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This Beginner’s Mad Scientist Kit-looking equipment is the Exxus Vape Go PlusConcentrate Vaporizer. It has wonderful features with a lot of customization for timing, heating, and options of going manual or auto. This was another new experience for me since the last thing I touched that had to deal with concentrates was the Lookah Dab Pen. That was a completely different experience than this and the main focus is on that percolator chamber.


  • Operation is Easy and Customizable Heat Settings and Timer
  • Not harsh at all


  • Weird to Hold

Recommendations: Change the design a bit so it is comfortable to hold?

exxus go plus container

Easy to Figure Out and Customizable

Without looking at the manual some of the things are self-explanatory and easy to figure out. But if you really want to tinker with this and optimize it for better function, you want to take a look at the manual. It is pretty compact and has a bunch of different customizable features such as the temperature range and the timer. It also has a safety feature where it will turn itself off after 15 seconds of no usage. There is even a manual mode and auto mode depending on your preference. On top of all that it is almost idiot-proof. Almost. The Percolator has a magnet bottom, so you don’t need to worry about holding it in place or it sliding everywhere.

exxus go plus info

No Coughing Here

I keep saying Mad Scientist Vibes because I think of the beakers and things bubbling over. This is the whole reason why this vaporizer is so different from others. Yes, you can get a pen that does this and it is more compact, but is it as smooth as this? This vaporizer has a percolator that makes the once very harsh hits and coughing fits, a thing of the past. It is essentially like having a bong attachment that can handle concentrates. 

exxus go plus box

Doesn’t Feel Right Holding It

The only thing that bothered me about this rig was just how it felt when you were holding it. It is extremely awkward to hold. I was fooling around trying to hold it with one hand or two hands, setting it on a table and hitting it with no hands. Every scenario was odd. Maybe it is because my hands are smaller but to each their own.

Is this recommended?

The Exxus Vape Go Plus Concentrate Vaporizer runs at about $200. Is it worth it, though? Yes and no. This is different from your standard pen because of that percolator option and it makes a huge difference in the hit. This could be one that you keep at home and have a pen for portability. I like it a lot, other than finding a comfortable way to hold it, and I would say it would be a nice addition to any person’s setup.

You can find out more about Exxus Vape Go Plus here.

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