KandyPens Galaxy vs KandyPens Prism : Vape Pen Comparison

KandyPens Galaxy vs. Prism
The KandyPens Prism beats out the Galaxy handily.

For this comparison, we look at two KandyPens vape pen models that people are most curious about…The KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism! We will be using the DJ Esco “56 Nights” Edition as our Galaxy example, but the design is identical to the well-known Galaxy vaporizer.

(For those who wish to skip all the info, the table below shows the scores of each separate vape pen review. See our full KandyPens DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy review and our KandyPens Prism review.

Design Ease Strength Efficiency Versatility Portability Discretion Taste Value Replacements
Galaxy 1 8 8 8 6 8 7 1 1 1
Prism 7 8 7 8 5 10 10 9 4 4

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism

What Does Each Vape Pen Include?

Kandypens Galaxy:

  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece with Air Carb
  • 2 x Double Coil Quartz Atomizers with Titanium Coil
  • “No Wicks or Dyes”
  • DabTool
  • Protective Case

KandyPens Prism:

  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • Double Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Plate Atomizer
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Keychain Scoop Tool
  • “No Wicks, Dyes or Glue”
KandyPens Prism Vape Pen
KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism – Prism Vape Pen includes more, and better quality items

Design & Quality: No Competition – Prism Wins 

First, let’s look at the design of KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism. Kandypens launched their first “Signature Series” special edition collaboration with hip hop producer DJ Esco. The name “56 Nights” refers to the 56 nights that DJ Esco spent in jail in Dubai in 2015 for possession of marijuana and it’s also the name of his Mixtape with Future.

This DJ Esco Galaxy vape pen is glossy and black with a gold mouthpiece, and the 56 Nights logo on the bottom of the battery. It has the same 650mAh battery with 3 settings as the regular Kandypens Galaxy, it’s also the same size at 14mm wide.

The KandyPens Prism is just 10.5cm tall – one of the smallest vape pens around! And that’s including the mouthpiece! The diameter of this vape pen is the standard 14mm. The stainless steel black is definitely an upgrade, design – wise. Devoid of the KandyPens brand logos, this model has the Prism logo only, which is a simple geometric prism and the word in all caps. We like the simple, sophisticated design, much better than the DJ Esco Galaxy!

The Prism vape pen battery has four temperature settings. However, it’s only 320mAh, which is almost half the capacity of previous models! The Prism is 510 threaded, and uses micro-USB charging and Apple iPhone lightning, which is cool. Overall, you get a trade off with the battery. It’s half the capacity of others, but it looks slicker and it’s easier to charge.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism Atomizers

The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition comes with two double coil quartz atomizers. The quartz chamber has 4 raised airflow holes near the top of the cup, to prevent wax rom leaking out when the chamber is full. There are two 1mm air vents on each the side of the vent.

Prism Ceramic Plate Atomizer
Prism Ceramic Plate Atomizer

The KandyPens Prism comes with two different atomizers. One double coil quartz atomizer, and one ceramic plate atomizer come in the kit. There are four 1mm air vents on the outsize of each atomizer. Unlike previous models, the quartz atomizer uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. So, it’s not a fully quartz atomizer, but the coil is a vast improvement over previous models. However, the Prism appears to use a titanium alloy, with what appears to be weld marks. This may or may not be solder.

The KandyPens Galaxy atomizers also use glue, so called “leak proof technology.” Below we discuss this further and you can see a picture of the glue.

Ease of Use: Identical

The KandyPens DJ Esco Galaxy and the Prism are equally easy to use. For both, turn on battery by pressing 5 times, and change temperature settings by pressing 3 times.

Strength: Softer Quality Prism vs Strong Burning Galaxy

The DJ Esco 56 Night Galaxy lights up fast and becomes red-hot. This gives you big clouds, but will quickly burn your wax. The results are very strong hits, but ruins any flavor in the wax.

Because of the better-quality coil used, even at its highest setting the Prism is not as strong as other models. It doesn’t burn red hot like a thin gauge coil, which is what happens with lower quality metal. While other models are “stronger”, the strength delivers a bad experience due to the bad quality coil. So even though the KandyPens Galaxy is stronger, the Prism still wins here.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism Glue Content: The Prism is Safe!

After finding glue in the KandyPens Elite, KandyPens admitted that their original advertising of “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes” was false and changed it to remove “no glue”. So, do you think the KandyPens DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy has glue? Unfortunately, Yes it does.

Both atomizers of DJ Esco’s 56 Nights have the same epoxy glue from the KandyPens Elite. It’s underneath the quartz cup and closes the holes the coils pass through to connect to the battery. The glue completely envelops the coils, meaning hot coils touch the glue when in use.

DJ Esco Atomizer has glue
DJ Esco Atomizer has glue

The Prism however, does NOT appear to have glue! The Prism is now the only model that says “No Glues, Wicks, or Dyes” in the online product description. Yay! Previous models (including DJ Esco Galaxy) are only described as having “No Wicks or Dyes”.

This KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism glue content comparison just shows us that a more expensive vape pen, doesn’t guarantee a better quality product.

Efficiency: Galaxy is Only Efficient Because of Glue 

The DJ Esco Galaxy double coil rods are close together and very low in the chamber. This makes it more efficient in preserving wax. Sadly, the glue is helping the ‘efficiency’ of this vape pen. The glue works at preventing leaks, but this is not a good (or healthy) solution.

The Prism is very efficient. The compact design of the double coiled quartz atomizer makes it easy to place your wax right on top. The ceramic cup unfortunately means that some wax gets stuck on the walls. Overall though, it’s as efficient, if not a bit better.

Versatility / Atomizer Options: Fairly Even

While the Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco only comes with quartz double coil atomizers, it’s eGo-510 threaded (not 510 threaded like the website says) so you can also use coil-less Donuts, coil-less Gravity/Elite, and the quartz double coil Galaxy Tornado with variable airflow. However, not being able to use a mod battery with an adapter on the same attachment counts against versatility for the DJ Esco Galaxy.

The KandyPens Prism comes with a Ceramic plate and a quartz double coil atomizer. This vape pen doesn’t work with the Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts because it’s 510 threaded (instead of eGo). It does however, work with the mini atomizers, the Pearl, and surprisingly – the Prism+ atomizers.

Portability: Both Great, But Prism is Smaller! 

KandyPens Prism
The Prism is smaller and more discreet

The DJ Esco version of the Kandypens Galaxy is just as portable as the original and the Kandypens Elite. The included 56 Nights travel case makes it easy to throw in your bag and go. It’s compact and will fit easily in your pocket.

As the Prism is one of the smallest vape pens around, (just over 4 inches in length) this vape pen stands out in KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism portability!  You can toss it in your pocket and just forget it. It can also fit in your shirt pocket or the inside pocket of a small bag.

Discretion of KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism:          Galaxy Lights Are Not Subtle! Prism A+

The dimensions of the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights make it a good size for a discreet hit. However, the built-in K with a light at the bottom makes it horrible to use discreetly, especially during dark hours. The light, which is sure to draw attention, is very bright and cannot be turned off. It feels like you’re broadcasting your smoking activity to the world.

The discretion of the KandyPens Prism is an improvement over previous models like the Galaxy. Mainly due to axing the annoying light at the bottom of the battery. Thanks to its small size, you can enclose the KandyPens Prism fully in the palm of your hand. This allows you to puff on the go without calling attention to yourself! This thing is stealthy and compact, perfect for days on the move.

Taste: Galaxy Burns Wax / Prism Preserves Flavor

Taste is not what the KandyPens Galaxy vape pen was designed for – as can be seen from the cheap coil metal and the glue used underneath. These cheap coils get so hot that they burn your wax and leave users with the dreaded “vape pen taste.” Whether or not the glue melts during use and adds to the bad taste, headaches experienced were similar to other cheap quality vape pens.

KandyPens Prism vape pen on the other hand, scored incredibly over its counterpart in the KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism taste category. This is a huge improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil. The Ceramic Plate also retains great flavor.

Value: Both Expensive, But Prism is Cheaper, Includes More & is Better Quality

KandyPens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition includes 2 double coil atomizers, 1 dabber, a charger, and a limited edition case.

As KandyPens offers Lifetime Warranty, you’re guaranteed a working battery no matter what. The problem is, that battery is a generic 3-voltage 650mah battery that comes in a $10 eCig starter pack. At $149.95, there’s no way to justify this price! And, let’s also not forget that both atomizers include the use of glue (touching hot coils) underneath…

This is not a good deal compared to the regular black Kandypens Galaxy. This model is basically the same thing with one extra atomizer, a ‘56 Nights’ logo and a case. In reality, you pay $50 more for another $20 atomizer.

At $97.99 the Prism is one of the pricier models by KandyPens – but still not as pricey as the less advanced DJ Esco Galaxy! The Prism kit includes two atomizers, one double coiled quartz and one coil-less ceramic plate. You also get an extra glass mouthpiece, a charging cable and a keychain scoop tool.

The Prism is expensive at almost $100, but it’s a huge improvement over old models. Prices for KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism are strange, how is the Prism cheaper than the DJ Esco Galaxy?! The battery is only 320mah in comparison to 650mah, but you’re getting a unique charging ability with the addition of the iPhone lightening cable. So that value trade off goes either way!

Replacements: Both $20+, But Prism Much Better Quality

Replacements for the DJ Esco Galaxy are almost $20 a pop! For a cheap “mystery” coil with glue underneath, we do not approve.

Both the KandyPens Prism atomizers are $24.95 each. However, the quartz double coil finally uses a coil that’s worth it! The ceramic plate is similarly priced to other coil-less atomizers, like the Puffco Plus (which is also $24.95). They’re not cheap, but definitely better value as it has a sealed floor.

Unless you buy these products in a store, you’re looking to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each KandyPens order.

Conclusion: Team Prism!

The DJ Esco “56 Nights” edition of this vape pen is materially the exact same as the regular KandyPens Galaxy. The regular Galaxy retails for $99.95, so what precisely does the $49.95 extra get you? One more double coil quartz atomizer and the DJ Esco logo… When you factor in that a replacement atomizer is $19.95 for the DJ Esco edition, you’re paying almost $30 to look at the logo!

The Prism on the other hand is pretty decent! KandyPens finally delivered a great vape pen! It’s slick, discreet and portable. You do sacrifice power capacity for portability, but the trade-off may be worth it for the ease of use and handy size. Charging is easy as you have both micro USB and Apple lightening connections. The Prism finally uses a decent coil, however replacements aren’t cheap.

The Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition charges almost $150 for a vape pen with 2 atomizers with cheap coils and glue. The flavor delivery was awful. The efficiency only scores well due to glue, which is a fail in itself. I would not recommend this vape.

KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism vape pen
We recommend the KandyPens Prism as the better choice!

KandyPens has fixed the efficiency issues of previous models, like the DJ Esco 56 Nights Galaxy. We have to say – the Prism is an awesome on-the-go companion! And, it doesn’t give you the immediate headache or “vape pen taste” that you can get from the DJ Esco vape pen.

At almost $50 cheaper, the Prism includes more items, doesn’t have glue, and provides a way better taste. So guys, after the KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism comparison, the Prism is definitely our favorite! However, there are still much better vape pens than the Prism out there as well (Omicron v5 comes to mind).

You can get the regular Prism for $97.99 and the Prism+ for $127.99 at GotVape.


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