XMAX has come out with a compact vaporizer called the V3 Nano with many hyped features. This easy-to-use vaporizer is great for beginners as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of handling it. The highlight feature is the adaptive heating technology used and the preheat and hit function. But let’s dissect this function and see if it is all that great!


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth hit
  • Preheat function


  • Gets too hot!
  • Too small

Recommendations: Add silicone to help with dispersing heat. Change the mouthpiece out for something that can’t heat up as quickly.

xmax v3 nano box

Smooth hits for days

With the adaptive heat technology, it does something that a bowl cannot do which is make the hit super smooth. It relies on conduction and convection heating which plays a huge part in flavor town. The conduction helps with an even burn of the flower so you don’t need to keep opening this up to stir things around while the convection delivers the smooth primo flavor of the flower. 

xmax v3 nano unit top

Gets almost dangerously hot

To put things in perspective, when you click the pen 3x it begins the preheat and one session will last 3 minutes. The heat cannot be selected, but it will automatically stay in a range of 392°F to 428°F throughout the session. In one session, the metal portion of the pen got extremely hot and it almost hurt to grab it unless I was gingerly holding it from the bottom and the glass piece got extremely hot. I had roommates confirm that I wasn’t just being a baby and the vaporizer got crazy hot. I don’t want to worry about burning myself when I’m trying to relax so this was a huge no-go for me.

xmax v3 nano box details

Wish it was the size of a regular bowl

I know XMAX was going for sleek and compact as well as discreet, but why does the chamber have to be so small? You have to loosely pack the chamber which is already so small, but because you can’t pack it you are losing volume. After one session, the weed had pretty much charred and had to be reloaded again. My thought is, if I can’t fit that much in it, what is the point of it being discreet when you have to load it again after one session? I wouldn’t be able to take this on an outing without having to carry weed that has been ground and find a place to load it up at. Seems counterproductive to what they were trying to accomplish. 

xmax v3 nano box colors


Is this recommended?

I’m going to say no. I think you have better options in this price range. For $50 with the heating issues and the amount that can be packed, I would not spend my money on this. 

You can find out more about XMAX V3 Nano here.

Have you tried V3 Nano? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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