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Here, we go over our top picks for Illinois best cartridges. As we review more products, this list will be updated.
This best delta 8 list will give you guidance as to which Delta 8 brand/cartridge provides the best value.
We examine the alarming number of black market butane honey oil labs going up in explosions and fires. Butane is not safe for amateurs to handle.
What video game doesn't go well with weed? A surprising lot of them, which is why we pick the most enjoyable video games to play while stoned.
The true best stoner film recommendations from a stoner movie critic. No Cheech and Chong! No Reefer Madness! Quality flicks only.
Buddah Bear "brand" is a black market vape cartridge that is just street-filled oil. It is widespread from Cali to Texas. It sh*ts in the woods.
Boom Carts are an unlicensed, unregulated street brand of THC oil packaged with comic characters. They could be anything at all, even boof carts.
Here we go through our picks for the best live resin cartridges. This covers multiple states.
This post talks about what you should remember when you are buying black market cartridges. There are certain signs that you need check to understand if what you have is a good quality cart.
Here we go over Bart Carts cartridges, one of the latest illegitimate brands.
Here we go over the best and worst cartridge designs for 2019.
Top list for the best vape batteries for THC and CBD cartridges.
Here we list the best cartrdiges for California. These THC oil vape carts stood out among the many that are available in the Golden State.
Here we name the best cartridges for Nevada, including those in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. We traveled the Silver State in search of the best THC oil cartridges.
Brian Calle of Kurvana is one of the most popular editors in Los Angeles today. He has kept rising high in his career, and here we give you a recap on his profile. Brian Calle is the Chief Marketing...
The truth about who really owns the Brass Knuckles vape cartridge company.
.The Brass Knuckles lawsuit comes down to issues with pesticides in their THC vape cartridges causing illness. Added to the lawsuit are Xzibit and SC Labs. Here we go through the case claims and provide insight. Be sure to...
If you've got to get back to that city on the bay, never fear. There's a staggering amount of dispensaries in San Francisco. This week's look at California dispensaries brings us to South San Francisco. Because it's sometimes worth the...