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Here we review the Utillian 2 by TVape. This dab pen is more on the budget side, priced at $39.99, but still has a good build quality. Overall, we found this dab pen to be more on the light-hitting side and recommend it more for beginning dabbers. To a long time, high tolerance concentrate hitter, this might not hit hard enough, unless you are going for lighter hits.


  • High build quality
  • Smooth hits
  • Easy pop on/off atomizer to reload


  • Hits are not hard
  • Battery cannot be used with other atomizers
  • Currently no replacement atomizers, mouthpiece or charger available

Recommendations: Make it hit harder and make replacement parts available.

Check out our video review of the Utillian 2 below and keep reading on for the more in depth review.

Utillian 2 dab pen has good build quality, nice magnetic connections, but hits are not hard

utilian 2
Nice build quality all around on the Utillian 2.

When you open the Utillian 2 you can feel it’s a higher build quality product. Despite their only being one atomizer, the build felt very similar to the Linx Blaze, that goes for almost $100 more. The case and setup are also nicely done, it’s just the hardness of hit is not there for the experienced, high-tolerance dabber.

utilian 2 vape kit
Here’s everything the Utillian 2 comes with.

Extremely simple to use and reliable

You just scrape up some concentrate and slide it in, click five times and you are ready to go. One thing different than most batteries is the 2-click temperature change. Most batteries are 3-click.

No complex settings, just preheat a little before you hit it and go. On top of that it’s all magnetic connections, which makes reloading simpler than your average dab pen.

Magnetic connections on the Utillian 2 are simple and easy

utilian 2 battery and charger
Snaps right on, but if you lose it there’s no replacement.

Connections between the battery, atomizer and even charging are all magnetic. No twisting to do just snap it on. This is a nice feature for easily using the product. The downside is you cannot use the battery for a cartridge or another dab pen atomizer type.

Build quality is better than other’s we’ve seen at this price range

utilian 2 box
Looks just like it does on the box.

Other vapes we have reviewed in this price range did not compare on build quality. Although strength of hit might be a bit lower than some of us high tolerance folks like, you can tell this is a well made device. Better than wax pens you would find from KandyPens, that cost much more.

The charging system would be better with a standardized connection

The charging system seems solid as well, but we would prefer straight charging into the battery via a standard style USB port, such as micro-USB or USB-C. This enables you to charge the battery easier since everyone has some of these cables lying around and should you end up in travel and forgot yours, you can pick one up at the dollar store.

If you lose the charger, there are no replacements for sale.

Glass mouthpiece is nice and has a filter

utilian 2 mouthpiece
Nice thick evenly made glass.

You can see above how thick that mouthpiece glass is. Although glass could break, this one probably would not unless you throw it on the ground pretty hard. Below you can see the filter that is in the mouthpiece. Still missing from a lot of dab pens, this is a nice feature.

utilian 2 mouthpiece screen
That screen is a nice add on, not all dab pens have it.

The only downside of this mouthpiece is it currently out of stock. If you break it, you would have to buy a whole new Utillian 2 dab pen.

Utillian 2 comes with one atomizer style: dual coil quartz

The atomizer hits smooth which is good. Many atomizers of this type are too harsh. However, for some this might just be too soft of a hit. The other problem with this atomizer is replacements are not in stockThere is a donut-style ceramic atomizer they sell for it as well, but that’s also out of stock. Effectively as of the time of this review, the Utillian 2 will only be for use with the atomizer it comes with, then your out of luck.

utilian 2 dual coil quartz atomizer
Even though there is wax in there, at this point it’s not hittable. Coiled atomizers always result in some loss.

Above is a picture of the atomizer after some use. Unfortunately, dual coil atomizers are not the most efficient. Wax does get left on the sides that does not vape all the way, causing some waste. If this was a coilless atomizer, almost all the way would get used.

What’s included in the Utillian 2 dab pen kit

The Utillian 2 comes with:

  • 650maH battery
  • Dual quartz coil atomizer
  • Dab tool
  • Magnetic USB A charger
  • Carrying case

Utillian 2 Operation Instructions

Operation is super simple. Here’s how you do it in numbered steps:

  1. Uncap mouthpiece from atomizer
  2. Load concentrate onto the coil using the dab tool
  3. Put mouthpiece back on
  4. Connect atomizer to battery (snaps on magnetically)
  5. Press 5 times to turn on
  6. Press 2 times to get to desired voltage setting

The voltage settings are as follows:

  • 3.0V Green
  • 3.4V Blue
  • 3.8V Purple
  • 4.2V Red

We ran it at 4.2V the entire time, but it was still not producing a hard hit. Still the hits are very smooth.

Strength of hits could be better

Two different waxes are used in this review: live resin and honeycomb. I use both to see if it will hit differently on either. Hits are roughly the same level of intensity on this device on both types of concentrates.

For me the highest setting was still a bit on the soft side. However, many beginning users might prefer this lighter style hit to something harsh. I should mention there is going too harsh as well, like the This Thing Rips OG Four 2.0, that just scorches the wax.

Many experienced users with dab pens are expecting to get harsher hits out of coils and lighter hits out of coilless. The intensity of these hits was lighter than many higher-end coilless atomizer options I have tried. It should be considered most those options do cost more.

Vapor quality is great despite strength lacking

The quality of the vapor out of this device is good. It would be slightly better on a coilless atomizer like the PuffCo Plus, but comparing coils to coils, it’s definitely better than your average coil hit.

Taste is good, nothing metallic or off about it

The Utillian 2 delivers true-to-concentrate taste. It puts out the same taste as a dab rig would for that type of concentrate. It’s not hitting as hard, but you can recognize what concentrate you are hitting. The lower temp hit probably helps this, as when you scorch your wax you really can’t taste it as good.

Comparing the Utillian 2 to other popular dab pens

Here we’ll compare it to some of the more popular dab pens out there: The Puffco Plus, Puffco Pro 2 and the Linx Blaze.

Utillian 2 vs Puffco Plus

Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus
Puffco Plus is sleek, but more expensive.

The Puffco Plus is a coilless atomizer system that’s known for delivering very smooth hits. The Utillian 2 also delivers very smooth hits for a coilless atomizer. However, you are going to get more efficiency with the Puffco Plus because there is no where for wax to go on the sides, like there is on any coiled atomizer design.

The Puffco Plus is an overall better product, but it does cost substantially more at currently $71.99. Therefore, it’s a close call.

Utillian 2 vs Puffco Pro 2

PuffCo Pro 2
PuffCo Pro 2 doesn’t have great airflow, but you can feel the quality build.

Utillian 2 and Puffco Pro 2 are pretty similar devices from anyone just looking and not using. The Pro 2 has been discontinued but is still a popular product, is still for sale, and something many would recognize in a comparison. The Puffco Pro 2 now goes for around $75. If you have tax then it’s almost double the price of the Utillian 2.

Airflow is awful on the Pro 2 and that is it’s major flaw. Hits are slightly harder on the Pro 2 compared to the Utillian.

Overall, the Utillian 2 is a better product than the Puffco Pro 2.

Utillian 2 vs Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze package contents
We see here what you get when you purchase Linx Blaze, a similar-looking kit to the Utillian 2.

The Linx Blaze is almost a fatter version of the Utillian 2 with an added coilless atomizer. The Blaze is more efficient especially on the coilless option. Even if the coilless donut option was in stock for the Utillian 2, it’s placement is less efficient than the blaze. The Blaze also has stronger hits on the coiled atomizer than the Utillian 2.

The biggest difference is the price. The Linx Blaze retails for $135, while the Utillian 2 is just under $40. Factor in tax and the Linx Blaze costs 3.5x as much.

The Linx Blaze is just too expensive for what it even though it performs better than the Utillian 2.

Utillian 2 is priced fairly at $39.99

The price on Utillian is not too high, especially considering it has some unique attributes like the magnetic connections. The coil seems to be of decent quality as well. There’s tons of dab pens out there that have questionable coil construction like the products we saw from the now-appears-to-be defunct This Thing Rips.

When you break it down as a per-included item cost,

back of utilian 2 box
PRC = People’s Republic of China. This is where almost all vape products are made.

Warranty length is 12 months for the Utillian 2

This covers defects in material and workmanship and not abuse like most. Batteries go bad all the time and that’s not brand-specific, so it’s nice to have that length of time. Some brands like SteamCloud have no warranty and we don’t recommend any of their products because of it.

This warranty has become the standard among better products and it probably does not include the atomizer. Atomizers should be replaced more frequently than that anyway, especially when it comes to coiled atomizers.

Concluding our Utillian 2 review…

The Utillian 2 offers easy to load magnetic connections, a smooth hit and a very good build quality. It doesn’t give you hard hits if you are a high tolerance user and looking for that. Overall, it’ll work for as a starter dab pen with lower tolerance.

You can get the Utillian 2 at TVape’s shop here.


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