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We are back with one of my favorite kinds of reviews. We got to test out some hardware! This time it’s the PRTBL 510 vaporizer called Nando. I’m not a huge fan of the pen batteries because they usually break easily or I lose them. Vaporizers tend to go easier on my lungs, which is great for my asthma. However, some 510 vaporizers are superior to others, so where does Nando fall? We dive in deep for this review.


  • Cool design
  • Fast charge
  • Easy to use
  • Great packaging
  • Great value


  • None

Recommendations: None


The packaging is picture-perfect elegance

Presentation is everything, and the people at PRTBL are tapped into this sentiment. The packaging is simple, and elegant, and holds the hardware and accessories perfectly. The box slides out of the outer package and opens up like a book. One side holds the vape and the other side holds the accessories. It’s easy to pack back up and take it on the go. 

We got the color Maui, and the package stayed on theme with a backdrop of a gorgeous beach behind a picture of the vape.  The packaging definitely gets a 10/10. The user manual is simple to understand and has color pictures to help with ease of use. 

prtbl nando unit

The unit is lightweight, yet durable

I’m the queen of clumsiness, so anything that can take being dropped is right up my alley. The Nando is lightweight, yet super sturdy. My cat nudged it off my desk and I recovered it without a scratch.  It also comes with a warranty card that you can register online.

prtbl nando box

Takes under an hour to get a full charge

The Nando uses a common USB-C charger, so even if you leave your charger at home there’s a good chance someone will have a phone charger you can use. It also takes about 40 minutes for a full charge, so you won’t have to wait hours to use your vape if it dies on you. I’m highly impatient, so this is a great feature. 

prtbl nando

The Nando is cool to use and is a smooth experience

When you pull from the Nando it has vibrating haptics and LED lights that trigger. I never thought I’d like a vibrating vape, but this was the most satisfying vape experience ever. Every pull is very smooth and I barely coughed. It’s a dream experience for people with compromised lungs like me. 

BONUS: There was a card that had a discount code to try out their reusable cartridge for free. We love free bonuses!

In conclusion, the Nando is a unique and super high-quality 510 vaporizer for an amazing value. This cool gadget will only run you about $49.95. I’d easily pay more than that for something this great, so it’s a great price. 

You can find out more about the PRTBL Nando here.

If you tried the Nando let us know in our forum.


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