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Focus V made the Carta eRig to be an all in one simplified eRig. Here we review the second version of this device and give you an honest rundown on how it works. This might be one of the few non-affiliate reviews out there you will find. Not that all affiliate reviews are bad, but we receive no commission for this review and give our unbiased opinion.


  • Simple to use
  • Compact
  • Quartz and titanium buckets
  • Cheaper than the Puffco Plus
  • Actually vapes dry herb


  • Hard to change buckets
  • Expensive

The Carta V2 eRig simplifies rig dabbing and is a decent herb vape

focus v carta v2
The rig is pretty compact.


The most surprising part about the V Carta was how the herb attachment actually vapes. Although it’s not an eCig, it uses the same technology eCigs use and so far no one has made a successful eCig based dry herb vape, at least that I have tried. It always burns the bud and never really vapes it.

It also works as a dab rig without having to do the hassle of the whole torch thing. This type of eRig was first shown in the Puffco Peak and now Focus V has come out with a much cheaper version.

A version that costs $100 less at $250.Additionally, it doesn’t seem that Focus V has yet had the lawsuit issues that Puffco has had.

Carta eRig design is compacy, build quality is good

Design is pretty simple and almost the same as the Puffco Peak. This is designed to be a portable eRig. The components used are the same as whats used in an eCig components which is what is used to make most current dab pens.

You’ll notice in the bottom, when you take out the batteries, the batteries are very similar type of batteries that are used on  mod batteries.  These are 18350 batteries, while 18650 is the more common form.

carta batteries
Two 18350’s are inside.

This is a good thing because if you wanna take this on the go and didn’t have a place to charge in between you could just carry two extra 18350 batteries and extend your battery life that way.

Using the Carta app to control it: quite easy

Their app goes with the overall design of the device. I usually do not like using apps to control physical things if there is already a button. This app however was really easy to use and I found it easier to use the app then clicking around on the Carta.

Step One: Turn the Carta on, connect the app, then you will get to this screen:

carta app

Once you have your settings ready to go you click start. Then the app will automatically redirect you to the following:

carta app

That’s it. Really simple to use and the app is very smooth. You can tell they used a good programmer. This is not a laggy app at all.

Build Quality seems good and the glass is thick

focus v carta glass
You can see the thickness on this glass.

The Cart eRig has the same type of rubbery feel that we have felt on many types of eCigs. There’s nothing rattling in the body and everything seems really solid here including the glass.

When you take a look at the top through the mouth hole you could see that the glass is thick. I’m sure it would still break if you drop it hard enough, but you can tell that they’re not using anything that’s ultra thin.

The only part of it that seems easily breakable is the glass.

Carta hits stronger than a wax pen, but a real rig is still stronger

Carta V hits strong, somewhere in between a wax pen a a real dab rig. I did not expect it to hit as hard as a totally torched out dab on a real rig. The Carta V is a smaller size rig and it is battery operated. However, I was surprised at how quickly it does heat up and it does deliver strong hits.

On top of that the hits are smooth, I feel like you can get much more controlled smooth hits out of this than in the harsh hits you take out of a dab rig. Dab rigs being so harsh is probably one of the reasons that cartridges have been so popular. I myself mostly hit cartridges at this point because frankly, their the easiest thing to do.

Strength is good and you can really get quite a bit of cloud out of this device. And it doesn’t seem to get all burny, which is a good thing. However, I will say that when it comes to cartridges the distillate and CO2 oils have been getting way strong. So they are catching up to the strength of to the type of hit you would get on the Carta V.

The Carta eRig’s quartz bowls give the best taste

carta erig bowls
Focus V gives you two titanium and two quartz bowls.

Taste is best on quartz buckets. Changing the buckets on the Carta V was difficult. It tookpliers to get it apart, but it did come apart and I threw in the quartz bucket instead of titanium.

I tried the titanium before and it hit fine but the quartz is noticeably smoother and taste better. It would be great to see some higher end versions come out like what we have seen on the Puffco Peak replacement bowls.

I tried the Eternal Quartz premium bowls on a SOURCE nail before, and it was excellent. There’s something a bit smoother about the made in USA bowls. However, the included buckets are not bad at all and it is also nice that they include four for you.

Dry Herb Atomizer Actually Vapes

carta dry herb atomizer
This thing actually vapes, doesn’t burn.

Taste on the Dry Herb Atomizer was really good. I was impressed by this because typically, eCig technology based vaporizers really just don’t do that well. This seemed like it truly did vape the bud and didn’t just burn it.

Taste was also good on the vape attachment. The only problem for vaping for me is it’s just not as strong as the oil and I do prefer the stronger strength, and most of our readers do as well.

At $250 it’s cheaper than the Peak, but still expensive

carta erig carrying case
This is what the Carta eRig looks like when you open the box.

At $250, it’s still expensive but cheaper than the peak. The carrying case shown above is a nice add on, makes it easy to take anywhere and includes spots to hold everything.

Comparatively, for that price I could get 6-7 half gram cartridges which would last quite a while. This device is for someone that is going to use it a lot and really likes to dab.

See the coupon codes listed at the bottom of this post to get it for even cheaper. You can actually get it for $212.50 after 15% off. There’s some hardcore dabbers out there that might prefer those harsh hits but for someone looking for smooth controlled hit this is really a perfect option.

Out in illegal states many of the cartridges are complete bunk, but there is still good wax. If I lived somewhere where cartridges were not  easily available, I probably use the Carta eRig a lot more.

focus v carta kit
Here’s everything the Carta comes with besides the case.

Wrapping Up Our Focus V Carta V2 Review

Overall, the Carta seems pretty comparable to the Puffco Peak, but with a substantially less cost. We’ll have to do a direct side by side comparison sometime in the near future but the technology is pretty much the same except that Focus V doesn’t have the same failure issues.

The product seems reliable and that’s a plus. It is expensive but if you dab a lot you will save the money back in time from not dealing with an actual rig and torch.

You can buy the Carta V2 from King’s Pipe and Vape Active. For King’s Pipe use coupon code DABC10 for 10% off. For Vape Active use DAB10 for 10% off. These are not affiliate codes, we were given these to just lower the price.

Do you have a Focus V Carta V2? If so leave your review below! Question or comment? Post below or in our forum!


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