Here we are again with the stoner’s holiday coming up – April 20th, next Thursday, is 420 day! Typically, this falls between Easter and Earth Day (April 22), for a complete stretch of days celebrating nature and renewal and the natural mother Gaia bounty of fresh, cultivated cannabis and hemp. It’s been another exciting year in this bonkers industry, and as always I’m excited to be on the forefront of the North American cannabis revolution.

And it’s been a fun year of video reviews and generally having fun being the old-fart stoner YouTube personality.




That’s the kind of cool, hip, weed-wise vibe you’re missing out on if you haven’t seen our channel. And that’s *before* we get to the other fine reviewers that have joined our channel this year. We try to keep nationwide coverage going, and we have found fantastic talent to be sure we’re bringing you the best cannabis industry reviews on YouTube.


A List of 4/20 Deals We Find

We have so far put up one 4/20 gift guide with some recommendations, but we have much more to show you. We’re going to pass along any retailers with 4/20 specials, both for individual states and online.

Hemper Holiday Haze

Find these deals at Hemper.


Hello Mood

Shop at Hello Mood, get 20% off storewide with the code.


Simply Pure

Simply Pure in Denver Colorado: The discovery pouch for $1 sounds fun!

Dr. Dabber

Buy something at Dr. Dabber’s 420 sale and be automatically entered in a raffle for tickets to see Wiz Halifa and Snoop!


Kashmir rolling papers has announced an upcoming 4/20 special, but you’ll have to follow them on Twitter to see what it is?

Kashmir is also doing a giveaway on 4/20, for a “Party in a Box.”


Vibe Dispensaries

Vibe has locations in Arizona, Michigan, and New Jersey. They have a whole day of scheduled giveaways on 4/20.


Boss Vegan Rolling Papers

Boss Vegan Rolling Papers also has a giveaway going.

Snapdragon Hemp

Buy one get one 50% off

TheΒ Dispensary

35% Off the entire store – 8AM – 12PM

35% Off the entire store – 8PM – CLOSE

Spend $60 to unlock a Secret 420 Menu


35% Off the entire store – 8AM – 12PM

35% Off the entire store – 8PM – CLOSE

Spend $60 to unlock a Secret 420 Menu

Watch This Space For More!

Every year, we try to get these posted as fast as possible. Every year, we urge retailers to reach out to us, keep us in the loop, and even advertise on our forum. But some companies jump on this opportunity, and some wait till the last minute. SOOOOO – we’re posting this on 4/14, but it’s worth bookmarking and checking back, because some stragglers wait till 4/19 before they plan that far ahead.


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