just goes around.

There’s just one thing left we’d like to ask…

Does anybody actually own the copyright to the Runtz T shirts, at least?

Runtz brand T shirts

Because we found a Runtz.com, an Etsy store, and dozens more outlets for random Runtz-branded merchandise and none of them seem to be the definitive owners of the brand either.

The Runtz brand is looking for an owner…

Have you encountered Runtz products out there in the wild? What else is out there? Anybody from Gene Wilders’ estate or Nestlé care to weigh in?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or in our forum!


South Carts Vape Cartridges Are Spreading

south carts

There’s one big reason why everybody in cannabis culture needs to be concerned about fake cartridges. These fake cartridges are hurting the reputation of the legitimate weed legalization movement. Case in point: Fake cartoon-branded cartridges were seized in Wichita, Kansas. They were “intended for medical marijuana use.”

cart toon cartridges
Here are some Cart Toon carts that pre-date South Carts, but have South Park images.

This is the kind of thing that gets into the public mind and discourages them from voting to legalize. It is also the exact kind of scenario cannabis advocates assured the public would not happen.

South Carts are still being produced

South Cart packaging

Since we already posted about cartoon-branded vape cartridges a few months back, various reviewers have spotted these in the wild. More reports keep coming in, getting weirder every day. This YouTube reviewer (warning: NSFW language) found an “official” Instagram page for the South Cart source with animations of the cartoon characters. It’s still up. Most disturbingly, the hashtags at South Cart’s Instagram include those for medical cannabis.

South Cart Instagram

Know what you are getting: random oil from random vendors

The empty cartridge kits are available all over the Internet. You can buy the empty carts with matching packaging and fill the cartridges with whatever home-brew concoction. Then you can sell them with no regulation or oversight.

South Cart isn’t the only fake brand with copyright-infringing theming, of course. We mentioned before that cartoon cartridges are available on Alibaba and DHGate, but would you believe…

Amazon selling empty cartoon cartridges


…Amazon carries Mario Carts? Of all companies, you would expect them to know better.

Our best bet as a community is to raise awareness about this

We need to let the non-smoking public know that this isn’t the cannabis community’s doing. We need to let government know that legalized cannabis was supposed to be regulated, and more regulation needs to be done.

As reported over at Leafly, Grenco Science, manufacturers of the G Pen, sued 65 different online retailers for selling counterfeit versions of their products. That worked with a vape pen product and they were awarded $47 million. They might be able to do the same for cartridges once it is fully legal.

Have you seen South Cart vape cartridges in your area? How did they perform? Comment below or in our forum!

NUG Vape Cartridge Review : Good Value Buy

NUG cartridge review

NUG is the brand name for a line of products manufactured by Bloom Innovations. Bloom both grows cannabis and manufactures a wide variety of cannabis products which they then distribute under the NUG brand name. They are decidedly more rigidly corporate in structure and protocol than many cart manufacturers out there. Their growing methods, extraction methods and cartridges have all been designed in-house by a dedicated R&D team. The carts they produce are filled with a CO2 extracted distillate.

See our video review below, then keep reading for the in depth review.

NUG cartridges are available in California. In this review we’ll be trying their Premium Jack Herer see how their carts stand up against the competition.


  • Good flavor which maintains throughout
  • Adjustable airflow for thicker or lighter hits
  • Easily cleaned and refillable cartridge design
  • Affordable cost


  • Hits are never particularly thick
  • Oil drains quickly
  • Cartridge clogs constantly

Recommendations: Fixing the clogging issues with the cartridge and giving it a better heating element to provide thicker hits would make it truly great for the low price point. If they went with a CCELL, all problems fixed.

NUG packaging front
NUG’s packaging is simple but functional.

NUG offers good value and unique design

The CCELL design of cartridge has become so ubiquitous that it’s sometimes a bit of a surprise to see designs that stray far from it. NUG, however, has a proprietary cartridge design that is clearly different in several notable ways, but similar to the style of Rove and Cannabiotix.

NUG THC carts are filled with a particularly tasty distillate which provide excellent flavor from the start to finish. Unfortunately they tend to drain fast. An incredibly low price point offsets any real complaint over the lifetime of the cartridge itself, however. They also clearly post information for you to find test results for the distillate batch in question on their packaging, something precious few companies have caught onto yet.

NUG packaging back
They clearly post a link to find verified test results on all their carts.

Unusual but interesting design in NUG carts

The visual appearance of a NUG cartridge is not uniquely striking at a glance but upon close inspection many differences arise. It’s a 510 threaded design that is almost entirely metal housed save for the glass oil chamber. The chamber, and entire main body, is larger than most half gram carts. It sports a large headspace over the liquid even when full, something that may at first seem negative but, as we will see later, helps to make it even more easily refillable.

It also has a particularly unique set of adjustable air vents, allowing you to control the strength of your hits. This feature is quite nice, though it would be more appreciated if it hit heavier than it does in the first place. Compared to a CCELL cart the clouds it puts out are a bit anemic.

Under the mouthpiece is a small metal band which rotates. It covers or opens three air inlets on either side of the cart.

Excellent flavor at a low price from NUG

One place where I can’t fault NUG at all is on their flavor. The Premium Jack Herer cartridge was a delicious citrusy, floral flavor that I enjoyed every moment of. For anyone whose primary focus is flavor it’s not a hard recommendation to make. I can’t think of any others at such a low cost that manage to deliver both natural and full bodied flavors as well as avoid the burnt flavors toward the end. It blows carts like Atlas Extracts completely out of the water.

This is only hurt by the light hits and rate at which the cartridge drains. Lighter hits do make it easier to savor the cartridge but if you want any kind of decent high and you have some tolerance it will take quite a number of hits to deliver. The high is a decent length for the price of only $25, lasting a few hours at a time, but it ultimately only lasted me a couple of days of heavy use.

NUG cart internal packaging
The internal packaging on the cartridge follows the trend of simple but functional. Just a plain plastic tube and some rubber stops.

Readily available testing verifies cleanliness

NUG provides a link to easily verify the posted strength and the absence of contaminants on the packaging of all their carts. The full testing results for this cartridge can be found on our cartridge testing page.

Premium Jack Herrer testing info
NUG provides full transparency on testing.

Easy refills provide an edge for NUG’s cart design

To further enforce the budget nature of the NUG cartridge they have gone with a design that is incredibly easy to open, clean and refill. The mouthpiece of the cartridge is held in place by a central pin down through the center of the oil chamber. This also serves as the air inlet for drawing hits. It opens quickly and easily with a twist and goes back on just as easy. Once opened it’s not difficult at all to clean out with a few alcohol cleaning pads to then fill with your choice of concentrate. For someone looking for bargains and convenience this is a feature worthy of note.

NUG cart opened
The chamber is marked so you don’t overfill. Once filled and the pin is back in place it also serves as a roughly 50% marker due to displaced volume.

Good flavor, low price from NUG cart

This cartridge was clearly designed with the bargain hunter in mind and, for the most part, it delivers on that. Its strength does make it hard to recommend to those with a higher tolerance. But the exemplary flavor makes it something that may be attractive to others just looking for more of a tasty treat. I’d say it’s not a bad cart on a budget and it’s definitely a treat when it comes to taste.

If you are looking for higher strength with good flavor, but at a higher cost, check out Airo Pro. They made our best THC cartridge lists for both California and Nevada.

Empty NUG cart
No burnt bitterness at the end of the cart makes for a good experience at a low price.

Concluding this NUG cart review…

Overall I would rate NUG’s cartridges just a bit above average, with its flavor winning me over in spite of its lack of strength. For the price it’s something that’s hard to beat on a tight budget if you’re looking for cartridges to deliver your high. Their proprietary cart design could use some improvements but it’s nice to see some companies change things up a bit. You can find NUG carts near you here. You can read more about NUG and Bloom Innovations on their website here.

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    710 Labs Live Resin pods turned out to be very clean tasting pods and provides very smooth hits.

    Washington, DC Legal Cannabis Market Still In Smoky Gray Area

    Our guest poster Carl Rogers gives us some sound advice on the Washington D.C. weed scene, which continues to be a complex situation.
    mystery of Big Chief Extracts

    Big Chief Extracts : More Drama, More Mystery

    We continue more efforts to track down somebody, anybody, behind Big Chief Extracts. We find nothing but an Internet rumor factory and millions of fakes.

    Sherbinski Vape Carts Are Being Counterfeited

    The "mighty" Sherbinski brand has fallen into being counterfeited like any common street cart, not that it had that far to fall.

    Best and Worst Vape Cartridge Designs of 2020

    best and worst cartridge designs

    Here we go through the best and worst types of cartridge hardware for 2019. There’s a lot more variance in vape cartridge hardware that is used for THC and CBD oil than ever before. However, many THC oil brands are converging to the TH2 series by CCELL.

    Best designs: CCELL TH2 Series, SPRK by PCKT Vapor, ALD vFire/Stiiizy, CCELL Uno/Dart

    These design styles are ahead of the pack. We get sent a lot of cartridges to us here at DabConnection. Manufacturers are often looking for a review, an opinion on the hardware, or they send it to us thinking our site sells products (we don’t). ALD and CCELL’s designs stand out among the pack.

    CCELL TH2 Series: Consistently awesome quality

    ccell TH2
    Might not look as cool as pods, but the TH2 series works awesome.

    CCELL’s newest generation of cartridges all have the same core. The M6T or the versions you find on Select Elite cartridges will effectively hit the same as the TH2. The reason we select the TH2 above the other CCELL cartridge designs is it’s easily refillable. When you get it on a prefill like a Sunday Goods cart, you can unscrew and refill with more oil. TH2’s come in three sizes: 1000ml, 500ml, and 300ml.

    ccell core
    The small core on new gen CCELLs heats up well.

    In the event there is a failure, you can also get the oil out much easier.

    SPRK cartridge by PCKT Vapor: Made for refilling, awesome flavor

    The SPRK currently only comes as a fill-your-own cartridge but we’re hoping soon to see it in prefills as well. It uses very thick glass and a thick metal mouthpiece. It’s got some weight to it and you can feel the build quality. Heating is done via ceramic core and this cart has the best airflow of the bunch. The low placed intake holes also make it the most efficient.

    sprk cartridge
    Quality build and quality hits come off the SPRK.

    Our favorite thing about the SPRK cart? It’s made for refilling. PCKT encourages you to refill it, whereas many companies clearly state their carts are made for one time use. See our SPRK cartridge review for more info.

    ALD makes Stiiizy and vFire: Similar cores, Stiiizy comes prefilled

    Stiiizy vs Alpine vapor
    Stiiizy Pen is still unbeatable!

    We put these two together because they are essentially the same internal hardware and are both manufactured by ALD. The difference is the Stiiizy vape comes prefilled and Stiiizy had exclusive rights over the hardware. A lot of people still like the prefilled Stiiizy pods, but I think they are way weaker than they were in late 2017. Once Stiiizy went from light colored to dark colored oil, things changed.

    ald vfire
    The vFire is basically an empty, square shaped Stiiizy.

    That does not mean they are not good hardware though. Refill Stiiizy pods with stronger oil and you got a real hitter.  Both “gram” and “half gram” pods are available for Stiiizy, but we found before that the half grams are actually 375ml.

    The vFire vape is just a different form factor, but is essentially a  square shaped Stiiizy. The vFire battery is $22.95 and replacement pods are $6.95 each. You can often find a Stiiizy battery for $20 at dispensaries and a filled for $30 for a comparison. vFire pods come in 500ml and 1000ml sizes.

    CCELL Uno and Dart: Strongest hitting vape pods

    ccell uno review

    We recently did a CCELL Uno review and found it to be the hardest hitting pod system. I have also hit the Dart and it uses the same pods as the Uno. This might be a one-off experience, but so far I get a bit harder hits from the Uno than the Dart.

    ccell dart and uno mouthpieces
    The main difference between Dart and Uno pods is the mouthpiece.

    The Uno is so far the hardest hitting pod system we have tried, but it does go through oil quickly. I will burn up a half gram in an Uno pod 1/3 faster than I would in a regular cartridge. For this reason some might prefer the lighter hitting ALD products, but I would take the Uno first any day. See our CCELL Uno review for more info.

    Worst designs: G Pen Gio, Top Airflow Wire Core, Brass Knuckles, Hempod, Old CCELL (and clones)

    All four of these types just don’t give the best hit for one reason or another. Wicks, weak, not enough airflow, the problems are there on each one.

    G Pen Gio: So close to being a great oil vape pen

    g pen gio
    Such a great form factor, just needs a new core.

    The only problem we found in our G Pen Gio review is heating core. Feel, battery, discreetness, this setup almost has it all. We hope G Pen will make this a better product in the future with a core update. The wick on the Gio burns and that’s the issue we have with it. See below.

    There’s a lot of good oil out there for the Gio. BaM pods are worth trying even with the burning core because they have awesome quality BHO oil you don’t see that often. Even with the burning core they still made our best cartridges Nevada list. We have only seen the Gio in 500ml variations.

    Top Airflow Wire Core: Rove, Cannabiotix, Kynd and others

    cannabiotix cartrdige
    This style cart just does not hit that great.

    These types of cartridges have some variation between them. You will see some with variable airflow and some with pre set airflow holes. Rove cartridges are still very good because they have great oil. You need a push button battery for these types of cartridges to work. Below is a breakdown of the cart.

    top airflow cartridge
    Here’s a top airflow cart that hits off wire broken down.

    Top airflow cartridges are not compatible with the popular CCELL Palm and Silo. We found mod batteries tend to be best with these types of carts, but you may also like the battery included in the Rove Pro Pack. The main problem with these carts is they just do not hit that great. We seemed not to get the same hit strength as a CCELL and taste was not as good either. This style of cartridge is available in 500ml and 1000ml capacities.

    Brass Knuckles style cartridges are outdated

    brass knuckles napalm og cannabis vape cartridge
    Brass Knuckles Napalm OG Packaging

    These Brass Knuckles vapes are extremely popular. A lot of this is due to advertising and celebrity endorsements. People seem to either love them or hate them, but either way the hardware is dated. BK uses a coiled atomizer to heat the oil and it gives off a metalic taste. Failure rates are high on Brass Knuckles, my Napalm OG cart dying about 2/3 of the way through as an example. All Brass Knuckles cartridges are 1000ml.

    Hempods and most Juul compatible pods

    THC Juul pods have become popular since they are so discreet. The sad part is most of the designs for these pods are poor quality and involve hitting off the wick. We have heard that the ceramic core J Pods are more promising. In our Bare GoPods review we found that the ceramic core had too much mass to get heated properly from a standard wire. In Hempods, we found that the wick just gets nasty after some use, plus it leaks.

    hempod atomizer
    Hempod atomizer broken down.

    There might be better Juul pod systems out there, but so far we have been disappointed with this style of atomizer.

    Old CCELL cartridges have restricted airflow and poor taste

    old ccell
    That flat tip usually indicates poor airflow.

    Many brands still use this last generation CCELL or a clone of it. Some of them are actual CCELLs and some of them are clones. Either way, this old style CCELL does not hit very well. Poor airflow and weak hits make this a type of cartridge we avoid. A good example is the cartridge by Toko Gold. The oil quality is amazing, but until you swap it to a better cart you won’t get that great of hits off it. These old style CCELL carts are available in 500ml and 1000ml.

    Getting the best cartridge designs

    When it comes to cartridge designs picking the best is easy. CCELL’s TH2 series and the PCKT Vapor SPRK are far above the rest of the pack currently, but that might change in the future. ALD’s vFire offers a great pod option that does not require you to buy anything prefilled.

    What’s your pick for best type of cartridge design? Post a comment below or in our forum!

    Best Batteries For THC Vape Cartridges 2020: Here’s Our Top 7 Picks

    best batteries vape cartridges

    Here we go through our list of the best batteries for vape cartridges. So far the best battery for vape cartridges for 2019 is the Vessel, with the CCELL’s Silo and Palm rounding out the top 3. We should add that a lot of the batteries you see out there sold at dispensaries are re-branded CCELL Palms.

    This list is not for eCig products, but to help you find the best battery for THC and CBD vape cartridges. We ranked batteries we have actually tried and the ones we tried were based on looking for batteries specifically for vape cartridges. There are a lot more batteries out there and no way we can test them all, so we appreciate your suggestions by commenting below to spread the word on great vape batteries.

    Our best vape batteries for THC vape cartridges list is simple: The better the hit, the higher the placement

    The most important factor for most users on choosing the best vape battery for cartridges is how good does it hit. Battery life is important, but a battery can last all day and deliver poor quality hits compared to others. Sure, you can get 1300mah EVOD and the battery may last a couple weeks, but if the air flow is not on point, its not one of the best batteries for vape cartridges.

    These picks are based on actual use, and no one can pay for a spot

    Companies cannot pay for any placement on our list nor reviews of products. DabConnection does not receive a commission for any sales on this site. We direct you to the lowest price currently available on the internet.

    If you find a lower price please comment below and we will update the list after verifying it. On to the picks for the best batteries for vape cartridges!

    #1 Vessel Battery: The best airflow delivers the best battery for vape cartridges, but also highest cost

    best battery for vape cartridges vessel
    Overall the Vessel performs the best due to airflow.

    The Vessel battery is a product of Vessel Brand, a California based company. Check out our Vessel battery review for an in depth look, but here we’ll tell you the basics on why it takes the top spot. First, airflow is as perfect as it can get on a battery for vape cartridges.

    Second, it has the highest build quality which produces the most solid feel. Third, the auto shutoff as an extra safety feature is a great add on. It is one of the lower capacity batteries at 240maH, but it does charge quickly with the included quick charger.

    Vessel’s superior airflow is due to air hole placement

    vessel battery airflow
    Six airflow holes strategically placed are what make Vessel the best cartridge battery.

    When you look at the area of the Vessel battery right below the threading on which the cartridge connects, you will see a series of air holes around it. It appears at first sight the airflow is controlled by the screw on top, but it is in fact regulated by these miniature holes that go around in a circle below the threading. That’s the secret that makes the Vessel battery superior.

    High MSRP at $99, but coupons make a better deal at $70

    Cost on the Vessel is an issue for some. At an MSRP of $99.99 it’s the highest priced battery for vape cartridges. We got a fix for that: use coupon code REDDIT30 for 30% off, making it a much sweeter deal at $70. Keep an eye on our Vessel Brand coupon page for the latest coupons.

    Warranty and performance, can’t go wrong with the Vessel

    The Vessel works with both top and bottom airflow vape cartridges. It’s the best performing abttery with CCELL cartridges, currently the industry standard and used in popular carts like Select Elite, Jetty Extracts and Roots. Most pull draw batteries, those that are activated by inhaling, don’t work with top airflow cartridges like we found on our Rove and Cannabiotix cartridges.

    Given it’s versatility and airflow, Vessel takes the top spot. Check out our Vessel battery review for more info. You can buy the Vessel here and use the REDDIT30 coupon code for the best price.

    #2 Yocan UNI Pro : Great Versatile Battery

    Yocan UNI Pro build quality
    Here we see that the Yocan UNI Pro has a really good build quality.

    The Yocan UNI Pro has a perfect range of voltages and variable side adjustments to pretty much hit any type of vape cartridge. It’s not the absolute best battery for any individual type of cartridge. But as a catch-all-battery that covers everything, this is a really easy one to carry. Its versatility wins the day.

    Design is stellar with unique cartridge holster, build quality is good

    The Yocan UNI Pro has an excellent design. This thing is made for THC cartridges. The top portion opens up back and forth so you can hold a wide variety of cartridges.

    Inadvertently, this top portion that closes around the cartridge also acts as a shock when you drop it and will slightly loosen. Yocan UNI Pro also protects the cartridge in full with a sliding up and down mechanism. You can have 1 gram cartridge go deeper into it or have a half gram pop out a little more.

    Battery life is great, charging is okay

    The Yocan UNI Pro doesn’t charge that fast, partly due to its high capacity. It’s a 650mAh battery which compared to the Vessel’s 280mAh or CCELL’s Palm at 550mAh, so it’s a good improvement in charging capacity.

    Hits are hard on the Yocan UNI Pro

    This battery hits pretty hard. It’s not the absolute hardest-hitting battery ever for CCELL cartridges but on some of these off-brand cartridges, we could not get any other batteries to fit on the CCELL batteries.

    A perfect example is the Javelina cartridge, they have an off-type of hardware that is not standard. It does not work with the CCELL Palm or Silo. However, if you throw it on a Yocan UNI Pro, the cartridge will go from okay to being great. Something about the Yocan UNI Pro and this cartridge combination hit very well.

    For more information about the handy one-size-fits-all battery solution, visit our Yocan UNI Pro review.

    #3 CCELL Silo: Consistently strong hits, great form factor, best choice dollar for dollar for many

    ccell silo vape battery for cartridges
    The Silo is nice and compact.

    The CCELL Silo provides solid hits in a nice compact format factor. The hits that come off the Silo are identical to the Palm, the Silo beats the Palm due to a better form factor. This is more a matter of opinion and some may prefer the flat feel of the Palm over the Silo. Priced at $24.99 on most sites, it’s a good deal even at MSRP. It packs 500maH which is an impressive capacity considering the battery size.

    Only one voltage setting, but optimized for CCELL carts

    The CCELL Silo only has default setting and the voltage cannot be changed. The voltage on the CCELL Silo (and Palm) ranges between 3.2V and 3.6V during use. However, it is optimized to hit CCELL carts and it does so well. Our opinion is that the Silo (and Palm discussed below) are the best lower cost batteries for use with CCELL carts.

    Best price on CCELL Silo we could find (non-eBay)

    The cheapest we could find it was $$22.49 at Vape Parts Mart using code CLOUD for 10% off. You might find it cheaper on eBay but authenticity is not guaranteed, and CCELL does not honor warranties from eBay products.

    It should be noted that the Silo and Palm both don’t work with top airflow cartridges. They also do not have an indicator for the battery getting low. For more information on this vape battery see our CCELL Silo review. The Silo for many is the best dollar for dollar choice.

    #4 CCELL Palm – Hits the same as the Silo, just a different form factor

    ccell palm
    The CCELL Palm is flatter and wider than the Silo.

    The CCELL Palm is the same internals as the CCELL Silo. Voltage, battery maH, charging and performance are all the same, so no need to repeat what was stated above with the Silo. The only reason the Palm places lower than the Silo is we found the Silo to be a more compact form factor. Simply put, the Silo fits easier in your pocket than the Palm, other than that they are the same. So there really is no need to go through the above info on the Silo again.

    The cheapest CCELL Silo we could find was $22.49 on VPM using code CLOUD for 10% off. There are cheaper ones on eBay, but they are not guaranteed authentic or warrantied.

    #5 UWOW Storm: Low cost mini-mod that also works with AiroPro cartridges

    uwow storm battery airopro
    Pops right in and is more reliable than the AiroPro battery.

    This one might be a dying breed since the company seems to have gone out of business. However, plenty of UWOW Storm batteries are for sale. AiroPro carts are great products, but many have complained about battery issues. You can pop in AiroPro carts and get harder hits off this than their original battery, just use it without the magnetic adapter.

    Then use the magnetic adapter for other cart types, including top and bottom airflow. The versatility of this battery is what makes it a top choice.

    So far the cheapest we have found is $15.99 at  City of Vape. With shipping about $21 for most people in the US.

    #6 Exxus Snap, Exxus Snap VV, SteamCloud Mini 2, and similar batteries

    exxus snap vv
    Exxus Snap VV

    The Exxus Snap has a couple versions out there but they are all pretty similar. We put these similar batteries in the same spot because of their similarities. Size on Snap batteries is similar to the Silo but hits strength is still a little weaker. Airflow is good, but not as good as the the other top three.

    Exxus Snap battery life: Great due to it’s 650maH battery, more capacity than the top three

    The Snap has a great capacity and lasts quite a while. It does not have a battery indicator though, so when you are dead it is dead. But it’s nice to have a compact size battery with a decent amount of life in it.

    Hits on the snap are good but not as good as the above three. Check out our SteamCloud Mini 2 review for more info on a clone we reviewed. The cheapest Exxus Snap VV we could find is at Zee Vapor for $27.99.

    #7 Mod Batteries: iStick Pico, iStick Mini, and similar batteries

    mod batteries for vape cartridges
    Picos are more common for eJuice, but a good choice for carts.

    We are throwing mods into the 5th slot. Not specifically made for THC and CBD vape cartridges, but fully compatibly, mods have more battery capacity than any of the top four battery choices.

    Mods will work with top or bottom airflow cartridges, some might require an adapter

    Some mods will not work right with bottom airflow cartridges and may need an adapter. This is because mod batteries often do not have airflow slits at the base where it is screwed in. Add a 510 to eGo thread adapter and on most batteries the problem is fixed. Plenty of mods do have the airflow slits, just make sure to check if you are purchasing at a smoke shop.

    Mod batteries are cheap

    eBay has a good selection of batteries and you can find the iStick Pico for less than $20. You got to buy an 18650 internal battery to go with that though and make sure you check when getting mod batteries if a separate internal battery is required. The Pico is very popular and we will be discussing that one more below. The point is eCig mod batteries are cheap, have a high capacity, and work with both types of carts.

    There are hundreds of batteries for vape cartridges out there, let us know what you found!

    New batteries are coming out every week for vape cartridges, eCig, and dab pens. Most of them are interchangeable with cartridges too. If you are looking for a great vape cart to go with your battery, check out our top THC carts for California and Nevada. We covered the ones we have tried so far and left out the ones that did not make the cut, but are there any batteries you think should be on this list?

    Comment below and let us know!

    CCELL : Top Notch Vape Cartridge Hardware Creators


    CCELL technology is created by the company SMOORE. Headquartered and manufactured in Shenzen, China, they are changing the vaporizing industry with its revolutionary ceramic core vape cartridges. Their tech is optimized to absorb and vaporize THC and CBD oils more efficiently and effectively. They understand that traditional wick and coil technology is unreliable and inconsistent—giving off inevitable burnt taste in the process.

    DabConnection continues to check out new CCELL products because they are dominating the industry. The top 3 of our best cartridges for Nevada list all use their technology as do many on our best THC carts of California list.

    Update: CCELL passes heavy metals lab test – clean.



    CCELL’s Mission

    CCELL’s strives for extraordinary performance. They want to provide consumers with purer sensation and power potency. They want to create a world-class vaporizing platform for both cartridges and vape pens. At this point they have an undeniable grasp on the market as being the most preferred cartridge type.

    How CCELL Creates its Cartridges

    Within the cartridge is a patented ceramic module. To create the cartridge, it goes through a process called sintering. Sintering is a unique high-temperature process that fuses all the tiny pieces of the cartridge together. This process enables the cartridge to have small and durable holes that make absorbing, storing and vaporizing thick oils effortless.

    CCELL’s Impressive Technology, Manufacturing, and Patents

    Smoore supports a substantial research and development center with more than 260 dedicated engineers, with diverse backgrounds. They have strong production capability with eight facilities with the area of 100,000 sqm and 10,000 employees and a team of 200 quality controllers. They also authorized 350+ patents that secure CCELL’s intellectual property in the marketplace.

    CCELL Technology Used by Well-Known Oil Extract and Battery Companies

    OutCo, OGZ Holdings, Sea Dub Extract, Aces Cartridges, and many others all trust CCELL cartridge technology.  Airo Pro hardware is also made by CCELL yet it’s not denoted on the devices or cartridges. They all give testimonies that state that CCELL provides, “the best vapor production, hands down” and that they “wouldn’t trust its oil in any other cartridge.” CCELL has an excellent reputation within the marketplace. With its superior technology, it is only natural that all these other companies want to work with them.

    CCELL Product Offerings

    CCELL offers three different types of product categories: cartridges, batteries, and disposables. For their cartridges, they offer three types. TH2, M6T, and the Dart Pod.  For their batteries, they offer the Dart (for use only with Dart pods), Palm, Silo and M3. Lastly, for their disposables, they offer the TH001 and DS0103.

    Cartridges made by CCELL

    They offer three types of cartridges, all with different features. The TH2, their most premium cartridge, has a glass housing, whereas the M6T is their more economical cartridge that offers plastic housing but has a customizable mouthpiece. Both cartridges both offer optional tank volumes and standard  510 cartridges. The Dart Pod, exclusively designed for the Dart, is a lighter and more efficient solution than traditional 510 cartridges. It has a 10%-20% increase in vapor production compared to normal cartridges. Lastly, it uses a magnetic connection to enable flavor switching instantaneously.

    CCELL Batteries

    CCELL offers four different types of high-performing batteries. The Dart’s main features are its 550mAh battery, and its magnetic connection with the Dart POD. With the Palm, you get a 550mAh battery with a low-profile form that makes it one of the most inconspicuous and long-lasting batteries for cartridges in the market. Next, the Silo offers a small 500mAh battery that protects the cartridges from any type of mishap. Lastly, the M3 is more conventional than unique with its cylindrical design and 350mAh battery.

    Disposables by CCELL

    Although they’re called “disposables”, they’re perfect for the casual consumer who doesn’t vape often. Consumers don’t need a battery of their own. But just because they’re disposable, that doesn’t mean they’re lower quality, it still performs just as great as their rechargeable batteries. The TH001, it offers a tank volume of .5ml and a battery capacity of 330mAh. Whereas DS0103 offers .3ml and 190mAh but is significantly smaller.

    CCELL continues to dominate the market

    Smoore is dominating the market with its technology. With their mission, substantial facilities and teams, and extensive product offerings. It is no surprise that they are dominating the market.

    If you want to learn more about CCELL and what they offer, check out their site here.

    You can purchase various CCELL tech products at Hamilton Devices, Canna Brand Solutions, 3WIN Corp, Jupiter Research and Kush Supply Co.

    You may want to see how to refill your CCELL cartridge and how to tell your CCELL cartridge is authentic.

    What has been your experience with CCELL tech? Are you interested in getting one of their cartridges, batteries or disposables? Comment below or post in our forum!

    Select Elite Review: Some Of The Consistently Best THC Vape Cartridges

    select elite cannabis oil vape cartridge
    Select Elite cartridges are some of the consistently best cartridges across more than one state. You can choose a Select Elite cartridge in confidence when you are not sure what to choose and you are ensured to get high quality oil, even if they all taste similar.

    In this review we will input feedback from two of our reviewers: Geoff and Bert. Geoff used Select Elite’s California carts while Bert has used many of them in Nevada. Select Elite made our top THC cart lists for both California and Nevada.

    • Pure, High-Quality Concentrate
    • Activated, Broad-Spectrum Oils
    • Highly Potent Distillate
    • Good Variety Of Strains
    • Strains Are True To Flavor
    • Efficient CCELL Cartridges
    • Tamper-Proof Package
    • All Cart Info On Label
    • Plastic Tube & Mouthpiece
    • High Cost

    Recommendations: Though Select Elite cartridges offer a lower price than the same size Kurvana ASCND, they’re still expensive for .5-grams. The plastic mouthpiece isn’t a big detractor but the cartridge would be better in the CCELL cartridge that has a ceramic tip and glass housing. Not only because glass is nice, but in case the cartridge fails it is easier to empty and you can also re use the cartridge with a syringe.

    UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

    See below a video review on a Select Elite cartridge, then continue reading for the in depth review.

    Select Elite cartridge design bears a close resemblance to the Kurvana ASCND

    As far as their design, there are only two main differences between the Select Elite and Kurvana ASCND cartridges. Where they place their logo and the type of heating system they use. The logos are inconsequential but the heating cores might make a difference to some customers. For a review that covers design on their disposable cartridge version, see our Select Weekender review.

    Select Elite Mendo Breath Cartridge
    Close Up Of The Select Elite Mendo Breath Cartridge

    To the naked eye, the heating elements don’t seem to be much different. Both look like standard CCELL systems, though the one on the Kurvana ASCND is thinner. Kurvana uses what they call a CTEC ceramic coil. Instead of using a ceramic core surrounded by cloth, it uses only a ceramic ring. Select Elite cartridges use an authentic CCELL cartridge, the same kind found in the Roots and Airo Pro cartridges.

    Kurvana ASCND Amnesia Haze Cartridge
    Close Up Of The Kurvana ASCND Amnesia Haze Cartridge

    Other than that, the cartridge designs are the same. Both use a plastic outer tube and mouthpiece that appear to be connected. Each has a thin metal ring under the reed style mouthpiece and metal housing at the base. Screw either cartridge onto a standard battery with 510 threads.

    Bert prefers CCELLs while Geoff is a fan of rod and coil cartridges. Bert thinks a ceramic top CCELL would be better than the plastic top offered on Select Elite carts. Reason being, in the event of a cartridge failure it is easier to retrieve the oil. These plastic top CCELLs are very difficult to get apart because the top is pressed on rather than screwed on. The screw top CCELLs can also be reused by refilling it with a syringe.

    Oils by Select Elite come through a proprietary extraction process

    The purity and delicious flavor of Select Elite carts is a direct result of their proprietary extraction process. Select Oil claims that they are one of the first companies to do their own lab testing to the parts per billion. As you can see on their packaging, they also use SC Labs for outside testing. Select Elite was caught once with innacurate results, but in a good way: They stated 80% THC and it was in fact 86%, even better! Quality control seems to be a big deal for Select Oil, which is a great thing. See our pesticides and residual solvents test page for test results on a recent Select Elite cartridge. They have always passed clean for pesticides and residual solvents.

    Select seems to focus more on strength than effect. The high THC percentage carts have been converging in taste over the past year. They all taste pretty close. Select Elite achieves these characteristics using Ethanol Hash Oil extraction, a technique known to retain cannabinoids and similar to that used in Roots cartridges.

    Select Elite high-cannabinoid oils range from 80-92% THC

    Select Elite Cartridge
    Select Elite Cartridge & Packaging

    Speaking of cannabinoids, Select Elite oils come packed with potency. Depending on which strain cartridge you get, you’ll discover THC levels between 80 and 95 percent. The Select Elite Mendo Breath is a lighter Indica strain at just over 85%, and it still wrecks you. We have several other strains on display below, most of which carry even higher levels of THC. Many of Bert’s Nevada cartridges are in the low 90s, up to 92% THC.

    Ethanol Hash Oil extraction keeps the true flavor

    A high-potency concentrate loses its appeal if the flavor is off or tastes like chemicals. One of the reasons Select Elite uses an Ethanol Hash Oil extraction process is to keep that natural flavor. The Mendo Breath strain from California has that heavy relaxing effect you want from a good Indica. Tastes of vanilla and sweet caramel linger on the tongue in a balanced mix of the true strain.

    From Nevada Bert tried a Critical K, Royal Haze, Lee Roy, two GDPs and another strain we can’t remember right now. They all had a similar taste. Among the NV carts at least, Select Elite cartridges are converging to a similar flavor across the board. Still the taste is good and it seems to be a small sacrifice in taste to deliver a stronger cart, and we are all for that. Out of the bunch, Lee Roy was the strongest effect even though it was not the highest THC percentage, coming in about 89%. An Indica but still gave good energy and a strong, long lasting effect.

    It’s interesting to note that Kurvana ASCND uses a similar process. Their techniques in extraction may not be exactly the same, but Kurvana also does an in-house lab analysis. Both Kurvana ASCND and Select Elite offer premium, well-refined distillate. People may have their preferences in flavor but THC levels in both brands are very high.

    Bert says for Nevada Airo Pro and Roots both taste better than Select. Particularly Airo Pro’s Mountain Mist and Sumatran Sun have exceptional flavor. Roots carts taste great too, particularly the Cheese strain. Roots do taste similar across the brand like Select, but all a little bit better tasting than Select’s carts.

    Select Elite carts use an efficient CCELL vaporizer

    Just like Honey Vape, Sunday Goods, and so many other carts on the market, Select Elite uses a CCELL cartridge. Most of today’s vape cartridge aficionados prefer the CCELL design over the rod & coil. It’s the standard among vape carts right now. Geoff does not mind a rod & coil with a quality extract like that in a Heavy Hitters cartridge. Bert prefers CCELL carts for all prefilled cartridges and likes CCELL or the Bud Tank V16 for filling up with fresh distillate.

    CCELL systems have a ceramic core surrounded by a cotton cloth wick. The oil absorbs into the cloth before entering the core which heats upon ignition. Using gravity and a circular ceramic core ensures the oil vapes evenly, but there is a drawback. The cloth can give off a burnt taste if it dries up.

    By comparison, Kurvana ASCND cartridges use what they call a CTEC core. CTEC gets rid of the cloth wick altogether. Instead, the metal housing at the base of the drawtube contains a ceramic ring. The core is actually hollow and allows delivery of the oil to the entire ceramic ring.

    3-second draws on a Select Elite .5-gram cartridge gives 125 servings

    Select Elite Cartridge Label
    Labels On Select Elite Packaging Show The Serving Size As Well As Other Stats

    On the top back of the package, Select Elite provides a suggested serving size. They recommend a three-second draw as a single portion. A Select Elite cartridge at this rate has 125 servings, though the amount will vary. No user is going to draw the cartridge with the same amount of force, even if they do time out each vape.

    At a lower price than Kurvana ASCND, Select Elite has a better value

    Select Elite cartridges run about five dollars less than the Kurvana ASCND, depending on where you go. There may be some variation of this from one dispensary to another. At Mankind in San Diego, Select Elite carts run $37.00 while the Kurvana ASCND asks for $42.00. These are sub-total prices waiting for taxes to be applied.

    In Nevada Select Elite cartridges are $52 at standard retail price at Essence Tropicana West in Las Vegas. Of course NV has higher prices but there are also a lot of discounts (ie: Medical, local). When Bert purchased six carts there was a Select Oil pop up shop and he got them for buy one get one for 1c. With all discounts ended up being less than $170 for 6 carts. Even at full price we still buy them because they are one of the best options out there.

    For an extra five spot, the only real difference Kurvana ASCND has with the Select Elite is the CTEC ceramic coil. Is it worth that much? Geoff can’t tell that much, if any, of a difference. Maybe after using them for a while, he will be able to tell. As it is, I’d take the savings because both brands are expensive.

    Bert says even without a discount Select Elite cartridges are typically worth the extra cost over most other options at any given dispensary. Nevada cartridges generally run from $40 to $50. Remedy once had carts priced at $63 but recently those have been lowered to $46. Bert would take Roots over Select Elite, but Roots does sell out. Roots are not only a bit stronger, but they taste better and are cheaper. Bert says Select Elite is the best fallback brand: If you are unsure what to get in any medical state and Select Elite is there, get it since you know it will be good.

    Select Elite Shows How To Label & Package A Cartridge

    In the current state of some California dispensaries, quality assurance isn’t always so easy to come by. I’m not saying that dispensaries operating under the radar can’t carry premium cartridges. One tactic leading cartridge makers use to combat rip-offs is fancy packaging. Still, so many brands leave info off the label and use a poor tamper-proof device. Nevada versions have pretty much the same packaging and it’s on point.

    Other cartridge brands should look to Select Elite as the best example in this regard. You have to follow instructions to get into the box! Select Elite labels also tell the 3rd party laboratory, a point many brands leave out.

    Some of the different Select Elite strains we’ve tried so far

    Select Elite is a brand we pickup all the time even when it is not for reviewing, but here are some of the strains we remembered to take pics of.

    Flo cartridge

    Select Elite Hybrid Flo Contents cannabis oil vape cartridge
    Select Elite Hybrid Flo Contents

    Flo had a great energy to it. Taste was decent.

    Gelato cartridge

    Select Elite Hybrid Gelato Contents cannabis oil vape cartridge
    Select Elite Hybrid Gelato Contents

    Really did not feel or taste that much different than the Flo. Still a great THC cart overall.

    Select Elite Hybrid: High Roller

    Select Elite Hybrid High Roller Contents cannabis oil vape cartridge
    Select Elite Hybrid High Roller Contents

    The High Roller strain cartridge has 91% THC and also had some of the strongest effects. This and Lee Roy were Bert’s overall top Select Elite picks.

    Royal Haze

    Select Elite Sativa Royal Haze cannabis oil vape cartridge
    Select Elite Sativa Royal Haze

    This sativa gave great energy. THC tested at 92%, but the Lee Roy still felt stronger at 88%. THC percentage is not always everything.

    Royal Orange

    Select Elite Sativa Royale Orange cannabis oil cartridge

    The Royal Orange Select Elite cartridge was pretty similar to Royal Haze with just a bit more of an energy kick to it.

    Concluding our Select Elite review

    For consumers who want pure high-quality concentrate, Select Elite cartridges are the real deal. In California, Kurvana ASCND may have a slight edge, but it is just a matter of opinion. For Nevada, Roots and Airo Pro edge it out to take the top spots, but Select is still considered awesome. We highly recommend Select Elite cartridges and their many strains. If they would drop the price a bit and ditch the plastic material, we’d love them even better.

    You can find more information about Select Elite cannabis oil vape cartridges on their website here. And don’t think twice about leaving a comment or asking a question on our forum. We always value your feedback.


    Supreme Vape Cartridge Review: 1 Gram of Liquid Mystery

    Supreme vape cartridge review

    They don’t have a company website. There’s no mention of Supreme vape on Weedmaps and past lab results show they test dirty for pesticides. Right out of the gate, Supreme vape cartridges have potential issues. But the review isn’t all bad. Despite the fact that the packaging gives no indication of what’s inside, the oil is flavorful. The effects aren’t super strong but neither are they weak. Dig into the following review and find out if Supreme vape is right for you.


    • Low Cost
    • Flavorful Concentrate
    • Sturdy Cartridge Design
    • High Number of Puffs


    • Dirty Lab Tests – Pesticides
    • No Company Information
    • CCELL clone hardware does not hit consistently

    Recommendations: We strongly suggest going with licensed vape companies and purchasing from legit dispensaries, if you are able to. Any Supreme vape cartridge you get could be a fake and chances are it contains pesticides. An authentic CCELL would make this better as well.

    See our Supreme vape video review here or keep reading for the more in depth review. See our picks for best THC carts in California and Nevada to find better products.

    Dirty lab tests ruin an otherwise pleasant Supreme vape cartridge experience

    Judging from the discussions online, Supreme vape cartridges are available all across the country. It’s not surprising to see this for a number of reasons. The logos are based on the Supreme skate shop and fashion brand, who we doubt gave their approval to make a THC cartridge.

    Supreme Vape Cartridge Packaging
    The Supreme vape cartridge inside its packaging

    The oil tastes good and it has a decent effect. Producers can also charge less than licensed vape companies by avoiding taxation. Finally, unlicensed growers must sell their flower on the black market. A good amount of that crop is likely to have pesticides.

    Just like Mario Carts cartridges, it’s a downer that Supreme vape have tested dirty. The cartridges would be a good value purchase if they would test clean. If they could do this without charging the likes of Kurvana ASCND and Select Oil cartridges, they’d be a huge hit. However, who really knows what oil is what. The one we are hitting here might be clean, but we can never know for sure.

    Supreme vape cartridge design is durable – The ceramic core sputters

    Starting with a round metal mouthpiece and solid glass tube, Supreme vape carts have a sturdy build. The use a vaporizer with the inner cloth wick and ceramic core.

    Supreme Vape Cartridge Close UP
    Close Up Of The Supreme vape Cartridge

    The design on our cartridge, though durable, does show some issues. After about halfway through the oil, the cartridge started to stick. You have to use a strong force of suction to get air flowing.

    There’s also some sputtering we noticed as we were in the middle of our vape. Inhale for five or more seconds, however, and you’ll take in a large vapor cloud. Big hits aren’t hard to come by with a Supreme vape cartridge.

    Hardware appears to be a CCELL clone

    Based on the placement of holes, ceramic core, and mouthpiece it is based on a CCELL atomizer. As we usually find out with clones, they just do not work as good. Take a look at the picture below.

    supreme vape cartridge bottom
    Close up of the bottom of the Supreme vape cartridge

    No lettering or serial on the bottom indicates it is not an authentic CCELL cartridge. Some clones are good, some are bad, and this is one of the not so great ones. Fake CCELLs are a whole other issue. These are just clones, not claiming to be actual CCELLs.

    Oil quality is above average, except for those pesticides

    Without being extremely sensitive to toxins, you might not notice the trace amounts of pesticides in the oil. Upon inspection, the concentrate moves with the consistency of molasses. The flavor is sweet, enjoyable, and there’s nothing the matter with the cartridge’s effects. It’s a teaser because the cartridge appears fine, but the pesticides are cause for concern.

    Supreme vape cartridges list no THC levels – The effects are a bit above average

    Supreme Vape Package Info
    The Supreme vape packaging provides little information

    As you can see in the images and if you watch the video, the package has very little information. It has the CA State warning, the name Supreme, and that’s about it. There is no mention of the strain whether it be Sativa or Indica. Supreme vape also leaves out the percentage of THC and CBD.

    Going by feel, the cartridge has a decent effect. It kicks in fast but not with an overwhelming rush. A deep vape is likely to have you coughing but the oil isn’t harsh. To make an educated guess, the THC concentration is probably around 75-80 percent.

    Flavor is the best feature

    Out of all review categories, the Supreme vape cartridge scores highest for flavor. Whatever mystery fluid this cart contains has a pronounced sweet and piney taste. It lingers on your taste buds for minutes after you take a puff. We can’t say whether or not it’s true to strain, but the aftertaste stays delicious as it slowly dissipates.

    Some carts, like those from Cobra Extracts, taste good and bold up front. The aftertaste can have some funk to it in those last lingering moments. Once again, the great taste of this Supreme vape cartridge makes it a disappointment to find pesticides.

    The Supreme vape cartridge mouthpiece sticks & the core sputters

    Efficiency is another factor we look at when reviewing vape cartridges. In and of itself, efficiency includes several working parts. Examples include the density of the concentrate, type of vaporizer, and design of the airflow system. Supreme vape cartridge design and airflow don’t have the best construction.

    We don’t mean to say that the cartridge doesn’t work. The one in our test gets sticky, but you can pull it through with some suction. Once the air gets flowing, the vaporizer does sputter but it also delivers big clouds if you want them. We see a lot of these cheaper cartridge styles. The ceramic core is cheap and begins to disintegrate as the oil draws down.

    Oil consistency and cartridge design give a good number of puffs

    As the saying goes, the oil in a Supreme vape cartridge really is as thick as honey. Turn your vape pen upside down and watch as gravity slowly does its work. Despite the less than perfect cartridge design, it still gives a good number of puffs.

    Supreme Vape Cartridge Packaging
    Supreme vape cartridge packaging

    Our test cart still has about 1/5th of the fluid left, but it’ll likely come to about 200 puffs overall. These aren’t short three-second vapes either. 200 draws at five to six-second intervals is right in line with brands like Platinum vape or vape Naked’s 1-gram cartridges.

    Overall value is poor due to pesticides

    Despite some favorable qualities, we can’t give a high rating to a THC cartridge that has potential health risks. Therefore, the overall value of a Supreme vape cartridge is low. We’re seeing these carts go from anywhere around $30 to $45 dollars. If they ever do eliminate those toxins, the value will flip on a coin.

    The Supreme vape cartridge finale

    Toxins by way of trace pesticides seem to be the norm when it comes to unlicensed vape cartridges. The Supreme vape cartridge is another that lures us in with its low price and quality oil. Except the oil can’t be high quality according to lab tests. We do hope that growers and vape companies come together to provide a safer product. In the meantime, it’s good to know what you’re vaping.

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts, experiences, or questions in the comment box below or by visiting our oil pen forum. See you in the next post!

    Platinum Vape Cartridge Review: True to Strain Taste, Quality THC Oil

    Platinum Vape review

    Introducing another of four different cartridges from Mankind dispensary in San Diego, this one by Platinum Vape. Named after the Aurora Borealis, this heavy Northern Lights 1-gram cart packs a potent and delicious punch. Part of the Platinum Vape Mission Statement is to deliver great concentrate at an affordable price. They claim to use only California grown, pesticide-free herb. Dig into the following review and uncover all our findings.


    • Great True To Strain Flavor
    • Strong & Potent Effect
    • Sturdy Cartridge Design
    • Fair Price


    • Basic Cartridge w/ No Markings
    • Poor Tamper-Proof Device
    • No Laboratory Info On Package

    Recommendations: A decent price makes the basic cartridge design understandable, but it should still have a company logo. Showing a lab to go with the batch number and a better tamper-proof device will add to quality assurance.

    High-potency & bursting, true to strain flavor stand out in the Platinum Vape cartridge

    It’s exciting when you get your hands on a new cartridge and it’s a strain you prize. The Northern Lights strain is one of the most popular out there. Memories of strong Northern Lights Indica nugs fill my younger years and Platinum Vape brings it all back. The most prominent features of the Platinum Vape cartridge are its’ flavor and effect. You’ll savor the taste while getting kicked in the head.

    Platinum Vape carts use a sturdy and effective, if not basic design. They choose well with a ceramic core heating system, strong glass and a lot of metal. Drawbacks are exactly the same as the Jetty Extracts cartridge, the package and label need improvement. Overall, we are very pleased with Platinum Vape and their 1-gram cartridge, but it did not make our best cartridges California list.

    Platinum Vape Northern Lights Cartridge
    The Platinum Vape Northern Lights 1-Gram Cartridge

    Room for improvement shows in the labeling and packaging

    Coming from a licensed dispensary like Mankind, you hope for the best in quality assurance. It’s obvious, however, that not all brands provide the same amount of info or even a tamper proof device. This is the case with the Jetty Extracts cart and here with Platinum Vape.

    The issue is not necessarily that both brands use stickers as a safety seal. Some kinds of stickers work fine if they tear when you peel them. If you can easily remove then stick them back on, they don’t really serve a purpose.

    Platinum Vape Label
    Platinum Vape Cartridges Provide Lots Of Info, But No Lab Analysis

    Another cause for possible doubt is the lack of a stated laboratory. Brands like Sunday Goods, Honey Vape, and others provide this info on the package. If the package doesn’t state it you might wonder if they even test. We do have an email out to Platinum Vape to see if they use a lab and will update the post once we hear back.

    A Sweet Flavor Of Earth & Pine Taste

    When buds incite your taste buds, you know you have a keeper. Such is the case with the flavor profile of Platinum Vape Northern Lights oil. We consider the oil to be true to strain if it delivers the same flavors as the flower. Platinum Vape excels here, at least with the Northern Lights. A strong and earthy pine wood flavor begin the experience, but a sweet aftertaste follows. Each vape sits enjoyably on the palate as you wait for the effects to set in.

    3-5 second vapes will have your lungs begging to exhale

    Whether it’s the high amount of THC or a characteristic of the concentrate, one thing is for sure. This cartridge of Northern Lights will bust your lungs if you go too long. Platinum Vape scores well with this strain because it gives you options. Those who like a large vape won’t have trouble finding. People who prefer a small vape can still do that and enjoy a very powerful effect.

    Platinum Vape carts are durable but very basic in design

    Platinum Vape Cartridge Design
    Platinum Vape Carts Have A Simple Design, But Not An Identifying Logo

    The only thing we can say that should be better about the design is the lack of a company logo. Some identifying marking on the glass or another prominent area would dissuade rip-offs. As it is, the carts are indistinguishable from other similar 1-gram cartridges.

    A description of the design begins with metal 510 threads at the base to fit your standard battery. Next is a metal ring, the outside housing of the C-cell heating element. Rising up from the housing is a sturdy outer glass tube and inner metal drawtube. The drawtube includes the ceramic core at the base and leaves plenty of room for the oil to absorb.

    From the housing of the core follows the more slender metal drawtube which extends up to the mouthpiece. It’s a circular metal mouthpiece with the same silver color as the rest of the cartridge. An O-Ring connects the top of the drawtube to the mouthpiece which does unscrew, making the cart refillable.

    Northern Lights Indica oil by Platinum Vape has 89% THC & less than 0.2% CBD

    You can almost miss that less than symbol in front of the CBD percentage, but the point is probably mute. Most cartridge connoisseurs will take a lot more notice of the 89% THC level. Platinum Vape Northern Lights concentrate comes on strong and fast, even more so with a bigger vape. It’ll make you cough if you draw long enough, and you will get off. Expect a deep relaxing high to settle in after the initial haze wears off.

    Pricing is fair for a quality 1-gram cartridge

    Platinum Vape Company Logo
    The Platinum Vape Logo And Mankind Price Tag

    The Platinum Vape cart on review comes from Mankind, one of the few licensed shops in San Diego. Licensed dispensaries guarantee pure cannabis products but they also charge taxes. The 1-gram Platinum Vape Northern Lights cart retails for $60.00 before taxes at Mankind, though they do offer discounts.

    That’s $30.00 per .5-gram and the same price as a Heavy Hitters cartridge at nearby MedMen San Diego. Being perfectly honest, the Platinum Vape NL is a much better deal. After taxes, you spend over sixty or we’d give it higher marks.

    Platinum Vape carts use an efficient C-cell heating & draw system 

    You can tell a shoddy C-cell when it sputters as you draw the cartridge, not allowing a very even vape. The C-cells in this Platinum Vape cart works fluidly all the way down to the last fingernail of oil. You don’t have to suck your ears in trying to get a medium size hit.

    The oil lasts and gives a good number of puffs

    It could be poor absorption or maybe oil quality, but some carts vape up like wildfire. The oil is gone before you know it. Platinum Vape scores well in regard to the number of puffs, taking into account the larger 1-gram cartridge. To give off the size clouds it does after a 5-second vape, the Northern Lights cart keeps puffing for a while.

    Last lights of the Platinum Vape cart review

    Platinum Vape has the kind of value that makes it worth spending $60.00 on. It’s alright that the cartridges aren’t fancy but a logo should be added. Platinum Vape has an opportunity to improve the quality assurance in their labeling and packaging. All in all the fine oil quality, high-potency, and great flavor leave a lasting impression.

    Want to learn more about Platinum Vape products? Check out their company website here.

    Comment below or drop a message in our forum and let us know what you think about Platinum Vape cartridges. We always appreciate your feedback.

    Honey Vape Cartridge Review: A Decent Cartridge, but the Oil Crystallized

    Honey Vape Cartridge review
    The Honey Vape Green Crack .5g Cartridge, Packaging, & Company Info

    Presenting our first foray into a Honey Vape cartridge and it’s the Green Crack as the featured product. After vaping up a complete .5-gram cartridge, there’s only one word that comes to mind: Decent! At least if decent qualifies as being a little better than mediocre. There’s a lot to report about the Green Crack as well as the build of the Honey Vape cartridge in general. Let’s dig right in!

    Honey Vape Green Crack Packaging
    The Green Crack Cartridge In Packaging By Honey Vape


    • Lab Tested / Pure Concentrate
    • Excellent Taste / True To Strain
    • Vibrant, Uplifting Effect


    • Hardened / Crystallized Concentrate
    • Sub-Average Efficiency
    • Hi Price Tag
    • Not Very Strong

    Recommendations: Make stronger oil and put it in a more efficient cartridge.

    Looking for something better? Go straight to our picks for the best cartridges in California.

    The Honey Vape cartridge scores slightly better than average, at least with the Green Crack strain

    Honey Vape Oil Crystallization
    Notice The Crystallization Of The Oil In The Honey Vape Cart

    If not for the savory taste and nice uplifting effect of the concentrate, I would score the Honey Vape cartridge very low. Why is that, you ask? Mainly because of the cartridge design itself. When you pay $40.00 plus taxes for a half gram cartridge, it should have an efficient design.

    The cartridge allows big puffs but only with really long extended inhales. Even when taking semi-long puffs, the Honey Vape cartridge uses oil fast. The fact that the one in my trial had become solidified wasn’t too big a deal besides the unclaimed residue. It liquefied with the warmth of the battery and my hand.

    Fortunately, the concentrate is pure as per the labeled lab test results. Honey Vape Green Crack is also surprisingly potent for only a 70% THC composition. Flavor of the Green Crack concentrate is another high note in the review. That sweet yet spicy taste, along with sour citrus, comes through boldly on the palate.

    See our video review below, and keep reading on for the more in depth review:

    The Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge flavor is right in tune with the strain

    So many of the cartridges I vape fail in this area. It’s as if something happens during the distillation process that cuts out certain flavor profiles. Most often I find that one flavor stands out much too prominently against the others.

    With the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge, this isn’t the case at all. Upon exhalation of the vapor, the Green Crack flavor profile comes through with great balance. You’ll taste a mix of spicy sweet citrus that lingers on the tongue.

    Honey Vape Green Crack is strong for only having 70% THC

    Is it Heavy Hitters or Brass Knuckles strong? Not by a long shot. Looking at the tag on the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge, it doesn’t tell you the THC percentage. It does, however, provide the amount of THC in milligrams as well as the CBD. Do the division and 350mg into 500mg is 70%. A CBD content of 6.79mg comes out to 1.36%.

    Despite having a significantly lower percentage of THC than many brand name cartridges, Honey Vape Green Crack delivers a good uplifting punch. This is actually a point that surprises me, and quite positively so. If you need some energy during the course of your day, this cart will do the trick.

    Honey Vape cartridges are durable but don’t use an efficient design

    Honey Vape Cartridge Instructions
    Honey Vape Carts Come With Instructions For Use

    Read more about the design in the cartridge breakdown section below. The Honey Vape .5-gram cartridge starts at the top with a metal reed style mouthpiece and sturdy glass tube. It ends with a steel base and 510 threading for your standard size battery.

    Honey Vape carts, or at least this .5-gram one, are very similar in design we found on our THClear cart review. You can see the design in the breakdown video as well, but the result is less than optimal. I prefer carts that use a small ceramic coil for the heating element.

    It seems that the carts using the coils vape the oil faster than ones with the cloth absorption design. The thing is, you can take a small hit on the coil and still get a nice cloud. The ones with the cloth near the element don’t hit as well and they still vape up just as fast.

    A THC level of 350 mg and 6.79 mg of CBD on the Green Crack cartridge. Plus a test & batch number.

    Honey Vape Cartridge Information
    A Sticker On The Packaging Shows The Levels Of THC, CBD, Batch Number, & Test Lab

    You can see in the image how Honey Vape provides the info on a sticker placed on the package. It has the levels of THC and CBD as well as the batch number. Also visible is the lab Honey Vapes uses, pH Solutions. One of the benefits of going to a legitimate California dispensary like MedMen is pure lab-tested concentrate.

    For a .5-gram cartridge, Honey Vapes costs too much at $40.00

    One of the biggest knocks off the overall value of a Honey Vape cartridge is the price. Realizing there are likely additional costs due to lab testing and growing pesticide-free crops, the carts are still expensive. $30.00 would be more enticing, or at least a better cartridge design.

    Honey Vape cartridge breakdown & disassembly

    Honey Vape Cartridge Breakdown
    The Glass Breaks Trying To Remove It. Notice The Unraveled Cloth From Inside The Element Housing

    After tearing apart a few different cartridges, you get a feel for why they vape the way they do. For instance, the THClear has the same kind of design and it sputters when you hit it. This lack of a fluid draw doesn’t occur with the Honey Vape cart, but the puff size is the same.

    You have a more durable metal mouthpiece and a glass tube is better than plastic. This beats the THClear. Inside the Honey Vape cart, the metal drawtube has a more efficient base. It leaves room for the oil to seep through the holes. At the very bottom, it has the 510 threads that fit your standard battery.

    Here is a full breakdown of the cartridge:

    Inside the housing of the heating element provided some inefficiency but it was likely due to the battery used. I much prefer a rod and coil to this type of design which may be due to the battery used. I’ll be trying this type of cartridge again with a new battery soon.

    Efficiency is a concern with Honey Vape carts

    I seem to find poor efficiency with most cartridges that use the same design. For whatever reason, the system with a cloth wrap that soaks up the oil before heating doesn’t perform well. It takes a lot of effort to puff a big cloud of vapor, and even then it’s nothing like vaping a coil.

    To be fair, some people prefer to keep their hits on the lighter side. Some of the cheaper rod and coils can leave a bad aftertaste, especially near the end of the cartridge. A good ceramic rod and titanium coil, however, gives you the option of big or small vapes. The Honey Vape cart doesn’t allow for this and the oil still disappears quite fast.

    Large vape clouds aren’t easy to achieve

    If you give the Honey Vape cartridge a strong 5-second draw, it produces a light cloud of vapor. Part of this could be the crystallization of the oil in my cartridge in particular. Once the cartridge heats up from a couple hits or a very long one, it’ll give off a big cloud. It’ll also seem like a quarter of your oil goes down with it.

    Last drops on the Honey Vape cartridge

    Overall, the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge just falls short of our recommendation. At a cheaper price, it would make the cut. Either that or a better cartridge design and consistency of oil. I’d much rather go with a full gram of Heavy Hitters or Brass Knuckles. They deliver such a better vaping experience and don’t cost that much more for double the amount of concentrate. More information can be found on HoneyVape here.

    Questions or comments on our Honey Vape review? Post below or on our forum!

    Vape Cartridge

    cbd thc vape cartridge carts
    CBD Cartridges – THC Cartridges – Vape Cartridges or simply “Carts”

    A vape cartridge is the name for the cartridge portion of an oil pen that contains either  THC or CBD. A CBD cartridge typically comes in either a .5ML or 1ML tube and includes a mouth piece to draw vapor. They cartridges throw out quite easily while the pen holding the battery recharges for continual use.

    CCELL Silo Review: Small Form Factor Battery for Vape Cartridges

    ccell silo

    The Silo is a 500mah battery by CCELL made for use with vape cartridges. We found it delivers great performance on 510 threaded cartridges during our CCELL Silo review, particularly on CCELL branded carts. The Silo is a small form factor battery and is not made for use with large top airflow cartridges.

    See our CCELL silo review in video format below. Continue reading to see our more in depth review.

    Silo battery all around does a great job

    So far CCELL has the most consistent quality oil pen products. The cartridges have lower fail rates than others and here at DabConnection we have gone through a lot of carts. Airflow is always on point. Before the Silo I was using a few different batteries but most often the CCELL Palm for which we previously did a review. The Silo also made our list of the best cartridge batteries.

    ccell silo battery
    Simple matte black finish on this CCELL Silo battery

    Design of the CCELL Silo battery

    The Silo battery design is simple: a small rectangular shape that is rounded for a smoother feel. It’s height is slightly taller than a CCELL cartridge.

    Visibility on the side is a plus. You can see your THC cartridge’s oil level. Check out the picture below for an example.

    ccell silo side view
    The side viewing area comes in handy.

    I liked this feature on the Palm and it continues on the CCELL Silo. CCELL cartridges fit perfectly snug as do clones. It does not work with some cartridge types like that we used on our Cannabioitx vape review.

    The Silo vape battery has excellent build quality

    CCELL did not make the Silo to be flashy. It is discreet and has a low key finish, but you can feel the high quality build when you hold it.

    CCELL Palm vs CCELL Silo

    The Silo is almost similar to the Palm when it comes to performance. The difference is that the Silo has a 500mah battery while the Palm has a 550mah battery. Also, it is in a different form factor delivering power over time. Having used both extensively, I would pick the Silo over the Palm since it feels just a little bit better in your pocket and I like the grip.

    ccell palm vs silo
    I would take the Silo over the Palm, but it’s just a preference. Performance is identical.

    The Palm is still an excellent battery and I would choose it over most others for hitting CCELL carts which are the most commonly used by major THC oil brands like Select Oil.

    CCELL Silo vs PCKT ONE

    The CCELL Silo outperforms the PCKT ONE on CCELL Cartridges, as would be expected. The PCKT ONE does work  better with some carts that need a button push to work properly.

    ccell silo vs pckt one
    The Silo is overall cheaper and batter, but PCKT One works on some carts that won’t work on the Silo.

    Since more high end oil brands are using CCELL carts, I would have to take the Silo over the PCKT ONE if I was only choosing one. It is best to have both battery types plus a mod on the side. Overall though, the Silo wins here due to a much lower price and CCELL carts being the most used.

    Mod Battery vs CCELL Silo

    Mod batteries are a favorite among many due to the higher range of voltages. With prefilled THC cartridges, most do not require the power of a mod, but a mod can be set to properly hit Cannabiotix and Rove cartridges. The CCELL Silo will not work with some cartridge types, but it does work on CCELL cartridges more effectively than a box mod. The Silo battery wins on discretion too. Overall if I had to carry one battery I would choose the Silo. A mod is a great backup when you are not sure what settings will work for a cartridge, but given that CCELL is so common I will be using the Silo more often.

    CCELL Silo voltage is between 3.2V and 3.6V. It ranges as it is being used but it is optimized for use with CCELL carts.

    Battery Life and Charging were both good on the CCELL Silo battery

    ccell silo
    No screw ins, just magnet in.

    Charging is simple via micro-USB and seemed to be about the same time to charge as the palm. Battery Life was excellent. One charge seemed to last longer than a half gramcartridge. Enough to the point you are not worrying about the battery dying.

    Hit strength is top notch on CCELL carts

    The Silo battery hits excellent on CCELL carts specifically, giving you a better rip than a random battery that is still compatible. On on-CCELL carts it still performs well, but keep in mind it might not be compatible with some cartridges that require a mod battery or top airflow.


    At $24.95 the CCELL Silo battery is a great value, even better at $18.99

    The Silo is priced well. Some small batteries are priced much higher and deliver less. CCELL’s Silo is cheaper than most half gram THC cartridges. Blank CCELL cartridges go for under $5. So for less than $30 you have a complete oil pen setup. The ALD vFire which is made by the same manufacturers of Stiiizy Pen hardware is cheaper at $22.95 with a pod, but our other reviewer used it in the Plug and Play vape and although he said it was excellent, he said CCELL carts on CCELL battery hit the hardest after trying both.

    The cheapest CCELL Silo is at DC Alchemy for $18.99 with coupon code DABCONNECSILO. See our cheapest ccell post that is continuously updated for the lowest prices. Our code is not an affiliate code. They just gave us that so we can give you the lowest price on the internet. Thanks DC Alchemy!

    Wrapping up our CCELL Silo review…

    The Silo battery turned out to be my current daily driver for cartridges. Since many of the brands use CCELL already it is a great addition to the collection. I like the form factor better than the Palm and unless I have an odd top airflow cartridge, prefer it over the PCKT One of a mod battery.  You can find more information on the Silo here.

    8 Fold Cartridge Review: The Best CO2 THC Vape Cartridge in Nevada

    8 fold cartridge review

    8 Fold is a cannabis cultivator located in the State of Nevada. The 8 Fold cartridge is the  best CO2 oil vape cart we have tried. Flavor, strength, oil quality, and a new gen CCELL atomizer make this our top CO2 vape cartridge pick for Nevada.


    • Overall best CO2 oil THC cartridge
    • Great taste for CO2 oil
    • Strong and long lasting effects
    • Uses newest generation CCELL cartridge


    • Ceramic top CCELL cart would be preferred.


    Would like to see 8 Fold come out with a distillate or BHO cartridge. If their CO2 oil is this good they can probably make another top notch vape cart with a different type of oil.

    8 Fold made a special mention on our post where we picked the best cartridges in Nevada due to it’s high strength.

    The 8 Fold vape cartridge offers and all around great experience

    8 Fold THC cartridges are made with CO2 oil rather than distillate, which most of us here at DabConnection prefer. One huge difference between 8 Fold and other CO2 cartridges though is the taste. CO2 THC cartridges often to not taste so great, like the cartridges by Kynd for example. The only other decent tasting CO2 vape cart I have tried is from W Vapes, but 8 Fold’s not only tastes better, it uses the new gen CCELL cartridge which makes a huge difference over the old CCELL cart W Vapes uses. The strain tested in this review is Golden Goat, a Sativa dominant hybrid.

    8 fold cartridge
    Creative packaging for 8 Fold’s THC cartridges

    Design and Build Quality are top notch for 8 Fold

    8 Fold cartridges use the current generation CCELLs. At the time of this article,  these CCELLs are the most reliable and best hitting vape cartridges out there and work best with CCELL batteries like the Palm. The only thing I would like to see changed hardware wise is I do prefer the ceramic tip CCELLs to the plastic ones. The reasons? The ceramic tip ones have a glass body I feel more comfortable heating up and they also have a screw on instead of pressed on top. Easier to refill and use with other oils when your cart is empty. Even plastic CCELLs are better than systems like Stiiizy Pen and miles ahead of a wicked system like we found in our G Pen Gio review.

    8 Fold cartridge has excellent quality CO2 oil, some of the best I have tried

    The only other CO2 oil so far that has been on par with 8 Fold is that out of the W Vapes syringe. 8 Fold’s CO2 extract is consistent all around. No clouding or changing of the consistency at all throughout the cartridge.

    On the top end of strength for any THC cartridge

    8 Fold’s cartridge is on par for strength with other top Nevada brands. I would put it’s strength on par with Select Oil which has kind of “set the standard” in consistently strong products. Comparing to another Nevada only brand, it was stronger than the Game Time THC cartridge. Oil strength was on par, but the better hardware used on the 8 Fold vape cart puts it ahead.

    8 fold cartridge test results
    Batch testing gives reliable results.

    THe 8 Fold cart is further proof that THC percentage is not everything. Golden Goat comes in with a THC strength at 74.6%, but is stronger than many other cartridges in the 80s.

    Taste was surprisingly good on the 8 Fold vape cart

    CO2 oil is not known for its great taste. The 8 Fold cartridge tastes surprisingly good and is one of the reasons we are naming it the best CO2 oil THC cartridge in Nevada. I have never tasted a CO2 oil cartridge that tasted this good. Only thing that came close was the W Vapes oil as mentioned above, but that came in a syringe and I filled that into a CCELL cart.

    Efficiency is as good as it gets with new gen CCELL

    Most cartridges have near perfected efficiency at this point. The new generation CCELL cart used by 8 Fold is no exception. A completely efficient system. A factor of efficiency not often mentioned is the battery. Using a proper battery for the THC cartridge makes a big difference. I found the CCELL Palm worked best when paired with this cartridge, probably because their testing and research is done with these batteries. Same thing is probably true with the Omicron v5 and using a W9Tech battery.

    Number of Puffs was excellent

    The CO2 oil on the 8 Fold THC cartridge is pretty thick so it vapes nice and slow. I felt like I got more hits out of it than I do out of the distillate cartridges I am hitting most of the time.

    Value was great as it lasted long

    8 Fold’s cartridge lasted a long time. I paid a little more than I normally do by getting it at Deep Roots Mesquite. The same cartridge in other regions would be lower priced, especially in Las Vegas. I recommend checking Essence Tropicana and NuWu Dispensary for the best prices. They seem to consistently have the best prices in Las Vegas on non-house brand products. The cartridge in Mesquite was the same price as others, not more or less, so comparatively it provided excellent value considering it lasted quite a while.

    cobra extracts vs 8 fold
    On the left is a Cobra Extracts cartridge, on the right is 8 Fold. Note the lighter color on the 8 Fold.

    Concluding our 8 Fold cartridge review..

    Overall, the 8 Fold THC cartridge is excellent. Most CO2 carts I do not even like. This one I would put above many distillate cartridges. Taste is as good as it has ever been for CO2 oil carts. Price was on par with other carts but it delivers a superior experience. 8 Fold used the new generation CCELL cartridge, which currently is the best hardware for THC oil out there. In the future I would love to see a distillate and/or BHO oil cartridge from 8 Fold. You can find more information on 8 Fold here.