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Reviews for products and services related to dabs. Including our comprehensive vape pen guide.
The edible game has made another great change! Gelato has made a new sensation called the “Last Bite” which is a cannabis-infused strawberry-chocolate-filled mini sugar cone, what a delicious mouthful. Gelato boasts how tasty these cones are and that...
Just to be clear up front: We’re here to investigate or attempt to verify the brand Ghost Carts, vape oil cartridges by a brand called – yes – Ghost. We’re seeing enough people ask about them in the interest...
Here we go again with another installment of Pete’s exploration of the mushroom kingdom. With every cannabis company and their rapper spokesman diversifying into mushrooms too, it’s just about the right time for Galaxy Treats to throw their hat...
G Pen Dash+ is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer. It delivers great performance, has a stylish design, and is incredibly user-friendly.
Grassroots Live Sugar offers long lasting high and a decent taste.
Green Dot Labs live resin cart provides a strong head and body high. Its very smooth and very effective and will get you and your friends high in no time.
The grassroots flower is very affordable (for Illinois) and great tasting.
The Good News Friyay pen is a fun experience, that is great for a weekend high or a fun night.
When we talk about the cannabis market, we have to remember sometimes that there are all kinds of users. Along with us old-school stoners who just smoked weed to get a kick out of it, there are medical users...
Green Life Productions Flower is beautiful, smooth, and strong but does not last very long which is a shame.
Today I picked up a sack of GFIVE Cultivation’s ‘Goat Piss’. As I selected this product at the dispensary the agent told me that it was very dry and I should use a gell pack to give it moisture, he...
I definitely recommend grabbing some of these edibles from Galaxy Treats or honestly anything else too. Everything I have gotten from them has been a great product and value. 
Perhaps THCO does not affect me. I did not feel “high” or anything in the realm of being spiritual.
The Cosmic Cherry vape is overall pretty great. It has a cool design, great taste, and smooth delivery.
Overall the Planet Blue Sativa cartridges were pretty good. The appearance is relatively standard for a 510 threaded cartridge.
Galaxy Treats offers an interesting variety of gummies that will suit everybody. You just have to pick your poison.
Today, we again revisit the familiar "G Pen" logo, with a review of the Grenco Science Elite II dry herb vaporizer. Released in February of 2022, Grenco Science marked the 10th anniversary of the company. (Has it been ten...
Lion’s Mane Capsules are an interesting and excellent health elixir that you can get at a affordable price.