Fake Dank Vapes carts are everywhere. Shady vendors across the country sell them all the time. Here we show how to identify real Dank Vapes products and stay away from the fake cartridges. We suspect that the majority of Dank Vapes out there are currently fakes. It’s also uncertain if any of the oil is made by one manufacturer.

The cannabis industry is plagued by fake cartridges.  Not just fake oil brands, but hardware too. Vape cart sellers offer products globally through aggressive online marketing, with vendors spamming all over YouTube and Instagram.

Dank Vapes is still an unregistered company, even real ones are questionable

The original Dank Vapes is made by the creators Dankwoods, they are originally known for using Backwoods cigars to make blunts, and starting making its way around the country in 2018. Dank Vapes now has packaging showing up on various sites. You can now find packaging for Dank Vapes on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other sites. Even vape specific sites like carry them like Cheapest Vape Supplies.

However, they have yet to register their business. Chinese companies offering counterfeit items at less than half the original price. As a result, you get products failing horribly in pesticides testing. You just can’t trust anything out there. Authentic cannabis is very valuable and it comes with a price. If you are looking for info on the real thing, check out our new Dank Vapes review that covers the latest version.

So, how do I know if my Dank Vapes is legit?

Keep reading on we will explain everything we know about fake Dank Vapes cartridges. We go through the identifiers from easiest to hardest. If your Dank Vapes cartridge does not pass one of these checks, it’s a fake. Some of the tests are not black or white answers, like determining the thinness of the oil, but we offer pictures to help guide you in the right direction.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 1: Old or new packaging, old is most likely a fake cart

The first thing to differentiate between fake a real Dank Vapes is old or new. Many companies selling fake Dank Vapes carts are still selling the old packaging. If you come across old packaging it probably is a fake.

The new Dank Vapes packaging is based on a black background. With this change we can discount the old packaging styles that are still being made as fake. Below is the new Dank Vapes packaging.

dank vapes packaging

Now of course there are fake Dank Vapes carts that have the new packaging black background, but by avoiding the old ones we greatly lessen the odds we are getting a fake cartridge.

By simply avoiding the old style you are avoiding a large portion of the fake Dank Vapes cartridges that are out there. Below is fake packaging based on the old Dank Vapes look.

fake dank vapes old style
Some sellers are still pushing these old fakes. An easy way to spot counterfeits.

Notice there is one black package in there, Mars OG. Don’t confuse it for a legit Dank Vapes just because the colors match the new style, Mars OG is the only black packaging for the old Dank Vapes. Besides Mars OG, if the Dank Vapes box does not have a black background, it is probably a fake.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 2: @DANKVAPESOFFICIALACCOUNT should be on the box, not @DANKVAPESOFFICIAL

Now that you know if your packaging is new or not, the next step in spotting fake Dank Vapes carts is looking for the right Instagram account being labeled on the box. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but @DANKVAPESOFFICIALACCOUNT is the real one and @DANKVAPESOFFICIAL is incorrect. The fake account is not even a real page and Instagram gives an error message if you go to it.

Check the side of the box for the correct Instagram username

All you need to do is look for the right account to be listed on the box to pass this step. Take a look at the photo below.

real dank vapes official account

The top one is a real Dank Vapes cartridge box and the bottom one is a fake. Keep in mind this example is using the old version box, but you will still see companies putting the wrong account on new Dank carts boxes.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 3: Identify fake CCELL hardware

There is some dispute as to whether all real Dank Vapes use CCELL cartridges at all. Fake CCELL cartridges are a problem in itself across the industry, but we can assure one thing: If your Dank Vapes is using a fake CCELL, then it is for sure fake. So the second step in identiying fake Dank Vapes carts is to see if fake CCELL hardware is being used.

Identify a fake CCELL with Dank Vapes packaging, and it’s a fake Dank Vapes cart

Fake CCELLs are surprisingly easy to catch, just check the logo on the bottom and compare it to the picture below. Got the stretched out CCELL lettering? Then your Dank Vapes is a fake.

real ccell vs fake ccell
Real CCELL vs Fake CCELL. Photo credit: @fakedankbusta

The one on the left has clear printed, small text. The one on the right, the fake, has larger text that is not as finely printed. If your Dank Vapes carts have lettering like the one on the right, it’s a fake. If it’s like the one on the left, it still might be a fake because anyone can buy authentic CCELLs, but it is less likely. Additionally, a real CCELL with fake oil will still be better than a fake CCELL with fake oil.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 4: The real Dank carts have a press on clear top mouth piece, not screw in

The type of mouthpiece the cartridge uses will help determine if it is a real or fake Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes with a ceramic mouthpiece are fakes. You will not find any of those types of Dank Vapes carts shown on their official Instagram page. Dank Vapes only uses clear top, round mouthpieces on their cartridge hardware. Take a look at the mouthpiece pictured below. If you see a Dank Vapes with a different one, it’s a fake.

dank vapes mouthpiece
The round top is an option for the CCELL M6T, and is always found on real Dank Vapes carts.

Here’s the things to look for in a Dank Vapes cart mouthpiece to determine if it is real:

  • Round, circular top
  • Does not screw in
  • Does not pop off easily
  • Not ceramic or metal

There are a lot of cheaper quality variations on the cartridge that Dank Vapes uses, so make sure to do those checks to see if it is real. Failing any one of the mouthpiece checks will ensure you have a fake Dank Vapes cartridge.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 5: Check for a thick core and If it’s too thick, it’s a fake

This one is easy to check on the internet, but hard to check if you are only looking at the fakes. If you are inspecting Dank Vapes before purchasing to determine if they are real you may want to have this part of the page open. Take a look at the picture below.

fake dank vapes
Although it’s hard to tell, the fake Dank Vapes has a lighter color package and the metal bar is thicker.

On the right side is the fake and you can see in the middle going down the cartridge, the core where the airflow goes through is considerably thicker. You will notice on the @DANKVAPESOFFICIALACCOUNT Instagram page the only cartridge type is that shown on the left. Below is a pic from their page with emphasis added.

real dank vapes
Look for the gap to tell if your Dank Vapes carts are real.

Take a look at the gap between the inner and outer post in the above photo. In this one you can clearly see there is a sizable gap, where as in the fake on the right in the other photo has almost no gap. If you don’t have this page handy when checking out a possible purchase, make sure to look for the gap. No gap between the center post and side and it’s a fake.

Fake Dank Vapes Step 6, Fake Oil: Checking for diluted, thin or light colored oil, not just a bubble

The bubble test is not an accurate way to check for fake Dank Vapes cartridges, but thin, watery oil is a sign of a fake. Comments on YouTube and forums have stated that if there is a bubble it might be a fake, but we have debunked that. See the pic below.

dank vapes air bubble
Bubble of air is circled

As you can see this is a shot from the official Dank Vapes Instagram page, and there’s a bubble in the cartridge. Now that we have gotten past that false way to identify Fake Dank Vapes oil, we will show you the real way this step is done.

Thin, light, watery oil is nowhere to be found on the official Dank Vapes page

The type of oil found in Dank Vapes carts is of the darker variety. Not the dark orange look now found on Stiiizy pods, but a darker yellow. Light yellow oil like the cartridge pictured below is most likely going to be a fake.

fake dank vapes oil
Look for the thin, light colored oil to identify fakes.

You will see on the above cartridge there are plenty of air bubbles which is where the rumor came about that air bubbles means it is a fake. Do use air bubbles to try and identify if it is a thin oil or not, but do not based your opinion on whether the oil is fake solely on air bubbles, as you saw previously they can also happen on real Dank Vapes.

Lack of legit dispensaries amplify the problems with fake cartridges

Dank Vapes cartridges considered fake when the oil is not actually made by Dank Vapes the company. You can never be sure of products coming out of unlicensed dispensaries and legit dispensaries are not carrying Dank Vapes as far as we can tell. You should avoid Dank Vapes if you have legit stores offering better products in your area. We provide this guide as not everyone has access and Dank Vapes might be the only option.

As we mentioned above, these pre-filled vapes are from the creators of DankWoods. Nobody can tell if it is a legit company. There is no information as to where their products come from and the lab results that have come out were not good.

Dank Vapes pesticides and residual solvents tests: Pass and fail

Dank Vapes has both passed and failed pesticides test. Note that it’s hard to tell if what was tested was a real Dank Vapes cart in the first place, but if there’s a chance the real one tested dirty, it’s another good reason to skip Dank Vapes altogether. Below we will post all three tests. All were taken in December of 2018 but on different days.

First test: Dank Vapes fails for pesticides

dank vapes king louie test
Failure for multiple pesticides and fungi on this King Louie cart

Here the Dank Vapes King Louis cart had beyond a safe level of the pesticides Bifenazate, Bifenthrin, and Permethrins. The fungicides Metalaxyl, Myclobutanil and Tebucanazole were also present. We looked up the side effects and Bifenthrin seems to have the worst. According to Toxnet, side effects can include dizziness, spasms, tremors and numbness. But really all this stuff you don’t want to hit in your vape cart.

Second test: Dank Vapes passes clean here

dank vapes test
This one did not have a full list of what it passed for.

The only gripe we have about this test is it does not list all the pesticides, fungicides, and residual solvents in order. We in general are skeptical of any non-independent tests. Tests done by independent parties are more trustworthy than ones done by the company themselves. Brass Knuckles, who also has been subject to counterfeits, has tested clean on their own tests while independent tests have shown as dirty.

Third test: Dank Vapes carts fail again for pesticides

dank vapes hardcore OG test
Hardcore OG was found to have unsafe levels of pesticides and fungi.

The above test is the latest test result we could find for Dank Vapes. Done by datdude4150 on Instagram, we use much of his information for our own oil pen pesticides and solvents list.

The Dank Vapes Hardcore OG had unsafe amounts of the pesticides Bifenazate, Bifenthrin, Chlorfenapyr, Etofenprox, Etoxazole, Hexythiazox, and Permethrin. It contained unsafe amounts of the fungicides Myclobutanil, PaclobutrazolPropiconazole, Tebucanazole and Tryfloxtrrobin. Etoxazole has awful side effects including Anemia, body weight decrease, prostate issues and problems with adrenal glands.

Lots of brands fail pesticides test, but some never have

It should be noted that many brands fail pesticides tests. Brands that have consistently tested clean are: Select Elite, Jetty Extracts, Kurvana, Rove and Honey Vape. One thing these companies have in common is they are all registered and you can find the people being them. For example Select Elite is by Select Oil, registered in a few states, and was founded by Nitin Khanna. Jetty Extracts is registered in California and has industry veteran Nate Ferguson behind the wheel making extracts.

See our THC cartridge pesticides and residual solvents test page for more info on the latest tests so you can make sure what you are vaping is clean. If you are in Nevada, testing is strict so just make sure to buy from legit stores and you are good to go.

Reasons why you should get your vape carts from legit dispensaries instead of black market retailers

  • Health and Safety – Health and safety will always be number 1 for recreational and medicinal users alike. Some of the street cartridges might be cheaper but there is a good chance they are contaminated. Contaminants in the form of pesticides, fungicides, and residual solvents are all over the black market. Even if you are in a black market area, look for white market cartridges that have made it your way. Even Brite Labs carts have been seen in the Chicago area recently.
  • The negative effects of pesticides and residual solvents might not be immediately clear but it might manifest when you continue using contaminated cannabis priducts. There were those who were unlucky though and got the shorter end of the stick when they consumed a fake cannabis product in April of 2018: an outbreak in Illinois was reported with 2 deaths and 54 other cases of bleeding.
  • Supporting the legal cannabis industry – You show your support to the Cannabis Industry by purchasing from licensed sellers. When you buy from legit suppliers they provide stable jobs in the new legal cannabis industry. The black market does not care about your safety, they want to get the most money out of a product.
  • Bad for the environment – remember that illegal cultivators are operating out of places that do not meet all safety and environmental standards. Disposal of waste may not be properly carried out nor is worker safety often a top priority.
  • Everyone’s Happy – As soon as we straighten things up from top to bottom then we can all be happy. Eventually we will all benefit from cannabis as long as we have clean cultivators, licensed dispensaries and an end to the black market.

Information on other fake vape cartridges

DabConnection is continuing to compile information on other fake vape carts. See our other pages for fake Brass Knuckles, fake Cereal Cartsfake Stiiizy pods, fake 710 King Pens, fake Heavy Hitters, and fake Exotic Carts. The best way to avoid fake cartridges is to purchase items at licensed facilities and buy from brands that used an authorized retailer list on their website.

Concluding our guide on fake Dank Vapes carts

As we get more information we will keep updating this post. Remember the easiest way to spot a fake Dank Vapes cart is to look for new packaging. If it’s the old, non-black style, most likely it is fake. Once you pass that test, go on to the next five steps to determine if your Dank Vapes cart is real or not.

If you have information you would like to add, please comment below. If you have a cartridge and still can’t tell if it’s a fake, post in our oil pen forum and one of our experts will answer.


  1. I have some of these pens and on the bottle or the cartridge it has the correct branding and labeling with the coast logo to see so and a California in three numbers but on the box it has at dank Vape’s official.all organic. No propylene glycol so what your website is saying that I have a fake box in a real cartridge how was that happened.

    • No not exactly, sometimes these fake packaging use authentic CCELL cartridges, if not it may even look exactly the same but it still has unknown distillate.

  2. There really is no way to tell if yours are real or fake. The packaging was changed a few months back so there are sill a lot with just “dankvapesofficial” on the box that are still good. Best thing is to examine your cart. Dank Vapes are harder to just fake since you cant refill. Once they fill once it’s done so if you get one that you can open like other brands or looks tampered with I wouldn’t trust it. Biggest thing is trust your connection. Some put good oil in but use fillers to get more cash and others just try making it on their own as fast as possible. Soon when legal federally any with “pesticides” will be pulled from the shelves but you’ll always have a chance of fakes if buying from the street.

    • That’s why they need to legalize across the United States for this reason so all of us can get good product that hasn’t been messed with or whatever the black market does to them!!! It’s not fair that cause I live in a dumbass state that is dragging their damn feet that I have to buy off the black market and theirs no telling what I have consumed but I want to get high!!! I hope the federal government does something soon before the black market kills off half the damn population that lives in these sorry ass states!!

  3. lol wtf now im confused as fuck. mine got the DANKVAPESOFFICIAL but the numbers are on cartridge. so its half ass? also Gelato got DANKVAPESOFFICIAL but no numbers on the bottom.. the only one out of 20 i have. wow..

    • They are actually wrong with that there @ was once @dankvapesofficial but that page was shut down because it was about pot they changed the @ after that

  4. Dank Vapes is running under Prop. 251 until Phase 3 testing is initiated (This year, 2019) They operate in the grey market and black markets. They do not make their own oil, they provide the packaging. None of them are lab tested and they have insane amounts of pesticides in them. You also cannot buy these at a licensed shop, the only shops or services that sell them are BCC non-compliant.

    Do not smoke these if you appreciate your lungs and other organs working correctly for you. They contain myclobutanil several times over the legal limit in Cali!

  5. The 2 dead and 52 “bleeding” wasnt from any sort of carts/ vape. Quite miss leading there… quite the agenda we have there… Lol. Great job JC Blogger

  6. Just to let you know there instagram was once @dankvapesofficial but it got banned for being about a weed product that shit happens all the time they just recently changed it to @dankvapesofficialaccount

  7. I have a guy who has a bunch of them that dont have the “K” on it. It has the CAserialnumber but says “WIN13” on it and CCELL written on the side, not imprinted in the bottom, but has a white lettering of CCELL on the side. Are these real?? Help!

  8. On Monday I had my first seizure of my life. My fiance thinks it’s from my cartridge. Sunday after work I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around midnight and didn’t feel well. I threw up. My fiance came to bed with me to take care of me. He got up around 7am. I’m still sleeping. He said around 9am he heard a weird sound coming from upstairs. He goes to check it out and it’s me having a seizure. My eyes rolled back, foaming at the mouth, and having convolutions. He couldn’t get me to come to so he called 911. I was in the hospital about 36 hours. My brain scan came back normal as well as the EKG of my heart. I’m not prescribed to anything nor was I on any type of recreational drug besides thc. This is the first time I have ever had a seizure. And I’m definitely scared and worried. My fiance thinks I got a fake cartridge. And he doesn’t/didn’t smoke my cartridge. Has anything similar happened to anyone else??

    • omg i literately got chest pains & had a heart/panic attack dude im literally healthy asf work out daily & this never happen to me before!!! The fact that iv only vaped dank vape & nothing else has me mad asf never trusting them nor buying please be careful im being fucking serious it is not safe for human consumption

  9. Mine says C398 plus Everything else under the cartridge where the male is, but on my box it came in it says @dankvapesofficial and not with the word account like it says up there in the back/real pic, so my box is fake and my cartridge is real and the flavor is purple punch. I’m out in kentucky also and getting these to a state that’s not legal yet like us and when we do were going to put out some of the best and finist and with new strains that will be in the top 3 highest THC count, FACT, but may have a better chance of being fake by the time and distance and different hands that it goes through until user makes it a final purchase. I say to always check out the product you are buying with the best of your knowledge, know who your getting it from and know if you can trust them or not because they may be your friend or you call them your friend doesn’t mean they couldn’t fake them then take your money practically because I know people and not personally to do shady and possibly harmful things to products in the drug game just for dollar and not care about you and your life so be careful out there guys and gals with all this new stuff and before you know it this stuff isn’t going to do the job like it did at first and like the new iPhone whatever number it’s on now they upgrade because of the user getting burnt out on the old iphone X100, because a phone to some is an addiction just like our side chick marijuana. One more things guys sorry, but I’ve had dank vapes, exotic carts, brass knuckles, lit and ones that come in a test tube with like a black n mild brass tip on it and I’d have to say personally that lit is my favorite out of all. You all have a safe and blessed one out there.

  10. I got a fake cartridge I believe and I was deathly I’ll for two days throwing up probably 30 times and on the toilet constantly. I really thought I was dying after about 20 throw ups I felt like I could taste chemicals slightly as I dry heaved. Finally startedskeeping some water down andathe rest was history. i live in Minneapolis and it seems like all carts going around here are not honestly legit.

    • I live in MN and you are right there is a lot of fake carts going around. You have to make sure the person u buy it from is getting it from a supplier that goes to CA and gets them there self. I love dank vapes through I get a lot of real dank vapes and just look at the color and make sure the supplier is not buying fro anywhere esle then CA

  11. ayy my box says @dankvapesofficialaccount and I have the k ccell and CA288 on the bottom of the cartridge. yall smokin meth sticks

  12. I have a Mars OG cart that actually tastes really rough, like it is burnt or something and I made sure it was sealed when I bought it. Any suggestions? I know it is a real dank vape because of the packaging and badging on it but It seems like it is just a really sour flavor.

  13. I just got 6 cartridges and ever single one except “wedding cake” have the correct markings. That one only has “C123” not “CA123.” But I believe its still real, since it seems to be a common theme with “wedding cake” only though. A possible mis-stamp?

  14. Did you guys read the article?? It says what to look for when spotting fakes. If it doesnt all add up it’s fake. Not worth the risk.

    • We can’t tell because that is too little information, with the CA serial number we’re not sue if that number has to be specific or not. I believe that as long as it has CA XXX, it may be legit

  15. I just bought a fake kr8zy glue blue dream hybrid. Tastes like chemicals and gave me a killer headache. Has all the right stuff on the bottom of the cart but also says ccell on the side. Super pissed. Illegal state. Closest is 6 hours…may have to take a trip!!

  16. CCells written on the side of the cart are fake – seen them all on DHGate

    The stamped bottoms are probably heavy with pesti but if youre gonna smoke em its up to yall

  17. Hello I’ve recently purchased some dank vape carts NOT from a licensed dispensary, both the Diablo and Hardcore OG flavors. They came in the new packaging and seem to pass the 5 tests(IG account name, CCELL, K symbol) you listed in the article, except for the serial # on the bottom it says C398 and not CA as you stated it should, does this automatically mean it’s a fake? Thank you.


  18. I have a handful of dank Vapes some Say official account some Say official the ones that say official account don’t have the c-cell and K logo on the bottom all the other ones do but the oil looks the same and everything else looks identical would they still be real if they didn’t say c-cell with the California serial number?

    • For the ones without the CCELL and serial number, I doubt it they are real. Sometimes the oil may look exactly the same, we picked up fake Cereal Carts and the oil looked exactly the same as the real ones. Check for the taste, if it tastes too strong or like metal than it’s also fake

  19. Hey smokey same here hardcore og c398 but my girl got a head ache the night she got it and it’s really runny oil compared to my others box is the same

  20. I have 2 danks side by side from 2 different ppl both new packaging both c cell CA345 etc. But I noticed on the one the box the smaller holographic pictures says its gsc they have small,gsc all,over box kinda like how a 100 bill does I’ve noticed the one box the smaller holographic logos are all raised up off the box vs the other one does not very very noticeable especially side by side can tell the one is fake. Not have them side by side would be very hard to tell which is fake except the raised smaller holographic logos if it’s not raised of the box am just a picture I wouldn’t trust it…..the big logos of both are raised of the box it’s the smaller logos spread all over the box……

  21. I have a Tangie Dank cart that the serial number say C398 on the bottom of the tank. Came in the new black packaging and looks legit just like my other ones but that was the only one with different serial number. Real or fake?

  22. All the comments your said no technology supports,

    A authentic carts total means it used a pure top oil. Not just say no logo. No pack. Most of top copy ones already reach the supreme level.

  23. Just bought two carts. Mars o.g and diablo. They match the photos on both new packaging and serial numbers. I’m now reading all of this and now I’m worried to use them. Been trying to find more info on these carts but nothing. (Should of done research before hand smh)

  24. So I see a lot of people including myself have the carts that say “C398” on them. Please someone follow up with some info on these. Everything else looks ok and the oil isn’t thin. My Diablo O.G. was slightly more red than your typical golden colored oil I noticed in other carts.

  25. Just bought 5 from a local guy (in TX) 4 have CA398 and one has CA029? definitely a bit stressed out now. Everything else on the box checks out.

  26. I’ve noticed that on the bottom screw in part if you look inside some have a little white rubber band looking thing in there. Some don’t thought. They have a much smaller clear looking thing in there. Which I think the ones with out the white rubber band thing are WAY better… does that mean the ones with the white band are fake? Anyone else notice this?

  27. I have one a buddy gave me that says CA488, has the logo and ccell on it. Its a watermelon one. Real or fake? Scared cause i already got pnemonia from the fake mario and exotic carts. Dont wanna do ot again. Almost killed me and i had to spend a quite terrible week in the hospital. So i need to know a lil info before i trust this one.

    • if i were u i would stop buying carts off da streets cuz most if not all of these carts u wont find in dispensaries cuz their advertised towards kids nd these”new” dank vape packaging u could buy on ebay now nd since u got pneumonia already from other carts i would jux stick to bud

    • that’s what Im wondering too. Everything matches up with “REAL’ when I check. Packaging, link account, K logo and proper CCELL logo however the serial is CA438.

  28. Holy shit, I just bought 4 of these off a friend. Everything seems to match of “REAL” however on the bottom it has everything but the serial number is CA438. Like I said, everything else seems to pass the test, and I smoked some of this last night didn’t have a bad experience however it’s got me questioning everything from the sale.

  29. I live in Denver Colorado and have never seen a dank vape cartridge in any dispensary ever. My brother lives in Florida and that’s all he can find though? What’s real and what’s fake how come dank vapes aren’t in Colorado anywhere????

    • Dank Vapes are from CA so maybe that’s a reason you don’t see them in CO, to much competition. They are all over FL though, all have different atomizers and horrible cheap box or mylar envelope packages with off coloring( not only the black white thing) and misspelled ingredients. It’s these, exotic carts, Mario carts, brass knuckles, Supremes, and King pen. I have seen fake versions of all. The only real ones down here I found were elite meds carts, and Cali gold.

  30. My dank vape has Ccell on the bottom but nothing else … the box has the right logo on it but I’m still sceptical because there’s no serial number or k logo? Fake or real ?

  31. Does anyone know if the dank capes with m498 Jupiter are fake or real? They have the clear seals like the originals…my connection is usually good with their word I just need more information please and thank you

  32. I’m in Texas, when carts first started coming in they were all real, 50$-60 a pop, now everyone sells them I get them for $40-30.

    A bunch of people I know buy from the same guy & we all get carts they all started to turn black & don’t hit hard. I got sunset sherbert & it didn’t turn black. I just checked the cereal numbers and my purple punch (that went black) has the fake & sunset is good. (Also that the more they turn black I start to get a massive migraine.

    Also bought a king pen from the dealer and it was horrible bubbled like vape on a cool & smelt like vape juice was cloudy and dirty inside. He took it back and we got the purple punch instead.(still waste of money.)

    Anyways to sum this small synopsis up, I’ve been telli. These assholes they’re fake and they don’t wanna listen so ty for this info& unfortunately until I a.) move or visit to a diff state or b.) weed gets leagalized here; I don’t think I’ll be buying pens anymore ;(


  33. Wow bro you might as well just @ China directly, that way they can fix exactly what they’ve been screwing up . I admit that it was a good idea for somebody to make the public aware of this problem. A how to guide for the oposition though, I’m not sure that was completely

    Well on the bright side $10 1g DANK vape carts seem likely in the future while they change the packaging again.

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