The world of cannabis consumption has seen a rapid evolution in recent years, with various innovations in vaping technology and delivery methods. One such product that caught my attention is the Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Fire OG Vape. I approached this disposable vape with high hopes, but after using it extensively, I have mixed feelings about it.


  • Potent


  • Average taste
  • Weak
  • Clogs all the time

Recommendations: None

delta extrax d11 dispo

Solid effects

Let’s start with the positive aspects. The primary reason we turn to vaping is for the effects, and in this department, the Delta Extrax 3G Fire OG Vape delivers quite impressively. The Fire OG strain, known for its potency and relaxing properties, shines through in this vape. It offers a robust and effective high, perfect for those seeking relief from stress or pain. The effects were consistent and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for medicinal or recreational use.

Artificial flavor

However, where this disposable vape falls short is in the flavor department. Fire OG is celebrated for its distinct earthy and citrusy taste, but unfortunately, this vape didn’t quite capture the essence of the strain. The flavor was lacking, and at times, it felt muted and artificial. While it still provided a pleasant vaping experience due to the effects, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the full potential of the Fire OG strain’s flavor profile wasn’t realized.

delta extrax d11 dispo box

Clogs often

One recurring issue I encountered was clogging, even when using the provided cover. This was frustrating as it disrupted the vaping experience and required regular maintenance to keep the device functioning smoothly. It’s important to note that this isn’t unique to the Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Fire OG Vape, as many disposable vapes face similar clogging problems. Nonetheless, it’s an issue that should be addressed in future iterations to enhance the overall user experience.

The design of this vape is relatively standard, following the button-less design that has become the industry norm for disposable vapes. While this design is user-friendly and straightforward, I did encounter an alarming malfunction with one of the two vapes I purchased. The battery wouldn’t turn off, even after use. This not only wasted a portion of the product but also posed a potential hazard, particularly when disposing of the vape.

The inability to turn off the battery means that it’s constantly active, which could lead to accidental activation and potentially dangerous situations, especially if the vape is disposed of improperly. This is a critical safety concern that needs immediate attention from the manufacturer. While it may be an isolated incident, it underscores the importance of quality control in the production of disposable vapes.

delta extrax d11 dispo stock

Concluding this review

In conclusion, my experience with the Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Fire OG Vape left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the effects of the weed were pretty good overall, delivering a potent and long-lasting high. On the other hand, the flavor fell short of expectations, and there were recurrent issues with clogging. The malfunction of one vape, where the battery wouldn’t turn off, was a significant safety concern that cannot be overlooked.

This disposable vape has its strengths, particularly in its ability to deliver the desired effects of the Fire OG strain. However, the flaws in flavor and design issues, including the malfunction, require improvement. Until these issues are addressed, consumers should exercise caution when considering the Delta Extrax 3G Disposable Fire OG Vape for their vaping experience and safety.

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