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Nuleaf THC carts offer great taste, high and strength. All that comes at a really reasonable price. We would recommend these carts.
Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods are pretty great. They taste pretty good for the most part, have a nice design, and are pretty potent.
Welcome to day 2 of Cartridge Week for Penguin Pete (that's me). This week, the world's least enthusiastic vape cartridge user gets to review five brands in five days. Today's cart is a doozy - Strain Snobs. It's a...
These cartridges smell and taste great. They have a nice design and provide you with decent calming effects.
Greeting! Not "greetings," I only have one to give today. I'm going to be vaping cartridges all week, and I'm definitely the least enthusiastic cartridge reviewer on the web. Be prepared for a whole week of low-energy reviews as...
I got the chance to try a few vape cartridges from Alpine. Both were 1G HHC Sativa carts that fit a standard 510 threaded battery. I tried the Orange Cookies and Strawberry Coolada flavors. Pros: Good taste Cons:  Feels like...
The lab live resin cart tastes good, last for a decent time, has nice effects, and is not overpriced too much.
Perhaps THCO does not affect me. I did not feel “high” or anything in the realm of being spiritual.
If you are struggling for a reason to feel happy or just better about your day, pick this up. The calm and focused euphoria alleviates so much stress.
I would absolutely recommend giving Qualcan products a try especially if you like concentrates. I have generally had good experiences with their products and this was no different.
PUF carts are solid all over. Very decent price, have good taste, and are easy to use. We recommend them for everyday use.
The flavors of each strain are both great and the high from the Sativa and Indica are distinctly intense and enjoyable as well.
The Cosmic Cherry vape is overall pretty great. It has a cool design, great taste, and smooth delivery.
Overall the Planet Blue Sativa cartridges were pretty good. The appearance is relatively standard for a 510 threaded cartridge.
Delta Extrax THCh THCjd Cartridges are sleek, potent, and are very affordable since you get a 2-gram cartridge for just $25.99.
This is overall a great product that provides a fun head high and is an incredible value at just under $60 for two 2G cartridges.
This cartridge has a decent flavor and long lasting effects but it burns quite quick and the price might be too high for some.
I recently got the opportunity to try a few products from Industrial Hemp Farms. I tried two different live resin cartridges and they were both great. Each had a distinct and tasty flavor with good potency to go with...