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Please Stand By For New Updates – Don’t see your event here? Email and we will add it to the list! Can you believe it’s 2019? Well, we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming calendar year of Cannabis Events California 2018!...
Review of the Purpl Pro cannabis potency testing machine made by Purpl Scientific.
Identifying fake Exotic carts that contain THC oil.
Updated With New Events: Don’t see your event here? Email and we will add it to the list! We hunt down Cannabis Events Nevada 2019. Check out our calendar and see which events would be beneficial to your cannabis journey! The list will...
Review of the CCELL Silo battery. This turned out to be a great small form factor battery for THC cartridges, particularly CCELL branded carts.
Our G Pen Nova review revealed a simple and easy to use pen that is perfect for on the go, due to its discretion.
Our review of the 8 Fold vape cartridge showed us a very potent CO2 oil. This turned out to be the best CO2 oil cartridge I have ever tried.
Our G Pen Gio review showed us a vape pod system for THC oil with a lot of potential, but it needs an atomizer upgrade.
Nitin Khanna is a tech entrepeneur best known for founding Canna Cure Solutions, makers of Select Oil THC and CBD vape cartridges.
A guide on the differences between dabbing wax and vaping wax.
The Saber vape pen turned to be a very discreet and sleek pen that give soothing hits to it.
Profile of Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky, his products, and Puffco's trends.
What can we say after testing both the Mario Carts Strawberry Pie and Ghost OG cartridges? We find they have several promising qualities, such as truly tasty flavors and high-quality cartridges.
A guide on spotting fake 710 King Pen. Who makes them and how to get the real thing.
Breakdown of the Mario Carts vape THC cartridge.
Brian Calle of Kurvana is one of the most popular editors in Los Angeles today. He has kept rising high in his career, and here we give you a recap on his profile. Brian Calle is the Chief Marketing...
HaleyIsSoarx is a YouTuber popular for her cannabis and wax related videos.
A rundown of the G Pen Nova vape pen by Grenco Science. No new tech and a loading mouthpiece copied from Puffco.
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