Dabbing dab rig
Dabbing is a slow process. Don’t rush your dabs.

Dabbing is the act of pressing essential oil extracts or concentrates onto the heated surface of a dab rig. The essential oil extracts or concentrates produce vapor when heated up. Then, an individual can start inhaling the vapor.

Dabbing is what we’re all about here at Dab Connection, though we do cover everything in the scope of cannabis culture as well. Here’s a few of our dabbing blog posts to get you started:

We also talk a lot here about “dab pens,” which are not to be confused with “vape pens” or “wax pens.” Vaping on a pen typically involves a cartridge of concentrate, similar to how tobacco vapes work. Dab pens work similar to a vape pen, but you supply your own dab at the tip.


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