We were somewhere around Altoona, on the edge of the cornfields, when the gummies from Delta Extrax – Adios Blend Purple Berry Splash, 350mg each – began to take hold. I remember saying something like “I feel light-headed, I’m sure glad you have the wheel” to my wife of 30 years this August. There were no bats – we had left the desert far behind – but the battalions of squirrels watched us intently from every tree, proof, I mansplained to her as she jockeyed for a parking space, that squirrels are the new government surveillance robots. Or at least in the story script I was scribbling in my notepad said so.

I am here to report that 350mg of any cannabinoid hits like a truck, especially when it’s a live resin formula. Thus, on a day when I decided we should run some laundry and whatnot errands around while the rain had let up, I was a bit stir crazy and moving at one speed off an “Adios Blend” which I had experimentally paired with 50mg of pure delta 8 from other gummies and a shot of Cannaflower’s CBD tincture.

My beloved is used to this behavior – she knew what she signed up for by marrying a career author, albeit the cannabis vertical tends to lead to more adventurous situations – and valiantly pulled off most of the labor while I tripped out in the coin-op massage chair that had wandered into the laundromat from a nearby dead mall. As the chair was gripping me in a most unsettling way, I decided not to mention the squirrels any more. The poor lass would see them soon enough.


The only downside to me here is that I do not know the exact mixture of cannabinoids we have per dose. The company tells us “THCA, HXY9-THC, Delta-9P, Delta-8” in a live resin blend. Some of those I’m familiar with, and some are news to me. What percentage of each am I taking? What ratio of cannabinoids? Well, the site lab sheet space says “coming soon,” so I await with baited breath. EDIT: We discovered the alt-cannabinoid breakdown in the ingredients listing on-site:

> “Delta-8 THC (4000mg/container, 200mg/serving), Delta-8 THC Live Resin (2140mg/container, 107mg/serving), Delta-9P (600mg/container, 30mg/serving), THCa (260mg/container, 13mg/serving)”

So it’s mostly reliable old delta 8. Nevertheless, a heck of a cruise for $49.99.


  • STRONG! Actually strong enough for Pete!!!
  • Smooth taste, no weedy undertaste
  • Live resin effects


  • Gas-station packaging could stand to class up
  • Mystery cannabinoid blend

Recommendations: Oh do hurry with those lab tests; for we simply must know what cannabinoid cocktail we are enjoying so we know to keep an eye out for favorites in later products.


Potency 350mg Live Resin – In Your Face!

Do not doubt the labeling, nor the well-deserved name “Adios Blend.” Adios will rock you right to siesta land alright. I’ve sampled them through various tests at night before bedtime, and in the daytime, but only occasionally a first thing in the morning gummy.

Yes, I, Penguin Pete, a man who has – on camera live yet – gobbled down a total of 150 mg of cannabinoids across 5-6 gummies like Halloween treats, have met “The Gummy That Is Strong Enough!”


Not only I, but my colleague cannabis critic Kira, have voiced some exasperation at the gummy market being geared towards microdosers. That’s great, we got the 10-50mg dose folks covered. There’s plenty of choices like that on the market. However, uh, cowabunga dudes and all that, but some of us on the gummy market are here to get hammered, y’know what I mean?


Even the snootiest wine sommelier, normally reserving their palette for the distinguished tastes in life, still opens the occasional bottle of Night Train behind closed doors to get fart-faced, don’t let them kid you that they don’t. Sometimes you have to lose the powdered wig. But when we do want to get into the mid-hundreds of milligrams of cannabinoids per serving, we’d like to do that without eating a whole jar of fruit pectin, corn syrup, and sugar. Like, y’dig?

So yes, introducing the convenient maxidosing size of 350MG in a single gummy – and not even an overly sugared one at that. As ~300MG range dose edibles go, the closest I’ve had reviewed here is the Delta Munchies flatworms – no relation to this company. The Delta Munchies flatworms were artificial, tasted kinda gross, and were not full spectrum. These Delta Extrax Adios Blend gummies are a soft, fresh lump of fruity taste, with an amazing lack of weed-y undertaste despite being live resin and having notable entourage effects.


Alt Cannabinoid Cocktail Candy That Packs A Punch!

Bring Adios Blend to your next stoner party! Keep them on hand for a rainy day! At 350MG (total of 7000MG, in 20 gummies) for just shy of $50, this beats the Delta Munchies flatworm bag previously reviewed for value (3000MG for $59), plus beats it on aesthetics. Also previously, I recently reviewed Royal Remedies Extra Strength (50MG) gummies, which were $39.99 for a 1000Mg bottle, also more expensive than Delta Extrax Adios Blend. So I believe this is also the highest potency per dollar spent that I’ve ever encountered with a gummy before too.

While the exact mix of cannabinoids is unspecified and I’m kinda shaky on a couple of those myself, the overall effect is a heavy dose that will surely appease the hardest hardcore stoner! And of course, you could try them in multiples if you just wanna melt into the floorboards and live like a fried egg for the rest of the day.

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCA + Delta-9P Gummies | Purple Berry Splash – 7000mg – gets the Penguin seal of approval (and slot in the upcoming holiday Buddha Awards) for best party gummy. Readers, share what edibles you’ve found that catered to the higher-potency crowd, here in the comments or in our polite and chill forum.


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