Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+ Preview : Initial Preview Claims No Glue

Kandypens Prism & Prism+ Preview
Preview Of Kandypens Prism & Prism+ Vape Pens

Howdy ladies & gents! Welcome to the wide world of vape pens, where not all products are equal. Sometimes vape pens aren’t even what a company claims them to be. Proof of this statement is right here on DabConnectionv and it involves Kandypens. Claims of “No Glue” on their Elite vaporizers helped sell many a pen, until the discovery of glue in their pens. Our Kandypens Elite review shows direct evidence of these findings. Now we come to their newest vaporizer release, the Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+. Join in on a first look at these new pens which claim “No Glue”. We’d like to disassemble and check for ourselves and will get more in depth on a future review. Kandypens Prism pens do have a 500 unit special edition limit, so hopefully we can get our hands on one. Maybe Kandypens will redeem itself with a quality vaporizer this time around.

Update 10/15/2017: KandyPens Prism See our updated in depth reviews of the and Prism+.

Kandypens Prism & Kandypens Prism+ Vape Pens: Product Preview

Design & Quality Of Prism Series Vaporizers

Kandypens Black Prism Vape Pen
Kandypens Black Prism Vape Pen

At the time of writing this post, Kandypens Prism and Prism+ series is on pre-order status. Their newest vaporizers will be available in two sizes. That’s the difference between + and no +. Just like iPhone 7 Plus, the Plus means bigger. You’ll also have black or white colors to choose from. They come with a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer and a dual coil quartz atomizer.

Kandypens vs. Kandypens Prism+


Small in stature, the Kandypens Prism vape pen stands at only 10.5 centimeters. The Kandypens Prism+ maintains the same 10.5 centimeter height, but has a slightly wider diameter due its larger battery. Kandypens Prism and Prism+ vaporizers appear high quality from their own account. All other design looks completely identical.

Kandypens Prism+
Slightly wider body but way more power on the Kandypens Prism+
Technical Specs

The most noticeable technical difference is the battery size. The Kandypens Prism comes in at a paltry 320mah, while the Kandypens Prism+ comes in at a healthy 900mah. 320mah seems hard to satisfy a serious vaper. 900mah is quite a bit and should last a long time. Besides size, the coil type is the same. They also use the same micro-USB charging. For personal use, based on battery alone I would go with the Kandypens Prism+ over the Kandypens Prism. It comes in at $20 more, but almost 3x the power.

Ease Of Use – Operating A Kandypens Prism Vape Pen

Because these pens have yet to hit the market, there’s very little info here. Prism and Prism+ pens use the standard push button activation. They do offer temp settings which allow you to find the right heat to vaporize your product. Atomizers do show separately, but it’s tough to tell how easy they come out for loading or replacement. More about ease of use once we have a Kanypens Prism vape in hand. We estimate it’s use to be on par with a Lynx Hypnos. There seems to be a lot of similarities between that vape pen, the Kandypens Prism, and the Kandypens Prism+.

Strength – Do Kandypens Prism and Prism+ Vapes Give Thick Hits?

There’s no sure way to tell for sure without having one, but they include double coil atomizers and that generally produces a good rip. The coilless ceramic plate atomizer is definitely a wait-till-you hit it atomizer. Some of these hit well, some of these hit poorly. Kandypens has a reputation for using cheaper quality regular eCig batteries. If the batteries used in the Prism and Prism+ are not sub-ohm, don’t expect big rips.

Update August 6, 2017: The Prism and Prsim+ do appear to be sub-ohm based on the fact that Kandypens wrote this into the permalink for both items. They should add this to the product listing as well. This is a good thing to have on this unit.

Efficiency – No One Likes Wasting Oil

Kandypens Prism Logo
Prism Logo Design

Because the Kandypens Prism and Kandypens Prism+ are use conduction atomizers, oil must touch the coils to atomize. Problems with product melting, running down the sides, and collecting at the bottom of the atomizer is often an issue on cheaper pens. If coil location isn’t close together and at the bottom of the atomizer, waste happens more often. Kandypens is pretty good about location of their coils in their other pens, but those pens did not leak because they had glue.

On the coilless ceramic plate atomizers, efficiency depends on the plate placement. It is not as waste-proof as a non-plate coilless atomizer. However, if there is not a large gap between the plate and the cup, this atomizer should be pretty efficient. Again, it looks just like the Lynx Hypnos on the atomizer. This is not new tech.

Versatility & Options In Atomizers 

Kandypens offers a wide range of atomizer replacements, though none yet specific to the new Prism or Prism+ pens. It sounds like a case of new product not yet on the website which does make sense. No need for more atomizers if no one has the vape pen yet. It’s still almost 2 weeks before the release date. It would be nice if Kandypens put that info up to encourage people to pre-order. I did contact Kandypens live chat with screenshots of our conversation. You can read exactly what they said about it.Live Chat With Kandypens Support

Live Chat Questions With Kandypens

Portability & Discretion – Kandypens Prism Vapes Are Low Profile

Both portability and discretion are areas where the Kandypens Prism and Prism+ vaporizers shine. Tubular in shape and only 10.5 cm in height, Prisms carry easily on your body and stash away in an instant. They get an A all around in this category. The Prism is slightly more portable than the Prism+, but the extra power is worth holding on the +.

Taste – Will Kandypens Prism Pens Give A Burnt Taste?

Again without the pen…you know the story. Facts about taste aren’t exclusive to actually having the pen, though it is always better info. Any atomizer with a coil will give off a burnt taste if the temp is too high or if you hit a dry atomizer. The coil quality of previous Kandypens atomizers is unkown. The coilless atomizer probably tastes similar to a Lynx Hypnos, which is pretty good.

Value – Kandypens Prism Price vs Value

In a vape pen or any product really, value is a measure of price vs performance. Performance is a wide term that can include many aspects. Durability is definitely one of them. We know the price of Prism pens. The standard model runs $97.99 and the Prism+ jumps to $127.99. We’ll all have to wait for tests so we can add the missing part of the value equation.

Usually Kandypens items are priced at the higher end of the market, but are not at the higher end of quality. They do have a good warranty policy, but the quality of previous pens is in questions. If they are again using a standard eCig battery in the Prism and Prism+, that would definitely take a hit on value. You just won’t be getting big rips. We hope they changed this with the Prism and Prism+.

Replacement Parts For Kandypens Prism Vaporizers

As of now, there are no replacement parts for Kandypens Prism line of vape pens. We did see that they plan on adding atomizers later, so perhaps Kandypens will also upload replacement parts onto their website once they release the Prism.

Kandypens Prism Series Conclusion

Yuck Face Due To Glue In A Vape Pen
No One Wants Glue In A Vape Pen

Initial previews of the Kandypens Prism vape pens make them appear to have value. The truth is that at this time there’s too much missing info and testing that’s necessary to provide an honest overview. We will attempt to get a hold of both products, but with only 500 in production it may not be so easy to do. It’s definitely important to learn more about this product.

Saying there’s no glue in a vape pen only to find glue in the exact same vape pen is absolutely unacceptable. We hope the Prism and Prism+ are a new and better Kandypens. However, we do notice they still sell all the same items that had glue as before. We’ll keep the investigation open until we learn more. My initial feelings about the Kandypens Prism line is skeptical at best. They blocked us on Instagram after we told them about the glue.

You can now get the regular Prism for $97.99 and the Prism+ for $127.99 at GotVape.


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