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UPDATE: The PALLY Giveaway is now closed, congrats to the winners. Join us next time, we have giveaways sporadically. Our picky DabConnection reviews have given favorable reviews to PALLY products before. PALLY live resin cartridges here, and PALLY gummies over...
Jetty live badders offers good quality for badder. They are tasty and affordable which makes them great for beginners.
We recommend Jetty Extracts live resin diamonds for their quality, taste, and potency.
Jeeter Juice is a distillate cartridge line of Jeeter, that is distributed by Dreamfields Farms, most famous for their infused pre-rolled joints.
Jack Herer is one of the top most popular cannabis strains and a widely awarded strain, named in honor of a pot activist. Piney, uplifting, high resin.
Here we review the Javelina cartridge. By pairing it to the right battery, it can be one of the best cartridges you can get in CO.
We try to get to the bottom of the various lawsuits against Juul Labs, Inc.
Here we review the Jackpot cartridge by Greenpoint NV. This turned out to be made with high quality oil, but the hardware is limiting.
Review of a Jetty Extracts cartridge. As far as flavor and potency go, they easily make the grade.
The Justdab cartridge did not fail to impress. You can taste the quality on this vape cart. Hits were smooth yet strong. Atomizer build is good and oil quality is excellent. We'll go through the details of this vape cart...