Just to be clear up front: We’re here to investigate or attempt to verify the brand Ghost Carts, vape oil cartridges by a brand called – yes – Ghost. We’re seeing enough people ask about them in the interest of consumer safety. With the questions, as we will show, coming in about whether they’re a legit brand or fake wholesale packaging filled with mystery oil. Let’s send the Fake Cart Detective on the case.

VERDICT: Possibly legit-sketchy/widely faked

Advise: Accept only from your most trusted professional licensed dispensary. Otherwise, pass!

Preamble blah blah…

We are a review website for the cannabis industry first and foremost – which as reviews with any product, can be good or bad. We maintain our standing 5-year+ integrity as an online source of credible information about the cannabis industry, for the advocacy of the consumer. And we love our pot, and we want healthy pot everywhere so everyone else can enjoy it responsibly too. That’s why we advocate for greater legalization, regulation and consumer information that helps responsible, health-conscious users of herbal products know the closest science-based and objective truth about these products and the possible risks thereof. It is in this interest that we advise this write-up in the spirit of constructive criticism towards an improved experience for the medical and recreational cannabis community.

And when it comes to health risks and sketchy gas-station-offering carts, boy howdy! There’s a lot that can go wrong. Visit our vast archives on the subject of the black market in vape cartridges to catch up, if you have time to kill on that rabbit hole. But I digress…


Ghost Carts Fact #1: Fakes on Black Market Sites

Most of you are probably here reading wondering “Is MY Ghost vape real or a knock-off?” It’s probably a knock-off if you got it from a non-reliable source. That’s ranging from your high school bathroom friend in the hoodie, a street plug, or the local corner “smoke shack” with the glass case full of fake and backdoored vape brands…

But we have your Ghost brand in empties sold for pennies each to fill in your own garage, right here at the usual retailers for the black market, from the likes of made-in-China, DHGate, VAPACC (vape accessories) and many more package retailers.

So that’s your first answer, in the most objective sense. Yes, it is possible for you, me, or anybody to buy vape carts and packaging in the Ghost brand and fill it with whatever and sell it. We will in fact return to the many, MANY abundant variety of sources of Ghost vapes, because there’s a point wirth circling back to.

If you got it from a reputable dealer in your best judgment, well, even then we have questions in the case of the Ghost brand and whom owns it.


Ghost Carts Fact #2: Dueling Websites

To invoke a cliché, 1000 words in a picture. This is a screenshot from GhostCarts-DOT-com about-us page. Right there at the bottom you see the disclaimer warning against scam imitators like GhostCartsOfficial-DOT-com. *Cue Dueling Banjos theme*

*Sigh*. Verily, the two sites appear side-side on search, with the rest of the hits for “Ghost carts” being black market, spam-and-scams, and everyone asking if these carts are real. You don’t have to be a web marketing major to know that this is unusual for a licensed company with a facility producing a regulated cannabis product.


Ghost Carts Deduction: Way too spread all over on the web to be single source vape oil!

In these crazy days of AI imitations, who knows what’s fake and what’s real? The two dueling websites appear as near twins of each other. And both claim something extra-weird for a vape cartridge brand: “sales agents”! That is something you claim when you’re running a multi-marketing pyramid scam. Then they “brag” about sales figures and cite that 800+ customers trust us.

Really? Did you catch that? Eight whole hundred customers of a vape cart brand? Wow that’s really something to remark on. I know mom and pop cultivators that beat that number their first month. If that were the truth, I wouldn’t print it, and remarkably both dueling websites list different numbers for the same pointless variables. Why should you, a customer about to send 500-degree cannabis oil with this company’s logo on it into your lungs, care how many sales agents they have?

Remember I said I’d circle on back to this point? Yeah, here’s the thing – for the “official” home of this brand, both those sites together don’t support the vast hits we get for searching this brand name. These go on for hundreds of hits. There are more than 800 distributors of Ghost carts alone, very nearly all of them black market.

Ghost Carts Fact #3: Reports of illness from Ghost carts?

On our Reddit /r/fakecartridges forum, many users ask about Ghost carts.

  • * Thoughts on these 2g ghost disposables? (link)
  • * Ghost cart? (link)
  • * Has anyone seen these pens? Ghost. Gelato 33 but my new plug has a bunch of different colors (link)
  • * GHOST – I’ve on one group on tg where plug selling these pods. Is it real or fake? (link)

That last link bears closer examination, as one commenter on that thread reports they “almost died” and “had a 30 min seizure” after hitting a Ghost cart.

Granted, forum chatter is all heresay, but the thing is that normal, licensed, regulated brands don’t have 90% of the information about them being people asking “who the heck runs this brand”?

Conclusions: Dispensary or nothing!

Ghost is yet another California brand listing some bland Los Angeles skyscraper as its address while purporting to sell cannabis vape cartridges, and yet have completely ethereal business channels. Nowhere on either version of the Tweedledee/Tweedledum websites is there a list of distributors, as in locations of dispensaries selling their product.

I would avoid these anyway, as there are a hundred million vape cartridge brands out there that don’t raise this many red flags. Anybody find one of these with a dispensary sticker, PM us! As for any source BUT a licensed dispensary – avoid it like a ghost!

Readers share your Ghost cart sightings and other paranormal vape activity, here in the comments or in our haunted forum.


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