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Even though I prefer to smoke my buzz, these gummies were top-shelf. I can recommend them with a clear conscience.
Delta Remedys sent me a bottle of Delta 8 Premium CBD oil - 3000mg and a bottle of full spectrum CBD Delta 9 tincture. Frankly, I don't really care for tinctures but my research into how our bodies work...
No matter the cannabinoid, Delta Remedys Ring Gummies have the same quality standards and potency
Delta Extrax 2g Cherry Bomb Cart is a remarkable alt THC product that sets a new standard in terms of flavor, effects, and consistency
Happy Hemp Holidays, stoner fans! I'm Penguin Pete, your Jester of Joints, ready to toss off another one of our Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guides for cannabis enthusiasts. The US cannabis industry has swerved and drifted through yet another...
Delta Extrax 3.5g Disposables, featuring Grape Sorbet and Orange Crush, are a flavorful and uplifting journey through the world of alt THC
So hey, Green Wednesday is upon us! For those of you cannabis fans who will be doing your Green Wednesday shopping for yourself or for gift ideas on your list, let me present the this award ceremony which I...
the Delta Extrax 3g Disposable Preheat Devices provided a truly enjoyable and flavorful experience.
Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Fire OG Vape left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the effects of the weed were pretty good overall, delivering a potent and long-lasting high.
Delta Extrax 4.5g Live Resin Disposable is a remarkable product that has set a new standard in the world of disposable vapes
Delta Extrax THCh+THCjd Carts have great taste and will last you a while since they are 2g.
NOTE: The following is an editorial by our staff editor. It is a matter of opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of all Dab Connection staff. I’m sorry, I really tried to be supportive of the state of...
Delta Munchies THCA Diamond Sauce collection is a testament to their mission of providing cannabis enthusiasts
Delta Munchies Pre Rolls have undoubtedly left a positive mark on my cannabis journey
When it comes to elevating the cannabis experience, Delta Extrax consistently raises the bar, and their Mystery Flavor and Purple Berry Live Resin THCjd+THCH Gummies are no exception. My recent foray into these delectable treats has revealed a world...
We were somewhere around Altoona, on the edge of the cornfields, when the gummies from Delta Extrax - Adios Blend Purple Berry Splash, 350mg each - began to take hold. I remember saying something like "I feel light-headed, I'm...
Doteco MiniS Pro is a budget-friendly battery that delivers solid performance and is easy to use..
Dr. Dabber XS is a discreet e-Rig that performs quite well and comes with everything you need. The price of this e-rig is $159.95.