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Greetings, fellow cosmic blueberries aboard Spaceship Earth! I’ve recently launched Dab Connection’s inaugural mushroom video, reviewing some Amanita Regalia. We’ll be diving deeper and deeper into the mushroom scene, to the extant that they’re legalized of course, but first...
NOTE: This is an opinion piece, and feedback is welcome. This piece does not necessarily reflect the opinions of DabConnection staff; it's just Penguin Pete on his ranty little soapbox. In my four+ years blogging for DabConnection and the cannabis...
Since Oregon decriminalized all drugs and cannabis is legalized in 1/3rd of the US, the question is raised: Which drug is next to go legal?
One more time, we will tell you to quit falling for online stores that claim to ship THC weed products. They take your money and send nothing!
A rundown on Off White cartridges, another fake THC oil vape brand.
See You Next Year In Hollyweed Somebody put the weed into Hollywood! You heard me right. At some point between those final dark hours of 2016 and the rising sun that would greet a new year, someone changed out the...