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Reviews for products and services related to dabs. Including our comprehensive vape pen guide.
Paramour 4 is a great eRig, that has precision heat control and its very effective. It also wont leave a huge hole in your wallet.
The Primary Jane London Pound Cake 1G Live Resin and Pure Gold's all-glass vape cart are a match made in cannabis heaven
So far I love everything about Primary Jane and its products. Two calm, happy, rested thumbs way up. Highly recommended.
Panna Extracts Cart was potent and uplifting but the taste was too artificial and sweet.
Plain Jane CBD Self-care Bundle smells really good has solid effects and is quite affordable. Two thumbs up for this bundle.
Plain Jane CBN Sleep Gummies are tasty, well made and will help you with your insomnia.
Plain Jane CBD Mini Chocolates are delicious, and provide nice chilling and relaxing effects. Two thumbs up!
Pangaea Extracts Live Resin provides great effects, even dry mouth, and taste are worth the high you will get from this. 
Given how long Plain Jane has been in business, it’s surprising that we didn’t get around to them before. My expectations were not built up too highly, based on the standards I’ve come to figure out for this industry....
Overall, the Planet of the Vapes ONE is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use portable vaporizer.
PRTBL Ember has a quality build and an awesome design. This pipe will meet every expectation you might have,
We are back with one of my favorite kinds of reviews. We got to test out some hardware! This time it’s the PRTBL 510 vaporizer called Nando. I’m not a huge fan of the pen batteries because they usually...
I am going to keep my eye on PRTBL for sure, they have amazing designs and classy products. PRTBL GRYND is great but needs some tweaks.
Prospectors carts by Gold Rush Concentrates offer a great taste and a fantastic high. Carts are also very easy to use.
PLAYBOY by RYOT Water Pipe is very classy and performs well. Its a great option for the holiday season that is upon us.
I’d recommend Plain Jane prerolls, specifically the Lifter strain to anyone trying to ease anxiety but still has productive things to do.
I would definitely recommend the Playboy by RYOT Verb 510 battery to anyone looking to upgrade their battery from a style perspective.
PLAYBOY by RYOT has truly sent me a high-quality product today. I think a few minor tweaks to the design will make it perfect.