The biggest thing you’ll find out about Gold Coast Clear (often abbreviated GCC) vape cartridges online is that there’s a ton of people asking about them, and nobody has an answer. This brand lacks its own website or any substantial social media presence, so we might conclude that it’s a completely unregulated brand that’s just packaging. Let’s explore the legend of the Gold Coast Ghost…

UPDATE 8/27/21: A Reddit user reports the following:


Synthetic cannabinoids are a problem we hear going around a lot more often on the fake cart beat. These are chemical compounds which have nothing to do with actual cannabis, and are dangerous in other ways. Some of them are engineered to be physically addicting! Also:

The New York State resource page on synthetic marijuana substitutes further elaborates:

“Users of the synthetic mixtures can never be certain in which ways the drugs will harm them, but users have experienced symptoms that include renal failure, arrested heart rate, high blood pressure, loss of consciousness, violent behavior, nausea, vomiting, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, anxiety, and even death. These effects can be similar to those of phencyclidine, or PCP.”

The update on Reddit says the victim is still delusional and the mental hospital is recommending a long-term plan for them. This is messed up in all kinds of ways! That could sound like permanent brain damage, just for being unlucky vaping the wrong cartridge.

We can’t pin down where Gold Coast Clear originates

So far, we have scattered clues as to Gold Coast Clear carts’ point of origin. On the packaging we see a bear lifted from the California state flag:


It also claims “distilled in California.” California is also nicknamed the “Golden State,” so this obviously suggests an original point along the coast of California. However, given that 99% of boof carts tie themselves to Cali, that’s no more conclusive than “Hawaiian Punch.”


There’s a “CA” triangle logo, but we see that on black market brands that exist solely in the imagination of Chinese packaging printers. Despite the supposed California origin point, this brand pops up all across the map:

This Reddit post reports Gold Coast Clear cartridges picked up in “NJ,” New Jersey.

This Reddit post reports them in both NY and FL, New York and Florida.

This Grass City Forums post references Canada in discussing a Gold Coast Clear cart.

Then we have the interesting case of a rare YouTube “review,” in which the Gold Coast Clear cart packages are laid out on a napkin for the fast food franchise “Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.” Not much to go on, as the franchise is spread across the US from Cali to the Midwest, but favors the southern US, having originated in Louisiana.


So “somewhere in North America” is the range. We can say this much though:


…anything with the name “Runtz” on it screams black market.

Gold Coast Clear is not to be confused with similar named brands

The brand “West Coast Cure” has a similar enough name that the two often pop up in the same places. West Coast Cure is on our list of top ten most frequently counterfeited vape brands.

There is also The Clear Concentrates. This brand has an up-front site with a directory of dispensary locations.

There is also Golden Coast Extracts, a Canadian brand.

And finally Gold Coast Terpenes.

None of the above have any connection to Gold Coast Clear vape cartridges. There’s so many cannabis extract brands out there now that you need a library and a research team to keep track of them all.

Gold Coast Clear carts are regularly inquired on Reddit


Reddit sightings include:

So we have an extremely active brand currently circulating across the US, and yet no company presence at all. For the record, we find no reference to a “Gold Coast Clear” cartridge produced by any company licensed by the California BCC, nor the California CDPH.

We find the typical mute Instagram account, and the also-typical conflicting Instagram account set to private.

The packaging is consistent, so this might just be a new black market line appearing this past year. It is always a thin box with just enough room for a cart, in flashy, shiny hologram coloring all over.






Unlicensed, unregulated brands like Gold Coast Clear may contain anything

There is a deadly epidemic of lung illness tied to black market cart usage. Vaping-associated pulmonary injury has so far claimed 64 lives and hospitalized more than 2700 users – a number only recently overtaken by Corona Virus COVID-19 cases. Unregulated vape carts could contain heavy metals like lead, pesticides, cut such as Honey Cut, or simply bunk. Or they could be fire if you’re lucky. But a lot of people in the hospital right now weren’t lucky.

If anybody has more information on where these are circulating, please feel free to help us protect public safety by sharing it with the community here in the comments or in our forum.



  1. I found one of these at a friends house and he said I could have it. Right off the bat it seems suspect, he doesn’t know where he got it from but it has a black tip and other branding as described above. One thing that I find odd is the oil has a bit of an old e liquid discoloration to it. I used to work at a vape shop and it’s the same flavoring/ propylene glycol dark discoloration you get when you leave a vape juice alone for too long. I have made oil before, I have tried hundreds, if not thousands of carts, and I’ve had some pretty weird ones. Having that said, I’m going to give this one a try right now as I write this.

    After trying it and waiting for the effects I can confirm there is absolutely something weird with these carts. It tastes a bit like dish soap, is clearly cut with some sort of flavoring, and the effects are decent but a bit off what I would expect. It might not be safe to finish. Doesn’t hurt to try. I will be doing more research.

  2. I’m from Nola and my dude got a ton of these carts and dispos and I got 3 dispos and I’m fucking schmacked… idk my guy always gets potentially fake carts… but they aren’t..

    • As we usually point out, just because a brand is fake does not mean that it is bad. Just that you don’t know what you’re getting. If you have a good plug who doesn’t cut corners, you’re better off than most. BUT even an honest plug can make a mistake.

    • Nola too. I get summer and exotic editions from my buddy, he hasn’t let me down. Always fire and taste the same each batch. GCC is my fav bm brand. If

  3. Tyrone black is absolutely right I’m from San Diego and out of all the pictures I seen in this post they are all fake if you ain’t from sd you not getting the real gcc

  4. Just so y’all know if the cart isn’t a black mouth piece with a golden bottom NOT silver and reads Gold Coast Clear on the bottom and the side and on the inside of the golden middle piece. Also the bear is just a bear and not the California Republic sign. For everyone saying they’re fake just know you’re dumb asf and you haven’t even seen a legit GCC cart yet. I promise you this brand is legit and it’s all over San Diego. If you not getting it in SD then I can’t promise you getting the real shit🤷🏾‍♂️ But hands down best cart I’ve smoked since I used to smoke carts I’m a weed guy and only reason I had to say anything is because the amount of people saying this brand is fake is just crazy y’all just getting finessed and don’t have real connects.

    • Well whoever your connections are I’d love to get to know them. Because I believe the cart is real and after reading what you said I know my cart is 100% true. What’s your favorite brand? I’m looking to explore for some to brands

    • Well whoever your connections are I’d love to get to know them. Because I believe the cart is real and after reading what you said I know my cart is 100% true. What’s your favorite brand? I’m looking to explore for some to brands

    • I’m from SD as well and I’ve tried 2 of them so far (paid about 40 each) the ones I’ve tried hit hard and looked legit. Just be careful with the shit you put into your lungs. But in my opinion GCC (From SD) slaps.

    • Got my hands on one out here in long beach,ny
      Has all the markings you described. Best of all its got flavor and full to the tip.

    • Right it’s legit my buddy gets his out of the Los Angeles area but the black top you’re referring to is the exotic edition. the summer editions if you can get a batch of that have white tips and they say summer on the post instead of GCC don’t call people idiots or stupid. But yeah gcc’s are fire and if you can get the summer edition try the strawberry shortcake while you’re tripping on folks that’s fire

  5. I purchased 5/1g carts. Fake as a three dollar bill. Earlier posts are 110% on point as far as the tobacco residual… all 5 of the 1g carts were vape juice

  6. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE. i had one for about 5 days everything was okay until yesterday, my oil started too leak out and was unable to hit after messing with it for a while it started working again, after then i started experiencing chest pains and today stopped hitting it, the cart was almost gone and my chest started killing me as well as feeling awfully strange. do not use these they are dangerous to your health and if i continued to use it i may have ended up in the hospital. i will not be buying one of these again, very weird wax in it aswell almost like it had a thickening agent mixed into it

  7. These are totally black market.. I had one and smoked it and lasted a week the oil never changed color, but it tasted like I was smoking a tobacco vape.. it never hit me and I smoke great vape pens.. would like a real plug on em

  8. Hello I did some digging for you, this is a blackmarket cart brand made by a guy named Luis Zarraga. He currently doesn’t even use cat3 distillate and sells boxes of them for 650 but he claims he’s switching to cat3 next run, which why brag about cat3 that’s not even brag worthy. Got the guy on snapchat and everything these carts are seriously dangerous if he’s using unfiltered concentrates email me if you want snapshots off his snapchat story he fills them himself.

  9. I have an almost full gcc cart in reno that my friend gave me. Willing to let it go if someone can test it. It tastes way too sweet to be real

  10. Hey, i’m aceman8022 from the link that says one month ago. That cart is the Cherry Pie strain. I live in kansas and they are around here, or rather they used to be. The guy who brings them to where I live, Kansas, supposedly got shot and can no longer bring them here from colorado. It’s a damn shame, because to this day, GCCs are the best carts I have ever smoked. if you would like more info please email me

  11. Please do REAL testing in an official lab not some black market lab. GCC sent my boy to hospital and my lugs where on fire after hitting one. The oil is very stretchy compared to real (most likely thickening agent). Also It has a very sweet taste unlike real cart. If you have ever hit an official cart you will know it taste just like a dab that’s were it gets its name dab pen I have added sweet terpenes to a cart before and it’s no where near as sweet. Also if you do a mold test like I did it grows mold unlike a license brand sooo I call BS on the 7% turpentine and lab testing. Dabconnection im from Florida and I’m a registered MMU and have been trying to test one of these suckers for a while but unfortunately I can’t seem to find any info on how to test, just a mold test for now. Would you guys be interested in making a YouTube video testing this cart? I would be willing to fund all of this because the lack on knowledge on this brand is absurd. It just blows my mind it takes 3-4 grams ($35 street values) to make a G of distillate and they add turps (more money) and it takes expensive distillery (more money) and so called “lab testing” but yet a Gold cost is selling for around $25. Why would someone go through all that work to just sell it cheeper? DRUG DEALERS WANT TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT…..THE MATH DOES NOT ADD UP that’s why a full G at 80%+ goes for $60+

    • Hi, Brandon I would be more than happy to Try and test one as I have connections to many people if you will fund it. I am tired of people getting hospitalized because of rip off carts. Also feel free to check out my YouTube as I will post the results on it @Therapeutic Trichomes. Email me @therapeutictrichomesyt If u are interested looking forward to hearing from you

  12. i can give you more information on the gold coast clear brand i have a close connection to this company and even though they are black market carts they are 100% additive free and use one 7% terpenes for flavoring


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