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Write For Dab Connection : Guest Posting Guidelines



You get one chance – don’t blow it!

As an industry expert and thought leader in the North American cannabis community, Dab Connection gets inundated with guest post offers. Unfortunately, this volume is too high to allow for our modest staff to work with everybody one on one. We do want to reach out to those authors who deserve a fair chance, while screening out the time-wasters.

FIRST – Try our forum?

We have a forum at Dab Connection. If all you want is a backlink, our links are “do follow” by default. Don’t be shy, it works similar to Reddit.com. Just register, be a good forum citizen, and post away.

  • Do NOT spam the general topic threads with pure business promotion.
  • We welcome LEGIT businesses – your Weddstagram plug post will be removed and you will be banned.
  • We have an “Events and Business Promotion” category where YOU MAY promote your business! Limited to 2 posts per month per account. Go ahead, advertise your business there. Our readers like to know about special deals, giveaways, and events. Go nuts there.
  • If you have an idea for a topic relevant to our readers, there’s plenty of other categories to choose from. We don’t mind a link at the bottom with something like “provided courtesy of __” with an informative post.
  • We do reserve the right to remove inappropriate content, of course.

If you still want to submit a proper guest post to the main site, read on…

So, here is Dab Connection’s guest post submissions’ policy:

  • No money changes hands in this transaction.
  • We do not offer sponsored posts, paid links, or paid placements.
  • Submit your full article at the address provided below. You may paste the post into the email body, or attach it in a standard document format. You may also attach images, or include them in a zipfile.
  • Beyond the post submission, no further contact is allowed.
  • Do not pitch an idea or ask questions at that address. Only submit full, completed articles.
  • The submission must be unique and unpublished – we will check.
  • We reserve full editorial rights to adjust the material to meet our standards.
  • We also reserve the right to turn down material linking to or supporting businesses or individuals whom do not meet our standards for ethical practice.
  • If your post is approved, we will notify you by your return email address. You will also be directed to a different contact point to discuss future collaborations.
  • Please do not submit here in hopes of getting hired. We have our own channels we go through to add talent to the team as needed.

Post guidelines:

  • You may include outbound links within the post.
  • You may include images.
  • You may embed social media or YouTube videos, in moderation.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar count.
  • You should be based in North America. Dab Connection covers the cannabis scene from a United States perspective. We may accept submissions pertaining to Canada or Mexico as well.
  • Follow best practice SEO guidelines for post formatting.
  • Because cannabis culture includes medical users, follow Google’s E-A-T guidelines when discussing medical, health, science, or legal matters or industry news.
  • Please do link to reference and source facts where applicable.
  • Posts may be 800-1500 words.
  • Posts should include a brief author bio to be shown at the bottom of the post.

Post topics:


  • CBD anything – we’re booked!
  • Vape anything – if you could write about vapes at our level, you’d be working here already!
  • Sales copy for a single business – (Submit a company profile to our contact form for consideration of inclusion in our “biz” category instead, or simply head over to our forum category “Events and Business Promotion” for a “mod free” promotion space limited to 2 posts per month per account.)
  • Product reviews – (Our own staff reviews products. We neither receive nor accept compensation of any kind for a product review, so that we may assure an unbiased, impartial review.)
  • Light fluff pieces about cannabis matters in general
  • Topics we have already covered heavily here

We are always looking for:

  • Expert legal coverage of laws and rulings affecting the cannabis industry
  • Expert medical reporting on research and findings pertaining to the health and therapy value of cannabis products
  • Political reporting about legislation affecting the cannabis industry
  • Professionals within the cannabis industry and any insights they have into the business end
  • Instructional posts of interest to professionals within the cannabis industry, from budtenders to cultivators to testing laboratory technicians
  • Instructional posts of interest to cannabis users of any variety

Finally, we reserve the right to turn down guest post submissions for any reason, including “our inbox is full,” “we are too busy,” or “bad hair day.” That’s just the tough breaks sometimes. You may submit your guest post here.

Thank you for reading through and complying with our full submission instructions,

Site Editors