left coast extracts review

Left Coast Extracts Cartridge: Awesome Hardware, Long Lasting

Here we review the Left Coast Extracts cartridges. See why their cartridges are super efficient, long lasting, and deliver great hits.
bloom farms review

BLOOM FARMS Cartridges Review: Getting Better

Here we review BLOOMS FARMS cartridges. We picked up one in California and Nevada.

Roam Vape Pen Review: Intense High and Natural Flavor

Roam vape pens combine excellent quality oil with a complex blend of terpenes for an intense and memorable experience overall

Aliens Rx Cartridge Review: Vape at your own risk

Claimed to be a cannabis cup winner, Aliens Rx carts are definitely a good hit, but where is the source? A California based company...
best weed las vegas

Our Picks For The Best Weed In Las Vegas

Our picks for the best weed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covering the top flower brands with pictures.
gold leaf review

Gold Leaf Cartridge Review: Expensive, but Great Quality

Here we review the Gold Leaf cartridge. This THC vape cart produces a strong high and consistent flavor.

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