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CBD gummies are effective edible options for CBD consumption. By taking them, users can achieve the effects they need based on requirements such as pain relief, sleep assistance, relaxation, and more.
They taste great and are pretty effective overall. They also come at a great price relative to the strength and duration of the high.
Your humble penguin is caught lately between the drive to sample all the cannabis edibles on the market, and the need to keep my weight down to reasonable levels. Since I make a whole living from writing (they said...
I am sure these products help a lot of people with staying calm, and with body pain, as well as helping others find healthier alternatives to pure THC, and also with sleep! But as for me, definitely, I think that maybe my tolerance is just too high.
I definitely recommend grabbing some of these edibles from Galaxy Treats or honestly anything else too. Everything I have gotten from them has been a great product and value. 
Galaxy Treats offers an interesting variety of gummies that will suit everybody. You just have to pick your poison.
Back around Memorial Day weekend 2022, your humble Penguin ventured out in the real world to explore the downtown Des Moines Iowa cannabis scene - what's left of it in between the pointless restrictive regulation laws of the state. I...
Welcome to our magical munchie mystery tour! We have a run of edible gummy products coming up. Today we're looking at 3 gummy products by BioWellnesssX, whom we have reviewed before. Our videos cover each of these products in...
In conclusion, this product is ok when paired with a THC product but I think I could do without CBD gummies going forward.
We're here again to gobble some gummies, this time from BiowellnessX, out of my ol' stompin' ground of LA, California. We'll be trying out drops and gummies in delta-9, delta-10, and HHC form. A couple thoughts on BiowellnessX : (1)...