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Reviews for products and services related to dabs. Including our comprehensive vape pen guide.
For at least the hundredth time we're asking "Isn't the cannabis gummy market over-saturated?" Which tells us that yes, verily, the cannabis gummy market is over-saturated. But here we have Zen Cannabis, makers of an array of cannabinoid-infused edible...
The Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Zombie Extrax has left an indelible mark on my cannabis journey. Awesome blend.
Constant readers may be familiar with the fact that we already reviewed the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer a while ago, and had good things to say about it. So why go over it again? Because that was the 2nd...
The Zeus Arc GT is the first vaporizer that provides a gold-coated heating chamber. Providing a great build quality and appearance, this dry herb vaporizer delivers excellent performance and an overall great experience.
Zofo Pods revealed to deliver great hits with their battery. But as for potency and flavor, they can use some improvements.