iDelta8 Obsidian Disposable Oilpen | Tasty and Satisfying

Here we are, one day after elections - shout-out to Maryland and Missouri for full-rec legalizing cannabis! And here we also are, in the...
smilyn choco malts review

Smilyn Delta 8/9 Chocolate Malt Balls Review – Very Effective

They taste great and are pretty effective overall. They also come at a great price relative to the strength and duration of the high.

Strain Snobs Delta 8 Cartridge | Overpriced Crap

Welcome to day 2 of Cartridge Week for Penguin Pete (that's me). This week, the world's least enthusiastic vape cartridge user gets to review...
pure cbd cart review

Pure CBD Vapors CBD Vape Kit Review – Calming and Tasty

These cartridges smell and taste great. They have a nice design and provide you with decent calming effects.

Delta 8 Factory D10 Cartridge | Overpriced, Underwhelming

Greeting! Not "greetings," I only have one to give today. I'm going to be vaping cartridges all week, and I'm definitely the least enthusiastic...

Snapdragon Hemp Edibles Subscription Box | Tasty Assortment

Your humble penguin is caught lately between the drive to sample all the cannabis edibles on the market, and the need to keep my...

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