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Finally, a new season of Fake Cart Detective! And this time we get to go somewhere besides California! Constantly here on DabConnection, we preach the eternal message: Avoid deadly lung injury by avoiding fake carts, shop only at licensed dispensaries....
The American Banking Association backs the cannabis-banking SAFE Act. What does that tell you about pot legalization now?
The US federal vape mail ban is now in effect, but what does it mean? Even the US Postal Service is not quite sure.
If you're tempted to think that the cannabis industry is a lawless anarchy, think again! It is actually enforced quite well.
Overviews and reviews of the currently available cannabis ad networks.
We examine a case study of a controversial cannabis company, Ignite Cannabis Co., and its extremely flamboyant founder, plus every(?) crazy story about him.
We're fans of the cannabis scene in Las Vegas, so we're appreciative of finding a site devoted to tracking Las Vegas Dispensary Deals.
As the state of Illinois begins 2020 with legalized recreational cannabis, we track new events in the growing market. It's a historic year for Illinois!
Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., has been hit with a class-action lawsuit regarding their advertised product medical claims and stock performance.
Bloomberg analysts are bullish on long-term cannabis stocks, celebrities don't sell weed well, and more in your weekly Weedstock report.
Cronos stocks have plunged amid growing fears of vape cartridge illnesses, while other companies express concern and more in weekly Weedstock report.
Investors are on target to funnel more that $16 billion into cannabis stocks by the end of 2019, and other financial cannabis news in your Weedstock Report.
CCELL products were tested by a California laboratory and passed clean, testing well below allowable amounts for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.
Canadian analyst ranks US cannabis stocks higher than Canadian; a CBD entrepreneur shares what she washes she'd known before starting, and more.
Amid the growing problem of fake and counterfeit cannabis brands, we need some form of protection. Blockchain verification could be our salvation.
Overview of Novus Acquisition and Development (OTC: NDEV) With the undeniable growth of marijuana and new laws being passed as of 2017, There is no question that it is a industry to invest in because of the potential to make...
Abbot Laboratories (ABT) - An Experienced Company And A Reliable Blue Chip Stock - but an Anti-Marijuana Stock With headquarters in Abbot Park, Illinois, Abbot Laboratories has hubs across the United States. They do business in many facets of the...
Organigram Holdings Inc (OGI.V) - Embroiled In Trouble Of Their Own Design Organigram is a Canadian company out of New Brunswick that grows and sells marijuana to the medical industry. They made recent headlines after the announcement of an impending...