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We at DabConnection do reviews that are based on our experience with the product and similar products. We all have extensive experience with different concentrates, cannabis, and related products. Our team of reviewers give their honest opinion of the product, good or bad.

If you want a product reviewed on DabConnection, we are always open for suggestions. Just email us at community@dabconnection.com.




Affiliate Disclosure: DabConnection receives a commission for some of the products reviewed on this site and on some of the banners if you click our links. We are completely unbiased on product reviews and in all instances where possible we use companies that are re-sellers, such as GotVape, to avoid being directly compensated by the product manufacturers. We attempt to also find the lowest price online for our readers for products. If you feel any product review appears biased, please let us know by emailing the address above. We do not receive any compensation for vape cartridge or marijuana containing product reviews, as they are not purchased online.