Barts Carts Cartridges are now popping up all over the place. What most consumers don’t know is they are not a legitimate brand. It’s uncertain there is any central company producing the THC oil that goes in these vape cartridges. Basically, there it’s very likely there is no consistency in oil quality across this “brand” and the only thing you can expect to be the same is the hardware itself.

Barts Carts Cartridges aren’t legit, as they would be stopped

bart carts vape cartridge
We don’t think these trademark violations would pass.

Given the obvious trademark violations of Barts Carts cartridges copying Simpsons characters, this brand would be taken off the shelves of any legitimate stores. The interesting thing is these carts do not yet show up on DHgate or Alibaba, where hardware for Mario Carts and Exotic Carts are frequently sold. These carts are not part of the Cart Toon Carts brand and are made separately.

You can’t expect any consistency across the Bart Carts “brand” on anything but hardware

The fact is Bart Carts could be filled by anyone using any oil. There’s no validation for any of the processes. Strength, flavor, and effects could very from one location to the next. This is the opposite of carts like Select Elite that are consistent.

The hardware for Barts Carts will all be similar, at least for now. It’s possible that it will get duplicated as well, but for the current time we can expect consistency across the line for hardware. We doubt their products will hit as good as a CCELL or SPRK cartridge though.

bart carts
That packaging looks similar to Exotics.

Available “Strains” or “Flavors” could mean nothing

Currently there are ten strains we know of for Barts Carts cartridges.

Indica Strains:

  • Boss OG
  • Maui Wowie
  • Papaya
  • Runtz

Hybrid Strains:

  • Banana Kush
  • Banner
  • D’oh Si Do
  • Purple Punch
  • Watermelon Skittles

Sativa Strain:

  • Maui Wowie

Possibly Indica, Sativa or Hybrid:

  • Wookies

The strains listed on the packaging really might mean nothing. So don’t rely on them for anything. Often street cartridges are filled with the same oil across different “flavors.” Also, many black market cartridges contain flavor additives and other than that are the same oil. Basically, take any strain names for granted.

You might see new strain types coming out for Bart Carts, but good chance it means nothing. Occasionally, you may have a dealer that fills his carts true to strain packaging. That’s rare but does happen. There are some black market sellers that do care about their customers out there.

Bart Simpson cartridges are spreading

barts carts vape cartridges
Packed and ready to go, but who knows what’s in them.

These carts are spreading all over and all of them will feature Bart Simpson on them. They are very familiar looking packaging to Exotic Carts and it’s likely they come from the same manufacturer in China.

Eventually you will see these carts replicated also like Exotics. Many sellers make identical looking and performing Exotic Carts hardware that then gets filled by any random oil maker.


The problem with fake brands and cartridges

Whether it comes to fake cartridges that are counterfeits of other brands or brands that are fabricated altogether, the big problem is consumer safety. Nothing is there to regulate what is in the cart. Black market THC carts are frequently cut with MCT oil, Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin. Most legit carts are a straight distillate or CO2 oil with terpenes added.

How to find legit cartridges and what to look for in illegal states

When you are in illegal states legit carts are hard to come by. If you are in a legal state the solution is easy: go to a licensed dispensary and from there you should be getting good quality THC cartridges.

However, here’s our tip for you to find good carts in illegal states: Look for the small brands if they are available. It’s common for dealers to say “this is from Cali” or some other legal state. The best thing you can do to get legit carts in illegal states is look for brands that are not yet counterfeited.

For example, if you find a Select Elite or Kurvana cartridge, it’s legit. They don’t make fakes (yet) for those brands. But if you are only seeking out Brass Knuckles and Heavy Hitters, good chance you are going to run into fakes.

Do you have a Barts Cart or a comment? We would love to hear your experience, please post your review or comment below!


  1. I have a Simpsons pink rosa’ its Great have seen several more that are not listed here all I have tried so far have been really good

  2. I have two carts, Bubble gum and black cherry. Both have a taste that matches the labeling and the high is very nice. These are from a street dealer.

  3. I have one and I’ve been smoking on it all afternoon, I’m pretty freaking baked haha I just hope I don’t die… bought two of these and now the paranoia is kicking in ????

  4. I have a peach rings bart cart rn just got it its not strong im not coughing and it doesnt say any thc percent nor am i getting high

  5. They’re garbage. Asked them on their Instagram page if they made distillate even or if they just sold packaging and copied this link to their Instagram ad well and they blocked me haha.. not a real company I believe they just sell packaging


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