Cartsdom Roulette and CartBudy are two of the most popular cartridge holsters out there. We’ve reviewed both Cartsdom Roulette and CartBudy here before, but now we compare them both.

Below is our video comparison of Cartsdom Roulette vs. CartBudy. Then keep reading on for the in-depth analysis.

Both do the same job at the end of the day, one smoother and pricer

The main difference between these two cartridge holders is build quality. The Cartsdom Roulette is clearly a high quality build. With that comes smoother operation all around. However, the CartBudy really does do the same job and is cheaper.

The price is higher on the Cartsdom, but you get a better build and feel. It just comes down to whether $40 for a Cartsdom is worth it to you when a CartBudy in plastic is about $22. Most of us here at DabConnection would take the Cartsdom over the CartBudy since they get a lot of use.

Cartsdom Roulette is the high-end cartridge carrier

cartsdom roulette
The Cartsdom Roulette

Cartsdom Roulette is a cartridge holder that uses high-end materials and feels solid and a little bit stronger. It is smoother and feels nicer than CartBudy. Besides that, the actual functionality is very similar to each other. There are also some finishing touches on the Cartsdom Roulette that are better than the plastic CartBudy.

CartBudy is the cheaper build quality and cost

The original CartBudy

Similar to Cartsdom Roulette, CartBudy holds up to 7 different vape cartridges, 6 on top and 1 on the bottom. Unlike its competitor, this one uses plastic material. Overall it is still a good product and does the same job on making sure that you get the most out of your vape cartridges, it just runs a little rougher.

Conclusion: It’s up to you whether the Cartsdom is worth the extra over the CartBudy

cartsdom vs cartbudy

The only thing that would make you decide which one to get is your budget and frequency of use. If you want something that feels solid and uses high-end materials, then go with Cartsdom Roulette. However, if you want something affordable and does the same job, then get the CartBudy. If you hardly ever swap carts, CartBudy might be the way to go.

Comments or experiences with either Cartsdom Roulette or Cartbudy? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below or our forum.


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