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THC Oil Pen Vape Cartridge Tests: Pesticides and Strength

THC Oil Vape Pen Cartridge Test Database

The following data and information shows the test results of brands of prefilled vape pen cartridges also known as oil pens. Pesticides are a constant issue in these cartridges and strength is often incorrectly claimed. These tests are both for pesticides and residual solvents. Please note that the results are those taken at the date listed on the test. Testing is becoming mandatory in more states so in the future many of these same vapes may be clean or already be clean now.

Much thanks to DatDude4510 on Instagram for allowing us to use his test results and starting awareness about this. We are including other test results as they become available. Cartridges results will be in alphabetical order by brand name. The FAIL indicates a fail on pesticides. Strength was also tested, but that can vary slightly test to test, so we did not put a FAIL if only strength was off. The cartridges tested are from California. A full list of cartridges that tested clean from this list is listed at the bottom of this page. We have recently partnered with cannabis lab consultants Digamma Consulting to provide more tests and should have these results up soon.

Recent Updates: 10/11/2018 Heavy Hitters coming up dirty again.

710 King Pen Pesticides Test – FAIL

710 king pen pesticides
Close up of the 710 King Pen test results

710 King Pen fails the test for pesticides. See our full 710 King Pen review.

Alpine Vapor Pesticides Test – FAIL

Alpine vapor pesticides
Alpine fails test for pesticides. Close up of the results.

Below is the full sheet of results for Alpine Vapor showing strength tested as well. You will see it comes in pretty weak at 33% THC. This is the Skywalker OG cartridge.

alpine vapor pesticides
AkAlpine Vapor is pretty weak and also dirty.

Alpine Vapor has been in the game a long time, we expected better. See our full Alpine Vapor review.

Bloom Vape (Bloom Brands) Pesticides Test – PASS Currently, Previous FAIL 

Bloom came out with a new test published on the back of their cartridge. Passed for pesticides. See below.

bloom brands pesticides and strength test
Coming in clean, yay!

It is good to see things are turning around for Bloom Brands, but we do keep a record of previous tests, as shown below.

bloom pesticides
Bloom is riding dirty.

Glad they came through clean recently.The oil came up dirty for pesticides in this test on 12/20/2017. At least it is pretty strong. Bloom Brands is not to be confused with Bloom Farms below, which tested clean.

Bloom Farms Vape Pesticides Test – PASS

Bloom farms test on 12/05/2017 came up clean. See below.

bloom farms another pesticides test
Bloom Farms vape is clean.

Brass Knuckles Pesticides Test – PASS Currently, Previous FAIL

Brass Knuckles has had their vape oil tested two times since and have passed. SC Labs is being sued in the Brass Knuckles lawsuit. Currently Brass Knuckles has switched testing providers and that information is shown below. There are other tests as well, but they passed too, so we are showing one for simplicity.

Current Passing Test

Brass Knuckles pesticides test
Comes out clean, page 1.
Brass Knuckles pesticides test
Comes out clean, page 2.

Previous Failing Test

brass knuckles pesticides
Previous test was a fail.


Brass Knuckles vapes have been exposed for pesticides before, but now it is passing which is great! They taste good and deliver good strength. Check out our Brass Knuckles review for more info.

California Dab Company Pesticides and Residual Solvents Test – Fail

California Dab Company’s Cannabis Infused Vape Cartridge – Sour Apple will do good with its 67.5% strength. Unfortunately, we all have to be wary specially if we still have to know whether the company is licensed or not.

california dab company sour apple cannabis infused vape cartridge
California Dab Company – Sour Apple Cannabis Infused Vape Cartridge

Below test result shows 67.5% THC content.

california dab company cannabis infused vape cartridge sour apple
In terms of strength, 67.5% is considered okay.

Tested positive to contain 7 CAT 1&2 pesticide, would you still sesh on it?

california dab company cannabis infused vape cartridge
Test result shows pesticide contents.

Delta 9 Pesticides and Residual Solvents Test – FAIL

Delta 9’s vape cartridges came in pretty strong at 76.5%. However, they failed for 5 different pesticides. Below is a picture of what a Delta 9 vape cartridge looks like.

delta 9 vape cartridges
Cartridges from Delta 9 may be riding dirty.

Below is the strength and residual solvents test. Delta 9 passed the residual solvents test.

delta 9 strength and residual solvents test
Delta 9 THC cartridges have pretty good strength.

Pesticides are shown below for Delta 9 in the test results.

delta 9 pesticides test
Failing for 5 pesticides is not a good look for Delta 9.

DynaPuff Pesticides Test – FAIL

DynaPuff came in dirty for a wide range of pesticided in their test. See below.

dynapuff pesticides test
DynaPuff tests dirty for pesticides.

The strength test for DynaPuff was very surprising. It came in super weak with a 16% cannabinoid profile.

dynapuff strength test
DynaPuff is one of the weakest vape carts out there.

FlavRx Pesticides Test – FAIL

FlavRx came out with weak and dirty cartridges. Comes in at less than 60% THC. No extra charge for the pesticides. Should be noted that FlavRx also has cartridges in Nevada, and there if it tests dirty they don’t sell. So might still be safe to vape in NV.

Flight Farms Pesticides Test – Pass

Datdute41510 tested this and came out clean. When actual test shot is available we will post it as well.

flight farms pesticides test
Flight Farms came back clean and strong.

At 81% cannabinoids, Flight Farms came in strong and clean.

Heavy Hitters Pesticides Test  – FAIL

Heavy Hitters came in fairly strong at 71% THC. Pesticides not looking good though. Test is of the Girl Scout Cookies strain vape cart.

heavy hitters pesticides test
At least Heavy Hitters has some strength.

Another disappointment as HH is pretty strong and seemed like a good value. See our in depth Heavy Hitters review for more info.

Adding to this another product from Heavy Hitters was tested, it is the Sky Walker OG and the bad news is, the pesticide test failed. Although it has a good amount of THC on it Heavy Hitters should make it safe as well. You may check the results below.

Sky Walker OG

Below is the disappointing result of the most recent pesticides and solvents test. Heavy Hitters fails again.


Hitone Pesticides Test – FAIL

Hitone is a brand out of the L.A. area.

hitone pesticides test
Hitone is riding dirty folks.

Besides failing the pesticides test, the oil is not super weak at 63% THC.

Himalaya Pesticides Test – Pass

Himalaya has a wide variety of cartridges from different strains, to name a few they are the Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze from the Sativa strain. Below you will see the THC and Pesticide tests of the two featured cartridges.

Strawberry Cough
Super Silver Haze

You can check the test for your self to prove that the cartridges are made safe and has enough strength.

HoneyVape Pesticides Test – Pass

Still looking for the original test and will add when available.

HoneyVape pesticides test
HoneyVape consistently comes up clean.

Interstate 710 Pesticides Test – PASS

One of the few to pass! THC not super strong, but I would take clean over strong any day.

interstate 710 pesticide test
Test reveals this vape cart’s oil is free from pesticides.

This brand might not be available everywhere, but they do come up clean.

Jetty Extracts Pesticides Test – PASS

Jetty Extracts comes away with some clean stuff that also is strong.

jetty extracts pesticides test
Jetty comes in clean and strong.

The THC content was advertised at 3% higher. However, this is a small enough variation within reason. Would like to try Jetty oil in a Stiiizy style setup.

Kurvana Vape Pesticides Test – PASS

kurvana pesticides test
Clean and pretty strong.

Kurvana came through pretty strong and totally clean. This test was of the Blueberry strain vape cart. See our full Kurvana vape review. Should be noted that’s a review of the original Kurvana. Newer versions are supposed to be better.

LA Kush Pesticides Test – Previous PASS, Recently FAIL

LA Kush comes from the same makers of Flight Farms. Good strength at 79% and it passed clean for pesticides on the original test. New tests now show it coming up dirty.

LA Kush pesticides test
LA Kush makes clean and strong vape carts.

Below is the new test results for strength pesticides for LA Kush. It came out pretty weak for THC content, but it did pass for solvents.

LA Kush strength and residual solvents test
These cartridges are pretty weak at 48.5% THC.

Below is the pesticides test for LA Kush. This time it failed.

LA Kush pesticides test
Failing for pesticides, LA Kush goes to the dirty column.

Unfortunately, LA Kush went from a previous pass to a fail.

Mario Carts Strawberry Pie Pesticides Test – FAIL

A new product is added here and it is the Mario Carts Strawberry Pie. But sadly the pesticides test failed. And for the THC content we will consider it as low at nearly 70%. To check it yourself here are the results below.

Looks simple… Mario Carts!

Here is the result on the pesticides test.

How sad for Mario….

THC content…well a bit low for the strength.

I thought Mario is Strong but look a bit weak…

Well let see if Mario Carts will improve their cartridges.

Moxie Pesticides Test – FAIL

This was surprising. Moxie is known for making exceptional quality extracts. Turns out they have pesticides in them, as Moxie failed the pesticides test. This is a California cart Luckily, we used a Nevada cartridge in our Moxie cartridge review. In NV they do batch testing, so Moxie is probably still safe over there.

Strength test for Moxie came out good with a 77% cannabinoid profile. Still would not hit it if its dirty though. They also should update their cartridge style.

moxie vape cartridge strength test
Strength is good for Moxie.

OCPharms Pesticide Test – FAIL

OCPharms fails for five pesticides and it’s strength is a joke. Not that much more THC than regular weed.

OCPharms pesticides test
I’ll take datdude41510’s word for it.






We could not locate the actual test for this item. However, due to datdude41510’shigh credibility in this area, we will take his word for it.

Plug and Play Vape Pesticide Test – Pass

Plug and Play Fire OG

Plug and Play Vape pods had a good amount of THC at nearly 79%. You may want to check out our Plug and Play vape review. Below is the strength test.

THC strength was pretty good on the Plug and Play.

The second page shows that the Plug and Play OG is safe.

A clean result is nice to find.

Potters Cannabis Co Pesticide Test – PASS

Potters Cannabis Co recently changed their formula to a stronger THC percentage. 80.3% is good! We will be updating our Potters cartridge review soon. The first page is the strength test.

potters cartridge strength test
Coming in strong.

The second page of the report shows the results of the pesticides test. Potters is clean.

potters cartridge pesticides test
Clean across the baord.

The last page is the lab certifying the tests.

potters cartridge COA
Signed and approved, Potters cartridges are clean

Potters Cannabis Co comes through strong and clean.

Rove Vape Pesticide Test – PASS

In our Rove cart review we found some strong, thick oil. Well turns out it really is strong and it is free from pesticides.

rove vape pesticies test
Rove comes in clean and strong.

The few, the proud, the clean. Rove is delivering quality and decent strength at 70% THC. In Addition to this a test was made with Rove Featured Farms and it is not a surprise that it is strong and safe.

ROVE featured farms

Below are the Pesticide test result.

Pesticide Test…SAFE!

And here is the THC content test…

Look how strong it is…

Select Oil Pesticides Test- PASS

Select oil pestixides test
Select Oil comes out clean.

See our Select Oil vape review. The Select Elite cartridge was used in this test and it came out clean. Strength was decent too.

In addition to this, another product from Select Elite cartridge has taken the test and passed, it is the Select Elite Island Sweet Skunk. Below you will see the results of the test for pesticides and thc content of this said cartridge.

Select Elite Island Sweet Skunk

The test for pesticides came out that it is safe to use.

Pesticides test…Pass!

And for the THC content… You will not regret it, it has a very good amount in it.

At 86% THC content, you will love this…

Sure thing that the Select Elite cartridges are doing good.

Stiiizy Pesticides Test – Previous PASS, Now FAIL For Benzene

The latest Stiiizy test failed for Benzene, which is a solvent. See the below results.

That’s pretty disappointing. Stiiizy seemed like a really good product.

stiiizy strength test
Stiiizy did not come out super strong. Maybe its strength is in the vape tech.

This vape might be more about its delivery system than the strength of its oil, but it does hit stronger than anything else we have tried as far as prefilled THC carts go.

stiiizy pesticides test
Clean as a whistle. Sure does taste clean.

Stiiizy does pretty well and out of the box hits very strong. See our full Stiiizy review for more information.

Suicide Girls Pesticides Test – FAIL

Suicide girls peticides test
Suicide Girls are getting dirty on pesticides.

Pretty strong at 70% THC, but it does not make up for the pesticides in it.

Supreme Hybrid Pesticides Test – FAIL

Supreme brand may sound interesting but for its cartridge the Supreme Hybrid there is a different story. A test was conducted and the result is not good for the safety of the consumers. Below you can see the test results.

Check this out this is the Pesticides test.


For the THC content, let’s say that it needs some improvements.


Let us hope that Supreme will improve its cartridge.

THClear Vape Pesticides Test – FAIL

THClear pesticides test
Not out of the clear on pesticides.

Strength is OK, pesticides are not OK.

Treebase Pesticides Test – FAIL

treebase pesticides test
Pretty dirty but strength OK.

Strength not too bad at 62% THC. Dirty on the pesticides.

VVS Vape Pen Pesticides Test – FAIL

vvs vape pens pesticides test
Sad results on pesticides but it is strong.

VVS does come in with some really strong THC. The delivery system of its dispoable battery is what made it seem so weak in our VVS vape pen review. 83% THC is the highest on this list.

WVapes Pesticides Test – FAIL

wvapes strength test
Decent strength.

Strength is decent for WVapes. Below is the pesticides test.

wvapes pesticides test
Riding dirty on four items.

Being pesticide free is more important than being strong, but dirty is dirty.

Meet The Clean Team

The following cartridges came out clean in alphabetical order:

Bloom Farms, Brass Knuckles, Flight Farms, HoneyVape,  Interstate 710, Jetty Extracts, Kurvana, Potter’s Cannabis Co., Select Oil and Rove.

Cartridges that were clean and then later tested dirty:

LA Kush, Stiiizy

These are California cartridges that were tested. States with strict testing laws may not have these same issues.These tests are from random cartridges by the above brands and it does not mean all their cartridges are dirty or all the above are clean. If you have any additional testing data you would like to submit, please email it to community@dabconnection.com.


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