KandyPens PRISM+ Review : Portable, Great Airflow & Improved Battery Capacity

Design & Quality
Ease of Use
Versatility / Atomizer Options

KandyPens PRISM+ Review

– Another Nice Addition!

KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen Kit
KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen Kit

Design & Quality of the KandyPens PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+ is the fat but equally tiny version of the regular KandyPens Prism vape pen. Overall the PRISM+ has almost the same feel as the Prism, it’s just wider.

PRISM+ Battery

The KandyPens batteries are the exact same height and the entire PRISM+ is barely 1mm taller than the Prism. The diameter is 20mm. It’s a teeny bit heavier, but it doesn’t feel cumbersome to carry. It’s a solid, larger capacity version of the Prism.

The KandyPens PRISM+ features a 900mAh battery, compared to the 320mAh of its slender sibling! However, it loses the iPhone lightning port that the regular Prism has, leaving it with only a micro USB charging port.

KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen
KandyPens PRISM+ Vape Pen

The PRISM+ battery is not stronger than the Prism, it simply holds more power. This vape pen has the same four settings and output as the regular Prism. The PRISM+ settings are Yellow (the lowest) at 2.3V, Green at 3.0V, Red at 3.6V, and finally Blue at 4.2V. At the lowest setting of yellow, you can get light low temp dabs, but green and upwards is where you’ll get strong hits.

The Look of PRISM+

The stainless-steel body of the KandyPens PRISM+ vape pen is just as appealing as the previously reviewed Prism. The new recessed button of the PRISM+ makes activating the vape pen much smoother.

Another new addition, is four mini lights on the side of the vape pen that show the battery capacity when activated. The lights flash in a continuous pattern when in use (it’s unclear how useful this is, and could possible hinder discretion).

Another interesting point is – just like the Prism – the KandyPens PRISM+ vape pen is devoid of any KandyPens marketing or logos. Except of course, for a small logo on the front of the box. This design features only the word ‘PRISM’ and a simple geometrical prism shape, just like its skinny counterpart. There’s no light up plastic ‘K’ or bright light on the bottom of the vape pen, unlike the KandyPens Elite, Galaxy and other earlier models.

KandyPens PRISM+ body
The KandyPens PRISM+ has a sleek stain-less steel finish


PRISM+ Atomizers

The KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers are a mixed bag. Like the regular Prism, it includes two standard atomizers: a quartz double-coil, and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer.

Ceramic Cup

The coil-less ceramic atomizer takes advantage of the larger width of the KandyPens PRISM+ by having a bigger 10mm ceramic cup. There also seems to be a 7 or 8mm wide ceramic plate (it’s difficult to measure exact width from above the atomizer).

The new, larger size of the ceramic cup allows users to load and vape more concentrate. On the other hand, the increased size also means much more heat is produced. See below for heat warning.

Quartz Double-Coil

KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double-coil atomizer uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. Therefore, it’s not a high-grade quartz atomizer. The coil they use is the same good quality alloy from the Prism, similar to the Rokin Nitro and the Vapir pen. It does appear to have welded marks on the coil. It’s unclear if this is solder or not.

The KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer basically wastes the width of the vape pen. By using the same 8mm cup, you end up with the same space as the smaller Prism atomizer. This is a wasted opportunity for what could have been a great new coiled atomizer that allowed room for bigger dabs.

KandyPens PRISM+ double-coil atomizer
KandyPens PRISM+ double-coil atomizer

Again, this titanium alloy is a vast improvement over alloy coils used in previous models, that left the dreaded “vape pen taste” in your mouth. Unfortunately, this is another missed opportunity to improve this atomizer and use higher-grade titanium coils.

According to KandyPens and their website (which haven’t been the most truthful company in the past as we know..), they say they use titanium coils in the PRISM line. We’re assuming they mean titanium alloy, as premium titanium would not have weld marks.

Lastly, the KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers’ air flow vents are twice the size of the regular Prism at 2mm, vs 1mm. They also seem to offer a much easier drag, when inhaling.

PRISM+ Includes:

  • 2 x glass mouthpiece
  • Micro USB cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Nifty Keychain scoop tool
KandyPens PRISM+ box kit
The KandyPens PRISM+ includes a pouch, 2x mouthpiece, 2x atomizers, usb cable and keychain tool


The KandyPens PRISM+ mouthpiece feels like a downgrade from the first Prism. The PRISM+ mouthpiece doesn’t have the protective metal grate to stop inhaling wax when taking a drag. The website claims to include 2x “Glass Mouthpiece with Splash-Guard”, however neither of the included mouthpieces we received featured a splash-guard.


WARING: The power button and top of the attachment on the PRISM+ get extremely hot!

If you read our review of the KandyPens Prism, we mentioned that the shorter size was achieved by getting rid of the space on the attachment between the mouthpiece and the atomizer. Unfortunately, this ends up working against the design, when used with the coil-less atomizer (the main reason to get this vape pen). This is because, like all coil-less atomizers – Puffco Plus for example – they produce way more heat while in use, and the vape pen gets very hot.

The same thing happens on the smaller KandyPens Prism, but the larger PRISM+ ceramic plate produces much more heat. When you have the mouthpiece so close to the atomizer, the bottom of your lip is bound to touch the hot metal. After repeat usage (2-3 hits) it starts to burn. Ouch.

If KandyPens designed a bigger chamber to allow larger loads, it sort of defeats the point when you can’t puff multiple times because it’s too hot. Scorching your lip isn’t something anybody wants to worry about when trying to enjoy a chill smoke sesh.

Ease of Use

Like the Prism, the KandyPens PRISM+ is easier to use than previous models. With one less thread rotation, the attachment is easier to remove and fill up with product. You lose the carb hole which is featured in the KandyPens Elite. But, it’s not too noticeable due to the great airflow.

The larger airholes of the KandyPens PRISM+ are twice as big as the Prism. This makes inhaling much easier in comparison.

Changing temperatures is as easy as pie. Like other vape pens, just click three times to change it and five times to turn it on or off. As mentioned above, there is no more lightning port, but there’s still a usb port on the side of the vape pen.

Strength: Larger Capacity – Not Stronger

The regular Prism comes with a 320mAh battery, and the KandyPens PRISM+ includes a 900mAh battery. As mentioned above, the larger battery of the KandyPens PRISM+ doesn’t mean “stronger”, it just has a larger power capacity.

The PRISM+ is not as strong as other models, even at its highest setting, much like the regular Prism. This is due to the better quality coil used by KandyPens. It doesn’t burn red hot or destroy your wax, which is what happens with lower quality metal. Like all vape pens, the strongest hits come from coiled atomizers.

This doesn’t mean the PRISM+ weak! You still get nice big clouds on the blue setting. So, while earlier models were “stronger”, the strength delivered a bad experience because of the bad quality coil.

Efficiency of PRISM+

The compact design of the KandyPens PRISM+ double coiled quartz atomizer makes it easy to place your wax right on top of the coils.

Because the PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer uses the same size atomizer as the smaller model, the efficiency is exactly the same on both, and thus no difference.

The PRISM+ coil-less ceramic atomizer with sealed floor is the same. It’s very efficient, like the KandyPens regular Prism. The downside is that the ceramic plate on the PRISM+ doesn’t cover the full bottom of the cup, just like the Prism. This means there’s a ring around the heating element that doesn’t heat up. Some wax may linger here. For some reason, the ring around the larger heating element is also bigger on the KandyPens PRISM+. Sadly, even more wax can end up wasted in this space.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

KandyPens PRISM+ Ceramic Cup Quartz Double-Coil atomizers
KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers: Ceramic Cup & Quartz Double-Coil

The KandyPens PRISM+ has two standard atomizer options; the quartz double-coil atomizer and the coil-less ceramic plate atomizer.

This pen doesn’t work with the KandyPens Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts atomizers, because the PRISM+ is 510 threaded (instead of eGo). With the wider battery of the PRISM+ though, it pares perfectly with the Mini and Pearl atomizers. As well as the small atomizers of the KandyPens regular Prism.

This is a plus because you can buy the cheaper quartz double-coil atomizers from the less expensive Prism and save yourself $10!

KandyPens Prism and PRISM+
KandyPens Prism original / KandyPens PRISM+

Portability: Excellent!

At just over 4 inches in length, the KandyPens PRISM+ stands out in portability.  It’s obviously fatter than the original Prism, but you can still throw it in your pocket and forget about it. It can fit in your shirt pocket or inside pocket of a small bag as well.

While in length there’s no change and the width is still portable, the KandyPens PRISM+ is twice as wide as the Prism. It’s almost unnoticeable, and the general portability is not hindered, but it’s a chubby vape pen.


Discretion: Almost A+

The discretion of the KandyPens PRISM+ is an improvement over previous models. This is mainly due to getting rid of the very bright light at the bottom of the battery. The new design also had the glowing plastic ‘K’ removed. Both of these features were annoying and unnecessary, so thumbs up for the removal.

However, the four lights that show battery capacity, also blink in a repetitive pattern while in use. This isn’t a deal breaker, you can block it with a finger if you find it annoying. However, the lights are an added annoyance that isn’t present on the KandyPens Prism original.

KandyPens lights PRISM+
KandyPens added lights to the side of the PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+ is small enough to be enclosed in the palm of your hand, while taking a puff. This vape pen makes public smoking pretty easy.

The PRISM+ is thicker though, so discretion slightly suffers due to the doubled width. This is a minor inconvenience, but still noticeable.

Taste: Much Better!

The KandyPens PRISM+ has overtaken its KandyPens counterparts in taste category. This is a big improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil on the quartz double-coil. Previous models have used cheap coils that get red hot (Elite and DJ Esco). Cheap coils absolutely ruin the taste of your wax (enter “vape pen taste”) and deliver a headache.

The new titanium alloy preserves a lot of wax flavor. And though it’s a great coil, it still doesn’t deliver the flavor retention of premium titanium… The KandyPens PRISM+ coil-less ceramic plate retains great flavor too. But, there’s really no difference or upgrade between the KandyPens Prism plates.

KandyPens PRISM+ ceramic cup atomizer
KandyPens PRISM+ ceramic cup atomizer, mouthpiece and battery

Caution: For those users that put bigger dabs in the ceramic coil-less atomizer, a few uses will basically de-carb your wax, and start tasting like reclaim because of the immense heat. Consider yourself warned.

Value of PRISM+

At $127.99, the KandyPens PRISM+ is STILL cheaper than the overpriced KandyPens Elite! That doesn’t mean it’s cheaply priced, it’s still an expensive vape pen. If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, move along.

For $30 more than the KandyPens Prism original, you DO get almost three times the capacity! You also get a 25% larger ceramic coil-less atomizer. However, the PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer is the same size as the slimmer Prism version. It also still uses a welded titanium alloy, instead of high-grade titanium.

Compared with other vape pens, this is an OK price, considering KandyPens offers a lifetime warranty.

Replacements: What a Rip Off!

KandyPens PRISM+ replacement atomizers cost more than the full attachment of some other vape pens! At $34.95 each, they’re the most expensive atomizers that DabConnection has reviewed, so far!

This is especially appalling, as the KandyPens PRISM+ double coiled quartz atomizers are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE as the Prism ones, but cost you $10 more!

If you buy these in a store, you can go ahead and pick them up for retail price. If you have to buy them on KandyPens website, it’s an extra $9.95 for shipping. That means you’re looking at almost $50 – just to replace one single atomizer!

From us to you, be careful with these atomizers! Make sure to clean them regularly so they last longer, or it will get KandyPens pricey real quick.

KandyPens PRISM+ Box Kit
KandyPens PRISM+ Box Kit

Conclusion: KandyPens PRISM+

The KandyPens PRISM+, like the Prism, is finally another great product from KandyPens, though expensive in price.

Surprisingly the 900mAh capacity battery lasts a very long time, which is another great feature. Replacements though? Ridiculous! Especially for the price of the exact same quartz double coil atomizers..

Portability and discreetness on the other hand, are the best thing about this incredibly stealthy vape pen. The KandyPens PRISM+ is wider than the Prism, but the same great height makes up for the small difference in width.

KandyPens has fixed issues of previous models. Like the Prism, the KandyPens PRISM+ is an excellent on-the-go companion! The KandyPens PRISM+ is available at King of Vapes.


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