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Reviews for products and services related to dabs. Including our comprehensive vape pen guide.
It's amazing to me that we took so long to reach this point. We're back again with NextEvo Naturals and some new CBD edible powders with zero calories. Last time with NextEvo, we reviewed their gummies line, but hinted...
We're back to another yummy gummy review. This time, we have NextEvo Naturals, and we're reviewing both the Wellness and Sleep Support gummies. We will have several more NextEvo products to share next time, including some new ideas beyond...
Editorial preamble: Reviewing products in this rapidly evolving industry is a continuous adventure. Every day we encounter a new thing we've never seen before. Such is the case with Nowadays On-the-Go THC shots. We've seen cannabis-infused beverages before, but...
Nitro Dabs Sugar is a very quality product. Provides a great high, is quite tasty and does not cost an arm and a leg.
Nuleaf THC carts offer great taste, high and strength. All that comes at a really reasonable price. We would recommend these carts.
NextSesh Wōke Vaporizer is designed to deliver a customizable thick oil experience efficiently with a full flavor profile.
NW KIND distillate carts offer great flavor and potency but could improve upon when it comes to the hardware section.
We've driven the DabConnection Dabber Dasher all over Nevada to discover the best, worst, and medium cannabis dispensaries for you.
Nuleaf Cartridges are affordable, taste good, and have incredible effects
Nug offers one of the best recent live resin concentrates. Its has great potency, taste, smoothness, and value.
We traveled around Nevada to sample the best flower dispensaries have to offer. Here's our ratings on nearly a dozen strains of Silver State weed.
Nature's Grace Joos disposable pen reveals to be an amazing disposable that gives potent, smooth and tasteful hits.
I try some tasty, heavy hitting vape pens by Nuvata. I try to describe each pen’s individual highs as well as rate my overall experience.
Review of the NUG vape cartridge by Bloom Industries. Great tasting, affordable, but not super strong.
With the new Dank Vapes out, we couldn't get enough of the savory taste it gives. Although their flavors are always amazing, the oil quality isn't too credible nor reputable.
NuWu dispensary, also called NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, in Las Vegas, proved to be a gem hidden in the north. It offers a great selection of high-end concentrates, cartridges, and flower. Overall their prices were lower for a lot of...
New Nevada laws make the use of recreational herb legal, but why change an old catchy name? Whether rolling into Laughlin or resident for years, you'll find the same dispensary in town that has been there for years, now...
Our search for wax dispensaries continues and lands this time on the Northstar Holistic Collective. Besides buds, edibles, and topicals, Northstar has possibly the best wax in Sacramento. If you're looking for a wide variety of flavors and potencies...