Monday, February 18, 2019
Fake Cereal Carts is causing a lot of disruption and skepticism for the cartridge industry. Unaware of its origin, there are many fakes of this brand being sold in the black market.
Cannavative is a Nevada based cannabis company involved in cultivation and production of cannabis extracts. They offer a wide range of cannabis products, including top quality shatter.
An updated comparison of Brass Knuckles vs. Stiiizy pods.
Kurvana ASCND cartridges are leaders in the California industry for quality and purity of concentrate. They test their own oils to the parts per trillion in the refining process to deliver a potent and savory experience. ASCND carts are sturdy but could switch to glass instead of plastic.
A review of Hempod atomizers that work with Juul batteries.

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MedMen Dispensary Kearny Mesa San Diego

MedMen San Diego – Kearny Mesa Review: A Legit San Diego Dispensary

The MedMen dispensary in Kearney Mesa, San Diego has poor reviews on Weedmaps. Our on-hand review shows high prices, but great quality and selection of cannabis products.
space vape review

Space Vape Review – Potent Oil, Pleasant Hits And A Powerful High

Space Vape revealed to be as potent as their lab results show to be. Alien King Louis gives pleasant hits, but it does surprise you with a powerful high.
the juice co cartridge review

The Juice Co Cartridge Review – Good Quality Oil, But Lacking In Strength

The Juice Co cartridge pairs good quality oil with great hardware. Overall, after doing this review The Juice Co is something I would try...
essence tropicana west best

Essence Tropicana West: The Best Dispensary In Las Vegas

We named Essence Tropicana West the best dispensary in Las Vegas, NV, after going to many places and searching many menus.

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