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To Pure CBD Now for providing us with our sample. Here’s the link to find Canna-Stillery THCA Flower 3.5G jar for $45.

Today we’re trying out some Gary Payton THCA flower from Canna-Stillery. I did try digging up the original supplier website, but they’re barely online at this site and have nothing listed except their Delta 8 cartridges. However, you can see the THCA flower jars in one of the carousel banners up top. I do confirm this to be the site, but apparently, the cannabis industry has a heck of a time finding web guys to keep sites updated. If this is you, hit me up, I got slots open.



Potent THCA Flower With Euphoric Effects

I have to say, I have enjoyed every bud of Gary Payton weed I can get from any distributor. This is my fourth distributor of Gary Payton and it has the same character every time, so it must be a particularly hardy brand. Canna-Stillery is no exception, delivering a fresh and aromatic jar of flower. Gary Payton is the award-winning hybrid known for being high potency with almost no CBD. It produces, for me, a balanced, mellow high that is the picture of happy tranquility. It’s fine for relaxing, but it won’t weigh you down if you need to do things. A small bowl is all it takes for me to be good to go. The flavor, to me, is hearty and robust with an earthy and skunky character.

In total, I can describe a session with Canna-Stillery THCA flower as richly, deeply satisfying. Gary Payton is one of those strains stoners seek out.


Pure CBD Now Also Sent a Preroll

Also by Canna-Stillery and also THCA, I got this 1.5G preroll of a strain I’d never tried before, Chimera. I have to say now that I’ve tried it, Chimera makes an excellent preroll, with a floral aroma and a mildly spicy taste. Being high in linalool, the lavender terpene, this is a relaxing hybrid strain, again potent enough that a few puffs easily satisfy. Very pleasant and uplifting.

At least this gives us the chance to see two different products from the same source, so Canna-Stillery came through on both fronts. I’m looking on Pure CBD Now’s site but can’t find Canna-Stillery prerolls, albeit with their large inventory I might be missing it.

In conclusion, Canna-Stillery gets our seal of approval as a multi-state shipper of THCA flower. They’ve also helped keep my sanity during this snowy January here in Iowa. People out west ask me “how do you stand those Midwest winters?” It’s easy, I keep my penguin butt inside and people mail me drugs. Smoke until snow is funny!

Readers, have you ever smoked until snow was funny OR enjoyed THCA flower from Canna-Stillery? Leave us a ringy-dingy in the comments below or in our smoky forum.



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