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A guide to the most complex cannabis strains.
As Champagne to the French, as coffee is to Columbia, so is cannabis to the state of California. Not only is it a pioneering state in fully legalizing cannabis, but its history with the emerald leaf extends farther back....
Wedding Cake is a strain from the Cookies family which is prized for its abundant trichome yield, perfect for extracts and distillate.
Citrus Skunk smells pungent, tastes tangy, and will lock you down to the couch. Perfect for evening chill or sedating away your symptoms.
Get ready for a nice Hawaiian punch that will leave you giggling and energized, with Pineapple Express, the sweet-smelling strain.
Purple Punch delivers a punch alright, as a candy-tasting strain with a grape flavor and an effect that will have you chilling on the couch.
Sour Diesel - It tastes like lemon, smells like fuel, and packs a potency like a truck. This skunky bud is an east coast treasure with a storied origin.
Gorilla Glue, GG#4, or Original Glue is the heavy, sedating cannabis strain with the sticky buds and peppery taste. Keep your remote on the couch!
Gelato is the sweet, sherbet-tasting strain that is one of the founding varieties of dessert-tasting hybrid cannabis strains from the Bay Area.
Jack Herer is one of the top most popular cannabis strains and a widely awarded strain, named in honor of a pot activist. Piney, uplifting, high resin.