KandyPens Prism Review : Compact, Discreet, and Great Taste

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Design and Quality
Ease of Use
Versatility / Atomizer Options

KandyPens Prism Review – An Impressively Good Vape Pen

KandyPens Prism vape pen kit
The KandyPens Prism vape pen kit

Design & Quality of The Prism


The KandyPens Prism is one of the smallest vape pens around! The Prism is just 10.5cm tall, and that’s including the mouthpiece! The diameter of this vape pen is the standard 14mm. It is the little brother of the KandyPens Prism+.

KandyPens achieve this impressively short height by getting rid of dead space in the attachment (compared to previous KandyPens models). This design skips the wasted area at the top of the attachment and has only a small atomizer cup and a short mouthpiece with grate and glass tip.

KandyPens Prism box
KandyPens Prism box and what it includes!

In comparison to other models, such as the KandyPens Elite or Galaxy, they’ve eliminate the top part of the attachment that connects the mouthpiece to the atomizer. The battery itself on the other hand, is slightly taller than earlier models.

The Prism is basically the same size as the Elite and Galaxy, if you were to extract the space wasted by the eGo shell that goes over the battery.

Prism Battery

KandyPens Prism vape pen temperature settings
KandyPens Prism vape pen has four temperature settings!

The KandyPens Prism battery is 320mAh, which is almost half the capacity of previous models and most other vape pens.  Instead of eGo threaded, the Prism is 510 threaded.

It uses micro-USB charging and Apple iPhone lightning, which is very cool. So, anyone with an iPhone 6 or later – you can use your cable to charge it.

This vape pen has four temperature settings; Yellow is the lowest temperature at 2.3V, Green at 3.0V, Red at 3.6V and finally Blue at 4.2V. At the lowest setting of yellow, you can get low temp whispy dabs, but from green onward is where the really good hits appear. They also got rid of the annoying light which was at the bottom of the battery in previous models.

So, overall – you get a trade off with the battery, it’s half the capacity of others, but it looks slicker and it’s easier to charge.

Atomizers: Prism is Better Than Previous KandyPens Atomizers

The cup itself is a tiny bit shorter than previous models. The KandyPens Prism comes with two atomizers, similar to the Elite. A double coiled quartz and a ceramic plate atomizer come in the kit.

Their quartz atomizer, unlike previous models, uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. So, it’s not a fully quartz atomizer. The coil is a vast improvement over previous models, though.

However, the Prism uses a titanium alloy, with what appears to be welded. This may or may not be solder. It’s a bit frustrating that they didn’t go the extra step and use high grade titanium, instead of what appears to be titanium alloy.

The ceramic plate atomizer uses an 8mm wide ceramic cup, with what seems to be a 5mm wide plate with a sealed floor. It appears sealed with some kind of reflective glaze at the bottom. On the outsize of each atomizer, there’s four air vents – measuring 1mm each.

The Prism Includes:

  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Double-coiled Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Plate Atomizer
  • Protective Pouch
  • Nifty Keychain Scoop Tool
KandyPens Prism
The KandyPens Prism vape pen kit includes 2 atomizers, keychain tool, usb cable, extra mouthpiece and pouch

The Prism is similar in look and taste to the Rokin Nitro and the Vapir Pen. You no longer get the immediate headache or “vape pen taste” that you do from the Elite and the DJ Esco vape pen.

The stainless steel black makes this a much better vape pen, design – wise. (in comparison to the shiny gold models such as the Elite.) Devoid of the KandyPens brand, this model has just the Prism logo which is a simple geometric prism and the word in all caps. Thumbs up for this simple and sophisticated design!

Another important point is, this vape pen does NOT appear to have glue! KandyPens has previously admitted to Dab Connection that their earlier vape pen models used glue. It’s now the only model that has “No Glues, Wicks, or Dyes” written on the online product description. The previous models on the other hand are only described as having “No Wicks or Dyes”. Statements were removed from the KandyPens website that indicated no glue on their older model vape pens.

Be careful when using the keychain tool. Sticky wax will be stuck on the scoop and you’ll have to clean it or scrape it off before using as an actual keychain or putting it away. Sticky, waxy pockets – no thanks.


Ease of Use: A Breeze

The KandyPens Prism is much easier to use than previous models, like the Elite. There seems to be one less thread rotation than the Elite and Galaxy, making it easier to remove and fill. The carb hole featured in the Elite is no longer there.. But, it doesn’t seem noticeable due to the great airflow.

Changing heat settings is simple and quick. Like other vape pens, just click three times to change it and five times to turn it on or off.


Strength: Strong Considering Coil Quality

Like all vape pens, the strongest hits come from coiled atomizers. The Prism is not as strong as other models, even at its highest setting. This is because of the better-quality coil they used. It doesn’t burn red hot like a thin gauge coil, which is what happens with lower quality metal.

This doesn’t mean it’s not strong! You still get good, big clouds on the blue setting. So, while earlier models were “stronger”, the strength delivered a bad experience because of the crappy coil.


Efficiency: Very Efficient

The compact design of the KandyPens Prism double coiled quartz atomizer, makes it easy to place your wax right on top of them. The coils are at the bottom of the cup so you won’t lose wax underneath them.

Because they used a ceramic cup, unfortunately it seems like more wax gets stuck on the walls, compared to the Elite. Overall though, it’s as efficient, if not a bit better.

The new coil-less ceramic plate atomizer of the KandyPens Prism, like mentioned above, has a sealed floor. No wax is lost under the plate. The Elite has a separate plate and therefore extra space and lost wax.

The downside is that the ceramic plate on the Prism is about 8mm in diameter so it doesn’t cover the full bottom of the cup. So, there’s a ring around the heating element that does not heat up. Some wax may linger here. Easily fix this by just tilting your pen a little once your wax is liquefied.


Versatility / Atomizer Options for KandyPens Prism

KandyPens Prism Ceramic plate atomizer
The KandyPens Prism comes with a Ceramic plate and a Quartz double coil atomizer

The Prism only has the two standard atomizer options; double quartz and ceramic plate.

This vape pen doesn’t work with the Elite, Galaxy, Gravity or Donuts because it’s 510 threaded (instead of eGo). It does however, work with the mini atomizers, the Pearl, and surprisingly – the Prism+ atomizers.


Portability of the Prism Vape Pen

At barely over 4 inches in length, the KandyPens Prism stands out in portability.  You can just throw it in your pocket and forget it. It can also fit in your shirt pocket or the inside pocket of a small bag. No complaints here. Just be careful not to sit on the glass mouthpiece.

KandyPens Prism is 10.5cm long
KandyPens Prism is one of the smallest vape pens out there!



Discretion: You Can’t Get Much Better!

The discretion of the KandyPens Prism is an improvement over previous models. Mainly, this is due to getting rid of the annoying and very bright light at the bottom of the battery. The previous light would broadcast your smoking activity to the world and pretty much ask for attention.

You can full enclose the KandyPens Prism in the palm of your hand due to its small size. This allows you to puff on the go without calling attention to yourself! This thing is stealthy and compact, perfect for days on the move.


Taste: A Quality Coil At Last!

Again, the KandyPens Prism goes leaps and bounds over its counterparts in our taste category. This is a huge improvement, thanks to finally using a quality coil. Previous models like the Elite and DJ Esco vape pen use cheap coils that get red hot and burn. Cheap coils absolutely ruin the taste of your wax (“vape pen taste”) and deliver a headache.

The Ceramic Plate retains great flavor. There’s really no difference or upgrade between the KandyPens Prism plates on the Prism and Prism+. The new titanium alloy preserves a lot of wax flavor. While it’s a great coil, it still doesn’t deliver the flavor retention of pure titanium.


Value: Pricey But Improved!

At $97.99, the Prism is one of the pricier models by KandyPens. But in comparison to the exorbitantly priced Elite, this is good value.

The Prism kit includes two atomizers: one double coiled quartz and one coil-less ceramic plate. You also get an extra glass mouthpiece, a charging cable and a keychain scoop tool.

KandyPens Prism value
The KandyPens Prism is expensive at almost $100, but it’s a huge improvement over old models.

The battery is only 320mah in comparison to 650mah, but you’re getting a unique charging ability with the addition of the iPhone lightening cable. So that value trade off could go either way! The main thing you lose out on is the case, but there’s no way you’d pay $50 for that case…

KandyPens does also offer a lifetime warranty that is hassle-free to claim on the battery. This means if anything happens, they will replace it, so your purchase is secure.

Though there are good features, $97.99 is quite a hefty price for this vape pen.


Replacements: Expensive!

Both KandyPens Prism atomizers: the ceramic plate and double coiled quartz atomizers are $24.95 a pop. Unless you buy these in a store, you’re looking to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each order (so be careful with your atomizers). Make sure to clean them regularly so they last longer, or it will get pricey real quick.

The quartz double coil finally uses a coil that’s worth it. However, they also decided to switch from a quartz cup to a ceramic cup. So, you’d think they’d make it a bit more affordable. This is definitely on the pricey side for titanium alloy coils.

The ceramic plate is similarly priced to other coil-less atomizers, like the Puffco Plus (which is also $24.95). Linx Hypnos atomizers are ridiculously priced at $27 a piece. So in comparison – it’s not bad! It’s still not cheap, but definitely better value than the Elite, because it has a sealed floor.


Conclusion: A KandyPens Winner!

KandyPens Prism Vape Pen
DabConnection thinks the KandyPens Prism is pretty awesome!

The KandyPens Prism finally delivers a great vape pen! It’s a discreet and portable. You do sacrifice power capacity for portability, but the trade-off may be worth it for the ease of use and handy size. Charging is easy too since you have both micro USB and Apple lightening connections. The Prism finally uses a decent coil, however replacements aren’t cheap.

KandyPens has fixed the efficiency issues of their previous models. We must say, the Prism is an awesome on-the-go companion! The Prism is available at GotVape. You can also see our comparison of the Prism and Prism+ if you are considering either.


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