Here we go over Buddah Bear, which turns out is a black market vape cartridge company. Buddah Bear carts are just packaging. They may have THC oil, but they are not filled from a single source. Check out this guide and pictures below for more in depth information.

Buddah Bear is everywhere!

Buddah Bear brand fake

Just look at the Reddit sightings alone:

Well, it isn’t that often that we get a test for an unregulated brand cart right out of the gate. Of course, given the nature of the black market, it doesn’t mean much in the general scheme of things, but we know one 1-gram concentrate cartridge on January 3 2019 tested dirty for a pesticide at 29x the reporting limit. Thanks and a tip o’ the cap, dabpengod on Instagram.

The packaging of Buddah Bear follows the black market playbook

Buddah Bear packaging remind us of the most notorious black market brands: Cart Toons, Monopoly Carts, Cereal Carts, and most especially Dank.

fake Buddah Bear


fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

Buddah Bears pop up on YouTube

The always-dependable YouTuber “iSmokeUnlicensedCarts” is still surviving and has tried Buddah Bear.

YouTuber “Spark Plug” also gets his paws on a Buddah Bear.

Buddah Bear is found on Instagram

The main tag, notwithstanding whoever also nicknames their kid that, has extensive Buddah Bear images and footage. The fact that multiple Instagram users post about Buddah Bear indicates that this is a packaging-only brand, widely distributed and filled with whatever mystery oil by whomever.

There’s much more: The tags #buddahbearcarts and #buddahbearbrand (ha ha ha) also yield hundreds of hits. This is worth a few more shots, because it shows how varied the packaging is and therefore not regulated or controlled.

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

fake Buddah Bear

There is also a Facebook account called – they persist in this lie – “Buddah Bear Cannabis Brand.” It’s a very active channel which also shows sour gummy candy with Buddah Bear packaging. This Facebook account even brazenly shows contact info including a phone number (949) 532-9719 and an email. The phone number reverse-lookup tells us Santa Ana, California, a long way from the Texas locations those Reddit comments were reporting sightings in.

Back on Instagram, there is also an “official” account called “buddahbearbrandd” – note the double-D on the end – which is set to private and links to a website you’d think we would have found earlier…

UPDATE Buddah Bear also misrepresents lab results

In what has become an indelible pattern, we found a QR code off Buddah Bear packaging which goes to non-compliant testing at a lab.

This Redditor recorded a video originally to single out sketchy events at some kind of contest involving Buddah Bear. That in itself might be a story for a different day, but later in the video you see a QR code flash by for a couple frames. We saved it right here:

Buddah Bear package QR code

That link goes to this Bel Costa lab results page. Sure enough, it shows the quality assurance test, which is a single-sample test for which anyone can walk in, not a California Compliance test. Right at the bottom of the lab test page it says “* For quality assurance purposes. Not a California compliance certificate.”

As we explain here, California Compliance testing results are supposed to be pasted on the cart. QA / R&D tests are NOT supposed to be released to the public as an assurance of quality or safety. California Compliance requires you to test an entire batch of oil at once, which the laboratory hand-selects samples from.

There is a!

What does it say??? “Coming soon!” read: NEVER! Somebody shelled out the $15 domain registration and has maintained it since, according to the whois command, 2018-07-18, and it currently stays up until 2020-07-18. That’s a lot to spend to try to stake a claim in a brand name already busted wide open and scattered across the horizon.

Unlicensed, unregulated brands like Buddah Bear may contain anything

There is a deadly epidemic of lung illness tied to black market cart usage. Vaping-associated pulmonary injury has so far claimed 42 lives and hospitalized more than 2000 users. Unregulated vape carts could contain heavy metals like lead, pesticides, cut such as Honey Cut, or simply bunk. Or they could be fire if you’re lucky. But a lot of people in the hospital right now weren’t lucky.

If anybody has more information on where these are circulating, please share it with the community here in the comments or in our forum.



  1. Attention!!!! The cart that was tested failed. PERIOD. Just because it gets you high doesn’t mean it’s safe. BBB is a black market company even the reps will tell you that. I can connect you to a verified bbb rep. if needed to speak to a rep.

  2. Hey there! I just wanted to drop a short comment about this vaporizer. I must admit that Da Buddha is top notch vaporizers I’ve ever used. The design is outstanding, and the vapor production is stellar. I particularly love how easy it is to use and clean. If you’re looking for a high-quality vaporizer, I strongly recommend giving Da Buddha a try. You won’t be let down.

  3. I found budah Bear carts here in Dallas from a friend for no charge at all and I’ve smoked 3 carts so far and all the times I smoked it’s been getting me high. I haven’t bought actual weed in almost 2 months. After doing this research I won’t be getting these carts because I can just smoke regular weed like I did before, I don’t need the risk of a possible pesticide fake.

  4. The ones I get seem to be pretty good quality. The taste is great, the buzz is great too. Mine are supposedly made by a “Chinese guy in Cali” that my dealer deals with personally.

  5. Idk legit or not the Buddha bear shatter has been on point in ohio alot better then any ive gotten in kentucky or tennessee

  6. Cudicollectables are selling them he has a Reddit forum and a website he does not care if people get sick

  7. I use buddah bear DAILY & if it wasnt for them i would b taking xanex for anxiety, percocet for my injured shoulder that is in constant pain and sleeping pills to shut my mind off and get some rest. I have never gotten sick and every single cart helped me. I personally geg better results from the indica strains than the sativa but its all about personal preference & what works for what ails you. They are definitely real.

  8. dont mean to offend but you say the cart failed only has 69percent thc and 29x pestecides can you show lab results and did u buy buddahbear from a rep or of some random person from personal experience this is blackmarket but it is probably the safest alot of grey area in safest black market cart if usa doesnf want people getting sick just legalize weed also good research lol im in texas and alot of buddahs here

    • The link to the lab result is right there in the same paragraph, as well as a link to the Instagram account which did the test. What else could anyone expect?

  9. This is a legit brand 100%. They keep up to date with packaging as to keep up with competition, and stray from their packaging being counter fitted. The oil in their carts have always been legit, and they have a multiple products now… gummies, shatter, exotic cans, and diamond sauce. I’ve only tried the carts, shatter, and exotic cans. All three products have been top of the line. I can not speak for the diamond sauce and gummies. Their carts though aren’t those “get you high but not quite there”, these carts get you blasted, are tasty and the oil is thick. They are not like Mario carts, Or smart carts. The product speaks for itself to be quite honest…

    • Hello thanks for commenting! The information in our posts is based on research and reaching out to whatever relevant contacts are available. We reach out to the potential companies for responses. It does appear however this may have been labeled a fake brand when it is more of a street brand and just unlicensed, which we shall research further and update accordingly.

      • Hello could you please share your sources with us? What lab did the test come from? Could you also find out what the kind of pesticide is in the resin?

  10. Started to see buddah bear carts in the Murrieta,CA area.saw your post about buddah bear being a fake company, but in the same day see Belcoasta labs post a lab test on a buddah bear cart and it passed. Haven’t tried them yet but kinda scared to try it if people are saying it’s fake but see it pass a lab test. I trust belcoasta labs because everyone gets lab tested by them, but Just want to know if they are fake.

  11. These are a single source black market company. Safe at ur own risk . I know people who have smoked these over a year and are still ok and swear by them. Please dont get black market and fake confused

  12. I live near Santa Ana, and these carts popped up at my local spot. They come in the sketchy thick paper packaging that is well known in the bootleg cart industry. Hopefully I don’t get black lung, I only plan on trying this one.


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