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Dab Connection Review and Content Policy

Dab Connection is intended to be an industry and community public resource for the emerging North American cannabis market. We proudly stand by and fully support the top ethical standards of both online media content and healthy cannabis industry regulation. We believe that the public is better served by having an honest and ethical news resource for all matters related to cannabis. This is why we pledge our site to the following ethical standards:

  • News as true as we can discover
  • Referenced and accurate reporting
  • Consumer information relevant to making prudent purchase decisions
  • Unbiased and fair reviews to maintain objectivity
  • Adherence to public safety standards

Readers who suspect that our information is in error may use our contact form, and we will be happy to correct any mistakes on our end.

When Dab Connection Reviews Your Product…

We review for the original manufacturer ONLY! We do not review at the behest of third-party retail distributors. Third-party retail distributors may issue us products to review anyway, but we will review the products as stand-alone items taking only the original manufacturer into account. We do also publish reviews of dispensaries, retail websites, services, etc., but these are strictly at our own discretion and initiation.

Please allow a minimum of 2 business weeks from the day our reviewer receives a product to the time when we publish the review.

Dab Connection accepts NO liability or responsibility for any product shipped to us. We make no guarantees about the content, assessment, or even publication of our review of your product. We reserve the right to refuse to test a product if there are concerns about our staff’s safety.

Please keep all contact professional. Threats, harassment, and repeated nagging will reflect negatively on our product review, which may take customer service and company standards into account. Discovery of attempts to misrepresent your company or product will be met with our harshest condemnation.

Content Legalities

Under the rules of the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Review Fairness Act, Dab Connection reserves the full right to present our “honest opinions about a business’s products, services, or conduct” for all of the products we review. The FTC CRFA specifically states:

> “The law protects a broad variety of honest consumer assessments, including online reviews, social media posts, uploaded photos, videos, etc. And it doesn’t just cover product reviews. It also applies to consumer evaluations of a company’s customer service.”

This means that, in the interest of preserving our integrity and trust with our readers, we may have to say very frank things about products that are not always positive. We present our reviews fairly, from a “buyers’ eye” perspective. We ask that entrepreneurs, corporations, manufacturers, vendors, and the public-facing employees of same, abide by our verdicts gracefully. We are not an organization with a “vendetta,” nor do we operate to deliberately malign other businesses.

Even if we have given a negative review, it is presented in the spirit of urging the industry towards higher standards of quality and conduct, and we welcome the later opportunity to revisit and re-evaluate a product. Companies improve all the time.

About Defamation and Libel Laws…

Dab Connection maintains a legal staff to ensure our full compliance with United States publishers’ regulation. Need we remind all parties interested, the definition of defamation under United States law requires:

  • A Falsehood…
  • Publicly published…
  • Amounting to negligence…
  • Leading to loss, harm, or injury to the defamed party

Dab Connection strives to verify each individual fact to the best of our knowledge, and again, welcomes corrections. We cannot be held responsible for third parties deliberately misleading us. Examples of these third parties would be:

  • Fake or counterfeit products presenting themselves as a licensed, compliant company
  • Unlicensed or non-compliant manufacturers of cannabis products
  • Unlicensed or non-compliant retailers of cannabis products
  • Unethical or illegal practices on the part of any individual, vendor, proprietor, or business

The cannabis industry is plagued by black market and illegal or illicit activity, including many brands and products which have operated outside of legally mandated safety practices. In the past, some of these illegally-produced products have even led to injury, hospitalization, and death, such as the case with the 2019–2020 vaping lung illness outbreak. Dab Connection was among the first websites on the Internet to alert the public to the epidemic and provide information to help consumers make health-aware, informed purchase decisions.

Given this harmful atmosphere of illegal fringe activity, it is natural that our investigative reporting research may occasionally run afoul of bad information. There are days when everybody is lying to us and we have to evaluate whom, if anyone, to believe. We present ourselves as a news resource, and not as an omniscient deity.

In light of the above factors, Dab Connection asserts its protected right to continue to inform the public with news that can help consumers avoid becoming a statistic. We realize that this decision may not sit well with some parties, but we feel that the overwhelming gratitude expressed to us over the years outweighs the occasional dissent.

About SLAPP Laws…

All attempts to threaten, intimidate, coerce, or censor Dab Connection’s content via frivolous or unfounded legal claims will be counter-prosecuted to the full extent of our legal right.