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For us veteran stoners, out minds are likely already made up about what method of cannabis consumption we prefer. But for those new to the cannabis scene, the cannabis industry has now gotten sophisticated enough that the galaxy of...
Sit down. If you're already sitting, sit down some more. Now listen carefully: There are people who want to use cannabis WITHOUT getting stoned! Namely, me. There are dozens of us, dozens. But we’re in the extreme minority. Most of...
Editors note: This is a guest post, and does not reflect general staff opinion. As a consequence of its legalization in many countries worldwide, a growing number of individuals have begun to use Cannabidiol (CBD) products such as CBD gummies UK....
Cannademy offers really interesting courses that can be useful for both beginners and seasoned marijuana users. Some folks interested in the courses might say they are a bit expensive but hey, you can always wait for some sale on Cannademy.
Does Cannabis really need its own flag? It's not a country or anything. But traditionally, flags are also used to represent an ideology or lifestyle. So while a cannabis flag really isn't that necessary, it can be a nice...
Dear #CannabisCommunity and #CannabisIndustry : Don't look now, but the way we talk about cannabis is changing, and how we write about it needs to change too! We, in the cannabis media industry, can help guide the public towards...
UPDATE: The Dr. Dabber Glass Games contest is now finished, view the finals here: https://twitter.com/DrDabber/status/1410640534612299776 We get too serious around here, so it's time to lighten up. Dr. Dabber has the prescription for your summer fun. Dr. Dabber is a dab...
Learn the straight dope about cannabis use and employee drug screening. We may be headed for trouble if this doesn't change.
Just a few of the latest cannabis testing laboratories getting shut down for falsifying results - you have no idea how many there are!
A full report card on marijuana legalization on the US ballot in 2020 - which ballots survive, which are thwarted, and can Mitch McConnell kindly get lost?
As the state of Illinois begins 2020 with legalized recreational cannabis, we track new events in the growing market. It's a historic year for Illinois!
Cali Piff Extracts are an unregulated brand with nothing but packaging being sold on black market sites. They're filled by street vendors with bunk oil.
Here we review the Cartsdom Roulette cartridge holder. A simple to use holder for your cartridges that has a quality build. See our in-depth review.
California Confidential vape carts are a fake brand with nobody behind them and mystery oil inside. Nothing California or Confidential about them.
Cartnite oil cartridges are a fake brand, widely spread and distributed. They could contain anything at all, including lethal chemicals.
While Prop 64 in California erased the criminal record of thousands of marijuana convictions, some were not so lucky and serve life sentences.
A rundowon on Cart Toon Cartridges, an unregulated THC vape cart brand.
Christian Valdez is the CEO and Founder of Traffic Roots. He holds the lead executive role in a cannabis ad network company.