I feel bad that Delta Remedys got squeezed out of the Christmas munchies line-up. But we only have so many reviewers, and we can only balance out so much time between getting high and, you know, tending to those adult responsibilities of life. But with that said, I’d better review this pack before I’ve finished them off!

Delta Remedies sent along a four-jar sample bundle of their gummy rings, one each of deltas 8, 9, and 10, and one HHC. All of them have delivered a top-quality experience from the first bite to nearly the last, and get my highest recommendation. The Delta Remedys Ring Gummies four-jar bundle is listed as $179.00 – however, individual jars are $49.99, and with a recurring subscription order price they drop to a more reasonable $39.99 per jar.


  • Rings are better than gumdrop gummies
  • Great flavors
  • Potency on the nose
  • Fresh and consistent quality


  • The Delta 9s are actually the worst buy
  • I’m almost out

Recommendations: You’re doing awesome! There’s plenty of room in this market for solid cannabinoid edibles at consistent quality. Extra kudos for packaging that treats me like an adult without smearing a bunch of hippie crap all over the label.


The Delta Remedys Ring Quartet

During the last couple weeks of this December while I was busy wrenching out the year-end list, psychedelic trip report videos, the gift list, and all our other annual fun content, in the background I was sampling Delta Remedys jars. Day by day, they slowly became my daily dose. As I explored the different cannabinoid effects of each jar, I had mounting appreciation for having such a collection at hand through the holidays. Like a little cannabinoid smorgasbord!

Important note: These aren’t even your standard gummy candies. These are ring gummies, far superior just in dining experience alone. Delta Remedys Ring Gummies have vibrant and attractive fruit flavors with no weedy under-taste, a pleasing texture, and do not choke you with a sugar coating. This may not be a huge issue for you, but personally I’m starting to have an aversion to the little sugar-cube blob-style gummies. I’m husky enough to not want extra sweetness if I can avoid it. I don’t suppose anyone out there will make a THC-infused rice cake for me, but if they do, I’ll be first in line for those.


The jars break down like this:

  • deltas 8 & 10, and HHC: 750MG/jar, 25MG/gummy
  • delta 9 THC: 400MG/jar, 20MG gummy

This makes the delta 9 a worse value per dollar than the other three, even though the delta 9 is full spectrum (the other three aren’t). Per jar and how the altnoids hit me:

  • Delta 9 THC: Just as stony as you’d expect! A breakfast of 4-5 will definitely put a shine on your day! But anytime, they’re just a solid, relaxing weed buzz.
  • Delta 8: Don’t tell your liver, but it doesn’t know the difference between THC and D8 when ingested. You get more of a THC-like buzz with delta 8 gummies.
  • Delta 10: For the most part, delta 10 only leaves me feeling tranquilized and sleepy. These do the same.
  • HHC: Once again, HHC is the wild joker cannabinoid with unpredictable effects. This time the HHC hit me as mild, relaxing, and euphoric, but in combo with other substances it sometimes veers into trippy territory.


Gourmet Quality Kept Me Pigging Out!

No matter the cannabinoid, Delta Remedys Ring Gummies have the same quality standards and potency. While the big bundle is pricey at nearly a couple Franklin, you have some 110 doses 20-25MG each of cannabinoids, and then you can mix and match to mood. But if you have a one-cannabinoid fixation and don’t settle for less, you can just get bundles of that one or a subscription too.

While the per-jar price is what I would call reasonable, it’s not exactly a bargain. That’s the sole mark keeping these from being a perfect 10. You can find Delta Remedys extensive line of products here.

Readers, what kinds of infused gummy get you through the holidays, and why should it be Delta Remedys? Sound off in these here comments or in our stony little forum.



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