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Elevate Delta 8 flower offers a solid alternative to the standard THC flower. It's fresh and tastes decent enough.
Canna-Stillery gets our seal of approval as a multi-state shipper of THCA flower. They've also helped keep my sanity during this snowy January here in Iowa.
Well, here at the mythic halls of our Bud-Topia, we at Dab Connection get all kinds for product reviews. The cannabis industry being what it is, sometimes our information is a bit sketchy. But we dutifully review as best...
Rave Exotics THCA flower are solid and mild. Great for relaxing after at a hard day at work.
Delta Munchies Pre Rolls have undoubtedly left a positive mark on my cannabis journey
the Kushy Dreams Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica pre-rolls have left a lasting impression on me as a cannabis connoisseur
Kushy Dreams CBD Flower impresses with its odor-free packaging and detailed organic labeling. Although slightly dry, its piney-berry flavor is delightful, offering a hybrid effect of calmness and gentle energy.
As a seasoned cannabis consumer, I’m always looking for a strain that will be able to deliver. So when I came across Circle S Farms Kosher Dawg flower, I was excited to partake. https://rumble.com/v34clll-circle-s-farms-flower-review-strong-effects.html Pros: Strong effects Nice smell Cons:  Can  be...
Cannaflower CBD flower is a flavor bomb and has nice effects ( for CBD). Two thumbs up.
When I entered I was greeted kindly by the front-of-house staff. It’s nice to have folks say hi. As I was being shown some of their selections, the kind budtender said to me, “Of the choices, I’d get this!”...
I would recommend this Indico flower for its nice and smooth high. 
TRE House Delta-8 Pre-Rolls are affordable and euphoric.
The world needs more smiles, and that’s Smilyn Wellness’ goal with their massive line of products that range from CBD to Delta 9 THC. From disposable vapes to pre-packed pipes, Smilyn Wellness can pretty much take care of all...
Given how long Plain Jane has been in business, it’s surprising that we didn’t get around to them before. My expectations were not built up too highly, based on the standards I’ve come to figure out for this industry....
I would still highly recommend Mendocino Natural Farms' Gush Mintz to anyone looking for a well-rounded and delicious strain
I’ll be getting the Curaleaf flower again and again, I got some now. That is as long as they keep the price where it is.
High Fidelity's God's Breath is a strain that is sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. From its unique name to its pungent aroma and flavorful smoke, this strain is truly one of a kind. Whether you're looking for a strain to help you relax and unwind after a long day or something to spark your creativity and imagination, God's Breath is definitely worth checking out.
LIT flower has a nice smell, a great cure, and it's very sharable with your friends.