Fake Dank Vapes cartridges are everywhere. Shady vendors across the country sell them all the time. Here we show how to identify real Dank Vapes products and stay away from the fakes.

The cannabis industry is a multi billion business as can be seen it has its growing pains. For instance, the staggering amount of contaminated cannabis products (flower, concentrate, oil, edibles) coming from the black market. Cannabis players offer products globally thru aggressive online marketing. However, they have yet to register their business. Chinese companies offering counterfeit items at less than half the original price. As a result, you get products failing horribly in pesticides testing. You just can’t trust anything out there. Authentic cannabis is very valuable and it comes with a price.

Fake Dank Vapes cartridge?

Dank Vapes cartridge is considered fake when the oil is not made by the company itself, Dank Vapes. You can never be sure of products coming out of unlicensed distilleries. As mentioned in their official Instagram account, these pre-filled vapes are from the creators of Dank Woods. You wouldn’t even know if this is a legit company that is to say there is no information as to where their products come from and zero lab test results to show.

china company dank vapes fake brand logo packaging
Chinese companies make cartridges with Dank Vapes branding, logos, and packaging.

Update: Brand New Packaging

dank vapes packaging
Dank Vapes Official Account

With the purpose of preventing fake carts, Dank Vapes changed the look of their packaging. Because of this, they are now selling only these cartridges with black packaging. If you get any carts other than these, it’s probably because they’re getting rid of the packaging or it’s fake.

5 Ways To Spot A Real Dank Vapes

  • Press on mouth piece not screw in
  • Serial number starts with the letters CA including a 3 digit code . Ex. CA987
  • Kush bottles logo
  • CCell logo
  • Real “@DANKVAPESOFFICIALACCOUNT” vs Fake “@DANKVAPESOFFICIAL” – find this text at the side of the box
kush bottle logo ccell serial number
Dank Vapes – Kush Bottle & CCel Logos plus Serial Number
real dank vapes official account

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Get your Cannabis Material from Licensed Dispensaries

  • Health and Safety – Health and safety will always be number 1 for recreational and medicinal users alike. Sure your favorite seller offers a much cheaper material but it is most likely contaminated. Contaminants in the form of bacteria or fungi. Likewise, the chemical residues like pesticides.The negative effect might not be immediately clear still it will manifest when you continue using contaminated cannabis. There were those who were unlucky though and got the shorter end of the stick when they consumed a fake cannabis product. In April just this year, an outbreak in Illinois was reported with 2 deaths and 54 other cases of bleeding.
  • Cannabis Industry Support System – You show your support to the Cannabis Industry by purchasing from licensed sellers. Moreover, you are also helping in eradicating the black market. There’s too many cannabis players out there. They are all businessmen who operate outside legality without your safety in sight. Also, remember that illegal cultivators are bad for the consumers in the same way to our environment.
  • Everyone’s Happy – As soon as we straighten things up from top to bottom then we can all be happy. Eventually we will all benefit from cannabis as long as we have clean cultivators, licensed dispensaries and zero black market.

Information on other fake vape cartridges

DabConnection has complied information on other fake vape carts. See our other pages for fake Brass Knuckles, fake Stiiizy pods, fake 710 King Pens, fake Heavy Hitters, and fake Exotic Carts. The best way to avoid fake cartridges is to purchase items at licensed facilities and buy from brands that used an authorized retailer list on their website.

As we get more information we will keep updating this post. If you have information you would like to add, please comment below, post in our forum, or email us at


  1. I have some of these pens and on the bottle or the cartridge it has the correct branding and labeling with the coast logo to see so and a California in three numbers but on the box it has at dank Vape’s official.all organic. No propylene glycol so what your website is saying that I have a fake box in a real cartridge how was that happened.

  2. There really is no way to tell if yours are real or fake. The packaging was changed a few months back so there are sill a lot with just “dankvapesofficial” on the box that are still good. Best thing is to examine your cart. Dank Vapes are harder to just fake since you cant refill. Once they fill once it’s done so if you get one that you can open like other brands or looks tampered with I wouldn’t trust it. Biggest thing is trust your connection. Some put good oil in but use fillers to get more cash and others just try making it on their own as fast as possible. Soon when legal federally any with “pesticides” will be pulled from the shelves but you’ll always have a chance of fakes if buying from the street.

    • That’s why they need to legalize across the United States for this reason so all of us can get good product that hasn’t been messed with or whatever the black market does to them!!! It’s not fair that cause I live in a dumbass state that is dragging their damn feet that I have to buy off the black market and theirs no telling what I have consumed but I want to get high!!! I hope the federal government does something soon before the black market kills off half the damn population that lives in these sorry ass states!!

  3. lol wtf now im confused as fuck. mine got the DANKVAPESOFFICIAL but the numbers are on cartridge. so its half ass? also Gelato got DANKVAPESOFFICIAL but no numbers on the bottom.. the only one out of 20 i have. wow..

    • They are actually wrong with that there @ was once @dankvapesofficial but that page was shut down because it was about pot they changed the @ after that

  4. Dank Vapes is running under Prop. 251 until Phase 3 testing is initiated (This year, 2019) They operate in the grey market and black markets. They do not make their own oil, they provide the packaging. None of them are lab tested and they have insane amounts of pesticides in them. You also cannot buy these at a licensed shop, the only shops or services that sell them are BCC non-compliant.

    Do not smoke these if you appreciate your lungs and other organs working correctly for you. They contain myclobutanil several times over the legal limit in Cali!

  5. The 2 dead and 52 “bleeding” wasnt from any sort of carts/ vape. Quite miss leading there… quite the agenda we have there… Lol. Great job JC Blogger

  6. Just to let you know there instagram was once @dankvapesofficial but it got banned for being about a weed product that shit happens all the time they just recently changed it to @dankvapesofficialaccount

  7. I have a guy who has a bunch of them that dont have the “K” on it. It has the CAserialnumber but says “WIN13” on it and CCELL written on the side, not imprinted in the bottom, but has a white lettering of CCELL on the side. Are these real?? Help!

  8. On Monday I had my first seizure of my life. My fiance thinks it’s from my cartridge. Sunday after work I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around midnight and didn’t feel well. I threw up. My fiance came to bed with me to take care of me. He got up around 7am. I’m still sleeping. He said around 9am he heard a weird sound coming from upstairs. He goes to check it out and it’s me having a seizure. My eyes rolled back, foaming at the mouth, and having convolutions. He couldn’t get me to come to so he called 911. I was in the hospital about 36 hours. My brain scan came back normal as well as the EKG of my heart. I’m not prescribed to anything nor was I on any type of recreational drug besides thc. This is the first time I have ever had a seizure. And I’m definitely scared and worried. My fiance thinks I got a fake cartridge. And he doesn’t/didn’t smoke my cartridge. Has anything similar happened to anyone else??

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