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Kandypens Crystal Review – Smooth and Tasteful Hits, But Pricey

kandypens crystal review

In this review, we look at Kandypens Crystal essential oil vaporizer. The Crystal does deliver very flavorful and smooth hits but doesn’t hit that strong and could use some improvements. Also currently, this vaporizer is priced at $135, which is pricey compared to most dab pens.

First off, DabConnetion does not receive compensation for reviews and has no affiliate links. We only tell you what we think of the product, good or bad. Here we’ll go over the pros and cons of Kandypens Crystal vape pen, and will let you determine if this product is worth the price for you.


  • Smooth hits
  • Tasteful


  • Expensive
  • Not that strong of hits
  • Only comes with one atomizer
  • Metal screen clogs frequently
  • Battery overheats quickly

Recommendations: Provide an extra atomizer, and possibly lower cost. 

Kandypens Crystal has a nice design and decent build quality, but hits aren’t as strong

kandypens crystal vaporizer
This vaporizer comes in a smooth, comfortable, and clean design.

The Crystal has a very nice design with a very comfortable and smooth grip. The mouthpiece is a simple twist on, made with glass, and containing a metal screen underneath. Although it does look thick and a bit bulky, it’s actually a lot lighter and comfortable than it seems.

But unfortunately, the Crystal didn’t give as strong of hits. It delivers smoother and more vaporized hits, which is what it seems like they’re going for.

Everything included with Kandypens Crystal vaporizer

kandypens crystal unboxing
What the Crystal comes with.
  • 900 mAH battery – Kandypens Crystal Pen
  • Dab tool keychain
  • An extra mouthpiece
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Black velvet pouch
  • Manual

Operations and Instructions

Operating the Crystal is a lot simpler than it seems, similar to most traditional dab pens:

  1. Uncap mouthpiece and coil cap
  2. Pack your concentrate with the dab tool
  3. Re-assemble cap and mouthpiece
  4. Press 5 times to turn on/off
  5. 3 times for desired voltage settings
  6. 2 times to activate the 10-second pre-heat option

The voltage settings are described below:

  • 2.6V (Yellow)
  • 3.0V (Green)
  • 3.6V (Red)
  • 4.2V (Blue)

Quartz, crystal glass atomizer provides very smooth, vaporized, and tasteful hits but not as strong

quartz crystal glass atomizer
Kandypens’ Crystal comes with a coil-less, all quartz crystal glass atomizer.

What makes Kandypens Crystal different from traditional dab pens is the all quartz crystal glass atomizer they use. This atomizer heats up through a coil-less, spiral-shaped heating chamber underneath a quartz glass bucket. This heating method prevents your concentrate from ever touching the heating chamber, giving more vaporized hits.

With that being said, this atomizer gives very smooth and tasteful hits, regardless of what temperature setting it’s on. But since each session provides more vapor hits, it doesn’t hit as strong. It still delivers decent hits, but it does lack strong hits. From what it seems, Kandypens Crystal isn’t really going for strong hits either way, they’re going for smoother and more vaporized hits.

Metal screen seems like a nice feature but clogs frequently

dab pen
Whenever the metal screen gets clogged, you can clean it by simply unscrewing it.

Located underneath the mouthpiece, Kandypens Crystal carries a metal screen to help prevent dabs from getting on your lips. Although it does prevent that, in my experience, it kept getting clogged frequently. Wax would somehow stick onto the screen, covering the airflow and making it difficult to hit. You can easily clean it by unscrewing the screen, but even unscrewing it can sometimes be difficult when clogged. I unfortunately kept having to unscrew and clean the screen consistently due to clogging, which can get annoying after a while.

kandypens vape pen
I ended up getting out a small-sized glob of wax inside the screen itself. It doesn’t seem like much, but this little bit prevented from any airflow going through.

Kandypens Crystal gives flavorful hits and clean taste

The taste the Crystal provides is very nice and smooth, probably my favorite thing about this dab pen. Because of the way the quartz atomizer heats up, this vaporizer gives the most when it comes to flavor. Since wax only touches the glass bucket, you’ll get great tasting hits regardless of what the temperature settings it’s on. Furthermore, because wax doesn’t come in contact with the coil, it doesn’t give any metallic taste whatsoever.

Decent sessions within a single pack but not always efficient

Kandypens Crystal recommends packing .1 grams per session for best use. And within each session, you can get a few hits and very nice, vaporized hits. But with that being said, it can be easy to overpack if you’re not used to it. In my experience, when I overpacked it, dabs got all around the atomizer and I wouldn’t get good hits from it when this happened. Having to clean it consistently with a q-tip, I’d end up wasting a little bit of dabs. It wasn’t as much, but still something to consider.

Kandypens Crystal is a fairly portable, compact device

kandypens crystal
This compact device is only 10cm, being easy to take anywhere on the go.

The Crystal fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and fits easily in your pocket. Although it is somewhat thick in length, it is slightly smaller than the average dab pen. Regardless, it’s still easy to take this anywhere. 

As for discretion, this vape pen won’t really leave a heavy odor since it vaporizes your concentrate. But as with the design, people are starting to catch on the differences between typical vape and dab pens. For me, the glass mouthpiece gives it away and indicates me it’s a wax pen. 

Decent battery life, but overheats up too much after frequent uses

Kandypens Crystal is a 900mAH battery, which isn’t so bad at all. Charging doesn’t take too much time and it can last a good while. Allowing you to use multiple sessions within a day if not more, you can make the battery last. 

But I should mention that when I use this vaporizer multiple times within a single session, the battery does heat up excessively. It’d get so hot that even the glass mouthpiece would be too hot to hit. So if you do use it consistently within a few minutes, you will have to give it a few minutes to cool down. Otherwise, overheating may damage the atomizer.

Pricey dab pen at $135

At $135, the Crystal is at a pretty high price range. It’s a bit difficult to give it a great value at this range. And along with that, the device does overheat after consistent uses easily. Also, keep in mind that an extra atomizer costs $35, so depending on your use you’d have to pick one every few months.

Concluding our Kandypens Crystal review

Overall, I did enjoy the taste the Crystal provides. You really do get the most flavor out of your oil with this vaporizer. But it does cost expensive and for the price, I’d expect slightly better performance and stronger hits. If you do consider this device, the good thing is that you have life-time warranty on the battery.

You can buy Kandypens Crystal here.

What are your thoughts on the Kandypens Crystal vaporizer? Comments or questions? Post your review below and comment below or in our forum!

KandyPens’ Oura Review: Great Airflow and Potent Hits When Used Correctly

kandyPens oura review

Today we look at the KandyPens’ Oura, a portable electronic dab rig. We’ll detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. The Kandypens Oura currently runs for $349. This price is more expensive than the Focus V Carta or the Pulsar RoK, and well in range of a Puffco Peak that goes for $379. We write this review having had extensive experience with a variety of e-Rigs.

Update June 2020: When first reviewed, the glass piece broke on our writer. This may happen if you aren’t gentle with attaching the glass piece to the base of the OURA. Fortunately, Kandypens provide a lifetime warranty on all parts for the OURA.


  • Elegant aesthetic design
  • Solid base
  • Interchangeable buckets make for easy cleaning
  • Hits great once you get it working


  • The sensor-tap controls are very sensitive

KandyPens’ Oura comes in a compact, yet comfortable base and nice glass

kandypens oura
The complete package that comes with the Kandypens Oura

The package comes with the rig in 6 pieces. There’s the device itself, a glass mouthpiece, carb cap, a coil, and two interchangeable buckets. As pictured here, it also comes with a standard array of accessories.

Once the rig is assembled, it’s down to two main pieces. The main body of the rig, housing the battery, and the glass mouthpiece. The battery unit is fairly thick and solid, being a bit heavier compared to other e rigs. Although it may feel heavy when carrying for some, it does give a really nice and smooth comfort to it. Additionally, the glass piece design is simple and provides great airflow.

Glass piece broke on the previous writer, but the OURA comes with a lifetime warranty

kandypens oura glass
The glass piece broke in the result of forcing to attach onto the base.

Fitting glass to eRigs is a common point of contention in the dabber’s experience. This tends to make or break the experience, so to speak. Unfortunately, in the effort of trying to snug the glass piece together, it broke as shown above. This can happen if you forcefully snug the glass piece into the base. Not to say the glass is thin, but this can happen with any eRig if you’re not as gentle with it.

For the record, Kandypens’ warranty “includes all parts (atomizer, base, carb cap, and glass),” as listed in the “What is our Lifetime Warranty?” section. We are not sure if this is a truly free warranty as in the past KandyPens offered this type of warranty on wax pens, but shipping costs were as high as some other company’s regular atomizers.

Kandypens Oura glass piece new attachment- Aesthetic look and amazing Airflow

kandypens oura custom glass
OURA’s custom glass piece is an elegant and sleek design.

The new custom glass pieces provided for the OURA has an amazing and genuine look to it. The main difference is simply the design, not much difference in regards to the percolator. But the design of this glass piece really helps from preventing water splashing into your mouth. What’s great too is you don’t have to worry too much about overfilling this piece with water. Because of the way it’s built, even when slightly overfilled, you will still get smooth hits and it still and won’t drawback water at all.

Furthermore, this glass piece does provide fascinating airflow. Providing really smooth hits and it can get fairly milky when used correctly on high temperatures.

Sensor options are neat but are too sensitive

UPDATE 9/14/2020: Temperature settings changed

Due to an unfortunate misprint in the manual, the temperature settings as given were way off. We have now changed them to the corrected settings here. The higher temp settings might just account for most of the issues we mentioned with this model.

The device takes 5 taps to turn on, 3 taps for temperature settings, and 2 taps to activate session mode. There is no button, at least not in the conventional sense. Instead, it has what Kandypens bills as a “smart touch” power sensor, which works by taps, as one would use a touchscreen phone. The temperatures listed are:

  • 490F
  • 590F
  • 750F
  • 800F

The problem with the smart touch sensor is that it can be very easy to change the settings unintentionally. This mainly happens depending on how you hold this rig. You have to find the most comfortable way to hold it, be it grabbing it sideways or from underneath. Otherwise, if you grip onto it covering the touch-sensor, it can be easy to turn on/off or change the temperature accidentally while dabbing. This may be uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it.

Now how do you shut it off? Well, you can by tapping it 5 times, but it also turns out it has a 4-minute auto-shutoff feature. So that is zero taps. This is a great thing and very convenient to help conserve battery life.

I should mention that when heating up, this device doesn’t indicate to you when the atomizer is at your desired temperature setting. This may cause confusion for first-time users, not knowing when the device is good to hit. Usually, I’ll wait around 10-15 seconds right when I turn it on, just because I frequently use the top two higher temperature settings. If you don’t do this (when using the higher temperature) and start hitting it right away, you’ll smoke your dabs at a low temp. I first did this and would get disappointed when I didn’t get much smoke coming out. But with time, you learn how to use the device better for optimal hits.

Quartz crystal glass atomizer provides strong and potent hits and heats up efficiently

quartz crystal glass atomizer
Kandypens’ OURA coil-less atomizer

The atomizer has a handmade nichrome atomizer which is what makes this device unique, having interchangeable buckets. This quartz glass atomizer provides very strong and tasteful hits. Given the temperature settings, this atomizer can either give tasteful hits at low temp or more potent hits at a higher temperature. Aside from that, you can take multiple hits and even get multiple sessions off one pack, depending on how much concentrate is packed.

The ceramic bucket provides tasteful and more vaporized hits, but not as strong

kandypens oura atomizer
The ceramic interchangeable bucket didn’t hit as strong or efficient as the glass bucket.

Trying the ceramic bucket, I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as the glass bucket. It does give more tasteful hits, but the hits are a lot more vaporized and don’t provide nearly as much smoke. Some may prefer this, but I didn’t get that strong of a hit while using it.

Cleaning is very simple, but DON’T disassemble if there’s residue in the atomizer

cleaning a rig
Because the atomizer disassembles, cleaning is made to be easy.

Cleaning the atomizer is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Simply place the whole atomizer in rubbing alcohol (90% preferrable) and just let it sit there for an hour or so. Afterward, you disassemble the atomizer carefully and return it inside the rubbing alcohol for an hour or more if you’d like.

DO NOT disassemble the atomizer before letting the whole atomizer itself sit inside the rubbing alcohol for a while. Also, when disassembling, be very gently taking apart the glass bucket. If anything, it’s better to simply let it fall out rather than pulling it out. The reason for this is because when used a lot, residue starts building up outside and underneath the bucket. When this happens, you can damage the whole atomizer if you pull it out just like that. I didn’t know this at first and as a result, I ended up breaking apart the atomizer. This can be prevented easily by cleaning properly.

kandypens atomizer
As residue started building up, I disassembling the atomizer before soaking the whole atomizer itself in rubbing alcohol. This resulted in breaking apart the wires from the atomizer.

Comparing Kandypens’ OURA with the Pulsar RoK and Puffco Peak

e rig

To start, comparing the OURA with the Pulsar RoK, there is a $100 dollar difference. With the RoK priced at $249, it is more cost-effective. But with that being said, in my experience, the airflow is better in the OURA. The Pulsar does hit pretty strong, having max temp at 900 but the OURA does provide more potent hits, with its max temp at 1080. Pulsar’s biggest advantage is its price, so it all depends on what you’re looking for in a rig.

As with Puffco Peak, it is pretty hard to compare it with the OURA. Both being around the same price, they both provide amazing hits and have great quality. Also, both have the same looking percolator design, therefore both provide great airflow. The main difference is the design and features they provide. I do enjoy the button Puffco provides more than the sensor-touch feature. I also like how the Peak indicates you when it’s ready to hit by vibrating. The OURA doesn’t do that, you just have to guess and wait a few seconds until it gets to your desired temperature settings. But, the OURA does turn off automatically after 5 minutes of use, making the battery last a lot longer. With the Puffco, there is no auto shut-off feature. So if you forget to turn it off after a session, which is likely to happen, this can drain the battery life by leaving it on even if you’re not using it. With these two eRigs, it’s difficult to say which is better, it all leads to preference.

It should be noted that recently there was a Puffco lawsuit for defective Peak vaporizer. Some people would complain about their device or atomizer malfunctioning for one reason or another. Apart from that, Puffo Peak only has a year warranty on just the base itself, the OURA provides a lifetime warranty on all parts. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall experience on the KandyPens OURA

To sum up, the OURA is a great product and hits amazing once you know how to use it correctly and maintain it frequently. As with every dab rig, always handle with care, and keeping it clean consistently will give the best airflow. I would always clean it with a cotton swab after every use. Although it’s pricey, this can be a great device to carry it you’re looking for a potent-hitting, portable eRig.

If you would get a KandyPens Oura you can do so at King’s Pipe.

Have you tried any KandyPens’ Oura eRig before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!

Graham Gibson : Kandypens CEO and Music Video Pioneer

graham gibson ceo kandypens entrepreneur researcher
Graham Gibson - CEO, Entrepreneur and Researcher

Graham Gibson is the CEO and founder of Kandypens, a Santa Barbara based vape pen company. Graham markets vape pens and vaporizers for the cannabis industry through Kandypens. Kandypens and Graham have contributed to the making of hop hop music videos as well.

Kandypens CEO Graham Gibson mixes music and vape pens

Graham was quoted stating “I research the industry I’m interested in before I get into it. I look at all the competition and companies, and buy all of their products. Currently my office looks like a chemistry lab.”  But I made a list of all the things I thought could be better with the products, and when I created the SkyCloud, K Vape, and the Black Edition I was giving the consumers what I think they needed and wanted.” thus explains his determination.

Kandypens is the 48th brand he started as a result of being a dynamic entrepreneur for over a decade.

graham gibson ceo kandypens founder
Graham Gibson – CEO and Founder of Kandypens

Graham and Kandypens’ beginnings

graham gibson ceo kandypens founded 2014
Kandypens was founded in 2014.

Kandypens started operations in 2014 with Graham overseeing everything. The company started by selling a 3 in 1 vaporizer pen – the SkyCloud. It took more than a year to design and develop its durable and elegant features. The team dedicated thousands of hours to put into research and finally develop the product. The company has steadily increased their product range as a result of SkyCloud’s success.

Growth of Kandypens under it’s CEO, Graham Gibson

Graham revealed that Kandypens gained popularity through its Indiegogo campaign and leveraged success after the investment from Just Develop It. Quoting an article by the investment management company – “With JDi’s help we were able to rapidly expand our product offering and accelerate our marketing strategy.”.

Graham mentioned that their sales increased by 350 percent in 2016 to $6.5 million. He cited that he wanted to change the game in a world and industry where every vaporizer is virtually the same. He added that they’d work on coming up with a new product every year and sees to it that their brand is always ahead of the competition with the purpose of meeting the consumer’s needs in every way.

skycloud kandypens vaporizer graham gibson - ceo
SkyCloud – the world’s first 3 in 1 vaporizer pen by Kandypens.

In addition, knowing customer satisfaction’s importance of course he takes time checking on their feedback even reading their “thank you” emails.

Kandypens and the Music Scene, Graham Gibson helps create a variety of hip hop music videos

Graham Gibson has been helping produce music videos that also expand the Kandypens brand. Kandypens has sponsored quite a number of artists to produce songs including this one. In fact, they’re always looking for new artists to provide sponsorship! Kandypens believes that every good artist needs a little “wind in their sales.”  Getting music videos produced can be an expensive process and Graham helps the music videos become a reality.

Kandypens and its Latest Partnership with Amber Rose

Furthermore, the company recently announced the development of a new line. It is designed in partnership with Amber Rose – the famous feminist and influencer.  A massive marketing campaign accompanied the pact of the luxury smoking accessory. The campaign includes two monster-sized billboards placed in Los Angeles and beautiful photos of Amber Rose, as well as consistent ads across the Mantis Ad Network. The new vaporizers are available for purchase on the Kandypens website for $148.

kandypens amber rose graham gibson - ceo
Amber Rose Collection Champagne by Kandypens

Kandypens’ wide range of product line is available for ordering worldwide.

What do you think of Kandypens CEO Graham Gibson’s work? Are we missing any information? Post in the comments below or discuss in our forum!


Kandypens Coupons: Complete List of Codes For Cheapest Wax Pens

kandypens coupon codes

The cheapest Kandypens vape pens are not on their own site. We have collaborated with KingPenVapes to bring you coupon codes that give you the best prices on all Kandypens wax pen products. This list will be continuously updated.

Cheapest Kandypens coupon codes

Below we list all the codes for Kandypens. These prices are the lowest on the internet, even lower than eBay.

Product Name and Link to Page MSRP Cheapest Price % Saved Coupon Code
Kandypens Prism+ $127.95 $95.96 25% PrismPlus42
Kandypens Prism $99.95 $74.96 25% Prism35
KandyPens Galaxy $99.95 $74.96 25% Galaxy40
Kandypens Gravity $119.95 $64.94 25% Gravity45
Kandypens Donuts $99.95 $74.96 25% Donuts35
Kandypens Mini $69.95 $64.94 7.16% Mini07
Kandypens Rubi $49.95 $39.98 19.96% Rubi20

Thanks to KingPenVapes for putting these codes together for our readers. If you really want to get the vape in that music video, now you can for a whole lot less. You might want to check out our Quartz Quest and Omicron v5 reviews, both which score higher than Kandypens in many categories.

We will continuously update this list. Find a better code? Something else you would like to see? Comment below or post in our deals forum! You may also be interested in our vape coupons page.

Kandypens vs Puffco : Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

kandypens vs puffco
Kandypens vs Puffco - Vape Pen Showdown!

Both Kandypens and Puffco have been around the vape game for a while. Kandypens has a lot more advertising with its music video features, but has had its fair share of product issues, but now they are working to fix them and all and deliver quality products. When it comes to Kandypens vs Puffco, Puffco wins due to the Puffco Plus being better than the Kandypens Prism and Prism+.

Kandypens Prism+
The Prism+ does have a good look.

Here we will take a look at their best vape pens, and you will see why the Puffco vape pen comes out ahead.

Kandypens vs Puffco – Overall Scoring

Puffco Plus Overall Score: 7.5

Puffco Plus Review Summary
The Puffco Plus scores slightly higher.


Kandypens Prism+ Overall Score: 7.2

Kandypens prism+ review summary
For Kandypens this is a great pen.

Ease of use and effeciency are really where Puffco edges out Kandypens. The Prism+ and Prism atomizer use a ceramic plate, which still can have some wax go underneath. The Puffco Plus has a solid cup which is more efficient.

Puffco Has Superior Build Quality Compared to Kandypens

All of Puffco’s products have better build quality than the Kandypens products. A lot of Kandypens products are just rebranded Aristech items. Not the greatest. Puffco does seem to design its own vapes, as they are unique.

Although we compared two of their best vape pens, when you down the line, the rest of Kandypens vs Puffco just depends on opinion. The Kandypens will give you a harder hit, but the Puffco Pro 2 has a higher quality feel to it.

Puffco Plus Wax Pen

Puffco Plus is just more efficient than the Kandypens vapes.In conclusionPuffco makes a better vape pen than Kandypens. Puffco is also a more trustworth company. See our full Kandypens Prism+ review and Puffco Plus review for more information. You can buy the Puffco Plus and Kandypens Prism+ at King Pen Vapes.

Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!


Kandypens vs Dr Dabber : Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

kandypens vs dr dabber

Kandypens and Dr Dabber are two vape pen companies that have been around for a while. Previously Kandypens has had issues with glue on their atomizers but this has since been fixed with the Kandypens Prism and Prism+. Dr Dabber has had their own poor product history with the old Dr Dabber Boost containing Teflon. Both companies have fixed these issues though which is great news. This Kandypens vs Dr Dabber match up is close.

Kandypens vs Dr Dabber – KP Slightly Better on Coilless

The recent Kandypens Prism is an improvement as its the first Kandypens vape pen that we have seen without glue. Now they are removing glue from all vape pens which is a great development. The Kandypens Gravity and Galaxy both had glue in them in the past. Now this is being fixed.

Prism+ tomizer
Inside the Prism+ atomizer

Dr Dabber Aura coiled atomizers are on par with Kandypens Prism and Prism+. Both seem to be titanium alloys and no testing as to purity is available. Dr Dabber Aurora and the Prism/Prism+’s differ on coilless atomizers. Dr Dabber still uses the very 2015 ceramic disc in a quartz cup that was first in the old version of the SOURCE orb 3. If you really like that Aurora style, the get the orb 3 for $50. There might be coupons to even make it cheaper.

Build Quality – Both Are Very Basic

Kandypens and Dr Dabber both come with standard batteries. You are paying a lot more for a battery that is on par with what you buy in an ecig kit at a gas station. For build quality, its a tie, and Kandypens has a bit nicer feel to it.

Dr Dabber vs Kandypens
The Dr Dabber Aurora is just so… basic.

Kandypens vs Dr Dabber: KP Wins But Both Nothing Special

When it comes to Kandypens vs Dr Dabber – neither is really that great. Kandypens has a bad track record. Dr Dabber is very China feeling. If you are looking for a simple, easy pen, see our Puffco Plus review. If you want strong hits from a quality coiled atomizer, check out our Omicron v5 review. Either of these is better than any pen from Kandypens or Dr Dabber.

KandyPens Galaxy vs KandyPens Prism : Vape Pen Comparison

KandyPens Galaxy vs. Prism
The KandyPens Prism beats out the Galaxy handily.

For this comparison, we look at two KandyPens vape pen models that people are most curious about…The KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism! We will be using the DJ Esco “56 Nights” Edition as our Galaxy example, but the design is identical to the well-known Galaxy vaporizer.

(For those who wish to skip all the info, the table below shows the scores of each separate vape pen review. See our full KandyPens DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy review and our KandyPens Prism review.

Design Ease Strength Efficiency Versatility Portability Discretion Taste Value Replacements
Galaxy 1 8 8 8 6 8 7 1 1 1
Prism 7 8 7 8 5 10 10 9 4 4

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism

What Does Each Vape Pen Include?

Kandypens Galaxy:

  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece with Air Carb
  • 2 x Double Coil Quartz Atomizers with Titanium Coil
  • “No Wicks or Dyes”
  • DabTool
  • Protective Case

KandyPens Prism:

  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • Double Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Plate Atomizer
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Keychain Scoop Tool
  • “No Wicks, Dyes or Glue”
KandyPens Prism Vape Pen
KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism – Prism Vape Pen includes more, and better quality items

Design & Quality: No Competition – Prism Wins 

First, let’s look at the design of KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism. Kandypens launched their first “Signature Series” special edition collaboration with hip hop producer DJ Esco. The name “56 Nights” refers to the 56 nights that DJ Esco spent in jail in Dubai in 2015 for possession of marijuana and it’s also the name of his Mixtape with Future.

This DJ Esco Galaxy vape pen is glossy and black with a gold mouthpiece, and the 56 Nights logo on the bottom of the battery. It has the same 650mAh battery with 3 settings as the regular Kandypens Galaxy, it’s also the same size at 14mm wide.

The KandyPens Prism is just 10.5cm tall – one of the smallest vape pens around! And that’s including the mouthpiece! The diameter of this vape pen is the standard 14mm. The stainless steel black is definitely an upgrade, design – wise. Devoid of the KandyPens brand logos, this model has the Prism logo only, which is a simple geometric prism and the word in all caps. We like the simple, sophisticated design, much better than the DJ Esco Galaxy!

The Prism vape pen battery has four temperature settings. However, it’s only 320mAh, which is almost half the capacity of previous models! The Prism is 510 threaded, and uses micro-USB charging and Apple iPhone lightning, which is cool. Overall, you get a trade off with the battery. It’s half the capacity of others, but it looks slicker and it’s easier to charge.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism Atomizers

The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition comes with two double coil quartz atomizers. The quartz chamber has 4 raised airflow holes near the top of the cup, to prevent wax rom leaking out when the chamber is full. There are two 1mm air vents on each the side of the vent.

Prism Ceramic Plate Atomizer
Prism Ceramic Plate Atomizer

The KandyPens Prism comes with two different atomizers. One double coil quartz atomizer, and one ceramic plate atomizer come in the kit. There are four 1mm air vents on the outsize of each atomizer. Unlike previous models, the quartz atomizer uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. So, it’s not a fully quartz atomizer, but the coil is a vast improvement over previous models. However, the Prism appears to use a titanium alloy, with what appears to be weld marks. This may or may not be solder.

The KandyPens Galaxy atomizers also use glue, so called “leak proof technology.” Below we discuss this further and you can see a picture of the glue.

Ease of Use: Identical

The KandyPens DJ Esco Galaxy and the Prism are equally easy to use. For both, turn on battery by pressing 5 times, and change temperature settings by pressing 3 times.

Strength: Softer Quality Prism vs Strong Burning Galaxy

The DJ Esco 56 Night Galaxy lights up fast and becomes red-hot. This gives you big clouds, but will quickly burn your wax. The results are very strong hits, but ruins any flavor in the wax.

Because of the better-quality coil used, even at its highest setting the Prism is not as strong as other models. It doesn’t burn red hot like a thin gauge coil, which is what happens with lower quality metal. While other models are “stronger”, the strength delivers a bad experience due to the bad quality coil. So even though the KandyPens Galaxy is stronger, the Prism still wins here.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism Glue Content: The Prism is Safe!

After finding glue in the KandyPens Elite, KandyPens admitted that their original advertising of “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes” was false and changed it to remove “no glue”. So, do you think the KandyPens DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy has glue? Unfortunately, Yes it does.

Both atomizers of DJ Esco’s 56 Nights have the same epoxy glue from the KandyPens Elite. It’s underneath the quartz cup and closes the holes the coils pass through to connect to the battery. The glue completely envelops the coils, meaning hot coils touch the glue when in use.

DJ Esco Atomizer has glue
DJ Esco Atomizer has glue

The Prism however, does NOT appear to have glue! The Prism is now the only model that says “No Glues, Wicks, or Dyes” in the online product description. Yay! Previous models (including DJ Esco Galaxy) are only described as having “No Wicks or Dyes”.

This KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism glue content comparison just shows us that a more expensive vape pen, doesn’t guarantee a better quality product.

Efficiency: Galaxy is Only Efficient Because of Glue 

The DJ Esco Galaxy double coil rods are close together and very low in the chamber. This makes it more efficient in preserving wax. Sadly, the glue is helping the ‘efficiency’ of this vape pen. The glue works at preventing leaks, but this is not a good (or healthy) solution.

The Prism is very efficient. The compact design of the double coiled quartz atomizer makes it easy to place your wax right on top. The ceramic cup unfortunately means that some wax gets stuck on the walls. Overall though, it’s as efficient, if not a bit better.

Versatility / Atomizer Options: Fairly Even

While the Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco only comes with quartz double coil atomizers, it’s eGo-510 threaded (not 510 threaded like the website says) so you can also use coil-less Donuts, coil-less Gravity/Elite, and the quartz double coil Galaxy Tornado with variable airflow. However, not being able to use a mod battery with an adapter on the same attachment counts against versatility for the DJ Esco Galaxy.

The KandyPens Prism comes with a Ceramic plate and a quartz double coil atomizer. This vape pen doesn’t work with the Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts because it’s 510 threaded (instead of eGo). It does however, work with the mini atomizers, the Pearl, and surprisingly – the Prism+ atomizers.

Portability: Both Great, But Prism is Smaller! 

KandyPens Prism
The Prism is smaller and more discreet

The DJ Esco version of the Kandypens Galaxy is just as portable as the original and the Kandypens Elite. The included 56 Nights travel case makes it easy to throw in your bag and go. It’s compact and will fit easily in your pocket.

As the Prism is one of the smallest vape pens around, (just over 4 inches in length) this vape pen stands out in KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism portability!  You can toss it in your pocket and just forget it. It can also fit in your shirt pocket or the inside pocket of a small bag.

Discretion of KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism:          Galaxy Lights Are Not Subtle! Prism A+

The dimensions of the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights make it a good size for a discreet hit. However, the built-in K with a light at the bottom makes it horrible to use discreetly, especially during dark hours. The light, which is sure to draw attention, is very bright and cannot be turned off. It feels like you’re broadcasting your smoking activity to the world.

The discretion of the KandyPens Prism is an improvement over previous models like the Galaxy. Mainly due to axing the annoying light at the bottom of the battery. Thanks to its small size, you can enclose the KandyPens Prism fully in the palm of your hand. This allows you to puff on the go without calling attention to yourself! This thing is stealthy and compact, perfect for days on the move.

Taste: Galaxy Burns Wax / Prism Preserves Flavor

Taste is not what the KandyPens Galaxy vape pen was designed for – as can be seen from the cheap coil metal and the glue used underneath. These cheap coils get so hot that they burn your wax and leave users with the dreaded “vape pen taste.” Whether or not the glue melts during use and adds to the bad taste, headaches experienced were similar to other cheap quality vape pens.

KandyPens Prism vape pen on the other hand, scored incredibly over its counterpart in the KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism taste category. This is a huge improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil. The Ceramic Plate also retains great flavor.

Value: Both Expensive, But Prism is Cheaper, Includes More & is Better Quality

KandyPens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition includes 2 double coil atomizers, 1 dabber, a charger, and a limited edition case.

As KandyPens offers Lifetime Warranty, you’re guaranteed a working battery no matter what. The problem is, that battery is a generic 3-voltage 650mah battery that comes in a $10 eCig starter pack. At $149.95, there’s no way to justify this price! And, let’s also not forget that both atomizers include the use of glue (touching hot coils) underneath…

This is not a good deal compared to the regular black Kandypens Galaxy. This model is basically the same thing with one extra atomizer, a ‘56 Nights’ logo and a case. In reality, you pay $50 more for another $20 atomizer.

At $97.99 the Prism is one of the pricier models by KandyPens – but still not as pricey as the less advanced DJ Esco Galaxy! The Prism kit includes two atomizers, one double coiled quartz and one coil-less ceramic plate. You also get an extra glass mouthpiece, a charging cable and a keychain scoop tool.

The Prism is expensive at almost $100, but it’s a huge improvement over old models. Prices for KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism are strange, how is the Prism cheaper than the DJ Esco Galaxy?! The battery is only 320mah in comparison to 650mah, but you’re getting a unique charging ability with the addition of the iPhone lightening cable. So that value trade off goes either way!

Replacements: Both $20+, But Prism Much Better Quality

Replacements for the DJ Esco Galaxy are almost $20 a pop! For a cheap “mystery” coil with glue underneath, we do not approve.

Both the KandyPens Prism atomizers are $24.95 each. However, the quartz double coil finally uses a coil that’s worth it! The ceramic plate is similarly priced to other coil-less atomizers, like the Puffco Plus (which is also $24.95). They’re not cheap, but definitely better value as it has a sealed floor.

Unless you buy these products in a store, you’re looking to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each KandyPens order.

Conclusion: Team Prism!

The DJ Esco “56 Nights” edition of this vape pen is materially the exact same as the regular KandyPens Galaxy. The regular Galaxy retails for $99.95, so what precisely does the $49.95 extra get you? One more double coil quartz atomizer and the DJ Esco logo… When you factor in that a replacement atomizer is $19.95 for the DJ Esco edition, you’re paying almost $30 to look at the logo!

The Prism on the other hand is pretty decent! KandyPens finally delivered a great vape pen! It’s slick, discreet and portable. You do sacrifice power capacity for portability, but the trade-off may be worth it for the ease of use and handy size. Charging is easy as you have both micro USB and Apple lightening connections. The Prism finally uses a decent coil, however replacements aren’t cheap.

The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition charges almost $150 for a vape pen with 2 atomizers with cheap coils and glue. The flavor delivery was awful. The efficiency only scores well due to glue, which is a fail in itself. I would not recommend this vape.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism vape pen
We recommend the KandyPens Prism as the better choice!

KandyPens has fixed the efficiency issues of previous models, like the DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy. We have to say – the Prism is an awesome on-the-go companion! And, it doesn’t give you the immediate headache or “vape pen taste” that you can get from the DJ Esco vape pen.

At almost $50 cheaper, the Prism includes more items, doesn’t have glue, and provides a way better taste. So guys, after the KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism comparison, the Prism is definitely our favorite! However, there are still much better vape pens than the Prism out there as well (Omicron v5 comes to mind).

You can get the regular Prism for $97.99 and the Prism+ for $127.99 at GotVape.

KandyPens PRISM+ Review : Portable, Great Airflow & Improved Battery Capacity

KandyPens PRISM+ Review

– Another Nice Addition!

KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen Kit
KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen Kit

Design & Quality of the KandyPens PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+ is the fat but equally tiny version of the regular KandyPens Prism vape pen. Overall the PRISM+ has almost the same feel as the Prism, it’s just wider.

PRISM+ Battery

The KandyPens batteries are the exact same height and the entire PRISM+ is barely 1mm taller than the Prism. The diameter is 20mm. It’s a teeny bit heavier, but it doesn’t feel cumbersome to carry. It’s a solid, larger capacity version of the Prism.

The KandyPens PRISM+ features a 900mAh battery, compared to the 320mAh of its slender sibling! However, it loses the iPhone lightning port that the regular Prism has, leaving it with only a micro USB charging port.

KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen
KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen

The PRISM+ battery is not stronger than the Prism, it simply holds more power. This vape pen has the same four settings and output as the regular Prism. The PRISM+ settings are Yellow (the lowest) at 2.3V, Green at 3.0V, Red at 3.6V, and finally Blue at 4.2V. At the lowest setting of yellow, you can get light low temp dabs, but green and upwards is where you’ll get strong hits.

The Look of PRISM+

The stainless-steel body of the KandyPens PRISM+ vape pen is just as appealing as the previously reviewed Prism. The new recessed button of the PRISM+ makes activating the vape pen much smoother.

Another new addition, is four mini lights on the side of the vape pen that show the battery capacity when activated. The lights flash in a continuous pattern when in use (it’s unclear how useful this is, and could possible hinder discretion).

Another interesting point is – just like the Prism – the KandyPens PRISM+ vape pen is devoid of any KandyPens marketing or logos. Except of course, for a small logo on the front of the box. This design features only the word ‘PRISM’ and a simple geometrical prism shape, just like its skinny counterpart. There’s no light up plastic ‘K’ or bright light on the bottom of the vape pen, unlike the KandyPens Elite, Galaxy and other earlier models.

KandyPens PRISM+ body
The KandyPens PRISM+ has a sleek stain-less steel finish


PRISM+ Atomizers

The KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers are a mixed bag. Like the regular Prism, it includes two standard atomizers: a quartz double-coil, and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer.

Ceramic Cup

The coil-less ceramic atomizer takes advantage of the larger width of the KandyPens PRISM+ by having a bigger 10mm ceramic cup. There also seems to be a 7 or 8mm wide ceramic plate (it’s difficult to measure exact width from above the atomizer).

The new, larger size of the ceramic cup allows users to load and vape more concentrate. On the other hand, the increased size also means much more heat is produced. See below for heat warning.

Quartz Double-Coil

KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double-coil atomizer uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. Therefore, it’s not a high-grade quartz atomizer. The coil they use is the same good quality alloy from the Prism, similar to the Rokin Nitro and the Vapir pen. It does appear to have welded marks on the coil. It’s unclear if this is solder or not.

The KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer basically wastes the width of the vape pen. By using the same 8mm cup, you end up with the same space as the smaller Prism atomizer. This is a wasted opportunity for what could have been a great new coiled atomizer that allowed room for bigger dabs.

KandyPens PRISM+ double-coil atomizer
KandyPens PRISM+ double-coil atomizer

Again, this titanium alloy is a vast improvement over alloy coils used in previous models, that left the dreaded “vape pen taste” in your mouth. Unfortunately, this is another missed opportunity to improve this atomizer and use higher-grade titanium coils.

According to KandyPens and their website (which haven’t been the most truthful company in the past as we know..), they say they use titanium coils in the PRISM line. We’re assuming they mean titanium alloy, as premium titanium would not have weld marks.

Lastly, the KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers’ air flow vents are twice the size of the regular Prism at 2mm, vs 1mm. They also seem to offer a much easier drag, when inhaling.

PRISM+ Includes:

  • 2 x glass mouthpiece
  • Micro USB cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Nifty Keychain scoop tool
KandyPens PRISM+ box kit
The KandyPens PRISM+ includes a pouch, 2x mouthpiece, 2x atomizers, usb cable and keychain tool


The KandyPens PRISM+ mouthpiece feels like a downgrade from the first Prism. The PRISM+ mouthpiece doesn’t have the protective metal grate to stop inhaling wax when taking a drag. The website claims to include 2x “Glass Mouthpiece with Splash-Guard”, however neither of the included mouthpieces we received featured a splash-guard.


WARING: The power button and top of the attachment on the PRISM+ get extremely hot!

If you read our review of the KandyPens Prism, we mentioned that the shorter size was achieved by getting rid of the space on the attachment between the mouthpiece and the atomizer. Unfortunately, this ends up working against the design, when used with the coil-less atomizer (the main reason to get this vape pen). This is because, like all coil-less atomizers – Puffco Plus for example – they produce way more heat while in use, and the vape pen gets very hot.

The same thing happens on the smaller KandyPens Prism, but the larger PRISM+ ceramic plate produces much more heat. When you have the mouthpiece so close to the atomizer, the bottom of your lip is bound to touch the hot metal. After repeat usage (2-3 hits) it starts to burn. Ouch.

If KandyPens designed a bigger chamber to allow larger loads, it sort of defeats the point when you can’t puff multiple times because it’s too hot. Scorching your lip isn’t something anybody wants to worry about when trying to enjoy a chill smoke sesh.

Ease of Use

Like the Prism, the KandyPens PRISM+ is easier to use than previous models. With one less thread rotation, the attachment is easier to remove and fill up with product. You lose the carb hole which is featured in the KandyPens Elite. But, it’s not too noticeable due to the great airflow.

The larger airholes of the KandyPens PRISM+ are twice as big as the Prism. This makes inhaling much easier in comparison.

Changing temperatures is as easy as pie. Like other vape pens, just click three times to change it and five times to turn it on or off. As mentioned above, there is no more lightning port, but there’s still a usb port on the side of the vape pen.

Strength: Larger Capacity – Not Stronger

The regular Prism comes with a 320mAh battery, and the KandyPens PRISM+ includes a 900mAh battery. As mentioned above, the larger battery of the KandyPens PRISM+ doesn’t mean “stronger”, it just has a larger power capacity.

The PRISM+ is not as strong as other models, even at its highest setting, much like the regular Prism. This is due to the better quality coil used by KandyPens. It doesn’t burn red hot or destroy your wax, which is what happens with lower quality metal. Like all vape pens, the strongest hits come from coiled atomizers.

This doesn’t mean the PRISM+ weak! You still get nice big clouds on the blue setting. So, while earlier models were “stronger”, the strength delivered a bad experience because of the bad quality coil.

Efficiency of PRISM+

The compact design of the KandyPens PRISM+ double coiled quartz atomizer makes it easy to place your wax right on top of the coils.

Because the PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer uses the same size atomizer as the smaller model, the efficiency is exactly the same on both, and thus no difference.

The PRISM+ coil-less ceramic atomizer with sealed floor is the same. It’s very efficient, like the KandyPens regular Prism. The downside is that the ceramic plate on the PRISM+ doesn’t cover the full bottom of the cup, just like the Prism. This means there’s a ring around the heating element that doesn’t heat up. Some wax may linger here. For some reason, the ring around the larger heating element is also bigger on the KandyPens PRISM+. Sadly, even more wax can end up wasted in this space.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

KandyPens PRISM+ Ceramic Cup Quartz Double-Coil atomizers
KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers: Ceramic Cup & Quartz Double-Coil

The KandyPens PRISM+ has two standard atomizer options; the quartz double-coil atomizer and the coil-less ceramic plate atomizer.

This pen doesn’t work with the KandyPens Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts atomizers, because the PRISM+ is 510 threaded (instead of eGo). With the wider battery of the PRISM+ though, it pares perfectly with the Mini and Pearl atomizers. As well as the small atomizers of the KandyPens regular Prism.

This is a plus because you can buy the cheaper quartz double-coil atomizers from the less expensive Prism and save yourself $10!

KandyPens Prism and PRISM+
KandyPens Prism original / KandyPens PRISM+

Portability: Excellent!

At just over 4 inches in length, the KandyPens PRISM+ stands out in portability.  It’s obviously fatter than the original Prism, but you can still throw it in your pocket and forget about it. It can fit in your shirt pocket or inside pocket of a small bag as well.

While in length there’s no change and the width is still portable, the KandyPens PRISM+ is twice as wide as the Prism. It’s almost unnoticeable, and the general portability is not hindered, but it’s a chubby vape pen.


Discretion: Almost A+

The discretion of the KandyPens PRISM+ is an improvement over previous models. This is mainly due to getting rid of the very bright light at the bottom of the battery. The new design also had the glowing plastic ‘K’ removed. Both of these features were annoying and unnecessary, so thumbs up for the removal.

However, the four lights that show battery capacity, also blink in a repetitive pattern while in use. This isn’t a deal breaker, you can block it with a finger if you find it annoying. However, the lights are an added annoyance that isn’t present on the KandyPens Prism original.

KandyPens lights PRISM+
KandyPens added lights to the side of the PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+ is small enough to be enclosed in the palm of your hand, while taking a puff. This vape pen makes public smoking pretty easy.

The PRISM+ is thicker though, so discretion slightly suffers due to the doubled width. This is a minor inconvenience, but still noticeable.

Taste: Much Better!

The KandyPens PRISM+ has overtaken its KandyPens counterparts in taste category. This is a big improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil on the quartz double-coil. Previous models have used cheap coils that get red hot (Elite and DJ Esco). Cheap coils absolutely ruin the taste of your wax (enter “vape pen taste”) and deliver a headache.

The new titanium alloy preserves a lot of wax flavor. And though it’s a great coil, it still doesn’t deliver the flavor retention of premium titanium… The KandyPens PRISM+ coil-less ceramic plate retains great flavor too. But, there’s really no difference or upgrade between the KandyPens Prism plates.

KandyPens PRISM+ ceramic cup atomizer
KandyPens PRISM+ ceramic cup atomizer, mouthpiece and battery

Caution: For those users that put bigger dabs in the ceramic coil-less atomizer, a few uses will basically de-carb your wax, and start tasting like reclaim because of the immense heat. Consider yourself warned.

Value of PRISM+

At $127.99, the KandyPens PRISM+ is STILL cheaper than the overpriced KandyPens Elite! That doesn’t mean it’s cheaply priced, it’s still an expensive vape pen. If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, move along.

For $30 more than the KandyPens Prism original, you DO get almost three times the capacity! You also get a 25% larger ceramic coil-less atomizer. However, the PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer is the same size as the slimmer Prism version. It also still uses a welded titanium alloy, instead of high-grade titanium.

Compared with other vape pens, this is an OK price, considering KandyPens offers a lifetime warranty.

Replacements: What a Rip Off!

KandyPens PRISM+ replacement atomizers cost more than the full attachment of some other vape pens! At $34.95 each, they’re the most expensive atomizers that DabConnection has reviewed, so far!

This is especially appalling, as the KandyPens PRISM+ double coiled quartz atomizers are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE as the Prism ones, but cost you $10 more!

If you buy these in a store, you can go ahead and pick them up for retail price. If you have to buy them on KandyPens website, it’s an extra $9.95 for shipping. That means you’re looking at almost $50 – just to replace one single atomizer!

From us to you, be careful with these atomizers! Make sure to clean them regularly so they last longer, or it will get KandyPens pricey real quick.

KandyPens PRISM+ Box Kit
KandyPens PRISM+ Box Kit

Conclusion: KandyPens PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+, like the Prism, is finally another great product from KandyPens, though expensive in price.

Surprisingly the 900mAh capacity battery lasts a very long time, which is another great feature. Replacements though? Ridiculous! Especially for the price of the exact same quartz double coil atomizers..

Portability and discreetness on the other hand, are the best thing about this incredibly stealthy vape pen. The KandyPens PRISM+ is wider than the Prism, but the same great height makes up for the small difference in width.

KandyPens has fixed issues of previous models. Like the Prism, the KandyPens PRISM+ is an excellent on-the-go companion! The KandyPens PRISM+ is available at King of Vapes.

KandyPens Prism Review : Compact, Discreet, and Great Taste

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KandyPens Prism Review – An Impressively Good Vape Pen

KandyPens Prism vape pen kit
The KandyPens Prism vape pen kit

Design & Quality of The Prism


The KandyPens Prism is one of the smallest vape pens around! The Prism is just 10.5cm tall, and that’s including the mouthpiece! The diameter of this vape pen is the standard 14mm. It is the little brother of the KandyPens Prism+.

KandyPens achieve this impressively short height by getting rid of dead space in the attachment (compared to previous KandyPens models). This design skips the wasted area at the top of the attachment and has only a small atomizer cup and a short mouthpiece with grate and glass tip.

KandyPens Prism box
KandyPens Prism box and what it includes!

In comparison to other models, such as the KandyPens Elite or Galaxy, they’ve eliminate the top part of the attachment that connects the mouthpiece to the atomizer. The battery itself on the other hand, is slightly taller than earlier models.

The Prism is basically the same size as the Elite and Galaxy, if you were to extract the space wasted by the eGo shell that goes over the battery.

Prism Battery

KandyPens Prism vape pen temperature settings
KandyPens Prism vape pen has four temperature settings!

The KandyPens Prism battery is 320mAh, which is almost half the capacity of previous models and most other vape pens.  Instead of eGo threaded, the Prism is 510 threaded.

It uses micro-USB charging and Apple iPhone lightning, which is very cool. So, anyone with an iPhone 6 or later – you can use your cable to charge it.

This vape pen has four temperature settings; Yellow is the lowest temperature at 2.3V, Green at 3.0V, Red at 3.6V and finally Blue at 4.2V. At the lowest setting of yellow, you can get low temp whispy dabs, but from green onward is where the really good hits appear. They also got rid of the annoying light which was at the bottom of the battery in previous models.

So, overall – you get a trade off with the battery, it’s half the capacity of others, but it looks slicker and it’s easier to charge.

Atomizers: Prism is Better Than Previous KandyPens Atomizers

The cup itself is a tiny bit shorter than previous models. The KandyPens Prism comes with two atomizers, similar to the Elite. A double coiled quartz and a ceramic plate atomizer come in the kit.

Their quartz atomizer, unlike previous models, uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. So, it’s not a fully quartz atomizer. The coil is a vast improvement over previous models, though.

However, the Prism uses a titanium alloy, with what appears to be welded. This may or may not be solder. It’s a bit frustrating that they didn’t go the extra step and use high grade titanium, instead of what appears to be titanium alloy.

The ceramic plate atomizer uses an 8mm wide ceramic cup, with what seems to be a 5mm wide plate with a sealed floor. It appears sealed with some kind of reflective glaze at the bottom. On the outsize of each atomizer, there’s four air vents – measuring 1mm each.

The Prism Includes:

  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Double-coiled Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Plate Atomizer
  • Protective Pouch
  • Nifty Keychain Scoop Tool
KandyPens Prism
The KandyPens Prism vape pen kit includes 2 atomizers, keychain tool, usb cable, extra mouthpiece and pouch

The Prism is similar in look and taste to the Rokin Nitro and the Vapir Pen. You no longer get the immediate headache or “vape pen taste” that you do from the Elite and the DJ Esco vape pen.

The stainless steel black makes this a much better vape pen, design – wise. (in comparison to the shiny gold models such as the Elite.) Devoid of the KandyPens brand, this model has just the Prism logo which is a simple geometric prism and the word in all caps. Thumbs up for this simple and sophisticated design!

Another important point is, this vape pen does NOT appear to have glue! KandyPens has previously admitted to Dab Connection that their earlier vape pen models used glue. It’s now the only model that has “No Glues, Wicks, or Dyes” written on the online product description. The previous models on the other hand are only described as having “No Wicks or Dyes”. Statements were removed from the KandyPens website that indicated no glue on their older model vape pens.

Be careful when using the keychain tool. Sticky wax will be stuck on the scoop and you’ll have to clean it or scrape it off before using as an actual keychain or putting it away. Sticky, waxy pockets – no thanks.


Ease of Use: A Breeze

The KandyPens Prism is much easier to use than previous models, like the Elite. There seems to be one less thread rotation than the Elite and Galaxy, making it easier to remove and fill. The carb hole featured in the Elite is no longer there.. But, it doesn’t seem noticeable due to the great airflow.

Changing heat settings is simple and quick. Like other vape pens, just click three times to change it and five times to turn it on or off.


Strength: Strong Considering Coil Quality

Like all vape pens, the strongest hits come from coiled atomizers. The Prism is not as strong as other models, even at its highest setting. This is because of the better-quality coil they used. It doesn’t burn red hot like a thin gauge coil, which is what happens with lower quality metal.

This doesn’t mean it’s not strong! You still get good, big clouds on the blue setting. So, while earlier models were “stronger”, the strength delivered a bad experience because of the crappy coil.


Efficiency: Very Efficient

The compact design of the KandyPens Prism double coiled quartz atomizer, makes it easy to place your wax right on top of them. The coils are at the bottom of the cup so you won’t lose wax underneath them.

Because they used a ceramic cup, unfortunately it seems like more wax gets stuck on the walls, compared to the Elite. Overall though, it’s as efficient, if not a bit better.

The new coil-less ceramic plate atomizer of the KandyPens Prism, like mentioned above, has a sealed floor. No wax is lost under the plate. The Elite has a separate plate and therefore extra space and lost wax.

The downside is that the ceramic plate on the Prism is about 8mm in diameter so it doesn’t cover the full bottom of the cup. So, there’s a ring around the heating element that does not heat up. Some wax may linger here. Easily fix this by just tilting your pen a little once your wax is liquefied.


Versatility / Atomizer Options for KandyPens Prism

KandyPens Prism Ceramic plate atomizer
The KandyPens Prism comes with a Ceramic plate and a Quartz double coil atomizer

The Prism only has the two standard atomizer options; double quartz and ceramic plate.

This vape pen doesn’t work with the Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts because it’s 510 threaded (instead of eGo). It does however, work with the mini atomizers, the Pearl, and surprisingly – the Prism+ atomizers.


Portability of the Prism Vape Pen

At barely over 4 inches in length, the KandyPens Prism stands out in portability.  You can just throw it in your pocket and forget it. It can also fit in your shirt pocket or the inside pocket of a small bag. No complaints here. Just be careful not to sit on the glass mouthpiece.

KandyPens Prism is 10.5cm long
KandyPens Prism is one of the smallest vape pens out there!



Discretion: You Can’t Get Much Better!

The discretion of the KandyPens Prism is an improvement over previous models. Mainly, this is due to getting rid of the annoying and very bright light at the bottom of the battery. The previous light would broadcast your smoking activity to the world and pretty much ask for attention.

You can full enclose the KandyPens Prism in the palm of your hand due to its small size. This allows you to puff on the go without calling attention to yourself! This thing is stealthy and compact, perfect for days on the move.


Taste: A Quality Coil At Last!

Again, the KandyPens Prism goes leaps and bounds over its counterparts in our taste category. This is a huge improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil. Previous models like the Elite and DJ Esco vape pen use cheap coils that get red hot and burn. Cheap coils absolutely ruin the taste of your wax (“vape pen taste”) and deliver a headache.

The Ceramic Plate retains great flavor. There’s really no difference or upgrade between the KandyPens Prism plates on the Prism and Prism+. The new titanium alloy preserves a lot of wax flavor. While it’s a great coil, it still doesn’t deliver the flavor retention of pure titanium.


Value: Pricey But Improved!

At $97.99, the Prism is one of the pricier models by KandyPens. But in comparison to the exorbitantly priced Elite, this is good value.

The Prism kit includes two atomizers: one double coiled quartz and one coil-less ceramic plate. You also get an extra glass mouthpiece, a charging cable and a keychain scoop tool.

KandyPens Prism value
The KandyPens Prism is expensive at almost $100, but it’s a huge improvement over old models.

The battery is only 320mah in comparison to 650mah, but you’re getting a unique charging ability with the addition of the iPhone lightening cable. So that value trade off could go either way! The main thing you lose out on is the case, but there’s no way you’d pay $50 for that case…

KandyPens does also offer a lifetime warranty that is hassle-free to claim on the battery. This means if anything happens, they will replace it, so your purchase is secure.

Though there are good features, $97.99 is quite a hefty price for this vape pen.


Replacements: Expensive!

Both KandyPens Prism atomizers: the ceramic plate and double coiled quartz atomizers are $24.95 a pop. Unless you buy these in a store, you’re looking to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each order (so be careful with your atomizers). Make sure to clean them regularly so they last longer, or it will get pricey real quick.

The quartz double coil finally uses a coil that’s worth it. However, they also decided to switch from a quartz cup to a ceramic cup. So, you’d think they’d make it a bit more affordable. This is definitely on the pricey side for titanium alloy coils.

The ceramic plate is similarly priced to other coil-less atomizers, like the Puffco Plus (which is also $24.95). Linx Hypnos atomizers are ridiculously priced at $27 a piece. So in comparison – it’s not bad! It’s still not cheap, but definitely better value than the Elite, because it has a sealed floor.


Conclusion: A KandyPens Winner!

KandyPens Prism Vape Pen
DabConnection thinks the KandyPens Prism is pretty awesome!

The KandyPens Prism finally delivers a great vape pen! It’s a discreet and portable. You do sacrifice power capacity for portability, but the trade-off may be worth it for the ease of use and handy size. Charging is easy too since you have both micro USB and Apple lightening connections. The Prism finally uses a decent coil, however replacements aren’t cheap.

KandyPens has fixed the efficiency issues of their previous models. We must say, the Prism is an awesome on-the-go companion! The Prism is available at GotVape. You can also see our comparison of the Prism and Prism+ if you are considering either.

Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+ Preview : Initial Preview Claims No Glue

Kandypens Prism & Prism+ Preview
Preview Of Kandypens Prism & Prism+ Vape Pens

Howdy ladies & gents! Welcome to the wide world of vape pens, where not all products are equal. Sometimes vape pens aren’t even what a company claims them to be. Proof of this statement is right here on DabConnectionv and it involves Kandypens. Claims of “No Glue” on their Elite vaporizers helped sell many a pen, until the discovery of glue in their pens. Our Kandypens Elite review shows direct evidence of these findings. Now we come to their newest vaporizer release, the Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+. Join in on a first look at these new pens which claim “No Glue”. We’d like to disassemble and check for ourselves and will get more in depth on a future review. Kandypens Prism pens do have a 500 unit special edition limit, so hopefully we can get our hands on one. Maybe Kandypens will redeem itself with a quality vaporizer this time around.

Update 10/15/2017: KandyPens Prism See our updated in depth reviews of the and Prism+.

Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+ Vape Pens: Product Preview

Design & Quality Of Prism Series Vaporizers

Kandypens Black Prism Vape Pen
Kandypens Black Prism Vape Pen

At the time of writing this post, Kandypens Prism and Prism+ series is on pre-order status. Their newest vaporizers will be available in two sizes. That’s the difference between + and no +. Just like iPhone 7 Plus, the Plus means bigger. You’ll also have black or white colors to choose from. They come with a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer and a dual coil quartz atomizer.

Kandypens vs. Kandypens Prism+


Small in stature, the Kandypens Prism vape pen stands at only 10.5 centimeters. The Kandypens Prism+ maintains the same 10.5 centimeter height, but has a slightly wider diameter due its larger battery. Kandypens Prism and Prism+ vaporizers appear high quality from their own account. All other design looks completely identical.

Kandypens Prism+
Slightly wider body but way more power on the Kandypens Prism+
Technical Specs

The most noticeable technical difference is the battery size. The Kandypens Prism comes in at a paltry 320mah, while the Kandypens Prism+ comes in at a healthy 900mah. 320mah seems hard to satisfy a serious vaper. 900mah is quite a bit and should last a long time. Besides size, the coil type is the same. They also use the same micro-USB charging. For personal use, based on battery alone I would go with the Kandypens Prism+ over the Kandypens Prism. It comes in at $20 more, but almost 3x the power.

Ease Of Use – Operating A Kandypens Prism Vape Pen

Because these pens have yet to hit the market, there’s very little info here. Prism and Prism+ pens use the standard push button activation. They do offer temp settings which allow you to find the right heat to vaporize your product. Atomizers do show separately, but it’s tough to tell how easy they come out for loading or replacement. More about ease of use once we have a Kanypens Prism vape in hand. We estimate it’s use to be on par with a Lynx Hypnos. There seems to be a lot of similarities between that vape pen, the Kandypens Prism, and the Kandypens Prism+.

Strength – Do Kandypens Prism and Prism+ Vapes Give Thick Hits?

There’s no sure way to tell for sure without having one, but they include double coil atomizers and that generally produces a good rip. The coilless ceramic plate atomizer is definitely a wait-till-you hit it atomizer. Some of these hit well, some of these hit poorly. Kandypens has a reputation for using cheaper quality regular eCig batteries. If the batteries used in the Prism and Prism+ are not sub-ohm, don’t expect big rips.

Update August 6, 2017: The Prism and Prsim+ do appear to be sub-ohm based on the fact that Kandypens wrote this into the permalink for both items. They should add this to the product listing as well. This is a good thing to have on this unit.

Efficiency – No One Likes Wasting Oil

Kandypens Prism Logo
Prism Logo Design

Because the Kandypens Prism and Kandypens Prism+ are use conduction atomizers, oil must touch the coils to atomize. Problems with product melting, running down the sides, and collecting at the bottom of the atomizer is often an issue on cheaper pens. If coil location isn’t close together and at the bottom of the atomizer, waste happens more often. Kandypens is pretty good about location of their coils in their other pens, but those pens did not leak because they had glue.

On the coilless ceramic plate atomizers, efficiency depends on the plate placement. It is not as waste-proof as a non-plate coilless atomizer. However, if there is not a large gap between the plate and the cup, this atomizer should be pretty efficient. Again, it looks just like the Lynx Hypnos on the atomizer. This is not new tech.

Versatility & Options In Atomizers 

Kandypens offers a wide range of atomizer replacements, though none yet specific to the new Prism or Prism+ pens. It sounds like a case of new product not yet on the website which does make sense. No need for more atomizers if no one has the vape pen yet. It’s still almost 2 weeks before the release date. It would be nice if Kandypens put that info up to encourage people to pre-order. I did contact Kandypens live chat with screenshots of our conversation. You can read exactly what they said about it.Live Chat With Kandypens Support

Live Chat Questions With Kandypens

Portability & Discretion – Kandypens Prism Vapes Are Low Profile

Both portability and discretion are areas where the Kandypens Prism and Prism+ vaporizers shine. Tubular in shape and only 10.5 cm in height, Prisms carry easily on your body and stash away in an instant. They get an A all around in this category. The Prism is slightly more portable than the Prism+, but the extra power is worth holding on the +.

Taste – Will Kandypens Prism Pens Give A Burnt Taste?

Again without the pen…you know the story. Facts about taste aren’t exclusive to actually having the pen, though it is always better info. Any atomizer with a coil will give off a burnt taste if the temp is too high or if you hit a dry atomizer. The coil quality of previous Kandypens atomizers is unkown. The coilless atomizer probably tastes similar to a Lynx Hypnos, which is pretty good.

Value – Kandypens Prism Price vs Value

In a vape pen or any product really, value is a measure of price vs performance. Performance is a wide term that can include many aspects. Durability is definitely one of them. We know the price of Prism pens. The standard model runs $97.99 and the Prism+ jumps to $127.99. We’ll all have to wait for tests so we can add the missing part of the value equation.

Usually Kandypens items are priced at the higher end of the market, but are not at the higher end of quality. They do have a good warranty policy, but the quality of previous pens is in questions. If they are again using a standard eCig battery in the Prism and Prism+, that would definitely take a hit on value. You just won’t be getting big rips. We hope they changed this with the Prism and Prism+.

Replacement Parts For Kandypens Prism Vaporizers

As of now, there are no replacement parts for Kandypens Prism line of vape pens. We did see that they plan on adding atomizers later, so perhaps Kandypens will also upload replacement parts onto their website once they release the Prism.

Kandypens Prism Series Conclusion

Yuck Face Due To Glue In A Vape Pen
No One Wants Glue In A Vape Pen

Initial previews of the Kandypens Prism vape pens make them appear to have value. The truth is that at this time there’s too much missing info and testing that’s necessary to provide an honest overview. We will attempt to get a hold of both products, but with only 500 in production it may not be so easy to do. It’s definitely important to learn more about this product.

Saying there’s no glue in a vape pen only to find glue in the exact same vape pen is absolutely unacceptable. We hope the Prism and Prism+ are a new and better Kandypens. However, we do notice they still sell all the same items that had glue as before. We’ll keep the investigation open until we learn more. My initial feelings about the Kandypens Prism line is skeptical at best. They blocked us on Instagram after we told them about the glue.

You can now get the regular Prism for $97.99 and the Prism+ for $127.99 at GotVape.

Kandypens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition Review

Kandypens DJ Esco 56 Nights
DJ Esco might not like the glue in the Kandypens DJ Esco 56 nights

KandyPens Galaxy DJ Esco 56 Nights: One Night is Enough

Kandypens launched their first “Signature Series” collaboration with hip hop product DJ Esco with Kandypens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition. Does this $150 limited edition vape pen deliver more than its popular model, or do you pay more for the name DJ Esco? Is it worth it to get the Kandypens DJ Esco or should you skip this vape?

UPDATE May 10, 2019: Kandypens has claimed they will be removing glue from all atomizers, so this review may be dated.

Design & Quality

The Kandypens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition is a special edition collaboration of Kandypens’ well known Galaxy vaporizer with hip hop producer DJ Esco. DJ Esco is best known for producing some of Future’s best hits like “Too Much Sauce.” 56 Nights is the name of his Mixtape with Future, based on the 56 nights he spent in jail in Dubai in 2015 for possession of marijuana.


The pen’s design is a glossy black with a gold mouthpiece, and the 56 Nights logo on the bottom of the battery. It has the same 650mah battery with 3 settings as the regular Kandypens Galaxy, compared to 4 with Kandypens Elite. It’s also the same size at 14mm wide. It’s basically the Andromeda of the Kandypens Galaxy with the 56 on the bottom.


The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition comes with two double coil quartz atomizers. The quartz chamber has 4 raised airflow holes near the top of the cup, to prevent from wax of leaking out when the chamber is full. There are two 1mm air vents on each the side of the vent.

After finding glue in the Kandypens Elite and admitting their original advertising of “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes” was false and changing it, would the Kandypens DJ Esco Galaxy have glue?


Both of the atomizers have the same disgusting epoxy glue from the Kandypens Elite. It’s underneath the quartz cup and closes the holes the coils pass though to connect to the battery. The glue also completely envelops the coils, which means hot coils touch the glue when in use.

Kandypens glue
The atomizer cup is flipped upside down. You can see the glue.

The coil is also the same cheap coil from their other models they call “Titanium” and gives off that “vape pen” smell everyone hates. We wouldn’t trust their word on it being real Titanium until they show some legitimate tests after finding glue.

Ease of Use

The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition is the same model and use of their other vape pens. Turn it on by pressing 5 times, press 3 times to cycle through the 3 heat settings, power up, inhale, and exhale. It is very easy to use.


Kandypens designs their vape pens to give users huge coughing hits. The “titanium” coils light up red-hot fast, which burns the wax and gives you a big cloud. This results in very strong hits, but it does ruin flavor.


The double coils’ rods are close together very low in the chamber, which makes it less likely you’ll miss.  If you lower your material right on the coils, you won’t lose material. The glue also helps efficiency. I wish there was not glue, but it does work at preventing leaks.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

While the Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco only comes with quartz double coil atomizers, it’s eGo-510 threaded (not 510 threaded like they say on their website) so you can also use coil-less Donuts, coil-less Gravity/Elite, and the quartz double coil Galaxy Tornado with variable airflow. Not being able to use a mod battery with an adapter on the same attachment also counts against it on versatility.


The DJ Esco version of the Kandypens Galaxy is just as portable as the original and the Kandypens Elite. The included 56 Nights travel case makes it easier to toss in your bag and go. It’s compact and will fit easily in your pocket.


The portability and size of the Kandypens Galaxy 56 Nights makes it perfect for discreet hits. However, their built-in K with a light at the bottom makes it horrible to use discreetly, specially at night. The light, which is sure to draw attention, is very bright and cannot be turned off.


Taste is not what this vape pen was designed for as can be seen from the cheap coil metal and the glue underneath. The coils get so hot that they just burn your wax. The cheap coil leaves users with a “vape pen taste.”

We don’t know if the glue melts during use and adds to the bad taste, but after a lot of use, we got a slight headache, similar to other cheap quality vapes.


The Kandypens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition includes 2 double coil atomizers, 1 small dabber, a charger, and a limited edition case. Kandypens also offers a very rare Lifetime Warranty on the battery. You’re guaranteed a working battery no matter what. Problem is that battery is a generic 3-voltage 650mah battery you can buy for around $5 (probably can find it with a free CE4 included!).

At $149.95, there’s no way to justify price. Even with the 20% off coupons floating around the Internet it is not a good deal. Let’s also not forget that both of the atomizers have glue underneath touching hot coils. DJ Esco diehard fans look elsewhere else because you might not be fans after using this.

This is not a good deal compared to the regular black Kandypens Galaxy. This model is basically the same thing with an extra atomizer with a 56 logo and case.

You pay $50 more for another $20 atomizer.

It has since gone on sale for 50% off (go figure it didn’t sell), but you’re still paying $75 for a battery and atomizers with glue.


Replacements are almost $20 a pop, plus $10 shipping minimum. You can use coupons if you want, but you’re still paying over $20 for a cheap “mystery” coil with glue underneath.

Overall Evaluation of the Kandypens DJ Esco Vaporizer

After making false statements of not having glue, the Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition charges almost $150 for 2 atomizers with cheap coils and glue. Use the coupon and it does not change the fact you are getting a $5 battery with cheap quality. The flavor delivery was awful. The efficiency where it does score high is due to glue. I would not recommend this vape. Check out our Puffco Plus review for a higher quality coilless atomizer option. See our Omicron v5 review for a higher end coiled atomizer with Grade 2 titanium coils, and no glue.

Update July 23, 2017: We reached out to DJ Esco’s management by email asking if he still endorsed the Kandypens product after it had been found to contain glue. They did not respond.

Update December 5, 2017: We did a KandyPens Galaxy vs. Prism comparison n a recent post with this vape pen. The Prism is a substantial improvement for KandyPens and does not containe glue.


Kandypens Elite Review: Glue Is Being Removed

KandyPens Elite
The Elite has a smooth finish.

KandyPens Elite Review: It’s Leak Proof Because of Glue

UPDATE 11/14/2018: Kandypens has recently committed to removing all glue from vaporizers. This is a great development and we hope in the future they produce better quality vape pens like they did with the Prism and Prism+.

Kandypens releases their KandyPens Elite for concentrate enthusiasts. With new “Leak Proof Technology™”, this $140 vape pen vies for top spot in Vape Pen Guides. Does it build upon earlier Kandypens models? Or is it a new coat of paint on the same old vape?

Design & Quality

The KandyPens Elite is a standard size pen at 14mm in diameter. It has a 650mah battery with 4 voltage settings. It comes in different combinations of metallic gold colors, or white with gold accents. The button is a K that lights up to show the voltage setting as well another K underneath that also lights up depending on voltage color.

On the attachment itself the air carb is situated nicely near the middle of the attachment. Your index finger naturally lands on it if screwed on the right way. This was a good part of the design.

The quartz chamber has 4 raised airflow holes near the top of the cup, to prevent from wax of leaking out when filling the chamber. There are then two 1mm air vents on the side of the vent. The top part of the mouthpiece has a 2mm air carb you can cover for bigger clouds. The carb hole works very well, but suffers from the same problem as the KandyPens Mini. A small annoying whistle that happens every so often.

It comes with 2 atomizers. A quartz double coil and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer. Same atomizers as their Kandypens Gravity, both of which KandyPens brands as containing “Leak Proof Technology.™”

We opened up the atomizers and found that the quartz double coil had a green mucus-colored blob of glue under the quartz cup inside the atomizer. This should not be the case on future Kandypens models. The ceramic plate also has a white blog of sealant under the heater. The coil according to the website is titanium. Their product site also says “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes” and the statement was later removed. With their recent statements that claim may come back legitimately.

Type of metal in coil

Real Titanium has a very low resistance, so a double coil would typically require a sub-ohm battery, so this might be a Titanium Alloy coil at best.

Below you can see the glue on the back of the atomizer bowl of the KandyPens Elite quartz atomizer. These are for the old atomizer, we will update pictures when they official release glue free atomizers, which is coming soon.

Below you will see the ceramic coilless atomizer also has glue on the back of its bowl.

KandyPens Atomizer Glue

KandyPens failed on quality due to the use of glue. However, they have fixed this issue and it should not effect new pens coming out.

Ease of Use

The Kandypens Elite is ridiculously easy to use. In this category it shines. Simply turn the power on by pressing 5 times. Press 3 times to cycle through the 4 different power settings. Power up, inhale, and breathe. The air carb is situated nicely near the middle of the attachment. Your index finger naturally lands on it if screwed on the right way.

Power settings are Pink for Very Low, Red for Low, Green for Medium, and Blue for High. These are easy to see with the bright power button and K under the battery. If you’d like to switch atomizers simply unscrew one. Then replace it with the other one.

The airflow is open. With the air carb you easily can attain fat clouds. Even with the coil-less atomizer.

The only downside is the battery needs to be unscrewed from the attachment to charge. In 2017 this can be easily fixed by a USB port on the side.


KandyPens clearly designed the Elite for strength and it delivers. The “titanium” coil lights up red hot in 3-5 seconds. It completely devours your wax. You get big vape clouds. Especially hard hits come when paired with the air carb.

The coilless ceramic plate delivers smoother low temp hits, but at highest Blue setting, the Elite can still deliver a strong hit.


The double coils’ rods are close together very low in the chamber. This makes it less likely you’ll miss them and your wax drips down the sides, never to be vaped again. You get some wax dripping down the sides of the coils, but as long as you don’t miss the coils, the red-hot coils gobble most up.

The coilless atomizer is much less efficient. The ceramic plate is separate to the ceramic chamber that houses it, so you have a small crevice in between the ceramic plate and the chamber walls. When you heat up the atomizer, some wax “runs” away from the heating center towards the walls, which means you lose some wax down that crevice. You’ll notice it because there’s always a consistent dark ring of wax around the ceramic plate. The lack of power from the battery may be the issue. This does appear to be a standard eCig style battery.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

The Kandypens Elite includes 2 different atomizers. Though not advertised extensively (probably due to the color mis-match) it also works with the low temp KandyPens Donuts ceramic donut atomizers and Galaxy Tornado atomizers with variable airflow.

No new atomizers have been announced, and though the 2 atomizers cover the bases on low temp and cloud production, we’d like to see more options in the future.


The Kandypens Elite fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the included case makes it simple and a breeze to throw it in your backpack, purse, or bag. The square shape makes it an awkward shape to carry in your pocket, but you can take the battery without even noticing in your pocket.


The small size of the Kandypens Elite makes it very discreet, but the light both on the button and especially underneath, shines so bright, that even covering with your hand completely, still has lets some light escape. Neither can be turned off, so if you’re looking to vape at night or in the dark in a room, look elsewhere.

Remember that air carb sometimes whistles when open? Well, just like the Kandypens Mini, the annoying whistling sound will turn some heads. If they made the air carb 1mm larger, this could easily be solved.


The coilless atomizer on the KandyPens Elite excels at giving you great flavor out of your concentrates. The low temp atomizer compliments the strength of the double coil atomizer very well. If you like to sip on terpenes this will be one of your favorite atomizers.

The main problem in taste here and we got a dock a couple of points is the double coil atomizer. It’s so harsh to burn your wax at the very end. It also leaves a faint taste of “vape pen” metal. Once you rip through about half of the wax in the chamber, the coils get hot so fast it kills the taste. And at one point, I just get headaches if I used the coiled atomizer.

I should note that I could not taste the glue. I did not get any glue or odd type taste, besides the vape pen metal taste. It is likely that the glue is not melting at the temperature that the eGo battery puts out.


The Kandypens Elite includes 1 double coil atomizer, 1 coilless ceramic plate atomizer, 1 small dabber, a charger, and a case. Kandypens also offers a very rare Lifetime Warranty on the battery, which means that you’re guaranteed a working battery no matter what.

At $139.95 though, it’s an expensive vape pen. No free shipping either. They do have 20% off coupons floating around the Internet which makes the price much more palatable. The Lifetime Warranty is excellent. But really it only covers a variable voltage eGo battery which does not have a high value on its own. If you take off the shiny finish, this is the same type of battery you would get in a cheaper eCig kit.

If you do purchase online you end up paying $9.95 shipping, so you lose a little of the savings.


Both the quartz double coil and the coilless ceramic atomizer are $24.95 for the KandyPens Elite. Even after you use one of their available coupons, you’re still looking at around $20 a pop, before shipping and handling, so be very careful with your atomizers, or this will get very pricey very quick. Their shipping and handling is a minimum of $9.95, so purchase in bulk if you plan to use a coupon or purchase in store for the most affordable price.

The coilless atomizer’s price is a better option considering the prices and qualities of each.

KandyPens Elite
The Elite looks sleek in gold.


The KandyPens Elite is sleek looking and very easy to use. Price wise its quite much at effectively almost $150 with shipping for only having a very basic eGo threaded battery. It did work consistently with no issues. The coilless atomizer delivered good flavor. The double coil quartz delivered big hits, but lacked in the flavor department. We are curious to see how the new pens without glue turn out. The Prism and Prism+ turned out good.


The Top Five eRigs : Dabbing With the Best


We here at DabConnection do our best to stay on top of the dynamic cannabis market, during this exciting time in the industry. We’ve covered enough hardware that we can pick the top rigs that we’ve reviewed “so far.”

That is to say, we haven’t had the chance to review everything on the market up to this second – we’re all smoking and vaping and dabbing as fast as our lungs can puff over here. But we’ve managed to get a pretty comprehensive overview of the competitive dabbing hardware market. The cannabis hardware market is still in its infancy at the end of the weed prohibition era, so we’ve also seen the technology make some progress while ironing out some early design kinks. As you’ll see, there’s different approaches to eRig design, with a lot of creative ideas to explore.

Special shout-out to our staff reviewer Ben Chu, a peerless dabbing hardware and extract expert who is also a Hollywood-class photographer!

Reminder: As of this posting date, it is TEN days until 7/10, Dabber’s Day.

Without further ado (we stoners tend to ado a lot), here are the top five eRigs we’ve found for dabbing cannabis extracts and concentrates.

#1: DabX Rocket Mk. 1 – Efficient and User-Friendly


The Rocket Mk. 1 is the flagship eRig of DabX. It was designed by professional racecar driver Chris Rado, who was motivated by his father, a medical cannabis patient. We found that the Rocket Mk. 1 improved upon the best ideas from eRigs we’d reviewed before.

The Rocket Mk. 1 is efficient and versatile, able to work with any concentrate with its innovative temperature control system. At the same time, it is intuitive and user-friendly. The Rocket Mk. 1 is also portable and easy to clean, with a robust battery life.

The sole downside of the Mk. 1 is that it needs an external glass rig to operate. However, that’s a trivial matter and we see this as the wave of the future. eRigs may just prove out to do better as stand-alone components, without the need to clutter the package with glass too. Our full review of the DabX Rocket Mk. 1 here.

#2: VapeDynamics “The Dip” – Affordable and Compact

dip e rig review

One of the biggest attractive features of VapeDynamics’ The Dip is the price; eRigs are not cheap, but this is one of the most affordable of the lot. Yet the low price tag covers a fantastically designed eRig that packs in the quality.

The Dip is one of the most compact designs you can find on the market, all zipped into a discreet carrying case. Sleek and ergonomic, The Dip is intuitive to operate and has adjustable temperature settings. Notably, it also has add-ons (sold separately) which allow it to vape dry herb or get better flavor out of wet extracts. Even the standard dab tool was impressively designed.

You can tell that The Dip was built by people who love to dab as much as we do! We compared it favorably to most other eRigs on the market, while finding few peers in its rank. Our full review of the VapeDynamics The Dip here.

#3: Freeze Pipe E-Nail – Lightweight and Ultra-Portable

freeze pipe review

When it comes to “discreet dabbing on the go,” you don’t get much better than a palm-sized design. The Freeze Pipe E-Nail comes as a stand-along rig which you accessorize, or as part of the full Recycler & E-Nail Dab Kit, if you want the whole hardware set in one stop.

The most prominent feature of the Freeze Pipe E-Nail is its roomy digital readout screen, and fully adjustable range of temperature control. For such a small unit, you get an impressive cloud and a fast start time. Operation is simple and convenient, while the read-out screen gives you feedback on battery life, cool-down time, and current temperature.

Like the DabX Rocket Mk. 1, the bare Freeze Pipe E-Nail unit requires external glass. But as we mentioned, eRigs seem to be doing better if they focus on the digital unit while leaving the glass as a separate matter. You can get the complete kit and be ready to go. Our full review of the Freeze Pipe E-Nail here.

#4: Shenzhen Crossing The Core E-Rig – Unique and Versatile Design

core e-rig review

Shenzhen Crossing’s The Core takes the all-in-one approach, coming up with the sweet spot at the best of all possible features built-in. It is a complete bubbler eRig at a reasonable price, in the same ranks as similar rigs such as the Puffco Peak or the Focus V Carta.

The Core comes with interchangeable atomizer units, one each of ceramic bucket, titanium bucket, and triple titanium coil. Its battery is strong and long-lasting off a fast-charging USB-C cable, while the one-button control is basic to figure out. It also packs in a haptic feedback system, and has four preset temperatures for use with different buckets.

For an all-in-one eRig, The Core is a bulky unit more suited to the coffee table than your coat pocket. However, it is designed with top quality standards, trying hard to be the only eRig you will ever need for every extract. Our full review of the Shenzhen Crossing The Core here.

#5: High Five Duo – A Beginner-Friendly eRig Worth the Price

high five duo review

While the High Five Duo is at the middle price range for an all-in-one eRig, it’s still more affordable than comparable rigs such as the Kandypens Oura. With that out of the way, this eRig has a simple design that can accommodate both dry herb and extracts.

With simple button controls, haptic feedback, top-notch airflow, and highly adjustable temperatures, the High Five Duo is suited to the hardest-hitting user while still being suited to the beginner as well. The swappable bowls come in titanium and quartz, and the whole unit is easy to clean. Billed as “the smartest eRig in the world,” the unit is bulky, but comes with a pretty roomy traveling bag.

There is a downside in that the glass piece doesn’t quite seat securely onto the rig, but the base is very solid and stable to make up for it. It may not be the perfect eRig, but it does the job close enough. Our full High Five Duo review here.

#6 Honorable mention: HAMR Cold Start Rig – Glass for Old-School Torch Fans

hamr review

The HAMR Cold Start Rig is not an eRig, since there is no digital component. That is because the HAMR philosophy is that using a torch is the best way to go; to quote their website, “No Battery, No Coil, No Problem.” If you’d rather dab your extract with the majesty of propane-fueled fire, then this alternative rig is for you.

For a very reasonable price, you get an all-in-one kit sporting a SABR torch and glass bubbler rig with quartz bucket, all mounted on a handsome silicon base. Manual controls on the torch allow you to set the temperature. It is far easier to clean and maintain than digital eRigs, while also having fewer points of failure due to not being digital.

With that said: Butane ain’t exactly cheap. You have to know what you’re doing temperature-wise, depending on the extract you’re dabbing. There’s also lots of delicate glass components to handle. And of course, it’s not an eRig. But in our eRig list, we had to include this maverick innovator as an alternative, because sometimes the best temperature controller is you. Our full HAMR Cold Start Rig review here.

Readers, what are your recommendations?

Do you have any eRigs that we haven’t reviewed which you think might be candidates for this slim list? Are the top innovations in eRig technology still on the horizon? What improvements would you like to see in this market? Cluck at us here in the comments, or head for our forum to share your feedback.

High Five Duo Review – Great Portable Electronic Dab Rig

high five duo review

Today we look at the High Five Duo, a portable electronic dab rig. We’ll detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. The High Five Duo currently sells for $300. It is a very intuitive e-rig that gives you control over the length of session time and a wide range of variable temperature control.


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • User-friendly features
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for heavy and light users


  • Too bulky for travel
  • Glass alignment with the base for proper airflow

Recommendation: Better glass alignment would be great.

The High Five Duo e-Rig is an excellent performing and well-built product at a better price

From the build quality to performance, the High Five Duo hits high marks on all points. It’s also substantially cheaper than the offerings from other more known companies like Kandypens’ Oura and the Puffco Peak which faced a lawsuit over the atomizers failing. We will explain why the High Five Duo is one of the best e-Rigs we have reviewed on DabConnection.

The High Five Duo has a sturdy base and design w/ nice glass

The Duo rig comes with seven pieces. There’s the device itself, glass bubbler mouthpiece, base cover, 2 bowls, a carb cap, and a dab tool. Once you assemble the Duo, it comes down to two main pieces, which is the base and the glass bubbler. The base of the rig is solid and sturdy. It may be a little too bulky to take to the beach or in public. The glass bubbler mouthpiece is really nice and has terrific airflow. It has an opening that has to be aligned with the hole at the base of the glass bubbler. 

high five duo box
high five duo box looks pretty neat

The High Five Duo has a bulky yet simple design

The base of the High Five Duo is very strong and sturdy with a nicely designed glass piece. The Duo is well designed for any kind of consumer because it is easy to use, clean, and maintain. The Duo provides strong milky hits based on the widely adjustable temp control. The temperature control on the Duo is easily the strongest draw for the consumer. 

high five duo rig
High Five Duo has a bulky yet simple design

The temperature control on the Duo is its strongest asset

The temperature goes from 350 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the hit can extend to 60 secs. which is a valuable asset for heavy users with a high tolerance. You turn on the Duo by pressing the on/off button five times. You can adjust which lights are turned on or off on the Duo. Also, you can adjust the brightness and color style of the lights. The heating cycle on the Duo is activated when you hold down the power button. When it vibrates, you let go of the button. Wait for the screen that shows “Heating” until it says “At Temp,” then you can start your session.

high five duo unboxing
Interesting shape for the High Five Duo

The High Five Duo has two different bowls

The High Five Duo comes with two different bowls, one titanium and one quartz. The titanium quartz is better than the quartz for live resin and sauces. The quartz bowl is better for hash rosin or live rosin. The titanium and quartz bowls are very easy to clean, maintain, and change. Other parts of the rig, like the base cover, carb cap, and dab tool, are easy to clean as well.

high five duo rig info
The back of the box shows the break down on how it works.

The High Five Duo is very user-friendly

Live resin and other concentrates are easy to load into the bowl. You should move any concentrate away from the side of the airhole with your dab tool to prevent spillage. All the parts are easy to assemble and disassemble in order to use the rig. Its only drawback is its bulky design when traveling with the rig. It does comes with a carrying case where all the pieces can be disassembled and placed into the case.

high five duo set
All the parts that come in the High Five Duo eRig box.

The maintenance of the rig is very easy and convenient

The High Five Duo is easy to clean and maintain, but you have to be careful with the glass piece. The inner part of the glass bubbler can break if dropped. All you need to do is soak all the small pieces along with the glass bubbler. Then, wipe the base down with some alcohol.

Comparing it to other E-Rigs

puffco peak
Puffco Peak. Photo courtesy of Kings Pipe.

The High Five Duo is much like a Puffco Peak, but with widely adjustable temperature control. It is also significantly better than the Ooze Comet, where there is no temperature control. While the Ooze Comet is a very good budget E-Rig, the High Five Duo is definitely worth the extra investment. Plus, the price is not as expensive as other E-Rigs.

The High Five Duo is perfect for heavy and casual users alike

The fact that you can control the temperature and session length is a huge deal for heavy, high-tolerance users and for users of low tolerance, as well. I’ve been using it for a variety of concentrates, all of which are excellent for the High Five Duo.

Concluding our High Five Duo review…

If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting electronic dab rig with lots of versatile features, this E-rig is for you. The Duo allows you to have absolute control over the temperature from 350 to 600 degrees, as well as the length of your session, which can last up to 60 secs. Overall, the High Five Duo is more than worth the investment. It’s also very easy to operate once you know how it works. However, the bulkiness will prevent you from taking it anywhere in public. The opening at the base of the rig has to be aligned with the opening at the base of the glass bubbler for the best airflow and performance.

Once you get to know this E-rig, The Duo will be a favorite rig among many different kinds of consumers. It also works wonderfully with many different kinds of concentrates. All in all, this is an excellent rig for your collection.

You can find more information on and buy a High Five Duo eRig here.

What are your thoughts on the High Five Duo rig? Have you tried it or have a question? Post a comment below or in our forum!

Tronian Pitron Battery Review – Simple Yet Effective


Here we review the Tronian Pitron battery. We have tried some other products from TVape and they so far have been great quality products. This one we found the build quality to be high with decent performance. It’s not as much of a killer hitting stick battery like the button-push Javelina battery, but for a pull draw lower end battery, it’s good for the price.


  • Cheap
  • Discrete
  • Looks like a regular e-cig battery
  • Has a good battery capacity for its size
  • Has a micro USB charging


  • Doesn’t hit super hard
  • Its not button push
  • Does not protect the cartridge

Recommendation: It would be nice it had a button push like the Javelina has so you could get a harder hit from it.

Pitron Cartridge Mouthpiece
The Pitron battery is easy to use, just draw from it.

Pitron battery is good for a cheap battery

I hit on this battery on a couple of different cartridges including CCELL. On the off-brand ones, it hit ok and it seems to perform well on CCELL. It is nothing spectacular but it is only 10 dollars. Compared to other batteries in that price range, it is good. It’s better than most stick batteries I have tried however I prefer the Javelin battery over this one and that one is 7 dollars. The problem with the Javelina battery is that you can only find it in Colorado dispensaries.

Design is pretty standard, basically like reusable Blu cig

Looks the same as the Blu eCig, pretty discreet, except for the cartridge itself.  Depending on the way your cartridge looks, the more or less discreet it will be. This does the job and if you are in a legal state, you don’t have anything to worry about as long you are not driving around.

Seems to fit every cartridge but it’s underpowered for some

I wasn’t a big fan of this on Rove and I wasn’t a big fan of this on some of the off-brand carts. On CCELL it performed well but I think that some the other brands and the other off-brand hardware types need a button pushed battery to get maximum performance, especially on the Javelina cartridge.

rove cartridge
Rove carts are better off on the Rove battery.

It has one constant heat setting that is not variable

The setting that is on is decently strong. It’s not the strongest battery ever but I don’t expect that for 10 dollars. I think if you are hitting a ton of cartridges quite frequently you end up getting better value out of some more expensive batteries such as the Vessel Compass.

Even though it costs 60 dollars you are getting much better vapor per hit so over the course of the year you do save money. However, if you want something cheap and disposable and you hit not that often this is a perfect pick.

Vessel Compass is better in the long run

Build quality is great for the type of the battery it is

Its a really basic stick battery so there is not a whole lot to judge. Comparing to other stick batteries out there this is definitely better than average. You can tell by the way it feels, the width of it and the construction on the connections where things are put together.

Pitron laydown
Pitron really has a decent build for its price range

Battery life at 350mAh is better than most stick batteries at 180-280mAh

This battery has 350 mAh which is higher than you frequently find on this kind of battery. So there is not much to complain about comparing it to similar products. The KandyPens Slim for example is only 180mAh. The fact you can charge it with a USB charger is a bonus, since many of these battery types require a not-as-common screw-on charger.

Pitron usb port
You can easily charge your Pitron via a USB port

Hits are decently hard for a draw-activated battery

For a pull drive its pretty good. I would say that the PCKT One Plus is better but that battery costs 6 times as much. You will get more than you pay here because most batteries in the 10 dollar range are gonna hit weaker than this.

PCKT ONE PLUS is better but more expensive

The value on the Pitron battery is good

Overall, I can’t complain about the value here at 10 dollars but I would probably spend more money and get a better battery. I have no problem spending 50 dollars on a battery if over the course the year it’s giving me 10% better performance on every cartridge. By the time year is done, I will have save more money on effectively vaporizing over this battery. Like we found on the Dipstick battery before, it just didn’t perform that well, maybe 20% worse than the Compass, so effectively it’s costing you 20% of that cartridge. However, Pitron battery is not costing you anything,  but you are just not getting as hard hit out of it.

Concluding our review of the Pitron battery

Overall the Pitron battery is great for the price that it cost and for what it is – It is a cheap stick battery. However, you might wanna upgrade to something else and many of our readers are looking for higher-end products. But if you want something cheap that will work for today you won’t go wrong with Pitron.

You can find out more information on the Tronian Pitron and buy one on their website here.

What are your thoughts on the Pitron battery? Comment below or in our forums!

Utillian 2 Review: Good Build Quality, Smooth But Not Strong Hits


Here we review the Utillian 2 by TVape. This dab pen is more on the budget side, priced at $39.99, but still has a good build quality. Overall, we found this dab pen to be more on the light-hitting side and recommend it more for beginning dabbers. To a long time, high tolerance concentrate hitter, this might not hit hard enough, unless you are going for lighter hits.


  • High build quality
  • Smooth hits
  • Easy pop on/off atomizer to reload


  • Hits are not hard
  • Battery cannot be used with other atomizers
  • Currently no replacement atomizers, mouthpiece or charger available

Recommendations: Make it hit harder and make replacement parts available.

Check out our video review of the Utillian 2 below and keep reading on for the more in depth review.

Utillian 2 dab pen has good build quality, nice magnetic connections, but hits are not hard

utilian 2
Nice build quality all around on the Utillian 2.

When you open the Utillian 2 you can feel it’s a higher build quality product. Despite their only being one atomizer, the build felt very similar to the Linx Blaze, that goes for almost $100 more. The case and setup are also nicely done, it’s just the hardness of hit is not there for the experienced, high-tolerance dabber.

utilian 2 vape kit
Here’s everything the Utillian 2 comes with.

Extremely simple to use and reliable

You just scrape up some concentrate and slide it in, click five times and you are ready to go. One thing different than most batteries is the 2-click temperature change. Most batteries are 3-click.

No complex settings, just preheat a little before you hit it and go. On top of that it’s all magnetic connections, which makes reloading simpler than your average dab pen.

Magnetic connections on the Utillian 2 are simple and easy

utilian 2 battery and charger
Snaps right on, but if you lose it there’s no replacement.

Connections between the battery, atomizer and even charging are all magnetic. No twisting to do just snap it on. This is a nice feature for easily using the product. The downside is you cannot use the battery for a cartridge or another dab pen atomizer type.

Build quality is better than other’s we’ve seen at this price range

utilian 2 box
Looks just like it does on the box.

Other vapes we have reviewed in this price range did not compare on build quality. Although strength of hit might be a bit lower than some of us high tolerance folks like, you can tell this is a well made device. Better than wax pens you would find from KandyPens, that cost much more.

The charging system would be better with a standardized connection

The charging system seems solid as well, but we would prefer straight charging into the battery via a standard style USB port, such as micro-USB or USB-C. This enables you to charge the battery easier since everyone has some of these cables lying around and should you end up in travel and forgot yours, you can pick one up at the dollar store.

If you lose the charger, there are no replacements for sale.

Glass mouthpiece is nice and has a filter

utilian 2 mouthpiece
Nice thick evenly made glass.

You can see above how thick that mouthpiece glass is. Although glass could break, this one probably would not unless you throw it on the ground pretty hard. Below you can see the filter that is in the mouthpiece. Still missing from a lot of dab pens, this is a nice feature.

utilian 2 mouthpiece screen
That screen is a nice add on, not all dab pens have it.

The only downside of this mouthpiece is it currently out of stock. If you break it, you would have to buy a whole new Utillian 2 dab pen.

Utillian 2 comes with one atomizer style: dual coil quartz

The atomizer hits smooth which is good. Many atomizers of this type are too harsh. However, for some this might just be too soft of a hit. The other problem with this atomizer is replacements are not in stockThere is a donut-style ceramic atomizer they sell for it as well, but that’s also out of stock. Effectively as of the time of this review, the Utillian 2 will only be for use with the atomizer it comes with, then your out of luck.

utilian 2 dual coil quartz atomizer
Even though there is wax in there, at this point it’s not hittable. Coiled atomizers always result in some loss.

Above is a picture of the atomizer after some use. Unfortunately, dual coil atomizers are not the most efficient. Wax does get left on the sides that does not vape all the way, causing some waste. If this was a coilless atomizer, almost all the way would get used.

What’s included in the Utillian 2 dab pen kit

The Utillian 2 comes with:

  • 650maH battery
  • Dual quartz coil atomizer
  • Dab tool
  • Magnetic USB A charger
  • Carrying case

Utillian 2 Operation Instructions

Operation is super simple. Here’s how you do it in numbered steps:

  1. Uncap mouthpiece from atomizer
  2. Load concentrate onto the coil using the dab tool
  3. Put mouthpiece back on
  4. Connect atomizer to battery (snaps on magnetically)
  5. Press 5 times to turn on
  6. Press 2 times to get to desired voltage setting

The voltage settings are as follows:

  • 3.0V Green
  • 3.4V Blue
  • 3.8V Purple
  • 4.2V Red

We ran it at 4.2V the entire time, but it was still not producing a hard hit. Still the hits are very smooth.

Strength of hits could be better

Two different waxes are used in this review: live resin and honeycomb. I use both to see if it will hit differently on either. Hits are roughly the same level of intensity on this device on both types of concentrates.

For me the highest setting was still a bit on the soft side. However, many beginning users might prefer this lighter style hit to something harsh. I should mention there is going too harsh as well, like the This Thing Rips OG Four 2.0, that just scorches the wax.

Many experienced users with dab pens are expecting to get harsher hits out of coils and lighter hits out of coilless. The intensity of these hits was lighter than many higher-end coilless atomizer options I have tried. It should be considered most those options do cost more.

Vapor quality is great despite strength lacking

The quality of the vapor out of this device is good. It would be slightly better on a coilless atomizer like the PuffCo Plus, but comparing coils to coils, it’s definitely better than your average coil hit.

Taste is good, nothing metallic or off about it

The Utillian 2 delivers true-to-concentrate taste. It puts out the same taste as a dab rig would for that type of concentrate. It’s not hitting as hard, but you can recognize what concentrate you are hitting. The lower temp hit probably helps this, as when you scorch your wax you really can’t taste it as good.

Comparing the Utillian 2 to other popular dab pens

Here we’ll compare it to some of the more popular dab pens out there: The Puffco Plus, Puffco Pro 2 and the Linx Blaze.

Utillian 2 vs Puffco Plus

Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus
Puffco Plus is sleek, but more expensive.

The Puffco Plus is a coilless atomizer system that’s known for delivering very smooth hits. The Utillian 2 also delivers very smooth hits for a coilless atomizer. However, you are going to get more efficiency with the Puffco Plus because there is no where for wax to go on the sides, like there is on any coiled atomizer design.

The Puffco Plus is an overall better product, but it does cost substantially more at currently $71.99. Therefore, it’s a close call.

Utillian 2 vs Puffco Pro 2

PuffCo Pro 2
PuffCo Pro 2 doesn’t have great airflow, but you can feel the quality build.

Utillian 2 and Puffco Pro 2 are pretty similar devices from anyone just looking and not using. The Pro 2 has been discontinued but is still a popular product, is still for sale, and something many would recognize in a comparison. The Puffco Pro 2 now goes for around $75. If you have tax then it’s almost double the price of the Utillian 2.

Airflow is awful on the Pro 2 and that is it’s major flaw. Hits are slightly harder on the Pro 2 compared to the Utillian.

Overall, the Utillian 2 is a better product than the Puffco Pro 2.

Utillian 2 vs Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze package contents
We see here what you get when you purchase Linx Blaze, a similar-looking kit to the Utillian 2.

The Linx Blaze is almost a fatter version of the Utillian 2 with an added coilless atomizer. The Blaze is more efficient especially on the coilless option. Even if the coilless donut option was in stock for the Utillian 2, it’s placement is less efficient than the blaze. The Blaze also has stronger hits on the coiled atomizer than the Utillian 2.

The biggest difference is the price. The Linx Blaze retails for $135, while the Utillian 2 is just under $40. Factor in tax and the Linx Blaze costs 3.5x as much.

The Linx Blaze is just too expensive for what it even though it performs better than the Utillian 2.

Utillian 2 is priced fairly at $39.99

The price on Utillian is not too high, especially considering it has some unique attributes like the magnetic connections. The coil seems to be of decent quality as well. There’s tons of dab pens out there that have questionable coil construction like the products we saw from the now-appears-to-be defunct This Thing Rips.

When you break it down as a per-included item cost,

back of utilian 2 box
PRC = People’s Republic of China. This is where almost all vape products are made.

Warranty length is 12 months for the Utillian 2

This covers defects in material and workmanship and not abuse like most. Batteries go bad all the time and that’s not brand-specific, so it’s nice to have that length of time. Some brands like SteamCloud have no warranty and we don’t recommend any of their products because of it.

This warranty has become the standard among better products and it probably does not include the atomizer. Atomizers should be replaced more frequently than that anyway, especially when it comes to coiled atomizers.

Concluding our Utillian 2 review…

The Utillian 2 offers easy to load magnetic connections, a smooth hit and a very good build quality. It doesn’t give you hard hits if you are a high tolerance user and looking for that. Overall, it’ll work for as a starter dab pen with lower tolerance.

You can get the Utillian 2 at TVape’s shop here.

Linx Blaze Review: Smooth Hits, But Expensive

Linx Blaze review

Here we review the Linx Blaze dab pen. Although we’ve been probably hitting way more THC cartridges lately, we still like to hit dab pens especially with some good concentrates around. The Linx Blaze really delivered, it doesn’t hit super strong but it hits super smooth and has exceptional flavor on both atomizers.

On top of that, the build quality is excellent across the board which is expected from Linx. The only downside to the dab pen is the price at $135, which is quite expensive.


  • Exceptionally smooth hits
  • Excellent true-to-wax flavor delivery
  • High quality build
  • Quartz and ceramic atomizers


  • Expensive

Recommendations: A bit lower cost would be nice.

Linx Blaze’s excellent build quality delivers true to strain tasty hits

Linx Blaze carrying case
Here’s a picture of the Linx Blaze’s carrying case

I have to say Linx Blaze overall delivers a great wax pen experience. The higher price is the only downside.

That being said, Linx Blaze turned out to be a high-quality product. It comes with the following on the package:

  • 900mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Dab Tool
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case

Here we’ll go through the product in detail.

DabConnetion does not receive compensation for reviews and has no affiliate links. We only tell you what we think of the product, good or bad.

The Linx Blaze design is simple, yet effective

Linx Blaze package contents
We see here what you get when you purchase Linx Blaze

The atomizers for the Linx Blaze are very well designed. The ceramic one uses a plate similar to that used in a KandyPens Prism but with higher quality construction. The quartz atomizer uses a cup, similar to what the old SourceVapes nail atomizers used. This turns out to be a very effective method of creating atomizers.

They are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They’re just making high-quality versions of technology that is already out there. This is very common when it comes to wax pens.

Most dab pen technology is recycled and improved. Linx has done a good job of improving it as much as possible.

The battery is short and fat, perfect sizing

The battery has a high capacity at 900mAh which is great considering the form factor. The battery is short and fat so it doesn’t take up so too much space in your pocket. That was one thing I did not like about some of the SourceVapes products before, the stick style batteries were too long.

By shortening and making the battery fat, the Linx Blaze battery fits really nicely into your pocket with an atomizer and mouthpiece attached.

How to use the Linx Blaze

Using the Linx Blaze dab pen is super easy. Just do the following:

  1. Charge the battery if it’s not yet charged
  2. Fill an atomizer with some concentrate (.1 to .25 grams)
  3. Attach the atomizer to the battery
  4. Click five times to turn on
  5. Put it on your preferred heat setting (Green, Red, or Blue), by clicking 3 times

Then you just hold the battery to hit and inhale. Like most ceramic and quartz dab pens, let the atomizer heat up a few seconds before you take your hit.

Linx Blaze is known for great build quality, nothing different here

linx blaze quartz atomizer
Close up of the quartz atomizer.

When you hold the battery and the atomizers and look at them, you can tell that these things are built well. Upon using them, you can tell further that these things are built well indeed. There are no off-tastes to this product at all.

linx blaze ceramic atomizer
Close up of the ceramic plate atomizer.

You will literally taste just the concentrate, which is exactly what it should be. On top of that, the battery feels very hefty and you can tell it is made well. Linx products over the past couple of years have been known for building high-grade products and nothing was different here. The build quality on this device is very reminiscent of the Puffco Plus.

Linx Blaze is super easy to use

When it comes to ease of use, Linx makes it simple. Everything is pretty standard here, you just need to press the button 5 times to turn the battery on, press the button 3 times to change the temperature setting, and everything else is a screw-on and it uses standard USB

Linx Blaze doesn’t hit super strong, but that’s not what it’s going for anyway

The Linx Blaze hits are not super strong. I would say that they’re not really going for strength either, they’re going for smoother hits. The ceramic atomizer will get you a much stronger hit than the quartz. However, these are all geared towards taste.

Even the stronger ceramic kit is not gonna be close to what a coiled atomizer is gonna hit like. However, given the purpose of it is for a taste, it still good strength. But definitely, strength is not a priority when they have made this wax pen.

Linx Blaze is extremely efficient

When we first used the ceramic plate atomizer, I thought we may get some wax going underneath the plate. I’m pretty sure that this happened on the Kandypen’s Prism atomizer, but this did not seem to happen on the Linx ceramic atomizer. The oil does not drip down in between the plate at all. It seems to cool there just fine.

On the quartz atomizer, it seems like a completely sealed bucket just like on what you will find on the Puffco Peak, but without the lawsuit. Efficiency is pretty much as perfect as you can get on this.

Linx gives you the 2 atomizer options that you want for flavor: Ace is quartz, Zero is ceramic

Linx Blaze atomizers
You get to choose whether you want to use the ceramic or quartz atomizer

The Linx Blaze is really geared towards more flavor than strength as we have mentioned before, and the atomizer options reflect that. They’re giving you a ceramic and quartz. That’s plenty of options and its better than being stuck with just one type of atomizer.

Portability is excellent, especially because of the short, fat battery

Since Linx Blaze is using this really short, fat battery and not a very long atomizer either, the overall portability of this device is excellent. You can fit it in your pocket with no problem and it’s smaller than a lot of wax pens. It actually reminds me of some of the ru Vape products that used to be around.

The Linx Blaze is fairly discreet, but some people might know what it is. More people are catching on to what dab pens are and cartridges as opposed that everyone just thinking they’re eCigs. However, the Linx Blaze is small enough that you can keep it very discreet without anyone knowing what’s really going on.

Taste is awesome, about as good as it can get

The taste of Linx Blaze is great. The taste is definitely better on the quartz atomizer than the ceramic atomizer but we expected that. Some people might prefer ceramic, but we thought that the quartz is tastes better even though the ceramic atomizer hit a little bit better. Nothing to complain about on taste, it really stays true to the flavor of the wax.

Replacements are a bit pricey

Linx Blaze manual
We can see the difference between the 2 atomizers included on the package

Replacements are expensive at $29.95 an atomizer. Another thing to note here is the internal bucket of the atomizer is not replaceable, so after a while, you may need to buy a completely new atomizer.

You may still get value out of it if you’re okay with using the same atomizer over and over again and considering that quartz really won’t retain that much flavor from the fire wax, you might end up getting your $30 worth out of that atomizer.

Still it’s a high cost is more than a lot of other products. So it does not score high on cost.

Expensive dab pen kit at $135

At $135, the Linx Blaze is expensive. I can’t say that it’s particularly that a great of a value with this high of a price.  I would expect the unit like this to be priced more on the $60 to $75 range. Basically, if one of the atomizers is about $30 and we get two, does that mean we’re paying $75 for a 510 threaded battery, case and charger? If so, that’s pretty a lot.

Concluding our Linx Blaze Review…

Linx Blaze in use
We can definitely say that Linx Blaze delivers when it comes to quality

Linx Blaze is a great quality product. It hits nice, it hits smooth, but the only problem is its very expensive. The replacement atomizers cost high, and the initial cost to purchase it at $135 is extremely high. Therefore, it’s really up to you if you think its worth to spend $135 on this. Personally, I think it should be priced on the $50 to $70 range, I believe that’s much a fair price and more comparable to other devices that is out there.

You can buy the Linx Blaze here.

What are your thoughts on the Linx Blaze? Comments or questions? Post your review below and comment below or in our forum!

Roger Volodarsky : Puffco CEO Creates Products He Uses

roger volodarsky puffco ceo

Roger Volodarsky of Puffco, also known as The Rog, has been simplifying the vape pen and dab rig industry with simple, easy to use products. Roger is the CEO and founder of Puffco. He has set out to make products that he himself would want to use. While some of Puffco’s products might not be for the most advanced wax pen users looking for the absolute biggest hit, they get credit for making something easy to use for the regular user who just wants to load and go. Puffco and The Rog are based in Brooklyn, NY.

UPDATE 4/18/2019: Puffco is now facing a lawsuit over the Peak dab rig.

Roger Volodarsky’s and Puffco’s first vape

Puffco all started with the Puffco Pro. The product was simple: Double coil atomizers in basic battery with a cool finish and a case. Quality was good as well. No glues were used in the product like we found in Kandypens atomizers. It was Puffco’s first foray into vape pens and they gained some traction with this wax pen. Puffco later released the Puffco Pro 2, which we did a review for. We found the Pro 2 to be a bit restricted on airflow, but it does have a quality build and you can tell when you hold it.

puffco ceo roger volodarsky
Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky

Puffco Plus makes significant gains over the Pro

In our Puffco Plus review we found a very easy to use vape pen that offered great flavor. The Plus is still Puffco’s top vape pen. It uses a ceramic atomizer with no coils.

Puffco Plus Wax Pen
Puffco Plus vape pen with some shatter from our review.

Sesh Mode sets a new standard

Roger Volodarsky is the creator “Sesh Mode” on a wax vape. Sesh Mode means the battery heats the atomizer continuously to keep hitting it over and over. This type of continuous heating was previously only seen on dry herb vaporizers.

Puffco sesh mode
Sesh mode started with Puffco.

Dart makes loading easier

The Rog uses his own products and makes products he would want to use. Simplicity and ease of use are key. The Dart on the Puffco Plus, recently replicated on the G Pen Nova, is a perfect example. Roger Volodarsky’s insight on product creation comes from his experience as a user himself.

The Rog makes an eRig: Peak brings Puffco back

Puffco’s Peak portable eRig has become a hit. It currently is the most popular portable eRig available. As shown below this also has increased interest in Puffco while many other vape pen companies have been declining.

puffco ceo roger with puffco peak portable eRig
The Puffco CEO explains the Peak in an MG Magazine feature.

A new device in a sector where cartridges are starting to dominate

There has not been much innovation in wax pens and eRigs lately. Many companies are starting to focus on THC vape cartridges. Vape Critic had a 50% decrease in traffic from May to September of 2018. Ruvaped has closed. Interest in portable eRigs has not been high either since everything looks like the Dr. Dabber Boost.  Based on our data people are not looking for nectar collectors either. Technical wax pen users have moved onto pairing box mods with the Quartz Quest and Molecule atomizer by Advanced Vape Supply. THC cartridges have gotten so strong now many people do not feel the need for an eRig, dab rig, or wax pen at all.

Puffco peak
The Peak is currently Puffco’s best seller (or at least making them the most money since it is $379).

Good foresight by Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky

Roger Volodarsky had good foresight when he designed the Peak. The odd part that shows he really makes the products for him to use as well, is he chose ceramic as the default bowl. Most people prefer quartz, but The Rog loves ceramic. The easy fix is to get a Puffco Peak Quartz bowl. They range from a cheap Chinese one on DHGate to a high end version from Eternal Quartz.

The stats show Puffco.com keeping healthy stats. In the last month they showed a slight decrease, but that does appear to be variance and the site is still in an overall upward trend.

puffco.com traffic statistics
SimilarWeb shows the trend overall going up.

If The Rog can continue to come out with new products that offer something different, Puffco will continue to grow with him as CEO.

What’s next for Roger Volodarsky?

For the near future Puffco’s CEO will probably be promoting the Peak and trying to make  sure it stays in stock. It frequently sells out as demand is high.

roger volodarsky 2018
Here’s The Rog in 2018. He has been working out.

Puffco has a fairly longer product cycle than other makers, so it might be a while until we see a new product from Roger Volodarsky.

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