XMAX has come out with a diverse vaporizer called the XMAX Riggo and has a very specific feature that has eyes turning. This vaporizer gives that sense of sophistication as you puff on your pipe and is very simple to use since there is ONE giant button. You can’t mess this up! But the highlight feature has to do with the dual use of the XMAX Riggo.


  • Works independently or as an attachment
  • Temperature Control


  • Broke after 2 uses for both devices

Recommendations: Better quality check?

xmax riggo box

Works Solo or on a Bong!

I was already happy when I got the XMAX Riggo because it looks like a cute little pipe for a beginner wizard of sorts. But things got better when I checked out the manual (must be downloaded using the QR Code in the package) and saw that the Riggo has another function that attaches to your bong! You just take off the silicone cover and place it where the bowl would normally go. This functioned great in pipe mode or bong mode. 

Temp control for a bong?!

Normally temperature control is pretty standard when it comes to any equipment for any medium (wax, flower, etc.) BUT things got a whole lot more interesting with the XMAX Riggo. Yes it functions as a pipe, but now we have a way to temperature control a bongs settings and with resin for that matter. The XMAX Riggo has 5 temperature settings that can be used for either mode. 


Big Bummer

I really REALLY liked this product but unfortunately, it stopped working after 2 sessions. I put some resin in for a 3rd session and I could see it just burning while I was unable to get the hit. There went $30 down the pipe, but I thought I’d try in the bong mode and found it was just broken. It would continue to heat but I couldn’t pull any hits off of it. I cleaned it, recharged it, and all that other good stuff; still no results. So this was a big bummer because I really do love the design of this and how universal it could be. Maybe I just got the duds. 

xmax riggo details

Is this recommended?

It is $60 and can be used by itself or in a bong, seems like a good deal. BUT because of the many issues I’ve had with 2 XMAX Riggos, I think this needs to be looked over again in manufacturing before I can give my 100% approval. For now, just wait.

You can find out more about Riggo here.

Have you tried these vaporizers? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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