Friday, December 14, 2018
Review of Willie's Reserve La Platina cannabis flower. These were excellent buds all around.
Review of Head Cheese strain hybrid cannabis by Polaris MMJ from Nevada.
Stiiizy and Alpine are two of the most popular THC oil cartridge brands out today. We already have comprehensive reviews of Stiiizy and Alpine Vapor cartridges individually. Here, you will see the side by side comparison of the two prefill...
Kabunky Vape is the house brand for Nevada Made Marijuana, which has locations in Henderson and Laughlin. Kabunky's THC vape cartridges come in a variety of strains, the most popular being Strawberry Lemonade.  UPDATE 8/28/2018: Kabunky has switched...
Review of a W Vapes CO2 oil syringe. Turned out to be a great product and taste good for CO2 oil.

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Fake 710 King Pen: How To Spot Them, Who Makes Them

A guide on spotting fake 710 King Pen. Who makes them and how to get the real thing.
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Mario Carts Vape Breakdown: Inside The Popular THC Cartridge

Breakdown of the Mario Carts vape THC cartridge.
Brian Calle of Kurvana

Brian Calle: Kurvana Executive, Journalist, Professor and Editor

Brian Calle of Kurvana is one of the most popular editors in Los Angeles today. He has kept rising high in his career, and...

HaleyIsSoarx: Weedtuber, Reviewer, and Cannabis Personality

HaleyIsSoarx is a YouTuber popular for her cannabis and wax related videos.
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G Pen Nova Preview: More Junk From Grenco Science or is it Good?

A rundown of the G Pen Nova vape pen by Grenco Science. No new tech and a loading mouthpiece copied from Puffco.

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