I was so excited to receive the Bellasoft CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-on that I sent an Uber driver to fetch my mail because my car battery was dead. It was so worth the investment.

muscle roll on

Always read the instructions

I didn’t get a great result the first time because, as usual, I didn’t read the directions. Once I realized that you are supposed to massage the muscle freeze liquid into the affected area it was magic.

I had severe pain in my left elbow and my right wrist. When you first roll the muscle freeze on you can feel the menthol and it is soothing. After you rub it in the menthol disappears and before long you notice that the pain subtly went away too. 

bellasoft cbd

Not cheap but works great

I have reviewed a number of these products in the past. The menthol always delivers some kind of relief, but it isn’t lasting. You have to keep slapping the stuff on every few minutes. So basically it is just masking the pain. I can confidently say that the Bellasoft CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-on is actually healing the injury. How can you put a price on that? (The current price of this product is $89.99)

Last night my son had a debilitating back ache. I rubbed the muscle freeze on and put an ice pack on top of it. This morning he woke up and said it was much better. He didn’t ask for another ice pack – he just wanted another application of the muscle freeze. He’s back in action.

Lab results of the roll-on

Delicious gummies 

As for the Bellasoft gummies, they are absolutely delicious! I’ve sampled a lot of gummies over the years. The taste of these slapped me in the face. I was convinced they must be full of junk because the flavor was so rich. I am thrilled to tell you that Bellasoft has selected the best organic ingredients for their gummies. I stand behind these 100%.

Two thumbs way way up on the Bellasoft CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-on. Even more impressive was the response I got from the owner, Carl Clouse, when I wrote to him about the other product they sent and the packaging problems. No bull – Carl took full responsibility and decided to pull the product until they got it right. I LOVE that! Stuff happens but most companies just put out flawed products because retooling costs money. Not Carl! Team Bellasoft CBD all the way!

You can find out more about their products here.


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