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Oil Quality
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Airo Pro cartridges are filled with THC oil and they use magnetic hardware that is known for producing more vapor than traditional vape cartridge systems. Formerly Indigo Pro, Airo Pro vape pens are distributed by Airo Vapor. They are available in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.


  • Great oil quality
  • Long lasting battery
  • Strong hits and thick smoke
  • Variety of carts available
  • Can be found in multiple states


  • Battery indicator light not visible when hitting
  • Battery does not work with other cartridges by default
  • Cartridge sometimes has to be adjusted to hit

Reccommendations: Make the battery indicator light visible while hitting it. Include an adapter with the pen that works optimally with standard 510 threaded cartridges.

See below our video review on the Airo Pro vape pen and cartridges. Continue reading to see our more in depth written review.

Airo Pro cartridges are overall excellent

CCELL manufactures the hardware for Airo Pro vape pen batteries and cartridges. The difference with Airo Pro is is produces a bit more vapor than the standard CCELL cart. Airo Vapor also uses great quality distillates as the oil. For this Airo Pro review I tested both a Sativa and Indica cartridge.

Design and Build is unique to the Airo Pro vape pen, but awesome quality overall

The Airo Pro uses a CCELL cartridge that is not threaded. Instead of threading it has a straight magnetic connector. The magnetic connection had to be adjusted occasionally by popping the atomizer back in and pressing it. Not really a big deal and have had this happen wit almost every other cartridge type at some point with extensive use.

airo pro vape pen battery
Right out the box is the battery and a plastic holding piece in the cartridge slot.

Only design flaw shows when the Airo Pro battery is dying

Airo Vapor’s battery for the Airo Pro cartridge system overall does a great job, but when it runs out of juice it can be hard to tell. The placement of the charging light that indicates the battery is dying cannot be seen while you are hitting it. You have to hit it real quick and turn it around if your vape is not hitting to see if it is dead. Sometimes it is just the cartridge needing an adjustment and the battery is still alive. Having the ability to see the battery status while hitting it would be a big plus. Many batteries do not have indicator lights at all.

Vibrates when you are hitting it

Taking a hit from the vaporizer results in a vibration you can feel. I like this feature as it lets you know when you are getting a hit or not. Adjust the cartridge by taking it out and putting it back in and moving it a bit if you are not getting it to hit. This is common with other carts as well, but with the vibration feature you get to that part a little faster since you can tell right away it if the vape pen is not hitting properly.

Carrying case is a nice bonus, but you pay for it

Airo Vapor throws in a carrying case with the Airo Pro. I really like the case and will use it to carry it around. You cannot fit regular CCELL carts properly in the slots, but could fit another similar sized stick battery in. The slots that hold Airo Pro carts fits other carts just fine too.

airopro case
The Airo Pro vape pen case has a nice feel and carries multiple cartridges too.

The Airo Pro’s standard retail price at dispensaries is $35 while the CCELL Silo and Palm are $25. An extra $10 is not much compared to cartridge costs and you get a case, but the Airo Pro is not compatible with other cartridges without an adapter. I will make a separate post on using a PCKT One adapter with the Airo Pro to make it work with standard CCELL cartridges.

airo pro case open
The Airo Pro case comes in handy.

Oil quality shines on Airo Pro carts, top notch distillate

Airo Pro THC cartridges use distillate oil. I originally skipped the vape carts because I was told they were regular CO2 oil incorrectly at Nuwu dispensary. Sick of CO2 after too many CO2 carts I wanted some distillates and was directed to the less than stellar Cannabiotix vape cartridges. I went to Essence Tropicana a few months later. I was then correctly informed that they are distillate and bought a battery with two cartridges.

northern lights airo pro cartridge
Even though it tested lower I liked the Northern Lights a little more than the Oz’s Orchard.

Airo Pro vape cartridges test high on THC and feel strong

THC percentage is not the end all be all of strength, but it does matter. Oz’s Orchard tested at almost 84% THC and Northern Lights tested at almost 74%. Airo Pro’s vaporization system is excellent. The experience is consistent. You have to use their battery, but that helps with consistency. We have found that CCELL carts work better with CCELL cartridges, and the Airo Pro forces that experience by requiring their battery.

Taste was stellar particularly on the sativa cart

I am not a big fan of flavor being added or where strength is sacrificed to add more terpenes. Although THC percentage is not everything, I generally try to pick out carts that are at least in the mid 70s. Budtenders often will recommend a cartridge due to flavor so it is always good to ask, is this one really strong?

ozs orchard airo pro cartridge
Never tasted anything this good that had a similar THC percentage.

Stronger sometimes means worse flavor, not here

Many of our readers would just take strength over anything and there are a lot of carts that have more terps and less THC. Terps are important too but I rather take the higher THC percentage and that often results in not-as-good taste.

airo pro ozs orchard test results
Nice solid THC 83.577% THC.

There are lots of carts in the mid-high 60s for THC percentage that taste better than the finest distillate high percentage carts. Airo Pro’s indica cartridge tasted pretty standard for a distillate cart but in a good way. Taste was amazing on Oz’s orchard despite it’s strength.

airo pro northern lights test results
Tested lower, but effects were awesome on the Northern Lights vape cart.

Efficiency was as good as it gets

The Airo Pro was as efficient as any other CCELL cartridge. This is as efficient as cartridge can get at the current time.

empty airo pro cartridge
Pretty much down to the last drop.

Number of puffs slightly reduced, but each hit bigger

Hits are bigger than off a regular battery and cartridge. This reduces the number of puffs but not in a negative way. The score has been adjusted higher here rather than just basing it off the actual number, because overall you are getting good value per puff here and that is the true purpose of the category.

It was totally worth it, would buy again

Value was on point with Airo Pro. The battery system costs you more to get in the door than some others, but the case is convenient and you get hard hits. Cartridges are the same price as other THC carts, but these are stronger, creating a better value.

Concluding this Airo Pro review…

The Airo Pro turned out to be a great system overall. Oil is strong and of great quality distillate. The battery is unique and puts out hard hits. The cartridges do not work on other batteries, but at $35 the Airo Pro vape pen battery is worth the cost. Plus it includes a useful carrying case.

You can find Airo Pro vape pens and cartridges near you here. Learn more about Airo Pro on Airo Vapor’s website.


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