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Cartsdom Roulette is a cartridge holder similar to the CartBudy but it uses high-end materials and feels a little bit stronger. Besides that, the actual functionality is very similar. There are also some finishing touches on the Cartsdom Roulette that are better than the plastic CartBudy that we also have.


  • Strong
  • Holds the cartridges in a position that maximizes oil use
  • Nice magnet
  • Quality rubber attachments on top and bottom


  • Expensive

Recommendations: This thing works pretty well as is, but cost could be a bit lower.

Check out our video review below and keep reading on for a more in-depth review.

Cartsdom Roulette helps you get every drop out of your cartridge

Cartsdom Roulette without the cap.
You can actually see the premium build quality of Cartsdom Roulette here.

While some people might opt for a cheaper version,  some want something that feels nice and can get you to the last drop of your cartridge. For that, Cartsdom Roulette is a good choice. If you’re unfamiliar with cartridge holders altogether, these devices hold your cartridges in an upright position so that the oil will not leak out of the mouthpiece and that all of the oil will settle down at the bottom where the intake holes are.

Cartridges being upside down and leaking still can happen, but it’s not as often as it used to be unless you have it sitting already for a long time.

Great design, high build quality on the Cartsdom

Cartsdom Roulette top view.
Here, you can see the top view of the Cartsdom Roulette.

The Cartsdom Roulette is the nicer out of the 2 cartridge containers that we have tried. It has a metal finish, it seems that it is made out of aluminum and has a pretty strong magnet. The rubber/silicone stopper that you use to pop in and out seems that it was built a little bit better than on the Cartbudy.

This type of product that you only need to buy once, it’s not going to wear out anytime soon like a vape cart. The only thing that might happen is that the magnet possibly could wear out, but we saw no weakening of the magnet while we were using it and that would take a long time.

Functionality is good: smooth and simple

Cartsdom Roulette outside the box.
It really has a premium build quality compared to CartBudy.

Cartsdom Roulette is easy to use, it fits all of the cartridge sizes that we have besides the Left Coast Extracts cartridge. All the rest of them fits perfectly even the ones that are slightly thicker like the Raw Garden cartridge. Cartsdom Roulette is more expensive than plastic CartBudy. The plastic CartBudy comes in at $21 after the recent price increase. Functionality wise, its almost exactly the same.

The Cartsdom Roulette does operate a little bit smoother and feels nicer though. So if you want a higher build quality and better feel, the Cartsdom Roulette is probably worth the extra money coming in at $40.

The CartBudy at $21 though will do the same thing. So it’s really up to you if you want that better feel then go with Cartsdom Roulette. If you don’t really care and just want something that works and does the same job in the end, then you can check out the plastic CartBudy.

Concluding our Cartsdom Roulette review…

Cartsdom Roulette packaging.
Overall, a great cartridge holder with premium build quality indeed.

Overall, Cartsdom Roulette is really a great product. The whole concept of a cartridge holder that holds everything straight up really pays for itself over time because you’re gonna get every last drop out of a cartridge.

You can visit their website here to get your own Cartsdom Roulette.

Have you tried the Cartsdom Roulette cartridge holder before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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