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It is $60 and can be used by itself or in a bong, seems like a good deal. BUT because of the many issues I’ve had with 2 XMAX Riggos, I think this needs to be looked over again in manufacturing before I can give my 100% approval. For now, just wait.
the Nova by Cipher is a game-changer in the realm of portable smoking devices. Its innovative design, versatile functionality, and user-friendly features make it a top contender in the market.
Xmax V3 Nano is a solid vaporizer but its not that efficient because its too small. For 50 dollars you have better choices on the market.
AUXO Celsius is a smart vaporizer that can vape both dry herb and wax- It has good specs but has some kinks and a high price making it a solid but not great purchase.
Vape after vape we've reviewed on this channel! So many vapes out there, but very few of them are paying attention to the aesthetics while they work out the fundamentals. But this time we're checking out the Cipher Nautilus...
The XMAX OONT dry herb vape is a standout device that offers a good vaping experience.
This Beginner’s Mad Scientist Kit-looking equipment is the Exxus Vape Go Plus - Concentrate Vaporizer. It has wonderful features with a lot of customization for timing, heating, and options of going manual or auto. This was another new experience...
G Pen Dash+ is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer. It delivers great performance, has a stylish design, and is incredibly user-friendly.
Overall μKERA Nimbus Vaporizer is a really great product. Nice design and easy to use. Only downside is that you have to get your own oil to fill it.
XMAX Starry 4 is a great vaporizer that has an awesome design. Its simple to use and will be your best friend in you next dab session.
Overall, the Planet of the Vapes ONE is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use portable vaporizer.
BudTank Mod 3 has simple design, long battery life, and ease of use make it a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable vaping device.
Hello, Pete here, your burnt-out #GenX slacker/stoner, here with another vaporizer review. Today, bear with me because the facts are sketchy. We have the Airvape Legacy Pro, a charmingly coy name on this unbelievably slicky-designed machine. Normally I'd post...
Idiot boomer here. You know the kind. Whether it’s my phone, laptop, or some other new-fangled device, when I can’t make it work, I turn to my son. The last vaporizer I reviewed was so complicated I gave up...
Vivant sent me an Alternate today, sleek packaging! It’s lightweight and portable Neat built-in poker Easy to grind and load attachment A quick guide was helpful, however, a full set of instructions would be nice https://rumble.com/v2bgh5o-vivant-alternate-review-space-age-vaporizer.html Pros: Excellent fit in hand,...
I’m very impressed with the quality of what I have got and am going to look and see what other products they have to offer. If everything is of this caliber, I’m a new customer indeed! 
The dry herb vape market in the US is saturated! I mention that it seems, every other dry herb vape review. Dry herb vapes are also not that hard to get right, so we're spoiled for choice. Thus, even...
Overall, the Yocan Cubex vaporizers are pretty solid. Auto-off function would be a great addition to this vaporizer.