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Sacred Oil high is great, the taste is great, and keeping on the down low is what it’s all about sometimes when your roaming the streets of Las Vegas.
SISTERS OF THE VALLEY Salve & Seed Bundle is an interesting and high-quality product but it will make a hole in your pocket.
I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the deals on this flower. I’ll also tell my friends what a fantastic flower this is and how they should try it.
This extract would be good for daytime activities that require focus, due to its lack of mental fog or scattered thinking.
CBD gummies are effective edible options for CBD consumption. By taking them, users can achieve the effects they need based on requirements such as pain relief, sleep assistance, relaxation, and more.
STIIIZY Curated Live Resin is a tasty and potent product that you should consume at home since the effect can be overwhelming.
Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods are pretty great. They taste pretty good for the most part, have a nice design, and are pretty potent.
They taste great and are pretty effective overall. They also come at a great price relative to the strength and duration of the high.
Welcome to day 2 of Cartridge Week for Penguin Pete (that's me). This week, the world's least enthusiastic vape cartridge user gets to review five brands in five days. Today's cart is a doozy - Strain Snobs. It's a...
Your humble penguin is caught lately between the drive to sample all the cannabis edibles on the market, and the need to keep my weight down to reasonable levels. Since I make a whole living from writing (they said...
This is overall a great product that provides a fun head high and is an incredible value at just under $60 for two 2G cartridges.
So we're going to do our "miscellaneous" category some justice today and check out a SensiBox. SensiBox comes from Spiced UP of Manchester, NH. CrateJoy lists their subscription as low as $31 per box for a 12-month subscription, or...
Str8Family Farms Live Resin are recommended for their impressive flavor and effects. The only downside is that the resin is a bit pricey.
Smilyn THC-O disposables are recommended for their sleek design, strong potency and solid battery strength
Smoke River HHC Flower by SmilynHemp provides a relaxing chill at a reasonable price.
Today we will be taking a look at Smilyn Hemp, another brand that currently offers an assorted variety of wellness products, who include CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THC-O, THC-P, and/or HHC. Smilyn Hemp sent us a 2-gram jar of...
This Smilyn Hemp HHC Blackberry Kush vape is really good. It has an amazing flavor and is easy to use for a beginner.
"Penguin" Pete Trbovich is here with another pill-popping adventure! This time we'll be checking out a sampling of edible products from Smilyn Hemp, of Carlsbad, California. We have delta 8 THC in both softgel and gummy form, and the...