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Hey, it’s about time I got back to reviews again! I admit, I got a bit lazy just past winter break. At the same time, we have lots of new reviewers, some prime talent in fact with TR Sun, a music artist and producer, as well as Miles Hoffman with Paradice in a Pot, a YouTube channel for plant enthusiasts (not just the kind you smoke!). Look for them both plus Jess from Illinois reviewing CBD products, all on our YouTube channel. So I’ve been back on the editorial end of things here at DabConnection while we give the new blood a couple weeks to get flowing.

But I still keep a hand in reviews, so today we have the Doteco TIK20. You may recall in our previous review for the MGear4 and TIK10, both by Doteco, that we had great things to say about the TIK10 already. The TIK20 truly improves on the TIK10, packing in new features including a full-screen display, without expanding the form factor a centimeter. Truly black magic!

The Doteco TIK20 (find it there at that link) appears to be an OEM product only, so we don’t have a price. However, the first TIK10 sold for around $18, so we anticipate this will be another wallet-friendly product.


  • Tiny!
  • Full-screen OLED display
  • Incremental voltage adjustment
  • Super-easy to use
  • Powerful battery
  • Fast heating
  • No fuss, no muss, gets ‘er done, and gets out of your way!


  • It’s too fun! I can’t stop playing with it!

Recommendations: Gee, what more can I ask? I’ll just sit back in eager anticipation of what they dream up for the TIK30.


The Doteco TIK20 is a Minimalist Miracle

As you’ll probably guess by now, this is a rave review for the TIK20. This makes a good opportunity to point out a couple of pitfalls that the TIK20 avoids:

  • It’s not a socket design – Thanks to non-standard cartridges out there, socket batteries are iffy
  • It’s not trying to cram in features you don’t need
  • It’s quiet and doesn’t call unnecessary attention to itself
  • It doesn’t buzz your lips off with haptic feedback
  • It’s tiny yet powerful

With every Doteco battery, I notice that I don’t have to wait long before I fire that up and activate it. Some batteries take a few seconds to warm up, but I just realized I hit Doteco batteries from a cold start without even thinking about it. The slogan on the box, “every Mah counts,” might have something to do with how fast the TIK20 operates.


How Many Features Can You Pack Into the Space of a Thumb??

Goodness! The OLED screen display is tiny, but packs in the information. Obviously, we gadget-heads love our little screens.


The operation is simple and standard:

  • 5x power button on/off
  • 2x power button pre-heat mode (15s)
  • hold to draw
  • “+” and “-” buttons to adjust temperature
  • hold both those buttons to see how many puffs you’ve taken this session

I don’t recall any battery before this having a “puff-counter.” But I imagine that comes in useful if you want to keep track, especially if you’re a medicinal or therapeutic user who wants an exact dosage without going over.

The temperature range runs from 1.8v – 4.2v, with the voltage adjustable – and accurate to – 0.1v. This is a vast improvement over the more common (2 to 4) preset temperatures on most batteries.

The TIK20 comes with a lanyard, useful for keeping it at hand. The TIK20 is ready to travel wherever you go. It charges with a standard USB. It comes with a small, but complete, manual. And it sits cleverly on its end so the cart can stay upright.


Did I mention it comes in ten different color schemes?


The TIK20 is Everything You Need in a Vape Battery!

Doteco’s rapidly becoming my favorite battery company, which is a tightly competitive market at the more economical end. Honestly, larger, more luxurious batteries may be nice for a while, but my heart belongs to the minimalist batteries. All the TIK20 asks is to be your daily vapor workhorse.

My cat (seen in the video) even got at the TIK20, because I found it this morning on the floor and feared for the worst. But it survived the impact without a scratch and still works flawlessly. It’s been three days since I charged it, and after a few days’ use it’s still ready to go right now.

This is the kind of battery I want to mail to other battery companies to show them how it’s done. Look for the TIK20 here, albeit your local vape retailer will be stocking it soon.



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